Saturday, 22 September 2012

Benefit 'Boi-ing' Industrial Strength Concealer

I'm just going to start this feature as I mean to go on ... I love this concealer! When it says it's industrial strength it really does mean it; it covers anything! I bought the shade 01'light' and it's perfect - not to dark, not to pale, not to orange, not to cakey; perfecto!

The staying power is amazing and as I have already said the coverage is wonderful! You could literally wear this concealer on its own as a foundation. To make things even better the staying power of this concealer is really good. It doesn't smudge or fall off your face half way through the day - bonus!

I bought this concealer from Debenhams and it was priced at £16.50. I didn't think this was bad because instantly the product just felt amazing on my skin. It didn't feel to heavy and it didn't just stay in one spot; I was able to blend it into my skin easily.

To be able to work with this concealer and use it in the best way possible you have to warm it up slightly - yes I know this sounds a little weird! I did this by simply holding the container in the palms of my hands and cupping them together for a few seconds and I prefer to apply the concealer with my finger having done so :).

The packaging of this Benefit product is so cute, girly and fun - I adore it! I have just one little problem with the packaging; the product is contained in a small circle container (as you can see below) and this is SO easy to fasten too tight! I often think that the lid isn't on tight enough and tighten it a teeny bit more; which annoying makes it go too tight - the line between the lid being on too loose and too tight is so fine; beware!!

Okay so when I said before that I loved this product I really do and I will definitely be buying it again! However, I feel that in order to give my blog readers a fully accurate review I need to give them the good and bad points of a product. Below are going to be two slight issues that I have with the Boi-ing concealer - these aren't big issues though because I still love this!

My first issue is regarding the way the product applies on the area above my nose/between my eyebrows. I am a person who doesn't have oily skin (my skin is normal yet sensitive) so normally products don't slide around on my face. Unfortunately, in this area the product just slides everywhere and I feel it doesn't apply as well as it does on the rest of my face - total shame I know! Now, this may just be that I have weird skin in that area or it may be the product ... Based on the fact that the concealer applies wonderfully on the rest of my face I think it's my weirdo skin!

My second issue regarding this product is the size of the pot; for £16.50 it is rather small (the pot contains 3 grams) and doesn't really last a long time! I have only had this product between 1 1/2 and 2 months and I predict if I carry on using it the way I do it will run out easily! If you use the product sparingly then this most probably won't be an issue and the product will last a lot longer. However, I always have bags under my eyes and rosy cheeks which are things I like to cover up very well! Therefore, the product not lasting a while is probably because I apply quite a bit!

Overall, I would definitely recommend this product to others and I will be re purchasing it again when I run out of the pot I am currently using! This product really is 'industrial strength concealer', it covers those little imprefections perfectly, isn't greasy, doesn't cause any spots/irritation, lasts really well and is reasonably priced!

What do you think of the 'Boi-ing' Industrial Strength Concealer by Benefit? Have you used it before or do you think it is over priced for what it is? What do you think of using a concealer that has amazing coverage - would you ever only apply it to where you need it and go eau natural?

I hope you're all having an amazing weekend and I be back with another blog feature very soon!                                         
                                                 Lots of love, Elysia xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Thank you for the follow :) I'm definitely going to have to try this, un currently using a MAC concealer but it creases so much, have you had any problems with this creasing? xx

    1. No problem :) I noticed Erin had posted a link on the photography Facebook and your blog title seemed really unique - you're so brave and should be proud of what you're posting about; you really will help someout out there who needs it :) Plus I think we're from the same town so it's always good to support fellow bloggers :D!!

      I am in love with this concealer it's amazing! It doesn't crease at all and lasts so well! The only problem I have had is in the area between my eyebrows and above my nose where it seems to slide a little but that could just be my skin in that area. In every other area it applies amazingly and doesn't smudge or spread around when I apply my foundation using brush! It just stays there all day and really does give that healthy flawless skin look :) I hope this helps :)xxx