Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Bourjois Intuitive Liner

As you may or may not be aware, Clairns have relased a new concept eyeliner for their 2012 A/W collection. This new design eyeliner is called the '3 dot liner' and to be honest at first I thought it sounded super weird!

The eyeliner uses a tip that has 3 points and actually looks like a felt tip. I was really interested in trying this product out after reading abou it on FleurDeForce's blog but I didn't want to pay for something I thought would't work.

As I have already mentioned, Clarins have recently introduced the 3 dot liner to their A/W 2012 collection and it is using a design that has never before been released. When I discovered that this product was priced at £20 and was only limited edition, I began my search for a cheaper drug store dupe ...

Hallelujah, I found the product! This Intuitive Liner by Bourjois is an amazing drugstore dupe for the expensive Clarins product! It uses exactly the same kind of triple point applicator and leaves no tell tale signs that it isn't an expensive make up product (as pictured below).

I really liked this product and to be honest it was cheap! I found it in my local Superdrug and it was priced at £6.99 which isn't bad considering the real deal would set you back by £20 and won't be available to buy forever. The packaging (as you can see below) is black with white writing and the packaging is rather slim so won't take up loads of room in your make up bag :)

I'm not going to lie. When I first heard about the Clarins product I didn't think it would look good at all. I thought it would make you look like you had some form of black spotty rash on your eyelid so I was reluctant to spend £20 on something I thought would look awful. I also thought you application would be really hard but I was really pleasantly surprised :)

Applying the eyeliner was really easy. You just dot the eyeliner close to your natural eyelashes and instantly they look fuller and your eye looks more defined - pretty wonderful right? The line that is created isn't too thick and therefore this eyeliner is perfect to use along with eyeshadow.

The applicator (as pictured below) is rather fine and looks like a felt tip. It is also quite wet but doesn't smudge on the eyelid. The look created is smooth, sleek and really flattering - especially, if you have blue eyes! I bought this delightful Bourjois product in the colour black (Noir 02) and I really am impressed with the colour. Sometimes liquid eyeliners can be watery and lacking in colour. However, this one is perfect and the colour is a true black which also means that it stays on all day and doesn't smudge - a real plus point; no one wants to have panda eyes due to a smudged eyeliner!

Overall, I was really impressed with the Bourjois dupe of the Clarins 3 dot liner. The product was really easy to apply, looked amazing, defined my eyes, didn't smude, lasted all day and only cost £6.99 - WOW!! As you may be able to tell, I really like this product and I would definitely recommend it to you all! I love it so much I am thinking of buying the genuine Clarins 3 dot liner.

So far, I have only included pictures of the product itself and if you're anything like me you will want to see some pictures of what the product looks like on. Therefore, for you (my gorgeous blog readers) I have included some photographs of my eye before applying the Bourjois Intuitive Liner, after applying it and after mascara application ....

                                                   Before the Bourjois Intuitive Liner
                                                   After the Bourjois Intuitive Liner
                                            After the Bourjois Intuitive Liner and mascara

I hope you all enjoyed todays review on a perfect drugstore dupe for a highend make up product! What do you think of the new concept eyeliners that use the triple point applicator? Have you tried the Clarins 3 dot liner or did you opt for the Bourjois verion? Comment and let me know :)

                                                                      Lots of love, Elysia xxxxxx

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