Friday, 28 September 2012

E.L.F products that I absolutely HATE!

As I am at university and only have a small room, space is a little limited. Today I was having a mini sort out and came across some ELF products that I have never used. Instead of throwing them out straight away I thought I would take some photos of them, take some swatches and then feature a blog post on why I think they're truly awful!

I bought these products many months ago (probably in April) and I have never used them since. They are just stuffed away taking up room. I actually purchased them because a lot of people with beauty channels on YouTube were raving about the cheap make up brand. Having never tried any of their products, I thought I would make an order - what a total waste of money!

I understand that ELF is a cheap brand and therefore the products aren't going to be of the highest standard but I really did not expect them to be this bad!

Eyelid Primer - 'Sheer' £1.50*

I bought this eyelid primer obviously thinking it would at least do some good. Good, it was not! The colour is awful and the smell is quite literally foul. It really does smell cheap! At the end of the day I would rather spend a lot more and buy an eyeshadow primer that I know would work - such as the one by Urban Decay which has outstanding reviews! This product didn't even act as a smooth base for the eyeshadow to be applied on to. Instead, when you blinked all of the product collected in the crease of your eye - not much good at all. I DO NOT recommend this product!!


I think looks rather like concealer! I literally thought this would be colourless - I was obviously wrong!

Conditioning Lip Balm SPF 15 - 'Nice & Natural' £2.50*
I bought this product because I have really bad lips. They're always chapped and sore because I have the awful habit of licking them - I don't know about you, but I just hate my lips feeling all dry! I thought this product would keep my lips in gorgeous condition, protect them from the sun and add a gorgeous natural shimmer to them. On the website the colour I chose looks a nice natural light brown however in reality it is a little more of a mink colour (as you can see in the picture below). Not only do I not like the colour of this product I hate the texture of it. It isn't soft like I expected (I expected it to feel like a mixture between chapstick and lipstick - a bit like a lip butter) but it doesn't. It is so sticky on my lips and doesn't spread properly. It just looks horrid! The smell is also repulsive and it honestly smells like you're putting suncream all over your lips ... out of date suncream! I DO NOT recommend this product!

The colour of this just isn't very nice, in my opinion. Also, as you can see it does not apply very well and is more of an awkward smudge!
Eyeshadow Duo - 'Butter Pecan' £1.50*                                                                                               
I mainly bought this eyeshadow because at the time of purchasing I didn't really wear it much and I didn't want to pay stupid amounts on something I wouldn't wear. This due appealed to me because the brown looked a nice subtle. The lighter shade is just weird, to be honest. To me I think it is far too peachy in colour and just wouldn't look nice on the eyelid. The brown colour is okay and the colours are rather pigmented. However, they do not apply well and they do not stay on well. This is because they're too powdery and I found that you get clumps of colour in the same position. Of course, you want an eyeshadow that applies colour onto the eyelid evenly - this reminded me of coloured talc powder! I DO NOT recommend this product! Take a look at the photo below and see for yourself ...

As you can see in the photo above, the eyeshadow does tend to gather in the same place. It just won't apply evenly and I didn't like this or the colours at all!
Therapeutic Conditioning Balm - 'Blackberry Creme' and 'Strawberry Creme' £1.50* each
Again I bought these little lip products because I thought the colour of them looked really cute and they were only thin so I thought they would be perfect for slipping in my handbag and using frequently throughout the day to keep my lips moisturised and help them against getting chapped! However, the colour of them is not very nice at all. It looks like the colour of lipstick that you used to get in cheap childrens make up kits - not really a good look when you're 19! The smell is terrible and the purple colour makes you look as though you're either very cold or just quite simply dead. I DO NOT recommend this product!

Above: 'Blackberry Creme' and 'Strawberry Creme'
Not really the most flattering of colours when swatched are they!?
Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder - 'Luminance' £1.50*
I purchased this bronzing powder because on the website it looked really light and I thought it would work well as a highlighter. The colour is not one that you could ever apply to your skin - it literally looks like sand!!!! Not only does the colour look like sand, the product also looks like sand when applied. This is because like the duo eyeshadow the product doesn't apply evenly or smoothly! This bronzer just does not look flattering on the skin (as you will be able to see from the swatch I have included below). It really does look foul on the skin and I know that I keep saying this but it really does look like sand is on your face!! As you can probably tell, I DO NOT recommend this product!!


 Now do you see what I mean by comparing this product to sand? It really is the colour of sand and it really does look like I have sprinkled sand onto my arm!!
Super Glossy Lip Shine SPF 15 - 'Pink Kiss' £1.50*
I bought this lip gloss because I liked the idea of it being 'super glossy'. The shade isn't quite barbie pink but it is rather pink. I wouldn't say that it was super glossy either and to be honest as soon as I opened the packet I was over whelmed by the awful smell! Eww, it stinks! I definitely would not be putting that on my lips ... The texture of the gloss is also too sticky and that is something I really dislike; especially as I have a side fringe - no girl likes their fringe to be stuck to their lips do they!? This lip gloss is applied with a slanted applicator but this isn't a good thing. The lip gloss doesn't apply smoothly and it applies all patchy and just doesn't look nice. Again, I DO NOT recommend this product!!
                                                        Talk about streaky application!!
Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15 - 'Apricot Beige' £1.50*
I chose to buy this product because I have never ever used tinted moisturizer and I wanted to try some. Due to everyone giving rave reviews of ELF's products I thought I would try a tinted moisturizer from them. Due to being a particularly pale person, I chose tone 1 - Apricot Beige. Wait until you see the swatch below, you will not believe that this was meant to be tone 1!! On the website it says that this product is scented and smells like 'Sugar Orange' ... I just think it smells repulsive! It is far too sickly sweet and something that I for one would not like to smeer all over my face - I have sensitive skin and I definitely think this product would cause me some problems! Also, may I just add and re-stress the point that I ordered 'Apricot Beige' that was Tone 1 the lightest colour available ... I DEFINITELY WOULD NOT recommend this product especially if you're pale like myself, you just will not get a colour pale enough to match your skin tone!!

Does this look like a Tone 1 colour to you!? It mose definitely does not look like it to me! It looks VERY orange to me and I really would not dare put this onto my face!!

Can you believe how dark this tinted moisturizer is!? I always thought it was meant to be a product that was light! This was only a small swatch and it has made a total mess all over the wipe I was using!!
Shimmering Facial Whip - 'Spotlight' and 'Pink Lemonade' £1.50* each
I purchased these facial whips because I have always used blusher but I have never used highlighter. At the time of making my ELF order I was watching YouTube videos and many people were mentioning these facial whips - as I have said everyone was talking about ELF in a positive manner; why!? I have no idea!! I decided I would order 'Spotlight' to use as a highligter and 'Pink Lemonade' to try as a blusher. When these products arrived I tried them and instantly thought no no no! There was no way that I would ever apply any of these products to my face. The 'Spotlight' colour it too ghostly white and the 'Pink Lemonade' is far too pink - it is on the verge of being clown make up! I like a slight subtle hint of blusher and this was just far too in your face for my liking!! I WOULD NOT recommend this product to others ...

Above: 'Spotlight' Below: 'Pink Lemonade'
Tone Correcting Concealer - 'Apricot Beige' £1.50*
I purchased this product because I was looking for a nice concealer to use as a base under my foundation and face powder to try and achieve that flawless skin look. Again, I ordered the colour 'Apricot Beige' which was described as being fair. This was meant to be the palest colour available and when it arrived I was so so shocked at how orange the shade was! It is just as bad as the 'Apricot Beige' tinted moisturizer colour. I would not be able to wear this concealer under my usual make up because it really is orange orange orange! This product is also supposed to smell of 'Sugar Orange' but as I have already said this scent just smells disgusting! I WOULD NOT recommend this concealer ....
This shade is supposed to be 'Apricot Beige' which is described as being available for 'Fair' skin - All I can say is if you have fair skin like myself and do not want to look like a tangerine; do not purchase this!
The mess the product left on the wipe I was using - a big orange smudge!
Smudge Eye Sponge £1.50*
I ordered this smudging brush because I thought it would work well with the duo eyeshadow that I ordered from ELF. However, when the product arrived I was really dissapointed with it. Of course, I expected that the tip would be rather hard because it is designed to be used as a smudging tool but the tip was too hard to use. It literally felt as though I was rubbing a hard lump of something across my hand - I didn't even get to trying it on my eye with the eyeshadow because I hated that product and I hated this tool!!

 Total Face Brush £1.50*
I ordered this brush because I wanted to try applying my face powder with a large make up brush. As I have said with all of these products, I was unimpressed when it arrived. The brush fibres felt very hard and scratchy and when using the brush it kept loosing bristles which was really annoying. I only used this brush one time because it truly was horrible and I just did not like usuing it. The brush didn't hold product well, didn't glide across my face nice and just felt itchy. Again, I WOULD NOT recommend this brush to someone!

Well finally, we have come to end of tonights blog feature! I do apologise if you seem to like the ELF cosmetics brand; but as you can tell I really dislike it!! This feature does seem to be a bit of an ELF hating spree - which is something I don't normally do on my blog. Normally, I like most things I review. However, I cannot say anything nice about this brand - apart from the price? Although I don't even think that's a good thing because you definitely pay for what you get; low price is low quality in this case - which of course could only be expected because for prices between £1.50 and £2.50 these products were hardly going to be prestige!!

On the whole, I really would not recommend ELF cosmetics to anyone! Their products smell really bad, their colours say they're designed for fair/pale skin tones and they're not they are orange as orange can be (I would hate to see a shade that's designed for a medium skin tone - would it be as orange as a traffic cone maybe!?), their products do not apply well, their brushes are not good tools to have in your make up collection and yes their prices may be exceptionally low but their quality is reflected in the price - as I have said before low price = low quality! At the end of the day, I would just describe ELF's products as being a waste of money even though they are very low prices which makes them available to all budgets - my advise is to save your money and invest in a good quality product!

What do you think of the ELF brand? Do you hate their products as much as I do or do you really like their products and think they're good value for money? Either way, everyone is entitled to their own opinion :)

Lots of Love, Elysia xxxxxxxxx

* Please note that the reason this symbol is at the side of the prices is because I did not pay these prices when I purchased my order many months ago. I believe recently that ELF have increased their prices slightly and therefore I paid a little less. I cannot be sure how much I paid but I bought all the products out of my own money :)


  1. WOW!!! :o :o I'D HATE TO WORK FOR ELF AND STUMBLE ACROSS THIS POST!! that being said it's nice to see a negative review occassionally :) I recently ordered from elf (mainly for sis's xmas pressie) and items I have chosen seem ok actually but i guess i was lucky or just chose different things?! Am yet to try out their make up fixing spray which i've heard good things about. I'm hoping it's good! lol :)
    thanks for this
    sarah xoxo

    1. The really sad thing is that they do actually do some really good products and I absolutely HATE slating products. However, these have just been stuffed away and I have literally used 2 times - once to try and then once to swatch for this post. I have seen some beauty blogs and YouTube videos where people always use ELF products and they look really up good especially the eyebrow kit! I do have some if their nail polishes and I they're REALLY good for the price! I think I was just unfortunate and picked the bad products :( Elysia xxxx