Wednesday, 19 September 2012

NOTD - Chanel 541 'Tentation'

Good evening my beautiful blog readers :) As you can see todays blog feature is going to be a NOTD. I have decided to do one of these posts as I love reading them on other bloggers sites and because I love painting my nails.

Recently I have purchased some gorgeous Chanel nail polishes and introducted them into my ever expanding collection! I like the look of these nail polishes and they're available in some beautiful rich looking colours - there were so many I wanted to buy but I had to limit myself, obviously.

Today I have used 541 'Tentation' by Chanel which is a gorgeous bright pink with a slightly metallic undertone of purple. This is only very subtle and isn't majorly obvious - it just adds a wonderful shine.

As you can see in the picture above, this colour is really really nice and it applies in a good way. The brush isn't too thick and this means you can be really precise with your application and not make a mess all over your nail. The brush also holds enough nail varnish to enable you to get a good layer applied :) I really like this nail varnish and I think it looks pretty complimentary against my pale skin tone (as pictured below)

I apologise for my wonky fingers!
To achieve this look I applied a base coat of clear nail varnish (this is a must because if you don't apply this 'Tentation' leaves your nail a slightly pink colour) and two good even coats of the colour. The drying time wasn't the quickest I have ever encountered but it wasn't bad :) I am happy with the way it looks after applying the two coats but if you wish to apply more then it is of course up to you!

Overall, I am really pleased with the way this nail polish looks on my nails and I know I am going to be wearing this colour a lot throughout winter - its perfect to add a bit of colour into those cold rainy days! The way this polish applies is lovely and I definitely will be buying more polishes from the Chanel range. I just think you can tell when a nail polish is slightly more expensive - it just looks more shiny on the nail and the colour is rich and really vibrant.

The price of this nail polish was £18 for a 13ml bottle; a price which I don't think is bad at all. As you can see from the picture below the packing is really really nice and is just so elegant and sophisticated - what more do you expect from Chanel!?

What do you think of this NOTD feature, would you like to see some more? Have you used the Chanel nail polishes before? I have heard/read a lot of positive things about them and I am very impressed! What do you think of 541 'Tentation'? Is it a colour you would wear or do you think the Chanel polishes are too over priced?

         Hope you're having a lovely Wednesday evening, lots of love Elysia xxxxxxxxxxx

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