Saturday, 15 September 2012

Victoria's Secret, London - New Bond Street

Being someone that has never been to America but always heard about how amazing girls found Victorias Secret and how much they loved it, I was really excited when I found out that two were being opened in London - YAY!

The first shop of the huge American giant opened in London's Westfield Stratford City shopping centre on the 24th of July 2012 - just in time for the Olympics which started on the 27th! However, the second store which is located on New Bond Street didn't open its doors to the public until the 29th of August 2012.

The New Bond Street store is of course located on one of Londons premier shopping streets, as you can tell by the name. The shop here is larger than the Westfield shop and in total measures 40,000 square foot. The shop is packed full of gorgeous lingere, fragrance, loungewear, make up and some homewear items - although this is limited.

Inside the shop there is dim lighting (but not like Hollister or Abercrombie where you can hardly see anything and need night vision!) and there are stunning costumes worn by the Angels in the 2011 catwalk show for the brand. There are black features and photos of the Angels everywhere! The shop consists of four floors and there is plently of products to satisfy everyone's individual needs and budget. However, the 4th floor is reserved for special guests - VIP's!

Although I have never been to America and have therefore never been into a Victorias Secret shop there I do believe that the products in the New Bond Street store are a lot more limited than those available in the US. Maybe this is just because the shop is new to the UK or maybe they're going to produce different styles for each country - I don't know.

I visited the shop today (Saturday September 15th 2012) when shopping on Oxford Street with a very close university friend. I have been looking forward to visiting the New Bond Street store since I found out one was opening and today was the perfect opportunity to pop in and have a look around.

I had a rough idea what the shop looked like inside and I had seen it from the outside in May of this year when shopping on New Bond Street with my family. I couldn't wait for it to open, it looked huge!

I am not going to lie, my initial expectations of visiting the store today were that young teenage girls would be entering the store excited like a child before christmas day! This expectation wasn't far wrong because as we were entering some girls ran in front of us and skipped into the shop like over excited kangaroos!

Inside the shop was amazing and I to be honest I only popped in to take a look at their fragrances as I have heard they're really nice. The prices of the products shocked me with most body sprays being priced at £9 or £14. I picked a body spray up that I loved the smell of however this was priced at £22. I thought this was a little expensive considering if you pay another £10 or so you could get a small bottle of actual perfume. I opted for purchasing two body sprays from the PINK range and these were priced at £7 (as pictured below). I still thought this was a little expensive as I usually pay around £5/£6 for a Ted Baker one I absolutely adore!

Taking into consideration that the brand is in fact American and their products are being imported into the UK, I don't think that £7 or £9 for a body spray is too bad. I also picked up some cute mini nail files that were priced at £3 (pictured below).

When it comes to the underwear that was in there a lot of it caught my eye! It was gorgeous! However, having enough underwear to last me for probably the last 10 years I didn't even attempt to look because I just knew I would go crazy and want everything - I was being a good girl today! Therefore, I didn't see any of the prices of the products but I am sure I will be paying another visit sometime soon.

In total, I only spent £17.00 on the three products that I bought but when coming out of the shop she asked me what I had bought. I showed her and said that I had recieved a free gift - an IPhone cover (as pictured below)! She was looking and noticed that the free gift was priced at £36 - a little over priced, if I don't say so myself!

On the whole, I really liked the store and I will definitely be going back when I have a lot more money to spend! I loved their gorgeous pink striped bags and they packed them really nice. The shop was very busy but the staff in there serving and standing around the shop were all helpful and polite saying please, thank you, telling us to have a good weekend and asking if we found everything we were looking for - you can't beat good customer service so a pat on the back to you Victorias Secret London!

Pictured above: My goodies I purchased from Victorias Secret New Bond Street and the bag they came in - there were a lot of these pink striped bags on Oxford Street today and many people asked me for directions to the store!!

What do you think of the Victorias Secret prices in London; do you think they're too high or reasonable? Have you visited one of the stores or are you waiting desperately to visit? Let me know what you think.

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend and have had some sunny weather (it's been gorgeous here in London today). Lots of love, Elysia xxxxxxxx


  1. I love VS products:)


    1. They're so pretty! The shop is amazing. I have never been to one before so I loved going into the London one today. Although I had a little moan about the price of the body sprays, I will definitely be going back to buy some. Plus their underwear is stunning; I could spend hours in there

      Elysia xxxx