Wednesday, 31 October 2012

A mini make up haul

Yesterday I was in town with my mum and I needed to get a new concealer because my Benefit one has more of less run out now - :( Being the devoted beauty blogger that I am I decided that before buying a new one by Benefit I would buy a different brand and feature/review it :)

Now I say that I only needed a concealer which is true but as you can tell from the title of this feature going to get that one concealer turned into a mini make up haul ... ooooopsie! Within the beautyblogesphere there are so many beauty bloggers and we all rave about certain products and definitely influence each other with which products we decide to pick up!

The things that I ended up buying!
I have to admit that I have never really bought anything from Natural Collection before. I don't mean this in a snobby way, I just don't ever go to that section when I'm in Boots. However, while I was trauling the Boots website the other night looking for new products I'd like to buy and feature in the future I came across a green concealer - yes a green concealer! As soon as I seen this I had to take a look and see what this product was used for ... This green concealer is used as a coverup stick to hide rosy patches! WOW, I had to try because although I'm a pale person I have the most rosy cheeks ever and I am forever trying to cover them up! This product was a total bargain from Boots and cost me £1.99. I can't wait to try it out and see it if actually works or whether or not it isn't worth bothering about.

When the product is first placed onto your skin it looks very scary, I had to admit. It literally applies and is a super obvious mint green colour but this product blends in really well and would be totally undetectable when under your everyday make up.

The Natural Collection green concealer wasn't the product that I actually went into town for, although I did see it the other night and wanted to try it. I actually went into town wanting to try the Wake Me Up concealer by Rimmel but after reading a blog Monday I was reminded of the Collection (or Collection 2000) Lasting Perfection Concealer that many beauty bloggers have been raving over. This is a low priced concealer that is giving high end brands a run for their money! This product was £4 something from Superdrug and therefore would be perfect for those who want to be beautiful on a budget! Being a pale person, buying a concealer is always a huge huge challenge for me because often the palest shades are too dark for me! The rule of thumb when using a concealer is that it should be at least 2 shades lighter than your foundation - for me, this is literally impossible as I'd need a brilliant white colour ... sounds a bit like a paint name doesn't it haha! Anyway, it's pretty obvious I didn't get the Rimmel concealer I originally wanted because they didn't have it and the 2nd shade was waaaaaay too dark!

If you're reading this and are a beauty blogger or a frequent beauty blog reader/YouTube watcher you will know that within the beauty blogging community we have been RAVING over the next product that I bought! I have been super wanting to get my hands on one of these lip products and I may be a little late at jumping on the bandwagon but I'm so glad that I finally have done. I'm a person who doesn't really wear any lip products apart from lipbalms beause I always feel self concious that being pale makes my lips stand out far too much - weird reason not to wear lip products I know! Anyway, after standing in front of the Revlon section in Superdrug for ages and ages I finally decided I was going to buy some lip products - they were on offer at Superdrug and were 3 for the price of 2 so I'd have been silly not to really!
I decided that I was going to get a lip butter in the palest shade they do because this shade is gorgeous and gives a subtle hint of shimmer. The lip butters are priced at £7.99 and are a combination of a lip balm and a lip stick; some shades are more towards lipstick consistency but most remain as a balm/glaze with colour that can easily be built up to look like a lipstick .. if that makes sense? I am always always drawn to pink colours and my lips are rather pink anyway so I tend to suit these colours - however, I don't suit barbie pink lip colours I have tried and trust me I look awful!

The colour pictured and swatched is '005 Sugar Frosting'

Another lip product that has been working us beauty bloggers into a total frenzy is the Chubby Sticks my Clinique! Priced at £16 per lip product they're definitey a little more expensive than the ones I purchased today but they sound SO worth it - I can't wait to get my hands on a Chubby Stick!! The products I bought are Revlons take on the Chubby Stick and are called 'Just Bitten Kissable' and are a lip balm stain. Again, the colours I chose are light pinks and they can be worn subtle or built up to create a bold colour.

Above: '001 Honey/Douce
Below: '015 Cherish/Devotion
A Swatch of '001 Honey/Douce' - the colour is pink/nude and is very natural.
A Swatch of '051 Cherish/Devotion' - the colour can be applied in a subtle way or built up to create a barbie pink look - I prefer to more subtle application.
I included a picture of the issue I used to wipe the product off my arm because it shows the true colour of the product - I really like it!

So dolls this is everything that I bought yesterdat and I will be wearing these products really soon and featuring them in pictures and posts for you guys to read about! I will also review them at some point and include them in empties features when I have used them all up! I hope you enjoyed looking at my mini makeup haul and I would love to hear from my readers :)

What lip products are you loving at the moment? Have you tried the Revlon Lip Butters? Have you tried the Revlon version of the Chubby Stick or do you prefer to wear lipstick? I'd also love to know what you think of my 2 concealers and whether or not you have tried them before!

Don't forget you can comment with your thoughts in the comment section below of Tweet me at @PurpleElll - I hope you're all having a lovely Halloween, Elysia xxxx

The Love Box Company - What's it all about!?

If you're reading this and are a total beauty addict like myself then I am pretty certain you will know that there are SO MANY different beauty boxes available to either subscribe to monthly or to purchase as a one off. There's no two ways about it, most beauty bloggers and beauty fans know that there are two montly beauty boxes that every beauty addict wants to be posted through their letter box every month - the Jolie Box and the GlossyBox!

One company that is fairly new and is giving these companys a run for their money is The Love Box Company! These boxes can be bought for all different occasions and come in 3 different levels of luxury: Regular, Deluxe or Ultra Deluxe.

'The Love Box Company is the ultimate way to gift. We provide a service for all your special occasions, offering carefully thought out items that will certainly leave that special person wowed. Suitable for friends, family, birthdays, weddings, corporate and more ... or why not treat yourself!...'

The Love Box Company describe themselves as the ultimate way to gift and I think this is a really accurate description! The box isn't just designed for you, it can be bought for other people as a birthday present, an anniversary present, a mothers day present, a honeymoon present, a wedding present, a fathers day present or as a christmas present - Yes, they really have created a Love Box for honeymoons, weddings, christmas and fathers day! However, if you're also attending a festival, a hen do or a stag do have no fear they have also created a box that will be perfect for you!

The Love Box Company already sound amazing don't they and I haven't even told you about what brand they're associated with! As you know, beauty boxes always contain samples of products and usually they're products you would never have bought but end up falling completely in love with! The Love Box Company include a generous amount of products in their Love Box's and they're all from amazing companys. Some of the brands included are:

As you can see The Love Box Company include a range of pretty impressive products! I know I'd love to receive a box that had some of these amazing products within it! Especially Babyliss, GHD, Tweezerman and Tange Teezer items!

As I said before, The Love Box Company do a range of different boxes that are all appropriate for different people or different events. These boxes are all available in Regular , Deluxe or Ultra Deluxe and are therefore bound to make the perfect gift for anyone!

Some of the products the Love Box Company offer are:

- The Bride Box
- The Festival Box
- The Groom Box
- The Hen Night Survival Box
- The Honeymoon Box
- The Love Box For Men
- The Love Box For Women
- The Stag Night Survival Box

(Some of the boxes are shown below)

As well as these boxes The Love Box Company also do boxes other boxes that are perfect for other occasions and these are:

Something that is different from other beauty box companies is the fact that The Love Box Company do boxes that are designed to be used or given out at corporate events - pretty good idea I think, there's nothing that would please a stressed business man/woman than a good pampering session in their hotel room and with one of the corporate boxes The Love Box Company create this pampering session is made all the more pleasant! 

Also The Love Box Company have created a special Christmas Love Box . 'The Christmas Box comes with a beautiful collectable christmas decoration and a certificate that can be given as a special gift for your loved ones...The Christmas Box is for anyone that you want to give a special gift that can be saved as a token to remember a special Christmas.'

Personally, I think The Love Box Company would make the perfect present for beauty addicts as they're designed for so many different occasions. The products that are contained within them are all of excellent quality and they're presented really nicely. I know for a fact that I can't wait to get my hands on one of these amazing boxes!
What do you think of The Love Box Company Boxes? Have you ever heard of them before? Check The Love Box Company out and make sure to tell them that Elysia from the Little Beauty Blogg sent you :) Contact details for the company are listed below! I'd love to know what you guys think of The Love Box Company!xxx

Happy Halloween, too all my TwitterDolls, GFC friends and readers; I hope you're all having a good night and not eating too many sweets ;) Elysia @ PurpleElll xxxx

Contact Details for The Love Box Company:
- Telephone: 01726 879716
- Website:

*Please note that all the prices stated were correct at the time of posting this blog feature and all the pictures used were taken from the official The Love Box Company website. I was also approached and asked to do this feature on the company.

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

A HUGE thank you!!

I don't know how aware my readers are of this but I first started blogging in summer to cure boredom. I was home from university and after buying a few beauty products I decided I would take a few pictures, try them out and eventually write some reviews on them. I stared blogging on a different site to the one I am using now and only blogged occasionally when I wasn't doing anything with loved ones.

What started out as a hobby started turning into something people enjoyed reading and I was receiving comments from people saying they were loving the blog. As the blog started to view the website wasn't offering me the features I wanted to be able to use. I found that a lot of the blogs I liked reading were written through and therefore I switched to this site.

Fast forward to the 15th of September 2012, I'm back at uni, I have mastered a new layout for the way I want to be able to present my blog and I am on a new site. I have created a blog that I am proud of and I write regular features to stop me missing home and to occupy my time at night.

What this post is really about is to thank absolutely everyone who has subscribed to me on here via GFC, who has followed me on Twitter and who has taken a look at my blog! I started the Twitter account the day I first made my blog on the old website and only had 12 followers for so long.

On Thursday 25th of October 2012 I started using my Twitter account seriously and connecting with people who are fellow beauty bloggers and company's. It is 5 days later and I have now been approached by company's, I have 20 followers on GFC and I have had my first 1,000 blog views! This is a HUGE milestone and it happened last night! I am now on 1,119 blog views and I would like to thank each and every one of you!! You're all absolute dolls and you really have been making me so so happy!

I have met some lovely fellow beauty bloggers on Twitter and the PR people who have been approaching me are all so kind (but I didn't start this blog for samples, I started it for me and fellow beauty addicts!). There is nothing more pleasing than receiving compliments for the work that you have been doing! I am going to continue to blog as a serious beauty blogger and I hope that you all continue to love the blog as much as you have been and continue to support me in the way that you have been! I am so new to this community but the blog is really making an impact!!

Thank you again, Elysia xxxxxxx

Remember to follow the Little Beauty Blogg on GFC or subscribe to me via email and follow me on Twitter @PurpleElll 

NOTD - Dielle 'Majestic Obsidian'

So as you guys may have noticed, I have been a little inactive recently and haven't blogged properly since my Batiste dry shampoo review. This is partly down to being at home, spending time with family and getting into the swing of things with my Twitter account. Some very exciting things are happening with my blog and since seriously starting to use the Twitter account I have gained so many followers, blog views and followers via Google Friend Connect. I also feel the need to say that I HAVE NOW HAD MY FIRST 1,000 VIEWS but some more on that later!

You may be able to tell by the title of this post that I am going to be doing a nail polish feature - something which I love doing! I have a huge passion for nail polish and I love sharing the colour I'm wearing with all of my blog readers :)

As I'm sure you're all aware, the clocks went back an hour here in the UK on Saturday. This means that we got to gain one hour extra in bed (YAY) but it also means that 1) winter is drawing closer and setting in and 2) it also starts to go dark at around 4/4:30 pm! When the winter months are here and the weather gets darker and duller we often find that our nail polishes mimic the seasons eg winter/autumnal seasons means our colours get darker and summer/spring seasons means the shades get a lot lighter and brighter.

The colour I am wearing tonight is a perfect shade for this time of year and is absolutely gorgeous! One of my favourite colours is purple and so as soon as this gorgeous nail varnish arrived through my door this weekend I knew I had to try it out and paint my nails as soon as I possibly could!

The colour I am wearing is by a relatively new brand here in the UK and I am therefore very happy to introduce Dielle to all my readers :) This stunning shade of purple is really rich and has beautiful glittery undertones! These glittery undertones are not obvious until the light shines onto the nail and they twinkle and really pop the colour making it shine! This colour isn't a childish purple and I would say it is sexy and sophisticated.

I always like to apply a base cote when using a dark nail colour to protect my nails!

The glitter undertone is captured perfectly in this picture and the true colour of the nail colour is shown!

This colour is perfect for the winter months as the dark purple is just gorgeous. Not only will this colour look delightful at this time of year, it will also look absolutely gorgeous for wearing to work (if your job allows you to wear nail varnish) and will look stunning to wear to your works Christmas outing!

What do you think of this colour? I think it works perfect with a pale skin tone!

I love this nail varnish and the major plus points about it are: I achieved the colour shown by applying 2 good coats, it didn't take long at all to dry and it doesn't smell really strong. Yes you read correctly this nail varnish does not smell because it does not contain the usual nasties that regular nail varnishes do! Therefore this is perfect if you live with people who hate the smell of usual nail varnishes!

I have another stunning nail varnish by Dielle which is 'Passion & Prudence' and I will be featuring this colour and the colour featured in this post very soon so keep a look out for the in depth review that will be coming soon on both these products :)

What do you think of the colour, do you like wearing dark colours in the winter? Also, do you like the idea of a low smelling, toxic free nail varnish? Leave a comment below or Tweet me at @PurpleElll as I'd love to know.

Elysia xxxx

*please note that this was sent to me as a PR sample and would usually be priced at £12

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Batiste dry shampoo

I haven't blogged for what seems like ages. I haven't been blogging for a while for various reasons and now that my Twitter page seems to be taking off and I have been interacting with a lot of interesting people I want to get back into doing regular features! I've had such a busy night tonight as I'm going home tomorrow for a short while so I thought I would just do a simple review tonight :)

Batiste dry shampoo is something that lots of girls couldn't live without - myself included! This product is such a life saver and really revitalises and makes dirty hair look clean. The product is available in so many different scents and designs so there is a perfect Batiste out there for everyone. I particularly like using this product of a weekend when I haven't got anything planned and I am just lazing around - it's so quick and easy to use!

The first Batiste product that I ever bought was a small tin (50lm) in the 'Floral & Flirty Blush' scent :) The design on the can is flowery and girly which makes it perfect for popping into your handbag for on the go or for having in your bedroom/bathroom :)

This small tin of Batiste cost £1.49 from my local Boots store and really does smell nice. Of course the smell isn't wonderful as this is essentially talc powder in a can but it wasn't bad :) It didn't leave a horrible smell in your hair and it wasn't a really obvious scent that would make people know you're wearing dry shampoo. The directions for using the product are on the back of the can and as I have said before it is so easy to use! You literally hold the can 30cm away from your hair and spray it onto the roots. Once applied you just brush it through and style your hair as you wish. One slight issue for some women may be the fact that a white'ish residue it left on the hair - if you have a dark hair colour this will probably be an issue for you. However, all you need to do is make sure that you give your hair a good brushing and pay a attention to the roots where you have sprayed :)

The first tin that I bought was only a small on the go one and when it ran out I thought I would purchase a bigger size and try one that had a slight coloring to the powder. I have light brown'ish hair and therefore I chose the Batiste hint of colour dry shampoo that was designed for medium &brunette hair.

The size of the can I purchased was 200ml and cost £2.50 again from my local Boots store. When I first used this product I instantly noticed the smell - I really did not like it. The floral & flirty tin smelt really nice but this one absolutely stunk it really smelled like popcorn - who wants hair that smells like a cinema snack!? This smell wasn't a smell that went after a while, it stayed in my hair and everywhere I went I could smell popcorn.

The directions for use were exactly the same as the 50ml tin (hold 30cm away from hair, spray onto the roots and brush through before styling) and were listed on the back. I used the product in exactly the same way that I used the tin and I really didn't like the results. In fact Id go as far as to say that I hate this particular product by Batiste!

After spraying the product onto my roots, brushing through and styling my hair I noticed that I have little brown'ish colours dots all over me - on my top, on my neck, on my forehead and lingering in my hair line ... it looked as though Caviar had been put on me! I brushed and brushed and brushed and brushed my hair and the residue still remained. I was laying in bed later that day having a lazy Sunday afternoon and I noticed that the little brown powder was all over my pillow case - I think it's safe to say that I won't be using this product again.

The colour of the residue that was left all over me, my clothes and my hairline!

Despite having a bad experience with the coloured Batiste product, I haven't at all been put off the brand and I will be repurchasing another can soon - post probably the floral & blush one! I love Batiste and it is so perfect for a quick hair fix. The product can be used in any situation and I am super sure that a lot of girls rely upon this product when they're attending festivals!!

As well as providing your hair with a clean and no greasy look, this product can also be used to add volume! For those women who have very fine and flat hair that has no volume this may be your life saver. The Batiste brand isn't expensive at all and there is a specific one made that claims to give XXL volume :) There are a lot of dry shampoos out there that all range in price from the inexpensive to the super expensive but I prefer Batiste :)

A little piece of advice from me would be not to rely upon this product all the time and use it instead of washing your hair because shampoo and conditioning will always be a better and healthier option :) Also, I find that when I have used it I get little white flakes of it falling out (at the end of the day when brushing my hair for bed) and this could look like dandruff depending on how dark your hair is!

What do you guys think of Batiste dry shampoos? Do you have a particular scent that you would suggest I buy or do you not like using this product? I hope you have all had a lovely week and I promise I will try and blog more! Lots of love, Elysia xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

*I'd just like to point out that I do actually wash my hair HAHA! I like to wash it everyday for university. However, I have Fridays off and therefore don't wash my hair Thursday night so I like to use this product on a Sunday when I'm not going anywhere but when I want respectable looking hair as I am bound to encounter flat mates! Hope I no longer sound like a dirty person :)!!

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Sensual Scent - Jean Paul Gaultier 'Classique'

First of all I want to start this feature by apologising for my lack of posts recently, as it has been well over a week! There's no need to panic though I am back! Last week I was feeling really ill and was just resting in bed so I really didn't feel in the mood to blog - yes I was feeling that awful I didn't want to blog!! Anyway, I am back and I'm back with a gorgeous fragrance!

If any of you are looking forward to christmas then you will be thinking about what you are going to ask for ect. I know that a lot of people get ideas from reading beauty blogs and so I want to start doing a few posts that are featuring products you could ask 'Santa' for or products you think would be perfect the women within your family. If they're anything like my mum you will have to start looking early to decide what to buy for - difficult!

Okay, so previously I have confessed that I have a nail polish addiction. Well now it's time to make another confession - I am a perfume addict! A woman can never ever have too much perfume. Not only does it make you smell devine, it can be used to express your personality and make you feel good!

One of my signature scents has to be Jean Paul Gaultier 'Classique' I absolutely love this perfume and the title of this feature reflects this perfume perfectly; it really is a sensual scent! This perfume is just gorgeous and it always reminds me of my Auntie because she used to wear this when I was a little younger and I always always wanted my very own bottle! Since my first ever bottle of JPG I have been 100% in love - this perfume is beautiful!

Jean Paul Gaultier 'Classique' is absolutely beautiful and I decided to feature this perfume today as the bottle I am currently using is running out and is soon going to be all gone :( - you will be able to how low it is from the pictures! I guess this post is going to be a little 'in loving memory...' and also an informative one so you or someone you know could potentially smell delish when wearing this scent - it really is mmmmmm!

 I just love the way JPG perfumes are packaged!
The perfume I'm sharing with you today is the eau de toilette and although usually I prefer eau de parfum I adore the lighter scent of the toilette (is it just me or have you had an immature chuckle at that sounding like I adore the lighter scent of the toilet!?). Usually I find that the scent of an EDP is much nicer and lasts a heck of a lot longer. However, I'd like to point out that 'Classique' is a strong scent and therefore the EDT lasts amazingly well! I wore this perfume for uni yesterday and I could still smell it on my clothes later that night. In fact to be totally honest, I can still smell the perfume on the top I wore yesterday. As I have said the EDT lasts perfectly well and will still smell after a hard days work or studying. My own personal opinion is that the EDP is too strong of a scent and I find it a little over powering. I also find that when I scent is available in both EDT and EDP there is a slight variation within the 2 scents - this is true of JPG and I prefer the EDT!
The packaging of the JPG perfumes is so distinct. If you see a tin type container you instantly know what perfume it is - this is true on christmas day; as soon as you pick up a cylinder tin you know straight away you've been bought some JPG ;). Now, I say that the packaging is a tin - which is true. However, you do not need to open it with a tin opener (a hilarious family joke where someone asked if she'd need a tin opener to get into her bottle!). For those who are thinking the same, I apologise for laughing but you're silly :) To get into the perfume the top of the container (the silver bit) is pulled off of the bottom (the slightly gold colour rim).
One other thing I adore about JPG perfumes is the perfume bottle. They're always beautiful corest designs (for the women) and they're just so feminine and chic. This perfume really is so sensual; I love it!

So for those of you who are interested in the perfume and would like to know how the shops describe the scent this part of the feature is for you...

'A sweet, bold eau de toilette. A hint of temptation in a sensual, daring fragrance of contrasts, to help you seduce and conquer. Bold, sweet rose to awaken the senses'

'A tender and bold classic with a feminine blend of Rose, Orange Blossom and Vanilla'

'A fragrance with sensual, ultra-feminine notes. The ideal fragrance for a seductive, dominant woman with sensual curves'
Top Notes: Rose
Middle Notes: Orange Blossom
Base Notes: Vanilla, Ambery Wood

Scent: Floral Oriental (Floriental)
I would describe all of these descritpions as being accurate as this perfume really is sensual, feminine and most of all sexy! This perfume is beautiful and you really do attract attetion wearing it! I have been asked numerous times what scent I am wearing. This is the kind of perfume that egnites the noses of both males and females - women want to smell like you and men want their woman to smell like you!
The perfume would be perfect for a lady who likes a feminine sexy scent that lasts all day, makes her feel amazing, smell amazing and is packaged well. Whether you buy this frangrance for yourself or someone else, you're bound to fall in love with JPG!

Wondering how much this delish scent is? I've done some homework for you ...

Debenhams - £41.87*
John Lewis - £38.00*
House of Fraser - £48.00*

The Perfume Shop - £47.99*
Boots - £46.98*
Superdrug - £46.50*

One thing for sure is that I will be putting this on my christmas list this year! What do you think of JPG perfumes - do you like them or not? Do you like my new blog features that could be used as christmas ideas? Would you like to see some more?

I hope you have all been having an amazing Wednesday and we're only 2 days away from the weekend - WOOO. I will be back with another feature soon! Lots of love, Elysia xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

* The prices that I have listed and the pictures that I have shown in this blog feature are all of the 50ml Jean Paul Gaultier 'Classique' Eau de Toilette. The prices that I have listed were all taken off the shops official websites and were correct at the time I posted this blog post on 17.10.2012.

Monday, 8 October 2012

2 new winter products

When the weather starts turning cold, the sky is an unhappy looking grey colour and the light starts fading earlier and earlier it's time to make some changes to our wardrobe, skincare/make up routine and accessories!

I am one of those people who always licks my lips because I just hate them being all dry. This is such a bad habit to have because it means that I always have chapped/dry/sore lips in the winter! I even have sore lips in the summer because of this so you can imagine how much lip product I use during the winter months!

To prevent my lips looking like a total eyesore and being really sore and uncomfortable I apply a lot of lip balm. Usually I use the 'Medicated ChapStick' and this helps a lot :) However, whilst I was in Boots today with my friend I noticed they have a 3 for 2 offer on and included within it was Burts Bees! Being a major YouTube watcher I have heard people within the beauty community talking about these lip balms for so so so long and I have been meaning to pick one up forever but always end up forgetting!

In store today they had 3 different colours/flavours so I thought I would take advantage of their offer and purchase all 3! I have to admit that these lip products are not the cheapest around (there were some Boots brand lip products there for around £1 and the ChapSticks were £1.70 something) but I have heard good things about them so I was willing to give them a try as I have a bit of chapped skin in the corner of my lip already :(

My usual ChapStick! (currently on 3 for 2 offer at Boots)

The Burt's Bees products I purchased today - priced at £3.69 each! (currently on 3 for 2 offer at Boots)
I do have to admit that I am a little bit of a lip product obsessive! When I moved back down to London I actually went into Selfridges and purchased 2 tins of the new limited edition 'Pink Bubbly' Vaseline! I am forever loosing or forgetting my lip products because I always swap and change my bags and forget to pop a chapstick on ... I shouldn't need to buy any new ones until next winter now!
The limited edition Vaseline!
Another thing I find we have to change during the winter months is our nail varnish colours! I have SO many colours but I have to make a little confession .... amoungst my collection of around 40/50 colours a very small number of them are dark colours! I really think I have about 5 autum/winter shades!
I have been reading a lot that the colour for this years autum/winter season is going to be burgundy!This colour is going to be big in fashion whether you're wearing a burgundy item of clothing, have a burgundy accessory or have burgundy nail varnish! So during my very boring EU law tutorial today I decided when I finished I would go to Boots and purchase some burgundy nail varnish!
I have been seeing this colour everywhere recently and it really has been growing on me a lot! I am not someone who usually wears dark nail varnishes (as you can probably tell from my previous NOTD post and what I have already said in this post) but I thought I would break the mould and try it! I'm a person who is natually pale and I just think burgundy would look amazing against pale skin! I couldn't decide between 2 colours but in the end I chose a Rimmel Pro polish in the colour 'Desire 393'
'Desire 393' priced at £4.59 (currently on 3 for 2 offer at Boots)
'Desire 393' priced at £4.59 (currently on 3 for 2 offer at Boots)
A swatch of 'Desire 393'
When looking at this nail polish in Boots it did look like a very dark burgundy (as you can see from the photos of the nail polish in the bottle). However, when I swatched the nail polish it is more of a dark plum colour with a slight gold undertone - not what I initially wanted! However, I'm not majorly upset at the colour because I like purple and it is still slightly burgundy (just not as burgundy as I actually wanted).
This colour really is a big change from my usual pink colours but I really am looking forward to using this new colour soon and I know it will look amazing with winter clothing and accessories! PLUS this colour really reminds me of christmas and I think it would be a beautiful classy colour to wear for a christmas party :)
What do you guys think of my new winter inspired purchases - Have you ever used Burts Bees products before? Do you like the new burgundy colour trend? 
I hope your Monday hasn't been too bad and that you have all had a lovely weekend :)                                        Lots of Love, Elysia xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Saturday, 6 October 2012

NOTD - Chanel gradient nails

I may seem as though I am jumping on the gradient nails band wagon a little late. However, I will be truthful - I have never ever been able to do the effect and be happy with the way it looks!

Last night, whilst looking through some YouTube channels, I thought I would do a little search for a simple gradient nail tutorial and try again. This time it really worked out and I was super happy with the results - I deserved to give myself a pat on the back!

I have previously only tried doing the effect with my Barry M polishes, putting them on a plastic wallet, mixing them together with an orange stick and then dabbing a sponge into the mixture and onto my nail - this just made a mess and didn't work at all! I'm not sure whether it was the consistency of the Barry M polishes or whether it was just me not being able to use this technique! (Let me know if you have found the same thing happens with your Barry M's whether you have been able to use them fine - it's probably just me being useless haha!!)

Anyway, last night I decided I would do it the other way - by painting the colours onto a sponge and then dabbing it onto my nail. Hey presto, it worked - yay!

I know that this technique was taking the beauty world by storm during the summer months but why should we be limited? I personally think it's nice to wear bright colours in the dark and cold winter months. I don't like wearing dark colours on my nails all of the time. I just think it's nice to sometimes have a bright pink colour on your nails as it totally contrasts winter clothing and makes me happy everytime I look at it; it adds a splash of colour to a boring rainy London day. Plus I have a little huge obsession with pink nail varnishes!

The finished effect - Not perfect but atleast it worked!
I created the effect using:

- Chanel 'May 535' as a base coat.
- Chanel 'Rose Exuberant 519' as the darker gradient colour.
- Rimmel Pro Super Wear Ultra Shine Top Coat as the top coat
to smooth out the bumpy effect that the sponge created!
I am so proud of myself for finally mastering how to do gradient nails and I can't wait to play around with different colours and create different effects! I actually only realised that the colours I have chosen match my Victorias Secret bag (pictured below) which I absolutely love! I kept the bag because the colours and design is lush!!
I told you my nails matched the Victoria's Secret bag!!

What do you guys think of my pink Chanel gradient nails? Do you like to wear brighter colours in the winter months to brighten up the days? Are you a fan of the effect or do you find it hard to create?

I would like to apologise for those of you who were wanting a tutorial on how to create this look! I realised as soon as I had finished that I should have taken photos as I was doing it and given a tutorial. I do apologise and if anyone wants a tutorial please comment below and I will get around to doing a simple easy to follow one at some point :)
I hope you're all having a wonderful Saturday - it's the weekend WOO!
                                                   Lots of Love, Elysia xxxxxxxxxxxx

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Nathan Lippitt - 'Contour and Highlight Tutorial'

Being a beauty blogger, it may come as a bit of a surprise to you when I say I don't bother with coutouring or highlighting my face - shocking I know! The truth of the matter is that I have never been 100% sure of how to do it and make it look good.

In his video Nathan shows how essential countouring and highlighting the face really is! He shows how to make your cheek bones pop, make your nose appear slimmer and most importantly how to hide your double chin!

Using make up to contour and highlight the face is a trick that makeup artists have always used on their clients. However, recently this tip has been passed down to us mere mortals. This has been helped by celebrities such as Kim Kardashian always looking stunning with flawless make up and sharing pictures of herself with her face contoured and highlighted - face it most girls these days are after the Kim K flawless face look!

In his first ever YouTube make up tutorial video, Nathan explains and shows us in such a simple way how to achieve the countoured and highlighted look on our own at home! He does this by using a foundation brush, a powder brush, 2 different shades of foundation, a concealer, powder, bronzer and some make up to fill in your eyebrows.
None of the language he uses is technical and this means anyone can understand what he is saying :) He is informative and to the point; telling you exactly how much produst to use, how to blend and sharing a few tips and jokes along the way. His personality is amazing and I know he will gain a lot of subscribers on his channel!
I particularly like the way Nathan suggests the Rimmel concealer for the more mature ladies telling us that it will really make their eyes stand out and the way he suggests pushing the powder into the skin to set the foundation rather than dragging the brush along your face - this will make your make up last longer!!
I personally love Nathans personality I just think he is so infectious and a joy to watch! His make up looks are always natural but really flattering and his talent is sure to get him noticed sometime soon! The look he creates in this video is not too in your face and it is something anyone could achieve at home and wear to work or on a night out. Male or female this look will work for anyone :)

I noticed Nathans tutorial video on my Facebook news feed and after watching it I instantly wanted to feature him on the littlebeautyblogg :) I contacted him and asked if I was able to do so and if he would like to provide a few words telling my readers why he decided to get involved in the makeup and beauty industry. This is what the man himself had to say ...
'I got into makeup because i grew up with 3 sisters, and loved what a transformation it made to their confidence, and the way they lived life, I love nothing more than natural beauty but i also think makeup is such a fantastic way to emphasise your facial features, There are no rules in makeup, and thats what i love, Its about being experimental, I love my job, and i love to make people feel good about themselves, whether it be completely bonkers, or a nice natural look xxxxx'

Nathan likes to see the positive in people and as he has stated he likes the natural makeup look. He is a 20 year old freelace make up artist and takes booking via his Facebook page (which I will link below for you). He is has an amazing passion for makeup and this shows - on his Facebook page there are some amazing halloween looks that he has created and I believe he is currently taking bookings for peoples make up on the big night! His prices are not high and he isn't a greedy person. His passion is make up and I love it!!
What do you think of Nathans first ever makeup tutorial video? Has he inspired you to try and coutoured and highlighted look? Tell me what you think as I know he would love to hear what my beautiful blog readers think :)

                                                   Lots of Love, Elysia xxxxxxxxxxxxx
- Kims make up in the photo has been done by her make up artist Scott Barnes and you can find him on his Official Twitter page @scottbarnes86
- Nathans Facebook page is and this is where you can contact him personally!
* Just a kind little word ... Please do not make any horrible comments about Nathan. He is a man and he wears make up - this isn't a big issue. My blog is a place where people of all backgrounds are welcome. Therefore, I do not want any horrible comments being posted regarding this video. If you do not like/agree with gay people or men wearing makeup then please do not comment as I will just delete any hate :) xx

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

New No7 Products

The MAC foundation that I usually use has more or less run out and will be completely empty in the next few days so I thought I would look for a different foundation- just to mix things up a little bit :) I have used a few No7 products in the past and they have worked really well with my sensitive skin so I thought I would try out one of their foundations! I was also really interested in finding out how their new machine works for trying to match the correct colour to your skin tone.

The machine actually worked surprisingly well and I was colour matched to the colour 'Calico' - pretty cool name right? It reminds me of something really exotic! The colour isn't too orange and I personally think it's a much better match than my MAC (I have MatchMaster in 01).

I already had make up on when I went to get matched so the lady on the No7 counter wiped it off on both sides of my face along my jaw line. She held the machine to jawline area on each side of my face and a short while later the results were produced :) She then showed me what foundation was available in the colour and the one I ended up buying was the one I had been looking at before she colour matched me - pretty lucky huh!?

Over the past few weeks, Boots stores have been handing out No7 vouchers* where you can save £3 off make up products and £5 off skincare. I thought I would go in and take advantage of this :)

Today, my No7 'Perfect Eyes' liquid eyeliner also ran out and this stuff is amazing so I was definitely planning on re purchasing asap! When I was in Boots the lady who colour matched me told me that No7 products were currently on a 3 for 2 offer and therefore your cheapest item was free! Due to already having bought 2 products, I thought I would purchase another and take advantage of the offer :) I have never used a primer and I have heard a lot about primers within the beauty industry so I thought I would try one to not only improve the performance of my foundation but to enhance the look of it on my face!

I was also able to use my £3 off voucher along side the 3 for 2 offer which meant that in total I saved £10.50!!

Above: No7 Stay Perfect Foundation in 'Calico', No7 Beautifully Matte Make Up Base and No7 Stay Precise Liquid Liner in 'Black'

I am yet to try then foundation and make up base on my face (I have only swatched them together on my hand) and so when I have been using them for an acceptable amount of time I will write a review on them :) I don't like to review products right away after only a few uses because I like to be able to give an accurate and honest opinion of the products!

What do you think of No7 products? Have you ever used them before? Do you use the No7 make up vouchers when you are given them?

                                             Lots of love, Elysia xxxxxxxxxxx

* Please note that the No7 vouchers I am referring to in this post are only valid until Sunday 7th October 2012.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Handmade Genuine Swarovski Crystal Bracelets

Hello guys and dolls :) Todays blog entry isn't concerned with anyone elses fantastic product; it's all about me tonight - I thought I would do a bit of self promotion I guess haha!

As those of you who know me personally will know, I have set up a small online 'shop' where I hand make bracelets using the colours you want :) I don't just make any old bracelet though, I make genuine Swarovski Crystal bracelets!

These bracelets are available in a range of different styles and colours and to be quite honest I think they're beautiful - I am of course a little biased!

I originally only made the bracelets for family members and gave them out before I moved back to uni - I thought it would be a sweet thing to do because I love them lots! Anyway, whilst making them one night my auntie asked why I didn't sell them and if I had ever considered doing so? I didn't really think anyone would be interested but to shut her up I uploaded some pictures of them to my Facebook account and people were really interested - bingo!

Each one of the bracelets is handmade by me personally with a lot of love and extreme attention to detail! The official Facebook page for my bracelets is and here you can find out more information regarding the bracelets, how to order, how to pay and delivery information :) Feel free to join the group and spread the word amoungst your friends!

I really enjoy making bracelets and I have created three different designs:

- A full genuine Swarovski Crystal bracelet*.
- A bracelet made with 12 genuine Swarovski Crystals and seed beads*.
- A bracelet made with tiny seed beads in a wide range of colours*.

Curious to see what they look like? Take a look below :)

Full genuine Swarovski Crystal bracelet*:
This bracelet is gorgeous and I really enjoy making them! They're available in a wide range of colours and can therefore be made in whatever colour you require :) There is also the option of having a genuine Swarovski Crystal dangling heart in the centre of your bracelet however this is only optional as it does cost a little extra - these are also available in your chosen colour. The bracelet is made on strong, durable, light weight and clear stretchy thread which means it won't be snap after only wearing it a few times :)! I can make these bracelets to any wrist size; so whether you have a small wrist or a large wrist there is a beautiful genuine Swarovski Crystal bracelet that will fit you <3! Each of these bracelets comes packaged in their own little white organza bag; which makes them perfect as a gift for that special lady in your life; whether it be for a girlfriend, your mum, auntie, nanna, to be given as a birthday gift, mothers day gift, wedding present, anniversary present or as a christmas present - whoever recieves one of these sparklers is bound to fall in love with it's beautiful shine <3

Full genuine Swarovski Crystal bracelets made using a mixture of colours and featuring a genuine Swarovski Crystal dangling heart in the middle - Priced at £16 for the bracelet with an extra £2 for the heart (the prices stated are per bracelet - they're £16/£18 each!)
A full genuine Swarovski Crystal bracelet made using a mixture of colours and featuring a genuine Swarovski Crystal dangling heart in the middle - priced at £16 for the bracelet with a further £2 for the heart (colour of the pictured heart is 'Crystal')
 A full genuine Swarovski Crystal bracelet made using a mixture of colours and featuring a genuine Swarovski Crystal dangling heart in the middle - priced at £16 for the bracelet with a further £2 for the heart (colour of the pictured heart is 'Virtrail Light')
My auntie modelling one of the stunning Swarovski Crystal bracelets that has been made using a mixture of colours and features a genuine Swarovski Crystal dangling heart in the middle - priced at £16 for the bracelet with a further £2 for the heart (colour of the heart pictured is 'Crystal')
A bracelet all packaged up and ready to go :)!!

Genuine Swarovski Crystal bracelet made using 12 genuine crystals and seed beads*:
As soon as I designed these bracelets I fell in love with them - they are gorgeous! So girly and cute! They are the perfect addition to a wrist and the crystals sparkle beautifully against the pearly seed beads! I love designing these bracelets because they're really fun to make and they look beautiful on your wrist - they're also available in 5 colours too so there should be a colour combination to suit most people - they come inpink, blue, green, purple and clear :) Again, each of these bracelets comes packaged in their own little white organza bag; which makes them perfect as a gift for that special lady in your life; whether it be for a girlfriend, your mum, auntie, nanna, to be given as a birthday gift, mothers day gift, wedding present, anniversary present or as a christmas present - whoever recieves one of these sparklers is bound to fall in love with it's beautiful shine <3

Please note: To ensure that the same amount of crystals is on each bracelet, they are made to one size only! However, this isn't an issue as the bracelet is made to a standard wrist size and is made on strong, durable, light weight and clear stretchy thread which means that they will stretch over your hand :) The thread used is also good quality and therefore won't snap as soon as you try and slide it over your hand!

A selection of the seed bead and genuine Swarovski Crystal bracelets.
Above: (left) Purple bracelet (£8) made with 12 genuine Swarovski Crystals seed beads and a dangling heart in 'Amethyst' which is an additional £2, (right) Blue bracelet (£8) made with 12 genuine Swarovski Crystals, seed beads and a dangling heart in 'Bermuda' which is an additional £2.
Below: (left) Pink bracelet made with 12 genuine Swarovski Crystals and seed beads (£8), (middle) Green bracelet made using 12 genuine Swarovski Crystals and seed beads (£8) and (right) Clear bracelet made using 12 genuine Swarovski Crystals and seed beads (£8).
A Pink bracelet made using 12 genuine Swarovski Crystals and a selection of pink coloured seed beads - priced at £8 (a dangling heart can be placed in the middle of this bracelet, for an additional £2)
A Blue bracelet made using 12 genuine Swarovski Crystals and a selection of blue coloured seed beads with a genuine Swarovski Crystal heart dangling in the middle - Priced at £8 (for the bracelet) and an additional £2 for the heart in the middle - The colour of the heart pictured is 'Bermuda'
A Clear bracelet made using 12 genuine Swarovski Crystals and a selection of neutral coloured seed beads - priced at £8 (a dangling heart can be placed in the middle of this bracelet, for an additional £2)
A Purple bracelet made using 12 genuine Swarovski Crystals and a selection of purple coloured seed beads with a genuine Swarovski Crystal heart dangling in the middle - Priced at £8 (for the bracelet) and an additional £2 for the heart in the middle - The colour of the heart pictured is 'Amethyst'
A Green bracelet made using 12 genuine Swarovski Crystals and a selection of green coloured seed beads - priced at £8 (a dangling heart can be placed in the middle of this bracelet, for an additional £2)
A picture of the bracelets stacked together - individual prices can be found listed above :)

Seed bead bracelets*:
These bracelets are so so fun to make and to wear! They look amazing and are a perfect way of adding a spalsh of colour to your wrist or jewellery :) They can be made in a wide range of colours and they look amazing stacked together - something which was a huge trend during the summer months! Not only are these bracelets perfect for an adult to wear; they would also look very cute on a little girl :) Like my other bracelets these lovely pieces are made on strong, durable, light weight and clear stretchy thread. The thread used is amazing quality and therefore the bracelet won't snap easily - I wear mine all the time (even in the shower) and they have no snapped yet :)
These bracelets look amazing worn on their own, stacked together, stacked with one of the 12 genuine Swarovski Crystal and seed bead bracelets or worn with the full genuine Swarovski Crystal bracelet :)
 A pastel coloured seed bead bracelet made using beads that have a pearl effect - priced at £2.

A stack of different coloured seed bead bracelets made using a range of different colours - priced at £2 each!

A pastel seed bead (pictured above) which is priced at £2 worn with a full genuine Swarovski Crystal bracelet (priced at £16 for the bracelet and an additional £2 for the dangling heart in the middle!)
Thank you, for reading todays blog entry :) I hope you enjoyed looking at the bracelets I make! As I have already said above; I handmake every single one of these bracelets myself and I do so with love and extreme attention to detail! If you are interested in purchasing one or just emailing me regarding a question you have then please join the Official Facebook page where you will be able to find more information regarding the bracelets :) Here, there is also an album dedicated the the colours I have available** :)! Feel free to like the page, have a look at the pictures and spread the word amoungst friends if you like what you see!

What do you think of my bracelets? Do you like them or are you not a fan of Swarovski Crystal? Do you have any of your own hobbies that you really enojoy?

I hope you are all having an amazing Thursday night (although it's nearly Friday morning because this feature is being posted very late!)
                                         Lots of love, Elysia xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

*I have created the designs for my bracelets myself and would therefore appreciate it if you did not take/use any of them without asking whether or not you're able to do so :)
** The colours of the genuine Swarovski Crystals pictured in the Facebook album are only a select few colours that I ordered before deciding to sell my bracelets. Therefore, if there is not a colour there that you really would like please contact me via the Facebook group and I will see whether or not I'm able to get hold of your desired colour for you :)

Small Disclaimer: All the crystals used are genuine Swarovski Crystals that I purchased offline from a respectable shop. Therefore, I am not out to scam anyone or sell them something has been misrepresented. The reason the bracelets are a little pricey is because they are genuine Swarovski. As you can appreciate, the crystals do not look like they would in the genuine Swarovski shop because they have special lighting that is used to emphasize the crystal - I used normal lighting and tried to portray them as accurately as I possibly could :)