Tuesday, 30 October 2012

A HUGE thank you!!

I don't know how aware my readers are of this but I first started blogging in summer to cure boredom. I was home from university and after buying a few beauty products I decided I would take a few pictures, try them out and eventually write some reviews on them. I stared blogging on a different site to the one I am using now and only blogged occasionally when I wasn't doing anything with loved ones.

What started out as a hobby started turning into something people enjoyed reading and I was receiving comments from people saying they were loving the blog. As the blog started to view the website wasn't offering me the features I wanted to be able to use. I found that a lot of the blogs I liked reading were written through Blogger.com and therefore I switched to this site.

Fast forward to the 15th of September 2012, I'm back at uni, I have mastered a new layout for the way I want to be able to present my blog and I am on a new site. I have created a blog that I am proud of and I write regular features to stop me missing home and to occupy my time at night.

What this post is really about is to thank absolutely everyone who has subscribed to me on here via GFC, who has followed me on Twitter and who has taken a look at my blog! I started the Twitter account the day I first made my blog on the old website and only had 12 followers for so long.

On Thursday 25th of October 2012 I started using my Twitter account seriously and connecting with people who are fellow beauty bloggers and company's. It is 5 days later and I have now been approached by company's, I have 20 followers on GFC and I have had my first 1,000 blog views! This is a HUGE milestone and it happened last night! I am now on 1,119 blog views and I would like to thank each and every one of you!! You're all absolute dolls and you really have been making me so so happy!

I have met some lovely fellow beauty bloggers on Twitter and the PR people who have been approaching me are all so kind (but I didn't start this blog for samples, I started it for me and fellow beauty addicts!). There is nothing more pleasing than receiving compliments for the work that you have been doing! I am going to continue to blog as a serious beauty blogger and I hope that you all continue to love the blog as much as you have been and continue to support me in the way that you have been! I am so new to this community but the blog is really making an impact!!

Thank you again, Elysia xxxxxxx

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  1. aww bless you sweetie!!! :) so happy that your blog has become something more than it started out with! :) It's wht every blogger wants I think!!! WWOOPP! So nice to chat to you on Twitter too :) Good Luck with it hope it continues to grow and grow xoxoxxoxoxoxxo

    1. Thank you so much! 5 days ago I literally only had 5 followers on here, 10 or 12 on here and 800 & something views. It just shows how important Twitter and such things are because my little blog has really really taken off and I couldn't be any happier! I know I will work at this so hard and make it an amazing blog that I'm proud for friends, family, fellow beauty addicts and potential future employers to read!
      It's been lovely taking it you on Twitter too, we're in a community of such nice people! I hope your blog continues to grow too :) Thank you for such a lovely comment, Elysia xxxx

  2. Congrats Elysia! It's such a good feeling to connect with other bloggers and get recognition for your work! Keep it up!

    1. Thank you so much! It really is amazing when you get recognition for what you have been writing! It's amazing how many followers and views I have gained in such a short space if time. I intend to keep blogging and produce a blog people enjoy reading :) Elysia xxxx