Thursday, 4 October 2012

Nathan Lippitt - 'Contour and Highlight Tutorial'

Being a beauty blogger, it may come as a bit of a surprise to you when I say I don't bother with coutouring or highlighting my face - shocking I know! The truth of the matter is that I have never been 100% sure of how to do it and make it look good.

In his video Nathan shows how essential countouring and highlighting the face really is! He shows how to make your cheek bones pop, make your nose appear slimmer and most importantly how to hide your double chin!

Using make up to contour and highlight the face is a trick that makeup artists have always used on their clients. However, recently this tip has been passed down to us mere mortals. This has been helped by celebrities such as Kim Kardashian always looking stunning with flawless make up and sharing pictures of herself with her face contoured and highlighted - face it most girls these days are after the Kim K flawless face look!

In his first ever YouTube make up tutorial video, Nathan explains and shows us in such a simple way how to achieve the countoured and highlighted look on our own at home! He does this by using a foundation brush, a powder brush, 2 different shades of foundation, a concealer, powder, bronzer and some make up to fill in your eyebrows.
None of the language he uses is technical and this means anyone can understand what he is saying :) He is informative and to the point; telling you exactly how much produst to use, how to blend and sharing a few tips and jokes along the way. His personality is amazing and I know he will gain a lot of subscribers on his channel!
I particularly like the way Nathan suggests the Rimmel concealer for the more mature ladies telling us that it will really make their eyes stand out and the way he suggests pushing the powder into the skin to set the foundation rather than dragging the brush along your face - this will make your make up last longer!!
I personally love Nathans personality I just think he is so infectious and a joy to watch! His make up looks are always natural but really flattering and his talent is sure to get him noticed sometime soon! The look he creates in this video is not too in your face and it is something anyone could achieve at home and wear to work or on a night out. Male or female this look will work for anyone :)

I noticed Nathans tutorial video on my Facebook news feed and after watching it I instantly wanted to feature him on the littlebeautyblogg :) I contacted him and asked if I was able to do so and if he would like to provide a few words telling my readers why he decided to get involved in the makeup and beauty industry. This is what the man himself had to say ...
'I got into makeup because i grew up with 3 sisters, and loved what a transformation it made to their confidence, and the way they lived life, I love nothing more than natural beauty but i also think makeup is such a fantastic way to emphasise your facial features, There are no rules in makeup, and thats what i love, Its about being experimental, I love my job, and i love to make people feel good about themselves, whether it be completely bonkers, or a nice natural look xxxxx'

Nathan likes to see the positive in people and as he has stated he likes the natural makeup look. He is a 20 year old freelace make up artist and takes booking via his Facebook page (which I will link below for you). He is has an amazing passion for makeup and this shows - on his Facebook page there are some amazing halloween looks that he has created and I believe he is currently taking bookings for peoples make up on the big night! His prices are not high and he isn't a greedy person. His passion is make up and I love it!!
What do you think of Nathans first ever makeup tutorial video? Has he inspired you to try and coutoured and highlighted look? Tell me what you think as I know he would love to hear what my beautiful blog readers think :)

                                                   Lots of Love, Elysia xxxxxxxxxxxxx
- Kims make up in the photo has been done by her make up artist Scott Barnes and you can find him on his Official Twitter page @scottbarnes86
- Nathans Facebook page is and this is where you can contact him personally!
* Just a kind little word ... Please do not make any horrible comments about Nathan. He is a man and he wears make up - this isn't a big issue. My blog is a place where people of all backgrounds are welcome. Therefore, I do not want any horrible comments being posted regarding this video. If you do not like/agree with gay people or men wearing makeup then please do not comment as I will just delete any hate :) xx


  1. Nathan is a fantastic person and his make-up tips are great. As an older woman I can't wait to use his trick of using concealer under my eyes. Well done Nath!

    1. He's got so much talent and after posting this feature on him I have gained a lot of views which is good to see because people obviously find him as amazing as we do :) I will make sure to tell him of your positive feedback :) We are currently working on something together so hopefully you will continue to enjoy his work :) Thank you for the lovely comment, Elysia xxx