Saturday, 6 October 2012

NOTD - Chanel gradient nails

I may seem as though I am jumping on the gradient nails band wagon a little late. However, I will be truthful - I have never ever been able to do the effect and be happy with the way it looks!

Last night, whilst looking through some YouTube channels, I thought I would do a little search for a simple gradient nail tutorial and try again. This time it really worked out and I was super happy with the results - I deserved to give myself a pat on the back!

I have previously only tried doing the effect with my Barry M polishes, putting them on a plastic wallet, mixing them together with an orange stick and then dabbing a sponge into the mixture and onto my nail - this just made a mess and didn't work at all! I'm not sure whether it was the consistency of the Barry M polishes or whether it was just me not being able to use this technique! (Let me know if you have found the same thing happens with your Barry M's whether you have been able to use them fine - it's probably just me being useless haha!!)

Anyway, last night I decided I would do it the other way - by painting the colours onto a sponge and then dabbing it onto my nail. Hey presto, it worked - yay!

I know that this technique was taking the beauty world by storm during the summer months but why should we be limited? I personally think it's nice to wear bright colours in the dark and cold winter months. I don't like wearing dark colours on my nails all of the time. I just think it's nice to sometimes have a bright pink colour on your nails as it totally contrasts winter clothing and makes me happy everytime I look at it; it adds a splash of colour to a boring rainy London day. Plus I have a little huge obsession with pink nail varnishes!

The finished effect - Not perfect but atleast it worked!
I created the effect using:

- Chanel 'May 535' as a base coat.
- Chanel 'Rose Exuberant 519' as the darker gradient colour.
- Rimmel Pro Super Wear Ultra Shine Top Coat as the top coat
to smooth out the bumpy effect that the sponge created!
I am so proud of myself for finally mastering how to do gradient nails and I can't wait to play around with different colours and create different effects! I actually only realised that the colours I have chosen match my Victorias Secret bag (pictured below) which I absolutely love! I kept the bag because the colours and design is lush!!
I told you my nails matched the Victoria's Secret bag!!

What do you guys think of my pink Chanel gradient nails? Do you like to wear brighter colours in the winter months to brighten up the days? Are you a fan of the effect or do you find it hard to create?

I would like to apologise for those of you who were wanting a tutorial on how to create this look! I realised as soon as I had finished that I should have taken photos as I was doing it and given a tutorial. I do apologise and if anyone wants a tutorial please comment below and I will get around to doing a simple easy to follow one at some point :)
I hope you're all having a wonderful Saturday - it's the weekend WOO!
                                                   Lots of Love, Elysia xxxxxxxxxxxx

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