Tuesday, 30 October 2012

NOTD - Dielle 'Majestic Obsidian'

So as you guys may have noticed, I have been a little inactive recently and haven't blogged properly since my Batiste dry shampoo review. This is partly down to being at home, spending time with family and getting into the swing of things with my Twitter account. Some very exciting things are happening with my blog and since seriously starting to use the Twitter account I have gained so many followers, blog views and followers via Google Friend Connect. I also feel the need to say that I HAVE NOW HAD MY FIRST 1,000 VIEWS but some more on that later!

You may be able to tell by the title of this post that I am going to be doing a nail polish feature - something which I love doing! I have a huge passion for nail polish and I love sharing the colour I'm wearing with all of my blog readers :)

As I'm sure you're all aware, the clocks went back an hour here in the UK on Saturday. This means that we got to gain one hour extra in bed (YAY) but it also means that 1) winter is drawing closer and setting in and 2) it also starts to go dark at around 4/4:30 pm! When the winter months are here and the weather gets darker and duller we often find that our nail polishes mimic the seasons eg winter/autumnal seasons means our colours get darker and summer/spring seasons means the shades get a lot lighter and brighter.

The colour I am wearing tonight is a perfect shade for this time of year and is absolutely gorgeous! One of my favourite colours is purple and so as soon as this gorgeous nail varnish arrived through my door this weekend I knew I had to try it out and paint my nails as soon as I possibly could!

The colour I am wearing is by a relatively new brand here in the UK and I am therefore very happy to introduce Dielle to all my readers :) This stunning shade of purple is really rich and has beautiful glittery undertones! These glittery undertones are not obvious until the light shines onto the nail and they twinkle and really pop the colour making it shine! This colour isn't a childish purple and I would say it is sexy and sophisticated.

I always like to apply a base cote when using a dark nail colour to protect my nails!

The glitter undertone is captured perfectly in this picture and the true colour of the nail colour is shown!

This colour is perfect for the winter months as the dark purple is just gorgeous. Not only will this colour look delightful at this time of year, it will also look absolutely gorgeous for wearing to work (if your job allows you to wear nail varnish) and will look stunning to wear to your works Christmas outing!

What do you think of this colour? I think it works perfect with a pale skin tone!

I love this nail varnish and the major plus points about it are: I achieved the colour shown by applying 2 good coats, it didn't take long at all to dry and it doesn't smell really strong. Yes you read correctly this nail varnish does not smell because it does not contain the usual nasties that regular nail varnishes do! Therefore this is perfect if you live with people who hate the smell of usual nail varnishes!

I have another stunning nail varnish by Dielle which is 'Passion & Prudence' and I will be featuring this colour and the colour featured in this post very soon so keep a look out for the in depth review that will be coming soon on both these products :)

What do you think of the colour, do you like wearing dark colours in the winter? Also, do you like the idea of a low smelling, toxic free nail varnish? Leave a comment below or Tweet me at @PurpleElll as I'd love to know.

Elysia xxxx

*please note that this was sent to me as a PR sample and would usually be priced at £12


  1. It really is gorgeous and such a grown up classy purple colour! Great to wear for all occasions! Elysia xxxx