Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Sensual Scent - Jean Paul Gaultier 'Classique'

First of all I want to start this feature by apologising for my lack of posts recently, as it has been well over a week! There's no need to panic though I am back! Last week I was feeling really ill and was just resting in bed so I really didn't feel in the mood to blog - yes I was feeling that awful I didn't want to blog!! Anyway, I am back and I'm back with a gorgeous fragrance!

If any of you are looking forward to christmas then you will be thinking about what you are going to ask for ect. I know that a lot of people get ideas from reading beauty blogs and so I want to start doing a few posts that are featuring products you could ask 'Santa' for or products you think would be perfect the women within your family. If they're anything like my mum you will have to start looking early to decide what to buy for - difficult!

Okay, so previously I have confessed that I have a nail polish addiction. Well now it's time to make another confession - I am a perfume addict! A woman can never ever have too much perfume. Not only does it make you smell devine, it can be used to express your personality and make you feel good!

One of my signature scents has to be Jean Paul Gaultier 'Classique' I absolutely love this perfume and the title of this feature reflects this perfume perfectly; it really is a sensual scent! This perfume is just gorgeous and it always reminds me of my Auntie because she used to wear this when I was a little younger and I always always wanted my very own bottle! Since my first ever bottle of JPG I have been 100% in love - this perfume is beautiful!

Jean Paul Gaultier 'Classique' is absolutely beautiful and I decided to feature this perfume today as the bottle I am currently using is running out and is soon going to be all gone :( - you will be able to how low it is from the pictures! I guess this post is going to be a little 'in loving memory...' and also an informative one so you or someone you know could potentially smell delish when wearing this scent - it really is mmmmmm!

 I just love the way JPG perfumes are packaged!
The perfume I'm sharing with you today is the eau de toilette and although usually I prefer eau de parfum I adore the lighter scent of the toilette (is it just me or have you had an immature chuckle at that sounding like I adore the lighter scent of the toilet!?). Usually I find that the scent of an EDP is much nicer and lasts a heck of a lot longer. However, I'd like to point out that 'Classique' is a strong scent and therefore the EDT lasts amazingly well! I wore this perfume for uni yesterday and I could still smell it on my clothes later that night. In fact to be totally honest, I can still smell the perfume on the top I wore yesterday. As I have said the EDT lasts perfectly well and will still smell after a hard days work or studying. My own personal opinion is that the EDP is too strong of a scent and I find it a little over powering. I also find that when I scent is available in both EDT and EDP there is a slight variation within the 2 scents - this is true of JPG and I prefer the EDT!
The packaging of the JPG perfumes is so distinct. If you see a tin type container you instantly know what perfume it is - this is true on christmas day; as soon as you pick up a cylinder tin you know straight away you've been bought some JPG ;). Now, I say that the packaging is a tin - which is true. However, you do not need to open it with a tin opener (a hilarious family joke where someone asked if she'd need a tin opener to get into her bottle!). For those who are thinking the same, I apologise for laughing but you're silly :) To get into the perfume the top of the container (the silver bit) is pulled off of the bottom (the slightly gold colour rim).
One other thing I adore about JPG perfumes is the perfume bottle. They're always beautiful corest designs (for the women) and they're just so feminine and chic. This perfume really is so sensual; I love it!

So for those of you who are interested in the perfume and would like to know how the shops describe the scent this part of the feature is for you...

'A sweet, bold eau de toilette. A hint of temptation in a sensual, daring fragrance of contrasts, to help you seduce and conquer. Bold, sweet rose to awaken the senses'

'A tender and bold classic with a feminine blend of Rose, Orange Blossom and Vanilla'

'A fragrance with sensual, ultra-feminine notes. The ideal fragrance for a seductive, dominant woman with sensual curves'
Top Notes: Rose
Middle Notes: Orange Blossom
Base Notes: Vanilla, Ambery Wood

Scent: Floral Oriental (Floriental)
I would describe all of these descritpions as being accurate as this perfume really is sensual, feminine and most of all sexy! This perfume is beautiful and you really do attract attetion wearing it! I have been asked numerous times what scent I am wearing. This is the kind of perfume that egnites the noses of both males and females - women want to smell like you and men want their woman to smell like you!
The perfume would be perfect for a lady who likes a feminine sexy scent that lasts all day, makes her feel amazing, smell amazing and is packaged well. Whether you buy this frangrance for yourself or someone else, you're bound to fall in love with JPG!

Wondering how much this delish scent is? I've done some homework for you ...

Debenhams - £41.87*
John Lewis - £38.00*
House of Fraser - £48.00*

The Perfume Shop - £47.99*
Boots - £46.98*
Superdrug - £46.50*

One thing for sure is that I will be putting this on my christmas list this year! What do you think of JPG perfumes - do you like them or not? Do you like my new blog features that could be used as christmas ideas? Would you like to see some more?

I hope you have all been having an amazing Wednesday and we're only 2 days away from the weekend - WOOO. I will be back with another feature soon! Lots of love, Elysia xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

* The prices that I have listed and the pictures that I have shown in this blog feature are all of the 50ml Jean Paul Gaultier 'Classique' Eau de Toilette. The prices that I have listed were all taken off the shops official websites and were correct at the time I posted this blog post on 17.10.2012.


  1. I love this scent, such a classic!

    1. It's gorgeous isn't it! Most definitely my go to perfume! Elysia xxx

  2. JPG Classique is my favourite perfume ever!!! Xx

    1. Same it's such a gorgeous perfume! Elysia xxx