Wednesday, 31 October 2012

The Love Box Company - What's it all about!?

If you're reading this and are a total beauty addict like myself then I am pretty certain you will know that there are SO MANY different beauty boxes available to either subscribe to monthly or to purchase as a one off. There's no two ways about it, most beauty bloggers and beauty fans know that there are two montly beauty boxes that every beauty addict wants to be posted through their letter box every month - the Jolie Box and the GlossyBox!

One company that is fairly new and is giving these companys a run for their money is The Love Box Company! These boxes can be bought for all different occasions and come in 3 different levels of luxury: Regular, Deluxe or Ultra Deluxe.

'The Love Box Company is the ultimate way to gift. We provide a service for all your special occasions, offering carefully thought out items that will certainly leave that special person wowed. Suitable for friends, family, birthdays, weddings, corporate and more ... or why not treat yourself!...'

The Love Box Company describe themselves as the ultimate way to gift and I think this is a really accurate description! The box isn't just designed for you, it can be bought for other people as a birthday present, an anniversary present, a mothers day present, a honeymoon present, a wedding present, a fathers day present or as a christmas present - Yes, they really have created a Love Box for honeymoons, weddings, christmas and fathers day! However, if you're also attending a festival, a hen do or a stag do have no fear they have also created a box that will be perfect for you!

The Love Box Company already sound amazing don't they and I haven't even told you about what brand they're associated with! As you know, beauty boxes always contain samples of products and usually they're products you would never have bought but end up falling completely in love with! The Love Box Company include a generous amount of products in their Love Box's and they're all from amazing companys. Some of the brands included are:

As you can see The Love Box Company include a range of pretty impressive products! I know I'd love to receive a box that had some of these amazing products within it! Especially Babyliss, GHD, Tweezerman and Tange Teezer items!

As I said before, The Love Box Company do a range of different boxes that are all appropriate for different people or different events. These boxes are all available in Regular , Deluxe or Ultra Deluxe and are therefore bound to make the perfect gift for anyone!

Some of the products the Love Box Company offer are:

- The Bride Box
- The Festival Box
- The Groom Box
- The Hen Night Survival Box
- The Honeymoon Box
- The Love Box For Men
- The Love Box For Women
- The Stag Night Survival Box

(Some of the boxes are shown below)

As well as these boxes The Love Box Company also do boxes other boxes that are perfect for other occasions and these are:

Something that is different from other beauty box companies is the fact that The Love Box Company do boxes that are designed to be used or given out at corporate events - pretty good idea I think, there's nothing that would please a stressed business man/woman than a good pampering session in their hotel room and with one of the corporate boxes The Love Box Company create this pampering session is made all the more pleasant! 

Also The Love Box Company have created a special Christmas Love Box . 'The Christmas Box comes with a beautiful collectable christmas decoration and a certificate that can be given as a special gift for your loved ones...The Christmas Box is for anyone that you want to give a special gift that can be saved as a token to remember a special Christmas.'

Personally, I think The Love Box Company would make the perfect present for beauty addicts as they're designed for so many different occasions. The products that are contained within them are all of excellent quality and they're presented really nicely. I know for a fact that I can't wait to get my hands on one of these amazing boxes!
What do you think of The Love Box Company Boxes? Have you ever heard of them before? Check The Love Box Company out and make sure to tell them that Elysia from the Little Beauty Blogg sent you :) Contact details for the company are listed below! I'd love to know what you guys think of The Love Box Company!xxx

Happy Halloween, too all my TwitterDolls, GFC friends and readers; I hope you're all having a good night and not eating too many sweets ;) Elysia @ PurpleElll xxxx

Contact Details for The Love Box Company:
- Telephone: 01726 879716
- Website:

*Please note that all the prices stated were correct at the time of posting this blog feature and all the pictures used were taken from the official The Love Box Company website. I was also approached and asked to do this feature on the company.

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