Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Bekl Bracelets - The Smile Campaign

I have to admit that I had never heard of Bekl Bracelets before. However, since joining Twitter and using the site to meet new people and brands I discovered them and I'm super glad that I did! The bracelet that I am going to feature today is a charity bracelet with a twist - it isn't your usual stereotypical bracelet.

As I am sure you are all more than aware, bullying is an issue for many many people within society and it is something victims often find hard to cope with. When we think of a charity trying to help a cause cancer usually springs to the forefront of my mind and so do animal charities. Now, I'm not saying that bullying charities are over looked; I'm just simply saying they're not as advertised as some.

When I discovered Bekl Bracelets it was through Twitter and I noticed they were tweeting advertising their Smile Campaign. This really grabbed my attention as just the name of the campaign sounds lovely! I was so pleased to learn that the Smile Campaign is in fact bracelets that are being sold for the charity Beat Bullying and at least £1 of the cost of a bracelet goes them - such a lovely concept right!?

The bracelets are made up of wooden beads and in the middle there is a super cute smiley face. The bracelets are available in 3 different colours: Yellow, Pink and Turquoise. I know that you my readers will be interested in hearing about this campaign and supporting Bekl with spreading a smile :)

Cute aren't they!?
As soon as I seen these delightful bracelets I knew I had to have one as they're so unique and helping a very worthy cause. I purchased the Pink one for myself and the Turquoise bracelets are for my mum and auntie. We're all delighted to be supporting the charity and many people have joined in with the Smile Campaign to help Bekl raise awareness of bullying and to raise some money for Beat Bullying!

(I have purposely blurred the edges of this picture)
Bekl Bracelets - £2.99
Gold wiggly bracelet - Gift
Gold Bangle - Gift
Small bead Bracelets -£2.00 (handmade by me)
You may be wondering why I haven't shown this bracelet purely on it's own; by wearing this bracelet with others I don't mean to distract any of the attention from the Smile Campaign. I simply want to show how cute and quirky the bracelet looks when worn alongside some other bracelets that I wear on a daily basis.
The Smile Campaign bracelets are priced at £2.99 each (with atleast £1 being donated to Beat Bullying) and they can be found here on Bekl Bracelets official website. As I have already said above they're available in Pink, Yellow and Turquoise.
I'm wearing my bracelet and helping to spread a smile and supporting the Smile Campaign; are you!?




  1. What a lovely little campaign, great way to raise money, these are such cute bracelets! Great post :)

    Jo xo

    1. They really are lovely bracelets aren't they? Such a lovely way to raise money and all for a very worth while charity - I'm happy to be supporting the cause! I'm glad you liked the feature xxxx