Friday, 2 November 2012

Blogger Tag - My First Ever!

Okay so I have always wanted to be included and asked to do a blogger tag so when Martha from QuickCheapAndPretty tagged me in this 11 question tag I was SO happy. Lets get down to business then ...

The Rules:
·         Each blogger tagged must post 11 random facts about themselves
·         They must answer the 11 questions posted by the previous blogger
·         They must create 11 new questions to ask their tagged bloggers 
·         They must then tag 11 blogs with less than 200 followers apiece
·         The bloggers must be told
·         No tag backs!

11 Random facts about me ...

1) When I was younger I split my head open and I have a little scar - but my hair covers it.
2) I have a birthmark on my left hand but I wasn't born with it; it appeared a few days later.
3) My favourite colour is purple.
4) I always take far too many pictures of random things.
5) I can't walk in a straight line - I'm just useless at it!
6) I have a rather large phobia of snakes.
7) I hate the feeling of cotton wool.
8) I absolutely love tomato sauce but hate tomatoes.
9) I am probably the worlds most fussiest eater and I could eat the same foods over and over without getting bored.
10) I have my ears pierced twice.
11) I always wear leggings/jeggings and cardigans - I like to be comfy!

Martha's 11 questions and my answers to them ...

1)      If you could spend the day with any celebrity, male or female, living or dead, who would you choose and why?
I knowthis isn't just one celebrity but they kind of come together as a group so I will class them as ne ;) I would probably choose to spend it with someone like the Kardashians! I know, I know; this may be a rather contreversial answer but I am beauty blogger and I love watching their shows! Their make up always looks so flawless, they have the best wardrobe of designer clothes and they always have amazing handbags - plus their day to day lives seem to be filled with exciting and dramatic events! I think if I spent a day with the Kardashians I would be able to steal ask for a few make up products or interview them asking which their favourite ones were and just write an amazing blog feature!
2)      If you could live inside the world of any book or movie for a day, which would you choose and why?

I would love to live inside the world of Sex and The City! All those women are successful in their own right and own such amazing clothes and accessories! Their handbags are to die for - I especially like love Samantha's Birkin in SATC2 - what girl doesn't want a Birkin all of her own!?

3)      What is your secret skill?
My secret skill is that despite being possibly the worst drawer ever, I am actually rather artistic. I can make things such as jewellery, decorate things, arrange things ect and they actually look pretty good. I have an eye for design but not for drawing!

4)      If you could use just one makeup item for a month straight, which one would you choose?
I would choose mascara! I think it is a staple to any womans make up routine as it simply opens your eyes up and makes them look so much brighter and welcoming! When I don't have mascara on, I look like a child - especially if I have no mascara on and no eyeliner on! I just think that as soon as I put some mascara on it pops my blue eyes making them look brighter and more open - basically, it makes me look awake and I couldn't live without it!

5)      Which do you prefer: salty snacks or sweet treats?
Ooh I definitely have to say sweet treats! I have such sweet tooth at times. I know that eating lots and lots of sweet things isn't good for you (and I obviously don't do that) but they just taste so damn good! Especially sweets - I love sweets; especially milk chocolate eggs, smarties and vimto bonbons!!

6)      Do you read the book first and spoil the movie, or watch the movie first and spoil the book? And how much do you really care if the two are different?
To be honest I usually read the book and then watch the movie. Although I have to admit I don't always read the book to a new film! I only ever looked at the Twilight books because all my friends would be at school talking about it and I'd have no idea what they were on about - I had to buy them to be able to know what they were going crazy over! Anyway, to the second part of the question, I really don't care whether there is a difference between the book and the film. Obviously, they're not able to include everything from the book in the film due to time limits to that's cool by me. As long as they don't change the whole storyline and the films about something the book never mentions - that would be annoying. Otherwise, I don't care :)

7)      What's your biggest online time-waster? (Mine is Pinterest!)

I would like to say Twitter because recently I have been on my account so much - this is partly because I was at home and had wifi (which I dont have at uni) so I was making the most of it on my ipad while I was able to! However, I don't think Twitter is a time waster because I have been super active on the blogs account and this is so important to make new blogger friends, meet new companys and connect with your blog readers! Therefore, I'm going to say Facebook ... Gosh it's addictive. It's sad, but sometimes I find myself reading it like the morning newspaper; I will sign in to see what's been happening - usually nothing has happened but just in case something has I like to check haha!!

8)      What is your favorite holiday or special occasion, and what do you do to celebrate it?
Ooh this is a hard one because I actually have 2 favourite special occasions. One being christmas and the other being birthdays. I like christmas because I like seeing other people opening their presents, buying presents for people, seeing the towns with the christmas lights on looking all festive, seeing my house looking all decorated with the lights twinkling away when the weather outside is awful, the smell of the real christmas tree when I walk downstairs in the morning and I just like the weeks running up to the big day being all excited wondering what you and other people are going to get!
I also like other peoples birthdays especially family birthdays when they're special ones because I just like decorating the house for them, buying them special gifts and seeing their reaction when they see all the effort you have put in. I'm from a family that spoils each other - me, my mum, my auntie, nanna and grandad are all a little spoiled!

9)      What no-fail recipe do you whip up to impress dinner guests?

Well the fact that I'm a student and living in halls for the second year running, I don't think I would ever get dinner guests - I wouldn't want to go to student digs for a meal haha! However, if I had my own place I would probably cook something like a lasagne (made using beef because I don't eat lamb) and do all the trimmings ect :) Something that is simple, tastes gorgeous and cooks mainly in the oven giving you time to talk to and entertain the people you have invited!

10)   If you could only wear heels or flats for the rest of the year, which would you pick and why?
This is a hard one because I love high heels, especially Louboutins! However, I always wear flat shoes so I would choose flats. Not only do I always wear flats anyway, I also usually wear clothes that are causal anyway so they just work better with flats. Plus I am always on my feet doing things at uni or around London and although they look nice and I do like wearing them, high heels just wouldn't be pratical!

11)   If you could time-travel to any period and place in history and spend some time there, when/where would you visit?
I think I would like to go back in time and see what it was like when my nanna and grandad were growing up :) It's bizarre hearing about their family and the things they used to do when they were little. I mean they're only in in their early 60's so they weren't alive in any of the World Wars or anything but I'd like to go and meet their parents :) My nanna is so much like her mum (appparently) and she always says her mum would have loved me and that she was an amazing knitter - she used to knit cardigans for my mum and school jumpers ect! I'd love to chat to her and let her rustle up a few thick wolly cardigans for me!

Okay so now I have given you guys 11 random facts about me and answered the 11 questions Martha gave me ... It's my turn to think of some and tag 11 other beauty bloggers (with under 200 GFC followers)

1) Who if your favourite celebrity and why?

2) If you could only use one makeup brand from your makeup bag which one would you choose? (this can be budget or high end)

3) What made you start beauty blogging and join the blogging community?

4) If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be and why?

5) I find that I am forever saving up for expensive luxury handbags - Do you have an obsession or do
you think you're a person who doesn't require many material posessions?

6) It's getting really cold now here in the uk, what are the 3 beauty items you can't live without?

7) If you could have anything in the world, what would you choose?

8) There's a famous saying 'if you don't suceed, try and try again'. Do you agree with this or do you admit defeat easily?

9) On average, I spend between 30 minutes and 1 hour on my blog posts. How long do you spend?

10) What one thing could you not live without?

11) I find that I always have my television on - if I'm not watching it, I just have it on as background noise. Do you find yourself doing anything like this or is it me!?

I do apologise if these questions aren't very interesting! I'm not the best person when it comes to asking questions or thinking of conversation topics! Anyway the 11 fellow beatuy bloggers I tag are ...

1) Emma Louise who is new to the beauty blogging world -

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I hope you girls all see that I have tagged you in this post and I would love to see what answers you come up with :) I hope all my blog readers have a good Friday and have an amazing weekend!

The link to Martha's blog is -


  1. Glad you had fun with the tag!!

    I also love tomato sauce but not tomatoes! My hubby laughs because I will eat bread dipped in tomato sauce as a snack. :D A little weird, I know!

    I choose mascara too. I think without it most people just look like their eyes are very small!

    1. It was really fun thank you for tagging me :)

      Hahah I think it's quite a common thing to be honest! It's not weird at all - I like tomato sauce on cheese!

      Yeah definitely. It just makes my eyes look alive and doesn't make my face look dead! xxx

  2. I've just seen this...thanks for tagging me in!

  3. LOL !! We have something in common, I can't walk in a straight line either.