Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Christmas gift ideas #1 - Pandora (Part 1)

As I'm sure you're all well aware, Christmas is just around the corner - yay! I know a lot of people find it hard to think of what to buy for their friends and family, as there are so many gift options out there on the high street. Leading up to Christmas, I am going to be doing a few posts showcasing a few products that I think would make lovely gifts - they're mainly going to be based around women but I really shall try and do a feature suitable for male presents :)

Something that has become very well known in recent years is Pandora. This Danish jewellery brand is everywhere these days and if a woman doesn't have a Pandora bracelet she definitely wants one! Prices are suitable for all budgets and there is a wide variety of charms available. Bracelets come in different materials - leather, sterling silver, oxidised sterling silver, silver/gold and then gold. The full gold bracelet is a little pricey and so are the full gold charms however the gold used is 14 carat and they are beautiful! I'm a huge fan of gold and I know if I had the money I'd love to have it on my wrist!

Unfortunately, I'm not going to be showing you any full gold bracelets or charms in this feature because I don't own any pieces *cry* but I am going to be showing you a leather bracelet, slver bracelet, Murano glass beads, silver charms and silver/gold charms - phew, what a mouthful of a sentence!

I would just like to put it out there that I actually cannot wear silver usually. I have such a bad time with it; I go green, even if it's sterling silver. For this reason and because I actually prefer the overall look of it, I'm a gold kind of girl :) You're probably wondering why do I have silver bracelets if thet metal goes green .. well here is the weird thing - Pandora jewellery doesn't make me go green :) For some reason, instead of my skin going green the charms just tend to tarnish a lot quicker and don't look as shiny. This is nothing to do with the charms themselves as I have family members who have sparkly perfect silver charms; it's my weird skin not being particularly fond of silver!

Anyway, lets get into the actual purpose of this post ...

These bracelets would make a perfect gift for a woman who likes jewellery because they're something you can keep forever. You can add as many charms onto the bracelet as you want to wear it full or you can select a few of your favourite ones and wear it like that. I personally perfer to wear mine so they're loose as I'm always writing at uni and when they're full it becomes to bukly to write!

Pandora Double Woven Grey Leather and Silver Starter Bracelet - £45.00

This bracelet is super versatile as you can wear it on its own without any charms or you can add a few charms onto the chord to spice it up a little. The clasp is silver and it ties in perfectly with the silver leather! This bracelet would be perfect for a lady who would like to wear the bracelet casually stacked with other bracelets or for someone who only wants one or two charms. You cannot fill the leather bracelets with charms, they're only designed for a couple to be placed onto the chord.

Pandora Silver Bracelet - £55.00

These are the bracelets that are designed to be either filled full of charms or worn with however many you feel comfortable with. These bracelets are also so versatile and you can make them as interesting and as personal as you want. I have a bracelet for ordinary charms and then I have a 'special bracelet' with charms on that are either a little more expensive than the average silver ones or have a lot of meaning behind them.
This bracelet would make a perfect gift for someone as they can add to the bracelet themselves or collect charms that have been given to them on special occasions. A Pandora bracelet is personal to the wearer and can enable someone to show their personality or remember a special event.

*source here 

I hope you have enjoyed Part 1 of my Pandora feature and have gained some possible christmas ideas by looking at the pictures of the bracelets that I have :) Part 2 will soon follow and in this feature I will show the different charms and beads that I have with a little bit of information about each one. These bracelets really are so lovely and would make an amazing christmas gift. A woman who receives a Pandora bracelet it bound to treasure it forever and to be honest buying the charms and creating your bracelet becomes a bit of an addiction!
If you have any questions regarding these bracelets and the sizes I am wearing, please comment below and I will get back to you as soon as possible! The prices for both of these braceles were taken from the John Greed website (which can be found here) as you're able to order from here if you don't have a local Pandora - the delivery is also amazing!!
Have you gained any Christmas ideas from this feature? Are you thinking of buying anyone one of these bracelets for Christmas?
Remember to keep checking back as Part 2 of this feature will be coming shortly showing my charms!


  1. So great to see this! I know this is focusing on the bracelets but I am in love with that double decker bus charm, so adorable! I can't wait for part two xo

    1. I'm glad you like it :) I thought it would be a good thing to do before christmas as I know a lot of people ask for Pandora bracelets and/or charms at this time of year. They make great presents :) I shall try and get Part 2 up as quickly as possible xxx

  2. Love the Pandora bracelets! Should be spoiling myself for another one this year :P

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    Fizzy xx