Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Current Obsession - Skull Scarves

So this is my second feature in my Current Obsession series and it is my second fashion/accessories feature - my first was my Louis Vuitton wishlist which can be found here. I really like doing these features every so often as not only does it give myself and my readers a break from beauty products; it also shows a little about my personality and provides the opportunity to chat to other people who may be interested in the same things :)

EVERY year you can usually guarantee that there will be one trend that is everywhere and on every thing and this year it is skulls - yes, again! The skull trend is usually a winter trend as it gives fashionistas the chance to rock the grunge look and rock things up a little bit. However, this year skulls were also being rocked in a totally different way for spring/summer. This summer pastel colours were everywhere and this colour obsession had trasferred itself to skulls - it weirdly worked; I remember seeing really nice pastel skull accessories!

Winter has not started to set in and the nights are getting dark so early (it's kind of depressing). This means that the winter trends have hit the shops and ... so have the skulls!

Okay so I'm just going to throw this out there and say I definitely have a weakness for designer products! I just find their quality and the way they look to be so amazing! Yes, they're expensive but if you buy the right item and invest in quality timeless pieces you have made a big investment. Yet again, bring on the skulls!

If you're anything like me when you think of a skull scarf you will think of the delicious Alexander McQueen and whilst I would love to be able to do a post on one of those babies (more on that a little further down) the scarves featured in this post are all total bargains that I picked up in Primark!

Black and White skull scarf - Primark £3

I picked up this black and white scarf because I knew I wanted an Alexander McQueen in this colour combination and also because I have never ever really worn scarves before. Therefore, I thought it would be wise to pick up a few cheap skull scarves to see how much wear I got out of them and whether I even liked wearing them or not!

Primark - the white isn't a true white and the material isn't perfect. It is see through (I had to take it on the floor to show the colour as it didn't show up when taken on my bed - the white Fairy sheets that make an appearance in so many pictures!)
Grey and Light pink skull scarf - Primark £3
I picked this colour combination up purely because I wasn't 100% sure what McQueen colour combination I wanted! I purchased both the grey and the black scarves at the same time and they're a total bargain! I have had a lot of wear out of this scarf and the colours aren't as harsh as the black and white one which means this scarf could be worn in summer! 

Primark - again the colours aren't fantastic and they grey isn't a true grey. However, I am impressed with it for £3 and have worn it quite a lot! (I again had to take this on the dark floor because the colours wouldn't show up very well when photographed on my white bed sheet).
Like Alexander McQueen, Primark also offer 2 different materials for their scarves - I never thought I'd be comparing McQueen and Primark in the same sentence :|!
Black and White skull scarf - Primark £4 (extra long)
Again, I picked up this scarf because I wasn't sure what colour McQueen scarf I wanted and I also wasn't sure what thickness I wanted. When I picked up this scarf I really wasn't aware of how long it was going to be but I have got so much wear out of it!

The skull detailing on the scarf.

As you can see - the ends are fringed like the Alexander McQueen Cashmere Blend Pashmina.
White and Black skull scarf - Primark £4 (extra long)
Again, this scarf was picked up this this colour combination and thickness because I was trying to make my mind up about the real deal! Again, like the black one this scarf is very long and the colours aren't fantastic - the white isn't 100% white and I spent ages and ages hunting for the one that was the best colour as some of them had a horrible green tint to them!

Pretty good buys for £4 I think - well done Primark!
From this post I am pretty confident that you will all now know that I would like an Alexander McQueen skull scarf (this wasn't the reason for doing this feature though, I'm not bragging) and if you're not bothered by or aware of designers you may be wondering what the difference is between the designer version and the Primark version - I shall quickly sum this up and include a few pictures!
- The Primark versions only cost me £3 and £4 each whereas a silk Alexander McQueen is around £165 and a Cashmere blend pashmina one is around £240.
- The £3 Primark scarves are pratically the same length as the McQueen ones - both the silk and the pashmina scarves are the same size!
- Both the £3 scarves and the silk McQueen scarves come to just below my hips (I think this is because I'm tall and have a long body and legs). The Pashmina McQueen scarf is exactly the same length as the Silk one and therefore this would be the same on me.
- The material and colour used on the McQueen scarves are obviously of the hightest quality and the colours are true colours - the white is a brilliant white; although there is also a black and ivory version which would be the same as my £3 Primark one that's pictured above.
- Primark seem to have al lot of different colour combinations in the £3 scarves - I remember seeing a navy/black one, khaki/black one and of course the 2 colours that I picked up - however, I think the others did look cheap.
To show these differences, I included a few pictures of the Silk and Pashmina scarves in some of my favourite colour combinations! I have also made these pictures extra large so you can see the detail and the difference more clearly.
The the 2 colours are the colour combinations I have on my wishlist; the lower 2 are just ones I like! These colours are all the Silk scarves. 

I absolutely LOVE these 2 colour combinations and they're both in the Pashmina Cashmere Blend scarf. These ones are a lot more pricey and to be honest they're not as thick as I imagined they would be - I still wouldn't say no to one though! However, in reality I'd probably go for the silks as they're more versatile and for the price of on of these you could pay a little more and get 2 silks - ;)
Well guys and dolls that's everything to do with my current skull obsession! I hope you have enjoyed this feature as I have purposely included budget and splurge items to cater for all bank accounts and tastes :) I know 'Santa' will have a little heart attack when he see's one of these bad boys right at the top of my christmas list but please I have been a very good girl all year ;) haha!!
I actually joined in the #fbloggers chat tonight at 8 pm and asked the question - skull scarves: the real deal McQueen or a Primark version!? This got a lot of response and I had a lovely chat with some really nice girls - the blogging community is full of delightful people! So, to end my post I am going to leave you with the same question: after seeing tonights feature; the real deal Alexander McQueen skull scarf or a Primark version!? Comment below as I'd love to know what you all think :) 


  1. Really like skull prints at the moment. New Look have a scarf like this but a smaller print for a more discreet look here http://newlook.co.uk/shop/womens/accessories/black-skull-cross-print-skinny-chiffon-scarf_251703409

    1. I'm loving skull prints - they come back into style all the time! I would really like an Alexander McQueen one; hopefully 'Santa' brings one for me aha! Thank you so much for the link, I will definitey check it out xxx

  2. I was so happy when skull prints starting coming in a few winters ago, i LOVE them! xx

    1. They're amazing aren't they and they're so versatile. They don't have to be worn in a rocky/grunge kind of way you can dress them up or down! They're always coming back into fashion - perfect reason to justify wanting a real McQueen scarf xxxx