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Drug Store Makeup - TAG!

So here I am again blogging away doing another tag - can you tell I enjoy doing them!? This time I was tagged by the lovely Sarah from Writing & Rambling here and as you can probably tell from the title this tag is all about drug store makeup :)

You all know I love doing tags because you get to learn things about me as a person and not just read about the products I feature. I am super excited to do this tag because I love learning about new products and you guys may discover a new product too!

Anyway, let's focus on the actual tag and my answers :)

1) What is your favourite drug store makeup brand?

I actually find this one a hard question to answer because I don't have that one go to drug store brand so one didn't pop into my head right away! To try and help me I have literally just opened my makeup bag and had a look at what's inside ... there's only a few drug store products but they're good ones!
I can't actually choose between my favourite brand as I have 2! They're No7 and Maybelline - No7 because they're a little more expensive than your average drug store products and their skincare line sounds amazing (I haven't tried it but I've read great things). I think they have some really good products out there and it just shows you don't have to spend crazy amounts on different lotions and potions - you can get good value products that work just as well as expensive ones! No7 always also have promotions on and often produce £3 off makeup and £5 off skincare vouchers; as well as often having the 3 for 2 offer - bargain!
I also have a lot of love for Maybelline especially their Collosal Volume Express and Collosal Volume Express CatEyes mascaras - again, amazing for the price of them and it just shows you don't need to spend huge amounts of money on mascara.

2) What are your favourite face, cheek and lip products?

Face: I don't actually use any drug store products on my face really so this answer is probably going to be a little lame! I really like the No7 Beautifully Matte make up base. This was around £10.50 I think (but I got it in a 3 for 2 offer) and really does work, I used this alongside a No7 foundation I bought (which I don't use anymore) and my makeup stayed in place all day and night - it looked perfect at the end of a hard stressful day!

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Cheek: I don't use a really expensive blusher because the one I have been using for a long time is still going strong! I used to use a Maybelline powder blusher and this was really good at creating a natural and subtle pink look to the cheek.
I then purchased a No7 blusher in the shade '12 Coral Flush' which I really like. However, the pigmentation in this is amazing and therefore there is a fine line between subtle rosy cheeks and full on clown! This blusher is a little gem and really worth the money as it stays in place all day and when applied correctly it looks subtle yet stunning.


Lips: I haven't really been wearing any lip products recently because I have quite chapped lips right now. Therefore the lip products I have been wearing have been my trusted lip balms. I have been mainly wearing my Burts Bees one throughout the day and I have been applying a thick layer of this before bed. I find this stuff works total wonders for my lips and I love it!

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3) Least favourite product?

As I have already said I don't own huge amounts of drugstore make up and therefore I don't feel I have tried enough of the products to be able to give my opinion about what products I don't like. However, in general I have noticed that a lot of drug store products are too dark for me - I'm a pale person! The foundations are a nightmare and so are concealers - it takes me forever and ever to look for a concealer and try to match it with my skin tone. Therefore, I have a general dislike for some drugstore products purely because not all brands cater for pale people or if they do have pale shades it's usually too orange or the wrong shade of pale for me.

4) What is the best makeup bargain?

If I didn't give MUA a mention in this section that I really would be a rubbish beauty blogger and have been living on another planet for god knows how long - everyone seems to be raving about these products, within the beauty blogosphere. These products are always compared to high end products however I haven't tried any yet (I went to my local Superdrug on Oxford Street to take a look and there was literally nothing left!) so I can't really comment any further.

My makeup bargain has probably got the be Collection 2000. I will admit, this isn't a brand I would usually consider however I have tried some products and I have read an awful lot about them as a whole. There are a lot of reviews out there and these products are amazing and so cheap! I think Collection 2000 (or Collection as I think they're not called) are always overlooked by beauty fanatics but they're worth trying out once in a while!

5) What is your favourite underdog product? (Something you love that often gets overlooked?)

I guess that I already kind of answered this question with my above answer haha! I would definitely have to say my Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Concealer. This is product that every beauty guru is currently raving about and it really is worth the hype! The coverage is amazing and it lasts all day without smudging or creasing (more on this below).

6) A drug store product that is overpriced?

Um I really don't know what product I would choose because I don't pay huge amounts of attention to every drug store makeup product and its price tag. I honestly have no idea what product I would choose so I'm going to take a bit of inspiration and choose an answer my auntie (who I get my makeup obsession from) would say ... She would probably choose Bourjois and in particular their eyeshadows. I know for a fact that she isn't a fan of them as their pigmentation isn't very good and she just doesn't like them in general.
I apologise for the lame answer and using someone elses opinion as an answer. I actually can't comment on whether or not I agree with my auntie as I have only ever tried one of their eyeshadows a few years ago!

7) Show your best drug store dupe(s)!!  

Okay so I know that a lot of people say the MUA eyeshadow palette as it's suposidly an amazing dupe for the Urban Decay Naked! However, I haven't tried MUA so I'm not going to use them ... I do believe they're an amazing dupe for the UD Naked and if you're thinking of splashing out on it I suggest trying the MUA to see how you like the colours - something I always do; try the cheaper dupe before buying the expensive thing - anyone else do that!?

My best drup store dupe has to be the Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer (wow, I'm showing a lot of love for them tonight aren't I!). This product is amazing! The coverage covers blemishes and spots amazingly well and the coverage lasts all day! The product doesn't smudge, crease or slide around your face and most importantly it doesn't break you out (I have sensitive skin so this is a huge plus point). The coverage of this is so good I would say it is like a layer of foundation underneath your normal foundation! This concealer will cost you under £5 and is a must have product in your makeup bag!
I love this concealer and I would compare it to my Benefit 'Boi-ing' Industrial Strength Concealer! Everything about these concealers in terms of coverage and length of wear is exactly the same in my opinion. Of course the Benefit concealer is much more expensive (£16.50) and comes in a cute little pot but the packaging of this Collection 2000 concealer isn't bad and actually makes it look much more expensive than it actually is! I would say that the Collection 2000 concealer is easier to spread and blend but I still love my Benefit Boi-ing to death  - I have both these products in my makeup bag and would definitely repurchase them both :)

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Featured in a post here

8) Drugstore product that isn't worth the hype?

Again, I really can't comment because I don't pay much attention to all the makeup or use it frequently!
In general, I would say that the products that aren't worth the hype are a lot of mascaras! On the TV advert they look absolutely amazing and then you see that annoying small print saying that the model is in fact wearing eyelash inserts - annoying!

So there we have it, the answers to my drug store makeup tag! I apologise for some of the answers being a little vague but I really don't use drug store products a lot - especially as foundation and setting powder ect!

I hope you enjoyed looking at my answers and I'd love to know what products you guys love/hate from the drug store. Therefore, I'm going to be a bit of a traditon breaker and .... I tag everyone! I would love to see what answers you come up with so please make sure to post your links in the comments below and I will check them out - maybe I'll discover some drug store products I grow to love :)!

What do you think of my tag? Do you agree with the products I have raved about? Have you tried the Collection 2000 concealer?


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    1. Thank you :)
      Yeah definitely :) That's why I tagged everyone because I know people enjoy doing and reading these kind of posts! Can't wait to read yours xxx

  2. I love Burts Bees lip balm & Collection concealer is amazing!

    Lovely blog x

    1. They're amazing lip balms aren't they! I wouldn't be without mine :) It really is a good little concealer and it's a shame the brand is such an underdog!
      Ah thank you so much, I'm glad that you like it - means a lot :) xx

  3. Great post, and i totally agree with you on the concealer! The lasting perfection stuff is awesome :) x

    1. Really is amazing and such a great price! I have to admit that I don't use this concealer as much anymore but it's a product I will always have in my makeup bag :) xxx