Saturday, 3 November 2012

FOTD - Natural makeup tutorial

Okay so I have finally plucked up the courage to do a FOTD and a little tutorial telling my readers how I achieved the look shown. Before I get into the nitty gritty of this post, I just want to say that I haven't posted myself on this blog to brag because I have actually spend the past hour deciding whether or not to even do this post! I also want to say that this is my first ever FOTD and tutorial so I apologise if it isn't perfect. I hope you all appreciate this post though :)

So as you probably read the other day, I bought a hell of a lot of Lancome products the other day (here) and I haven't been doing anything really interesting today so I thought I would try some of them out! I didn't want to use loads of product because this would just be pointless as I am staying inside and no one is going to see me so I thought I would go for a natural look. I wanted to create a flawless makeup look that made me look like I wasn't wearing any make up when I in fact was ...

Step One: I started by putting some of my Lancome cleanser onto a cotton wool pad and massaging the product into my face. After this I then used another cotton woll pad and put some of the Lancome toner on it and massaged it into my face making sure that I removed all traces of the cleanser. This helped to clear my face of any left over makeup or nasties within my skin and provided a smooth clean face to work with.

The cleanser and toner came as part of a Lancome free gift and the cotton woll pads are from Boots (I can't remember the price but they're definitely under £2)
Step Two: I applied a small pea sized amount of Genifique onto the top of my hand and dotted it around my face. I then gently massaged it in and my face instantly felt like silk! After doing this I again applied a pea sized amount of Hydra Zen onto the top of my hand, dotted it around my face and massaged it in gently. Not only do these products make your face feel and smell amazing they also provide a smooth base for your foundation to be applied onto. You only need a very small amount of these two products as they really do go a long way - less is more!

Again, these two products came as part of my Lancome freebie - I am SO pleased they were contained within in because when the girl did my makeup she used these the other day and I fell in love. However, they're very expensive to buy and I shall be using these samples very sparingly until I have the money for full sized products!
Step Three: I squirted a small amount of foundation (2 pumps) onto the top of my hand and used a foundation brush by Lancome to apply the product. I dotted the product around my face and then proceeded to buff it in. I buffed the foundation in really well so it was undetectable on my skin (this foundation is the best match for my skin I have ever had - perfect for pale people!). I don't think I need to patronise and tell you how to apply foundation because I'm sure you all! I didn't actually use all the product that I applied onto my hand and 1 or 1 1/2 pumps would be ample.

The foundation shade is '005' the lightest in the Teint Idole Ultra 24 hour range and cost £27. The foundation brush is a mini one that came as part of the Lancome freebie I got.
Step Four: I always used to apply my concealer under my foundation. However, the other day the Lancome makeup artist applied it on top of my foundation and I was really happy with the overall look so I thought I would start doing it this way - maybe I have been applying concealer wrong all along!? Anyway, I used the tip of the concealer and very lightly squeezed the product to dot the areas I wanted to conceal. I applied the concealer under my eyes, around my nose, on my rosy cheeks and on some blemishes/spots that I currently have. I then used the foundation brush to blend the concealer into my foundation and I made sure that I blended it in well so it was undetectable!

The concealer is shade '010' and again is the lightest in the range and cost £21. The foundation brush is the same as before.
Step Five: I applied a light powder onto my face the set the foundation and the concealer. I used the Lancome powder that I got the other day and the feel of this powder is lovely. Its so light you don't feel like your face is all cakey and this is really good because the powder is long lasting one! Another amazing thing about this powder is that not only is it matt it is a skin perfecting powder and is perfect to use when trying to create that flawless skin look! I applied the powder with a brush and instead of brushing it onto my face, I pressed it in lightly as this apparently helps the powder stay in place longer :) However, after doing this I did then just brush all over my face lightly to ensure everything was blended.

The powder I used was 'Color Ideal Poudre' by Lancome in shade '010' (again the lightest one) and this cost £29. The brush is one by Bare Escentuals' and I have had it years so don't know how much it cost or if you can still pick it up.
Step Six: The product that I used was actually a bronzer that had strips of 4 different colours ranging from a light peach colour to a dark'ish brown colour. Due to having to wait until christmas for my stunning Lancome blush highlight I decided I would use the lightest shade in the brozer and apply it to the top of my cheek bones to highlight them. I used the same brush as I used for the powder and only applied a very small amount of product as I wanted it to be very subtle!

I used the lightest colour in this 17 Instant Glow Gold Bronze shimmer brick. I can't remember how much it was but I bought it this summer and it was around £5. The brush is the same as above.
Step Seven: Finally to finish the face off and highlight the cheek bones I applied some pink blusher. I don't like peach blushers much as I just think they're far too obvious and for this look wouldn't look at all natural (for my skin tone - other skin tones would work better with peach blushes). I applied this to my cheeks and sweeped up slightly making sure to contine to my hairline. I only applied the smallest amount of this product as I wanted it to look very natural and the pigmentation of it means that you can go from rosy to clown in 0.01 seconds! I used a blusher brush to apply this product.

The blusher I used was No7 Natural Blush in '12 Coral Flush' and costs £8. The brush I used was a blusher brush from The Body Shop and costs £12.
Step Eight: I used my Naked 2 eyeshadows by Urban Decay and created a slight smokey eye effect but again kept it natural. I mixed together Halfbaked, Chopper and Bootycall and applied the colour all over my eyelid. I then mixed Suspect, YDK and Busted and applied them to the crease of my eyes and in the outer corner. To make the effect natural and smokey I ensured that I blended well using a brush, The brush I used was a Number 30 Smashbox shadow liner brush.

The Urban Decay Naked 2 eyeshadows cost £36 and I'm not sure of how much the Smashbox brush was as I have had it years - I believe they're still available on the website though.
Step Nine: Finally, to complete the look I applied some mascara. My preferred mascara is Hypnose by Lancome and is black. However, you can use whatever mascara brand and whatever colour mascara you wish to use. Usually I like to build my mascara right up and create that false lash effect but today I kept things simple and only applied one good layer.
This mascara is priced at £21 individually (However, I get the Duo pack from Debenhams and this costs £30 for the two - bargain!)
I didn't do this but if you prefer to wear something on your lips you could apply a lipbalm/lipgloss or any other natural coloured lip colour.
I apologise for how awful I look in the pictures but as you can see the look I created is very natural. This is a look that could be worn when you want to give your skin a bit of a breather or for when you're having a casual day. The Lancome products I used (especially the Genifique and the Hydra Zen moisturising cream smell amazing and make your skin feel soft. I have pretty soft skin anyway so they make it feel perfect; if it didn't make me look like a total creep I would feel it all the time!
Do you like the look I have created or is it something you would choose not to wear? Would you like to see more makeup tutorials featured on my blog?
I hope you are all having an amazing weekend and I would love to know what you think of my first ever FOTD and make up look!


  1. love then Lancome products i wear a few myself the Genefique xxx great post i like to see some natural make up xx

    1. They're amazing products aren't they! That Genifique is so amazing and so is the Hydra Zen but it's so expensive! I know I will end up buying them though because they'll be perfect to add to a long term face routine! Glad you liked the look! Elysia xxxx

  2. Naked palette is amazing

    xx Liyana
    PS : I'm having a MAC giveaway to celebrate my one month of blogging.

  3. It's amazing isn't it, so worth the money :) Couldn't live without out haha! xxx