Thursday, 1 November 2012

Make up haul - Lancome and The Body Shop

Okay so I know that it has only been a few days since I bought the other makeup products and I only featured the haul on here yesterday buuuuut ... I'm back with another haul that is bigger and better! I can't wait to show you all what I picked up today in town and I'd love to know what you think of the pieces.

Okay, so I am a HUGE fan of Lancome products and today I may have had a little splurge at my local counter! I have been a fan ever since I received a Hypnose mascara and eyeliner set for christmas one year - I am totally and utterly sold on the brand. I have to admit that the products are a little pricey but at the end of the day when it comes to makeup you get what you pay for and Lancome really are a luxury beauty brand!

As you may or may not know, Debenhams are having a suuuper gift with purchase offer at the moment and I definitely took advantage of it! When you bought 2 Lancome products you got a make up bag full of goodies free (pictured below) that was worth £58+ and if you bought a third Lancome product you got a full sized Bi Facial eye make up remover worth £21 - amazing!!

I also popped into the Body Shop as I use cleanser and toner from there and I needed to repurchase some of this wonderful stuff! I also picked up their charity lip butter because I have had my eye on it for ages and 100% of the profits go to charity - having lush looking lips and supporting a good cause; it's win win if you ask me!

My rather big haul!

My Lancome treats!
I went to the Lancome Counter at my local Debenhams as I needed to purchase some things for myself and I also had to buy some things to be kept at home and wrapped up for christmas - I'm fussy with makeup and therefore I was just told to get what I wanted; I resisted the very tempting urge to go crazy and buy even more stuff!!
I currently use a MAC studio fix powder and foundation however I changed my foundation recently (which I featured in my 'New No7 Products' feature (here) a few weeks ago) and I wasn't happy with the colour of the powder; I felt it was a little too dark! I wanted a transluent or lighter powder to be used to set the foundation and make it stay in place (in the same way as I used the MAC just not as orange/obvious!)

'010' Priced at £27.00
I also have a total obsession with concealer and I am forever trying to find one that is worth the money! While I absolutely loved by Benefit 'Boi-ing', I found that it really didn't last a long time. For the price of it (£16.50) I expected that it would last a lot longer than it did - however, this doesn't stop me loving the product and I know I will buy it again at some point! However, today I decided that I wanted to try a concealer by Lancome because I read some good reviews on the Debenhams website and I liked the sound of it - the fact that it came in a squeezy tube was also a plus point as you're able to cut the top off and use every last drop when the product is running low!

'01' priced at £21.00
As I have already said above, I recently bought a new foundation by No7 (I have already inserted the link to that feature, above). I was happy with the colour at first but when I came home I started to think that my foundation wasn't the right colour for me and neither was my face powder. I wasn't majorly unhappy with the foundation as it wasn't making look abnormal in colour so I was quite happy to just leave it. However, as many of you beauty addicts know, the sales assistant showed my the newest foundation that has been introduced into the Lancome range and offered to let me try it ... I was expecting her to just rub a bit onto my neck but she did my whole face using their products and different lotions and potions - I'm not going to lie it made me feel super special and I most definitely could get used to getting my makeup done by someone! She took her time and did my make up so well, I was sold on the new foundation! The shade is perfect for me and it blends perfectly with my skin tone so you can't tell that I have any foundation on at all!!

'005' priced at £29.00 - this is the lightest shade available and is undetectable on my face; I'm really pale so finding a perfect foundation match can be hard - my prayers have been answered, thanks Lancome!!
Lancome are having a promotion in Debenhams and to be honest it's amazing! I bought the powder and concealer and had been given the free gift ... she then mentioned the foundation so the transaction was stopped meaning I got the third gift when I purchased my foundation - happy Elysia!

The free gift that I was given for buying 2 Lancome purchases - this is valued at over £58, contains 7 Lancome mini samples, a travel size foundation & lip brush and a make up bag (in a choice of silver or pink - I ended up getting both due to buying products in 2 seperate transactions!)
As I decided to go with the foundation I had bought three products and therefore qualified to get another free gift - oh my, was I a happy little beauty blogger! I was even more happy because this product was free, full sized and one I have been looking at for a while!

This product is an eye makeup remover and is full sized - it would cost £21.00 to buy normally but I got it free!
Now, as I have already said I also had to buy some Lancome products for christmas and I got another makeup bag as a free gift (pictured above)! I did my personal treats and christmas gifts in seperate transactions because the 2 purchase gift was 1 per customer (I was naughty buying the products in 2 transactions but the sales assistant didn't mind so that's ok!). The products I bought I absolutely love - one is a new product I wanted to try and the other is something I use and have done for a while!

This product caught my eye on the Debenhams website the other night and I thought it looked so pretty! I loved the design of makeup as it was so gorgeous and looked super expensive! This product is a blush higlighter and is stunning! The sales assistant knew I was looking at this and applied some onto the tops of my cheekbones. It gave a subtle rose shimmer and wasn't too glittery - it really popped my cheekbones and slimmed my face down!

'001' priced at £34.00 - I love this! The packaging and design of that rose (Lancome symbol) is just gorgeous! I can't wait to use this at christmas :)!!
You may be wondering how much stuff I actually bought from Lancome but I can assure you that this product is the last thing! I used this when I was a lot younger (probably in year 9/10 of senior school) and have recently gone back to it. I have naturally long eyelashes so with a good mascara I can created that false eyelash effect myself and don't need to ruin my own natural ones with fakes!

These mascaras are black and were £30 for the 2! A bargain because the mascara is priced at £21 individually so buying this duo is SO worth it - you're getting the 2nd mascara for £9 - pretty good right!?
As I bought 2 products, I got another free gift which was exactly the same as the one I have pictured above and instead of choosing the silver/grey coloured makeup bag I chose the pink one! I can't wait until christmas to use my new blush higlighter, the Lancome mini's within the makeup bag and the mascara because the one I am using now will be due a change then!
Finally, after leaving the Lancome counter feeling like a princess with my foundation all done I popped into the Body Shop and purchased my aloe cleanser and toner that I use from there! It was actually on offer at 3 for 2 - another bargain! Whilst in there, I picked up their DragonFruit lip butter that is for charity - I have wanted this for ages! As well as my aloe products being on offer, I was able to use my Body Shop love your body card and save a further 10%!! (I wasn't able to use it off the price of the charity lip butter as 100% of the price goes to charity - I didn't mind though).
Cleaner and toner priced at £8 each; Lip Butter priced at £4 with 100% of the money going to charity!
I also picked up some christmas washing up liquid from Marks & Spencer and this smells stunning! It was reasonably priced at £1.99 and in my opinion it smells far too nice to be used as a washing up liquid! In fact, I'm considering using it as a hand soap for in my bathroom - or maybe that's a bit weird!?
Anyway, sorry for this post being so long and picture heavy; I just wanted to share my purchases with you as I Facebooked and Instgram'ed a pictured of it all earlier! I enjoy shopping and although all of this amounts to quite a lot of money I did get a lot of free gifts which were amazing!
What do you think of my haul? Do you like Lancome products? Which is your favourite one? Have you tried the charity lip butter from the Body Shop? I'd love to know via comments or Twitter - @PurpleElll
I hope you're all having a wonderful night, Elysia xxxx
Please note that I bought all the Lancome products from Debenhams as it is here that's having the Lancome free gift promotion! I am not bragging about money or anything with this post, I just wanted to share my purchases with my loyal readers :) Also, if you're wanting to treat yourself please be aware that the Lancome free gift promotions are only going to be on for a limited amount of time and there will be limited numbers of stock.  


  1. Wow the freebies are amazing! Got to say i hve never tried lancome! Mmmm maybe i should now ;) xxxxx

    1. They're amazing aren't they! Such good deals and the freebies could be either used by yourself of given to a makeup lover for Christmas! I can't wait to try all this stuff out and review them! I highly recommend Lancôme their stuff is amazing! Plus the girl who did my foundation ect was so lovely - not pushy at all! Elysia xxx

  2. I love lancome products at the moment =!!

    1. They're amazing aren't they :) I can't wait to try them all and feature them properly. Thank you for the comment - Elysia xxx

  3. you got some lovely things! the blush is gorgeous and I will have go and check if this offer is still on :D
    hareem x


    1. Ah thank you :) I really like Lancôme - love their packaging too! I absolutely love the blush highlighter it's an amazing colour and such a subtle highlighter on the cheek bones.
      I don't know whether or not the free gift promotion is still on now but I know for a fact that Debenhams currently have 10% off beauty and fragrance :) Not sure how much longer that's on for though xxx