Wednesday, 28 November 2012

My Ultimate Pandora Bracelet - Blogger Challenge

There seems to be a bit of a theme running through my features lately doesn't there and I am pretty sure that you have all noticed what it is - Pandora!

Earlier this evening, I posted Part 1 of my Pandora Christmas inspiration feature here and gave you all a bit of information about some of the brands lovely bracelets and how they'd make perfect christmas presents. Well, this feature isn't anything to do with a Christmas gift guide; it's my wishlist - my ultimate Pandora bracelet!

A couple of days ago, I noticed on Twitter that John Greed were presenting us bloggers with a very generous challenge! They were challenging us bloggers to create our ultimate Pandora bracelet using any bracelets and charms up to the value of £250 - sounds pretty good right!? Well my lovelies, it gets better! John Greed are going to give one lucky blogger their ultimate bracelet that's worth upto a whopping £250! They're also going to be choosing some runners up who will receive five 25% off discount codes for the John Greed website - amazing!

The rules of the Blogger Challenge are:
  1. Go to John Greed Jewellery's Pandora collection
  2. Create your dream Pandora Charm Bracelet - using any number of Pandora charms and bracelet - the more stylish/creative/personal the better! The only rule is that it can't be over £250!
  3. Blog about your chosen charm bracelet - remember, aim to get it as close to £250 as you can!
  4. Use the Twitter and/or Facebook button below to let the world know that you're in the competition
  5. Leave us a comment with a link to your finished blog article and name.
So without any further or do let me show you my readers and the people at John Greed my ultimate Pandora bracelet! I have chosen a theme for this bracelet and it is mystery and magic!


23cm Silver Bracelet £55.00

This silver bracelet is really good value for money and amazing quality. The colour is so versatile and the silver tone will work amazingly well with my chosen charms! The dull tones will work well together and I'm really happy with what I have created.

Silver Crown Charm (790930) £25.00

I remember seeing this charm in gold when my auntie was looking at it on holiday and I instantly fell in love. The gold and the diamonds were amazing and I wanted the charm sooooo bad. However, the price tag was over £700 and way out of my price range! Can you imagine how happy I was when I got an email off John Greed a while ago and noticed that this stunning crown charm had been released at a more affordable price!

Why did I choose this charm, may you ask? Well, within my family I am known as the princess (mainly my nannas) and of course this crown charm would be perfect for me! Not only does this crown have meaning to me because of family it also works wonderfully well with my theme mystery and magic - there is something mysterious and so magical about a princess and her crown!

Silver and 14ct Gold Fairy Dangle Charm (791032) £45.00

Keeping in with my mystery and magic theme, this pretty little fairy is perfect! I think every girl is amazed by princesses and fairies and I know for sure that I am! I love this fairys little face and the 14ct gold heart on her chest is beautiful. I love the contrast with the gold against the silver and the detail is lovely -  such a cute little charm and it would look amazing dangling alongside one of the bigger charms.

Silver Pave Star Dangle Charm (791024CZ) £35.00

Let's face it, you can't have a mystery and magic themed bracelet without including a star! Everything about starts and mysterious and magical, I know I could spend forever looking up into the starry sky at night wondering what's up there and just admiring how pretty they all look twinkling away! Stars also have a special meaning to me because I was always told by family that when someone died they went to heaven and became the brigest star in the sky. Everytime you seen the brightest star in the sky it was that person - the pave crystals in this charm will twinkle beautifully like the brightest star in the sky and like the fairy will look amazing alongside one of the bigger charms.

Silver Clear Pave Charm (791051CZ) £55.00

I absolutely love this charm. Again, when I received the email from John Greed a while ago this one instantly grabbed my eye and caught my attention. I think this is such a gorgeous piece and will really jazz up a bracelet and add a touch a girly sparkle to it! As well as this charm being beautiful it also fits perfecty into my mystery and magic theme! The clear crystals will work beautifully with the dangling pave charm, the dangling fairy, the crown and the jet black glass bead - I love this charm and the way all my chosen charms tie in together!

Black Faceted Murano Glass Charm (761069) £35.00

The final charm I chose to incorpoate into my mystery and magic themed bracelet was a jet black glass bead, The way in which this bead has been cut makes it so interesting and the colour black instantly reminds me of mystery and magic. This bracelet wouldn't be complete without a jet black charm and I really think this charm compliments my whole theme. There isn't much colour in the bracelet I have designed and the tones are all silver and grey based; therefore, black is the perfect addition and will really make the silver pop and stand out - especially the clear pave charms I have chosen!

Well my lovelies and people from John Greed that is my ultimate Pandora bracelet and a little about why I have chosen the charms. I guess the thing you're all wondering is have I managed to stick to the limit of £250.00. Well the answer is, yes! My mystery and magic bracelet comes in bang on £250.00!

All of the products that I have featured today can be found on John Greeds website here and the details of the Blogger Challenge can be found here.

I would just like to thank the people at John Greed for being so generous and giving bloggers the chance to design their ultimate Pandora bracelet and win it - wow!

What do you think of my mystery and magic themed bracelet? Do you like it or would you have chosen a different theme with different charms? Have you entered the Blogger Challenge yet?

* Please note: In two weeks time on 5th December 2012, we will look through all of the blog entries and let the winner know that their personalised dream Pandora charm bracelet is on it's way! Runners up will receive 5 exclusive 25% discount codes at


  1. I got a pandora bracelet for my birthday this year and I love it! I have 7 charms so far and I love how you can mix and match the charms to go with your mood or whatever you're wearing etc! I wish I had seen this post sooner as I'd have asked for the crown charm for my Christmas lol!! Xxxx

    Ps, just wondering how do you edit your photos like that? All I've managed to do is upload my own pictures I have no idea how to do that? Thanks xxx

    1. They're really good for showing your personality aren't they :) I love wearing mine and collecting charms! It's lovely isn't it and such a reasonable price :) I really like it and it's definitely on my Pandora wishlist!xx

      Erm I edited this picture using a site called Beauty Sets :) It's really easy to use and fun to play around with!xx