Saturday, 24 November 2012

NOTD - Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine 'GNP 1 Blackberry 234'

So I don't know if you guys are aware but I literally used to be the biggest Barry M fan. I have so so many of their nail paints in more or less every single colour they did. However, I noticed that although their selection of colours was amazing the quality of the polishes weren't so I moved onto OPI and Chanel!

A few months ago I was reading some nail blogs and to be fair I was a little jealous of some bloggers as they'd been sent some new Barry M nail polishes to try and swatch before anyone else. I couldn't resist the colours and I knew as soon as they were released I had to get my hands on them!

Now you may be wondering why was I excited for new Barry M nail polishes when I have just said that the quality of their polishes isn't fantastic. Well, the newest ones in the range are 'Gelly Hi-Shine' polishes and their colours are lovely!

As you all know, I love purple so when I came across this shade I couldn't resist temptation! I also picked up another colour as the polishes were on offer in my local Boots - here.

I'm not going to say a lot about this nail polish as I am only doing a NOTD feature for you to see the colours :) I will be doing a review shortly and I will talk more in depth then; I don't want to repeat myself in both features and bore you guys!

Left - Right: Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine nail paint 'GNP 1 Blackberry 234' and Rimmel Lycra Pro '421 Clearly Clear'
I always like to apply a base coat of clear nail polsih before painting my nails as it stops any staining that may occur. I think it's really important to try and protect your natural nails from discolouration because let's face it ... no one wants yellow finger nails do they! I also find that applying a base coat helps the nail polish to stay on my nails that little bit longer!
I really like this colour and when Barry M say that their new Gelly nail paints are high shine they really do mean it! I really really like this purple colour I think it's perfect for winter and looks really good aginst my pale skin. The shade is a deep purple (the pictures above show the colour perfectly). The formula does feel like it is a gel consistency compared to other nail poilishes but this doesn't make application difficult - it's really easy; just like applying any other nail polish. Also, one huge plus point with this 'Gelly' nail paint is that you don't need a special light to set/dry the product; it just dries like an ordinary polish :)
(I apologise for my application not being super neat!)
As you can see from the picture this nail polish is super shiny and really does look gorgeous on. I think it is such a grown up shade of purple and would be perfect to wear to work, out for drinks or just to wear during these grey winter days. I love purple and I love this shade!
After taking these pictures and posting this feature, I did actually put a coat of the previously mentioned clear nail polish on top and this gave that extra added shine to an already shiny nail polish - I really am impressed with this little beauty and best of all it only cost me £3.99! 
I don't normally wear dark coloured nail polishes (you all know how much I like love pinks) but there are two big bonus's that I have found from wearing dark nail polishes:
1) They make my pale skin look more alive - they don't make me look as pale and as dead.
2) Dark nail polishes make your fingers appear slimmer and longer - amazing!!
What do you think of the Barry M nail paints; have you tried 'Blackberry'? What's your favourite colour to wear for the winter months?
I hope you're all having an amazing Saturday night! As you may have seen on Twitter yesterday I had some pretty upsetting news but hey ho that's life isn't it! I've just eaten an amazing jacket potato and I'm planning on Watching X Factor, I'm A Celebrity and downloading some music onto my IPod and IPad.




  1. I love the colour of this, perfect for autumn/winter!


  2. Lovely colour polish. How many coats did you use? I'm quite tempted to try that!


    1. It really is lovely isn't it :) I only used one coat of this! You could apply two thin coats but I applied one generous layer and it worked absolutely fine :) Hope this helps xxxx

  3. that shade is absolutely beautiful!

    from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

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    1. It really is a gorgeous shade - a new favourite :) xxx

  4. This is an ah-mazing color for fall, I love it.


    1. Really is lovely isn't it :) A lot of people seem to be loving this shade!! xxx