Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Oxford Street christmas lights 2012

I don't know about you guys, but I like to get to know the person behind the blog and get to know a little about what they've been up to - especially if it's something exciting. This is why I have included this post!

On Monday the 5th of November 2012 Oxford Street christmas lights were turned on. The event was held outside House Of Fraser on Oxford Street and the boyband Lawson performed along with Leona Lewis and Robbie Williams - who had the honour of pressing the button!

The actual event was ticket only but there was a big TV screen situated outside BHS where I stood with my friend! I went to the big switch one last year when The Saturdays performed and I really enjoyed it. Last years event was held by Marks & Spencer and I have to say it went a lot smoother and I enjoyed it a lot more!!!

There were a few technical hitches, to be fair. The TV screen kep breaking up and this did in fact lead to a lot of people walking away! This was then followed by a practice rehearsal of counting down to the big moment and pretending the lights had been turned on - of course, the people presenting (Emma Bunton and Jamie Theakston) joked about what would happen if they were actually turned on. I turned around to look and they really did light up - awkward! ... I don't know whether the lights being turned on early were supposed to be a joke or not but if it was it didn't go down very well; no one laughed.

Lawson were really good performing and afterwards they had to scoot off as they're currently on tour at the moment. Leona Lewis was also amazing singing (I actually liked her for once) and she seemed so lovely :) I managed to get a video of her singing and some of the interview she did!

Lawson's lead singer.

                                                                    Leona singing.
                                                        Leona answering a few questions.
Robbie Williams came onstage to a huge applause by everyone and he gave us 3 songs. They songs were amazing, he got everyone singing and dancing and we were all having a really good time. He has such a cheeky persona on stage which adds to his performance!
                                           Robbie singing his current uk Number 1 - Candy!

As you can see from the videos the acts were amazing and the night was a little bit of fun and got everyone in the festive spirit! I have to admit though that I found the lights being switched on to be a bit of an anti climax :( Last year as the lights came on there were fireworks coming off the roof and everything and it was really magical. This year there was no fireworks and all the lights didn't come on at the same time (probably because of the error someone had made earlier by turning them on when they weren't supposed to!).
Although I found the switch on to be a bit of a let down I still had a really good time and a lot of people turned out to watch the big event. There were 3,500 people outside House of Fraser who had tickets for the event and a lot of people stood outside BHS watching on the big screen :)

A picture of some of the crowd!
This year the lights are sponsored by Marmite and they have a Marmite theme - which I think is so bizarre and I don't think I'm 100% fond of them! However, the normal lights are festive and they look amazing. I can't wait to do all my christmas shopping at night time when all the lights are on - it makes me feel so festive and happy! I also can't wait for Winter Wonderland to open in Hyde Park on Novemver 23rd - this will again be amazing and I will definitely blog about it!
I hope you enjoyed this blog feature giving you an insight to my life and what I got up to on Monday night! I'd love to know what you think of the Oxford Street christmas lights this year! Have you seen them or not? Would Marmite have been the sponsor/design you chose for christmas decorations!? I certainly think it's a little weird/bizarre!
I hope you're all having a wonderful night and not long until the weekend now - we're half way there!!

* I apologise that the quality of the videos aren't amazing! As I have said I was stood infront of a big TV screen and recording on my phone. Therefore, the videos are recordings what can be classed as a TV. Despite this, I think they've turned out pretty well!  


  1. So jealous! I would have loved to see Robbie perform :) xx

    1. He was really good :) I thought that a few of my readers would have loved to be there so that's why I recorded quite a bit :) I just hope the videos work for you all!! He did Rock DJ too which made everyone sing along and dance but the file wouldn't upload as I think it was too long xxx

  2. I just want to marry Robbie! Robbie plus christmas lights sounds like a seriously good combination xx

    1. He was so good! He's so cheeky when he performed. I have to say the singers were the highlight of the night as the actual turn on of the lights left little to be desired xx