Monday, 31 December 2012

My Yearly Round Up - 2012!

I've never really done one of these because I haven't been blogging for very long, so I don't really know what to include. I've noticed a lot of other bloggers doing yearly round ups and I thought it was a nice idea. I don't know about you, but when I read someone's blog I like to feel as though I am getting to know the person a little bit as well as getting to learn about amazing products. Obviously no one wants to divulge the ins and outs of their personal life over the Internet but when I know the person behind the blog is lovely it encourages me to read - nice people deserve nice numbers of page views right?!

As you're all more than aware, it's New Year's Eve today (if you didn't know this, where have you been?!) and I really have nothing much to be getting on with today so I thought it was the perfect time to let you all know a bit of what I got up to in 2012 :)

Januray 2012

This was the month where one of my good friends came to London for a spot of serious shopping! She stayed with me for a few nights and we just went crazy on Oxford Street. I live less than 10 minutes away, so there really is every excuse to visit and take full advantage! We both had Christmas money and had been given money to spend on the shopping trip. We had a lot of fun and next year ... it's all happening again! I can't wait to show you the haul!

February 2012

This is the month that I turned 19 and my main birthday present was an iPad! I know that this isn't necessarily an achievement but this little gadget has literally been a huge part of this year. It sounds a little sad, I know, to say an iPad has been a huge part of my life. However, if you own one of these you really will know how amazing they are and how you could never be without one ever again!! You can play games, browse the Internet, shop online, do your banking, read emails, take pictures, social network, listen to music, record videos, take it to university and blog on the go! ... Of course, you can do other things but these are the main ways in which I use mine :) It just makes life so much more easier, especially if you don't want to be carrying around a hefty laptop!
This month was also the month that I'd spent a rather significant amount of time with that special someone! However, I won't go too much into it or I'll just go all soppy and gooey!!

April 2012

This is the month that I came home for ages and had such a good break from uni! In all fairness, it wasn't a pure holiday I did have revision to be getting on with but I kind of put that on a back burner for a while - oops! I think it's hard coming home and spending time with friends and family but having work to do. It's as though you have been doing work all the time whilst you've been away and when you're home you want to take advantage or seeing people but you can't! Anyway, I had an amazing break at home, really chilled out and did actually manage to get some work done ready for my exams starting in May!
I also arrived home to some goodies - the easter eggs went down a treat, the OPI nail polishes were amazing, the cup inside the box was the cutest ever but unfortunately the womans Lynx burned under my arm pits - ouch!!

May 2012

This is the month that I sat my first ever university exams and I am not going to lie it was such an intimidating experience! Of course, I have sat exams before and they never ever used to phase me - not one little bit. However, there is something about university exams that really got to me. I think it was knowing that after all the previous years of studying, university is the stop on the journey to your dream job (gosh, that sounded so cliche didn't it?! Cringe!). I wasn't let off lightly with first year exams, I had to sit 4 - tort, public, contract and an ethics & skills - incase you can't tell, I'm doing a law degree!

After all the hectic revising and stressing myself out about the exams they were over and at the end of May the weather is London was awfully hot! Oh gosh, I can remember it now - walking around a hot sticky mess, having to sleep with my window open constantly, long sticky nights in my small room surrounded by tonnes of boxes. Boxes I hear you ask, why were you surrounded by boxes!? Well at the end of May 2012 I was being moved out as my first year if university was over - yay, I survived living over 300 miles away from home, all alone in London!! Of course being moved out of where I was staying meant my whole family came down and we had an amazing few days in the capital
doing what we do best - shopping!! Cue my next high of 2012 ...

On the 28th of May 2012 I was a nervous but very excited girl (oh, I also forgot to mention HOT - I said it was warm down there!) because I was going to go and make a BIG purchase! Something I had wanted and has been drooling over for months. Not to mention, watching countless YouTube videos to do my research to make sure I was sure about what I was going to do. After a morning of shopping and grabbing some lunch it was time to make our way down New Bond Street to the store - my heart was literally racing (probably due to the excitement and the speed at which I was going!!). Walking past all the shops down there was such an experience as we don't have any shops like the where I live and I'd never been down New Bond Street before. There was literally Bentleys galore! The we arrived at the shop - the Louis Vuitton Maison *stands looking at it from outside drooling and pondering whether or not I actually wanted to go in - my northern accent would seem so out of place amongst all the grand decor and snobby sales assistant!* Anyway, cut a long story short (with the help of others) I bought what has affectionately become to be known as 'Louis' or 'LouLou'. For those of you thinking I am extremely sad and simply not having a clue what I'm on about, I became the proud owner of a Speedy 35!! Yes, my month of hard saving had paid off!! I skipped out of the shop feeling quite content with myself and we wandered back to Oxford Street to brave the heat and carry on shopping!

On the 31st of May, I arrived home for summer and I couldn't have been more excited! I had lots of new things I'd bought, I had a beautiful new dream bag and I was going to be home for almost 3 months - I was on top of the world! After a relatively long train journey with my mum and nanna (the others went in the car along with my mountain of stuff!) I was home and impressed with my summer buys! I took some photos (because I always do) and was pretty impressed with my haul!

June 2012

This month was a pretty big month for my family because my nanna celebrated a big birthday (I'm not going to mention her age) and a few days later she and my grandad celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary! It was nice to see two people celebrate their Ruby wedding anniversary and still be so in love. We decorated the house for both of these events and we also had a little break away to celebrate. They didn't ask for anything in particular and of course we couldn't leave them with no present at all so a break was perfect! We were all ready for it, after working and being at uni for many months :)

We decorated the cake ourselves - proud moment!
July 2012


A really important month for me because not only had I managed to have been at uni for the whole of my first year and successfully look after myself, I was now getting my exam results! I was so nervous logging into the university system to find out my grades but the best thing of all was I passed! No resits were needed and the summer was mine to spend lazing around and enjoying my time back at home!

September 2012

Ugh oh, the time for going back to London and leaving family was getting more and more closer - my nerves were building so much! We had a hell of a lot to pack up and a lot of things to organise in time for me moving in!

Of course family came down with me and we had some lovely days out around London! They couldn't visit me without having an amazing shop on Oxford Street and I was bought some nice things and spoilt myself (the best thing about going down to uni and being collected it the shopping - it's so much fun!!)

It was also in this month that I started blogging! I had made one using another website but it wasn't what I wanted and the people I enjoyed reading all blogged using Blogger so I moved to this site and I couldn't be more happier with the choice I made! Blogging has really opened up a lot of new opportunities, enabled me to meet some lovely people and it is also a real talking point! Now when someone in an interview asks me what my hobbies are I can talk all about my blog and if they'd like to check up on me and take a look that's wonderful (note for the future: hello, if you're an employer who has just interviewed me!)
October 2012
I remember the day so well because I was travelling home for the first time since I'd gone back to London. It was the end of October and I was sat on the train taking full advantage of Virgins complimentary wifi. I couldn't believe my eyes when I checked my emails and my Twitter account because things had really taken off overnight! I had companies giving me #FF shout outs - what the heck!?!? I couldn't wait to get home and tell my mum everything! Later on in the week, my first ever samples came through the letterbox; something I never expected!!
December 2012
I feel as though my blog has really started to take off and grab peoples attention. I have only been blogging for 3 months but I have over 400 Twitter followers and 121 GFC followers - every comment, tweet and follow I receive makes me so exceptionally happy and I thank every single one of you for your continued support! My goal was to get 100 GFC followers before the New Year and I have definitely managed to achieve this. I really cannot thank all my followers enough; you have all made my 2012 amazing and I look forward to starting some new projects in the New Year!
Not only have I reached amazing numbers of followers, I also discovered the other night that if you type into Google 'bourjois intuitive liner review' my little blog is the 10th search result - OH MY GOSH! I may only be at the bottom of the 1st page but hey, I'm still there!! I was also nominated for two awards by fellow bloggers and I want to thank those who nominated me - you're all babes!!

Well, finally we have reached the end of my 2012 round up! I apologise for this post being rather long and if I have rambled on I do apologise. I really do thank you all for all of the support I have out there and the blogging community has been such a lovely community to enter into. I'm so glad I made the decision to start blogging and on the whole I have had an amazing 2012! I just hope 2013 continues to be good to be in the same way 2012 was :)

I just want to say a HUGE Happy New Year to all of you reading this and I hope you all have a wonderful New Years Eve tonight, however you choose to celebrate it. Stay safe and have a lovely day tomorrow celebrating the 1st day of a new year :)

What has been your favourite thing about 2012?

Friday, 28 December 2012

Lancome 'Hydra Zen' Moisturising Cream

I will be the first person to admit that I never used to bother with moisturising before putting foundation onto my face. I just used to wipe my face and off I'd go. However, this all changed when I went a little crazy at my local Lancome counter and bought myself some treats, bought some things for Christmas (for myself off someone else) and received a free gift which was amazing! Post here.

I have never had a moisturising routine, like my mum I am blessed with 'baby bum' skin so I have never needed to stick to a strict routine. In all honesty, it's something I'm not into. In the past I have bought some night cream to put on but I really didn't like it. I was just paranoid that it would get into my hair around my forehead, down the sides of face and I felt as though I woke up with greasy skin - I only have a slightly oily T-Zone sometimes, it's nothing problematic, I have sensitive skin so I guess you could say combination?

Anyway, getting into the actual purpose of this post ... As I have said I never used to moisturise before applying my make up but now I actually use moisturiser along with a few other products which you can find me using here in a natural make up tutorial.

The moisturiser I use is of course by Lancome (as you all know, I'm a huge fan) and it is their 'Hydra Zen' Neurocalm Soothing Anti-Stress Moisturing Cream with SPF 15. I really kike it because it doesn't aggravate my sensitive skin, it doesn't break me out and it doesn't leave my skin feeling like it's all clogged up and greasy which is something that's a necessity for me - I wouldn't use it, if it caused any of these things.

I do believe that this moisturiser is rather expensive to buy and is available in a number of different products for the fact, eyes and for use as a night cream. To buy a pot of the cream I am reviewing is around £38 for a 50ml tub. Yes, this does seem a little steep however, it is Lancome so you're paying for the brand, the packaging is nice, simplistic and you only need a small amount to cover the whole face - I use a pea sized amount of product and it works absolutely fine.

What do Lancome say about the product?
- All skin types, even sensitive
- External aggravators, emotional tension and tiredness stress the skin. Lancome has created a unique NeuroCalm complex to reduce the effects of emotional and environmental stress on the skin. Immediate and 24H intense moisture. UVA/UVB protection - SPF 15.
- Results: Your skin is intensely moisturised, feels soft, appears smoother and looks more luminous. Lastingly soothed, it is more resistant. Signs of tiredness seem to disappear.
- Avoid eye area.
- Allergy tested.
- Dermatologically tested.
Patent pending.

I like this product because it soaks right into your skin and doesn't linger on the top like a layer of grease. It soaks in quickly and I really do feel as though it makes my skin feel a lot calmer and of course soft! This moisturiser is the third thing I usually apply before putting my foundation on and it just helps to create a smooth base - something that's a key part of a flawless face routine!

The sample I was given is a 30ml tube and I am delighted with the size of the sample, I didn't expect it to be that big! As I have said the full sized 50ml tub retails for around £38 which means my 30ml sample is going to be definitely worth a bob or two!

I really couldn't imagine putting my make up on without preparing my skin and moisturing my skin! Sometimes, when I am in a rush I just apply my foundation straight onto my skin and although it still looks flawless I think my Hydra Zen just helps overall.

I really wouldn't hesitate to pay the price tag for this product because I like the way it works with my skin and my make up. However, I am pleased to say that when I bought my Christmas goodies (for someone to give to me) I was given another one of the Lancome free gift bags so I have another tube of this beauty waiting for me to use! I have been using my current one for well over a month now and I would say it is still more than half full so I won't need to buy some of this cream for a while.

I feel as though when I have had a rubbish nights sleep (something that happens a lot; the joys of being a stressed student) my skin is given a boost and really does get a new lease of life - it's given a lovely glow and on good skin days sometimes I just apply some moisturiser and don't bother with foundation.

I know a lot of people like to mix a blob of foundation into their moisturiser to create their very own tinted moisturiser but I haven't tried this with this product yet. Maybe that's something you would be interested in seeing?

What do you think of moisturiser; do you use it before applying your foundation or do you not bother with it? Have you ever tried this Lancome one or do you think paying £38 for a moisturiser is a little crazy?

*please note I got this in a free gift as part of a promotion

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Christmas 2012 - Part Two: The Presents

Before I get into the nitty gritty of this post I want to start things by including a HUGE disclaimer. I just want to say that I am not doing this feature on my blog to brag about presents or money in any way, shape or form. I am simply doing this feature because I am really thankful for what I was given and I love reading other peoples blog posts about what they got for Christmas so I thought I would do my own :) I also want to say that I do know the value of money and therefore I don't take gifts or my family for granted. If you feel as though I am bragging and think you may take offence to the content of this post or simply do not like 'what I it or Christmas' haul posts then I kindly ask that you don't continue to read on :) Im not going to take offence if you choose to exit out of this feature...

As you're all aware from my last post, Christmas was a little different for me this year and as a family our time was spent between our house and visiting my nanna in hospital! We took her presents in to her and we spent a lot of time which was really nice as we got to cheer her up and were together for Christmas :) Although it wasn't in the usual way, we made the most of what we had and somehow made it work! I value my family so much and Christmas is always time for spending time together and appreciating what you got. You found out the way I spent my Christmas day here!

Christmas has to be my favourite time of the year and I just love buying presents for people and handing them out to people/watching others open their gifts as I love to see their reactions. I love the decorations being up in the house, everybody feeling festive, eating lots of delicious food and trying to guess what Santa has brought! We're all huge kids in my house and we all get far too excited for Christmas - people who say it's just another day really annoy me; boring!!

This year, we were all spoilt and we really must have been good as Santa brought us lots of amazing presents! I was over the moon with every single one of them. I actually cannot stop looking at them and yesterday I went a little Instagram crazy posting pictures of a few things ... So if you follow me on there you will probably have an idea of some of my presents!

Wow, I must have been a good girl this year!!

My HUGE perfume haul - a girl can never have too many fragrances!

Possibly the nicest perfume ever! I actually knew I was getting this -
my auntie blabbed!!

The essential beauty products!

Pampering, cosy and sweet treats!
Clothing essentials!

Sweet treats - delicious!!

Cosy presents and money from my Auntie!

I am so in love with every single one of my presents and they were all in my sack together but there were two gifts that really stood out this year. This doesn't mean I value any of my other presents less, it's just because one of them was something I needed and another one of them was a gift I will treasure forever and take care of for as long as I have it - I have always wanted one!!

I am so happy I got some new UGG boots as my other ones are a bit past it now -
although they're a love or hate kind of shoe, I happen to love them and
wear them all of the time!

As you can imagine, I was beyond excitement to unwrap this yellow bag!

The writing on the tag isn't very clear but I
wonder if you can guess what I got...

Oh my gosh!! I have wanted one of these beautiful scarves
for such a long time - happy chappy!! Thankyou!

Every family has their christmas traditions and my family is no exception. We have a few traditions based around the festive season and one of them is that we get 'special presents' on Christmas day. These presents don't go under the tree or anything (none of our presents do - we have sacks to put our presents in as we like our tree to be clutter free and classy!). Our 'special presents' are things we do not know about (there is always someone in the house that lets a few of your presents slip - haha!). I was given two this year and they were so thoughful ...

A genuine sterling silver pill box - such a lovely and thoughtful gift. I
love how this looks antique and is a twist on a typical old fashioned
pill box. Now carrying my tablet won't be such a chore!

A new genuine crystal Shamballa bracelet - yay!

As you can tell I was one spoiled little sausage this year and as well as these beautiful presents I was given some money from family for when I go back to university. However, I don't really like to take pictures of money - personal preference I guess! I love all of my gifts and I wouldn't change them for the world!

My family also got really spoilt and their special included a WiiU for my mum, an iPad mini for my nanna and an Alexander McQueen scarf for my auntie - I keep joking with her that she's a copy cat haha!! We had to being the iPad mini home for my nanna as she wanted us to set it up for her and take it back to the hospital

My nannas iPad mini compared to my iPad - it's so small
and cute!!

My auntie and her new zebra slippers - she wanted me to include
a picture of these on my blog and on Instagram haha!

Daisy having fun in the wrapping paper!

I hope that you have all had a wonderful Christmas day and boxing day! I hope you have enjoyed your time over the festive season and were spoilt rotten by family and friends. I really haven't been impressed by this years boxing day sales but it really does take a lot to impress me with a sale - they never really interest me as they're usually full of tack or even if you find something decent they never have your size :(

What did you get for Christmas? Did you have a good time with your friends and family? 

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Christmas 2012 - Part One: The Experience

So as I am sure you are all aware, my Christmas this year was filled with mixed emotions. Many followers of my blog and my Twitter followers know that my poor nanna was unfortunately in hospital over the festive season and therefore Christmas wasn't how it usually is :(

Originally, we said that we would put Christmas on hold and delay the present opening until she was back at home with us. However, as you can imagine my poor nanna was feeling really upset that she couldn't be with us yesterday. Originally, she was told that they would try and let her out of hospital on Christmas Eve but if this wasn't possible they'd try and arrange for her to come home and spend a few hours with us. Unfortunately, neither of these things happened and although I don't want to go into too much information and broadcast my family and their troubles all over the internet; I can say that she was deemed too unfit to come home properly or for a small amount of time!

As you can imagine, this deeply upset my grandad, mum, auntie and of course me as I haven't seen her much at all since coming back from London. I have been battling the worlds worst headcold and therefore wasn't able to go into the hospital much. Due to nanna feeling upset that she couldn't be at home with us enjoying the present opening and the delightful food we decided we were going to no longer postpone Christmas and we were going to take christmas to her - we were like four little Santas walking into the hospital and as soon as she seen us all and her sack full of presents her face lit up! It instantly perked her up and her mood was so much better; it really lifted her spirits.

Personally, I would absolutely hate to be in hospital on the big day as it really is my favourite time of year but I have to say that the staff were so so lovely! There was a nurse dressed as Father Christmas, happy cheerful attitudes from all the staff and the poor people stuck in hospital were provided with a Christmas dinner - roast potatoes, turkey, gravy, carrots, mashed potato, pigs in blankets and soup. Of course, it didn't smell very nice and wasn't the most appetising meal ever but when do hospital meals ever look nice!? haha! Still it was nice that they were given a sense of normality :)

The morning was a little bit hectic - we woke up at 9, I opened a few presents, we had a bacon sandwich and bucks fizz (which is a tradition) for brakefast, got dressed, gathered all of her presents together and were up at the hospital for 11am! In all my 19 years of experiencing Christmas, I have never ever woken up at 9am! Usually my nanna is so excited and wants to wake up at silly o'clock! Of course we object and usually compromise for around 6am - I have known us to be the first house in the street with lights on before; yes, we're all big kids!

Usually we spend Christmas waking up early, opening the presents, having a bacon sandwich with bucks fizz, staying in our pyjamas, eating christmas dinner, looking at the presents and generally relaxing having fun with each other and watching the soaps in the night time!!

It's safe to say that we were all very spoilt this year and we were all super thankful for what we had been given. We may be a family of spoilt people but I like to think we're not bratty or arrogant! I took a lot of pictures through out the day as I wanted to be able to make a blog post and mainly I wanted to be able to show my nanna us unwrapping presents and the cats having fun in the wrapping paper; they always go crazy jumping all over it's so funny! As I have said I took a lot of pictures yesterday and if you follow me on Instagram you will probably have noticed me going a little crazy - I do apologise!

Christmas did feel a little bit weird without my nanna being there, especially when we were sat around the table having Christmas dinner! We were all a little upset as we really were missing her being around us - it just felt so weird and being told that she couldn't come home properly or for a few hours really upset us all. I don't want to sound ungrateful for saying this but I think being told that sad news really did put a bit of a downer on our Christmas Eve :(

Wow, this post sounds really depressing doesn't it!? I do apologise - let's talk about some fun things and show some pictures of my day!!

Spending part of my Christmas day in hospital was a bit of an experience and means that I have now had a Christmas and a Birthday (my 9th birthday) in hospital. Not many people can say that can they!? We always get 'special presents' in my family, it's a tradition (this can be something expensive or something little and meaningful but is a total surprise) and we exchanged these special gifts in the room with my nanna :)

My Christmas dinner was absolutely amazing and my mum and auntie did an amazing job cooking it under the circumstances! We ordered our food from Marks & Spencer and it was so so lovely! I'm not a big fan of Turkey so I did leave some of it on my plate along with some other things - I was so full! Although Christmas dinner was lush, I can't wait until New Years Day as it's our little family tradition to have another Christmas dinner on this day - this year we have put in another food order with Marks & Spencers and we're having sirloin beef! Mmmm, my mouth is watering already!!

As you all know, I have cats and I am a total cat lady! One of them is mine (Daisy) and the other one is my aunties cat (Cleo). Daisy is the attention seeker and is such a little cutie when she plays in all of the wrapping paper and tried to get inside the christmas sacks! We were screwing it into balls and Daisy would jump up from out of the paper and bat the piece of paper - she's so clever!

A really enjoyed seeing my nanna on this day and although she couldn't be at home with us, it was nice taking Christmas to her, cheering her up and watching her open all of her presents - she was super spoilt; we all were! I also love it when you get new perfume for Christmas and you have to choose which one to wear along with your new clothes!

You're probably sick of reading about my unusual Christmas, so here are a few pictures of the festivities :) ....

    Our Christmas Tree!
                                                     Daisy posing in the wrapping paper!
      I put some pink tissue paper on Daisy and pretended it was her Christmas
          dress! She walked around the house modelling it!
   All tired out and having a rest from modelling her 'dress'

       Daisy and Cleo waiting for their Christmas Presents - treats!!
     My Christmas/hospital OOTD!
Although Christmas was a little unusual, I had a lovely day and I am so so thankful for all of the lovely presents I was given. Christmas really is a time for family and I am blessed to have all of mine with me on this special day!
I have been waiting to say this throughout the whole post but I feel this is going to end part one of my Christmas experience on such a high .... Today we had a phone call of my nanna and she told us she was allowed to come home YAY! She's at home now and her spirits have been raised so much; I love her being home as we have all missed her lots and lots!!
I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and are having a lovely boxing day! I haven't bothered with many of the sales as I have had a look online and haven't been that impressed! I'm not really one for sale shopping as if I want something I will usually buy it instead of waiting for a sale - usually they're full of rubbish and the things they couldn't sell from last season and I'm afraid to say that this is what the sales this year are like! However, I did have a cheeky look on the Mulberry website and their sale was rather good!!!
I'm currently sat here with a nice glass of cold Pepsi on the sofa cuddling with Daisy, writing a few blog posts and watching Hollyoaks whilst waiting for my tea to be cooked - we usually have people round on boxing day and have a buffet but obviously with what's happened plans have been cancelled as we didn't expect nanna to be out today! We had such a lovely surprise when we found out she was coming home and tonight we're having a mini buffet!
How did you spend your Christmas day this year? Have you been doing any sale shopping online or in your local shops or are you not really bothered by the boxing day sales? 
Stay tuned as Part Two of my Christmas 2012 will be coming tomorrow and this post will be showing all of the presents I was given from my family!

Saturday, 22 December 2012

The "Versatile Blogger Award" - I've won another award!

First of all before I get into the main content of this post I would like to take this time to bring a few things to you attention - don't worry it's nothing bad :)

As I'm sure you have all noticed on Twitter and in my last post here I mentioned that a lot of things had been happening in my life this month. The most recent thing was that my poor nanna was taken into hospital late last Friday night and is still stuck in there ... I don't want to jinx anything so I will keep things to the minimum. The lovely tweets I have been receving from my followers on Twitter and the lovely comments I have been given in the comments by my readers have been so lovely and your get well wishes have been super lovely so thank you all very much! We're of course hoping she is out in time for Christmas (as this is always a big thing in our house) and as I have said we've been given some good news so we're all crossing absolutely everything that she'll be home :)

The last thing I want to say before getting into the nitty gritty of this post is how much you have all made my day :) During the #bbloggers chat (that takes place on Sunday and Wednesday 8-9pm british time) on Wednesday I reached my target of 100 GFC followers as you can imagine I was over the moon as I think this is the first milestone for any blogger - it's so nice to know that people are interested in what you write about and want to read your work! Not only have I reached my goal of 100 GFC followers; I have surpassed it! Currently I am on 104 subscribers and I really could not be happier. Therefore, I want to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who has taken the time to click the GFC follow button at the side of my page! I have been saying for a while that when started getting into the 100's I would do a giveaway to thank my followers and therefore I am planning on doing one at some point in 2013 (I don't know when this will happen or what I will be giving away but of course I shall let you all know in due course). I have also reached over 400 Twitter followers and this has also made my day - I feel as though my little blog is starting to take off and I couldn't be more happier considering I only entered the blogging world in September!

So getting into what this post is actually about ....

As you may have guessed from the title of this post, I have been awarded for another blog award! I feel over the moon as this is my second award in the three short months that I have been blogging! I couldn't be any happier at being given this award as I was awarded it by a fellow blogger and it's just wonderful to know someone likes and appreciates what you do. The blogger that made my day is the lovely Nicole from Nicole Shelton - beauty. fashion. lifestyle - if you're reading this, thank you so much I really really appreciate you nominating me!

For those of you who arent familiar of what the 'Versatile Blogger Award' is, it's an award that is given to bloggers who are relatively new to the blogging world and the award is given to them by another blogger who nominates them. You simply get nominated by someone, do what the rules require you to do and shazam you have a little award - pretty simple but pleasing right?!

There are a few rules involved and they are:

1) Nominate up to 15 fellow bloggers who are relatively new to blogging.
2) Let the nominated bloggers know that they have been nominated for this award.
3) Share 7 random facts about yourself.
4) Thank the blogger who has nominated you.
5) Add the Versatile Blogger Award picture to your post.
Seven random facts about myself:
1. I'm amazingly close to my immediate family and they're everything to me!
2. I'm forever taking pictures of things on my phone/Ipad.
3. I LOVE cats, as you can probably tell if you follow me on Instagram.
4. I used to be really into dancing and was a tap dancer.
5. I find the word 'snog' absolutely awful - *cringe*.
6. I'm indecisive - It takes me forever to make decisions.
7. I love going shopping and carrying loads of bags.
My nominations go to:
I really just want to say that I chose these nominees because they've been blogging for under a year or have entered into the blogging world either just before I did or around the same time that I started out. There are so many beauty blogs out there and I wish I could nominate you all but that just wouldn't be realistic! If I have tagged you, be sure to come back and leave your post link in my comments, I'd love to read your answers :)
I hope you're all having a wonderful Saturday night :) I have been suffering from such a bad head cold and was feelng much better yesterday which was a good sign but unfortunately when I woke up this morning I was as bunged up as ever - I shall just have to stick to dosing myself up and plastering myself in Vicks vapour rub haha! Hope you're all well and are looking forward to Christmas, not long now: 3 days!!

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Tangle Teezer Review and Mini Life Update

Hello everyone, long time no speak! As I am pretty you're all aware (especially if you're a frequent reader and follow me on Twitter), I seem to have been absent from blogging for a while! Fear not, I haven't given up I have just had a lot of things on my plate recently! At the beginning of the month my time was consumed revising and preparing for an awful in class assessment and after that was over I just had 1 or 2 days being lazy, then I needed to make sure I was prepared for coming home for Christmas by buying everything I needed to buy in London and finally pack it all inside my suitcase hoping desperately it would fit! Eventually, on the 14th I arrived home safe and sound but unfortunately my poor nanna was taken into hospital late Friday evening so my time has been spent helping my mum prepare for Christmas and by visiting her - we're all hoping she is out in time for Christmas because it just wouldn't be the same without her and we all know she would hate being stuck in there at this time of year! We have all said that if she isn't out in time we will put Christmas on hold and have it another day when she can be with us but of course we're all hoping (and so is she) that she'll be home *crosses everything!!*

Anyway, now I have explained why I have been a little MIA from blogging,  hope you can understand and are looking forward to my newest feature - it feels like I have been away from blogging for so long!

As you can tell from the title of this post, today I am going to be reviewing and raving about the Tangle Teezer! I picked this little beauty up just over a month ago when I was on a shopping trip in Knightsbridge with a friend! Of course we grabbed some food there and had a lovely little mooch around Harrods. It was when we were walking out the doors that I noticed a Space NK directly opposite and despite there being one of the shops around the corner from where I currently live in London and hearing lots of beauty bloggers and YouTubers talk about how much they love this shop ... I had never been in. Well, it's safe to say that I am no longer a Space NK virgin and whilst browsing this beauty grotto in amazement I found what I had been thinking of buying for a long time ... A Tangle Teezer!

My Tangle Teezer only cost me £10 (they're a little cheaper/expensive depending on where you buy one from) so this didn't break the bank. I was so happy when I picked one up I couldn't wait to get back to my flat and give it a try. It's safe to say that I wasn't disappointed with it!

As you may or may not know, I always wear my hair in a scruffy top knot during the day and as a result of this when I take my bobbles out my hair can feel quite matted and is all curly. I feel as though using a hairbrush yanks and yanks at my hair and this of course feels a little uncomfortable because let's face it no girl likes her hair being pulled at!

I like to use my Tangle Teezer both when my hair is wet and when it's dry. I take this amazing creation in the shower with me because I'm not originally from the South and I'm used to the soft water that we have here up North. I just feel as though when I am in the shower my hair matts together and this is a pain in the backside when I'm trying to wash shampoo out. I like to wet my hair and brush through it before I'm about to apply the shampoo. I also use my Tangle Teezer when I deep condition my hair (something I do every Wednesday and Sunday). I like to apply my conditioner, leave it to soak in and then brush through my hair before washing it off. I also use my Tangle Teezer when I just condition my hair normally and again brush through before washing off - I feel this really gets this product into my roots and down the lengths of my hair making it super soft!
When using the Tangle Teezer dry I just use it as I would a normal hair brush and it works amazingly well. It doesn't pull at my hair causing my to feel discomfort or excess hair to fall out into the brush.

I really really like this Tangle Teezer and the design works well with my hair. I used to have really thick hair but over the past year my hair has changed and I would say it's medium thickness now - although my recent decision to use no heat at all (I only previously used a hairdryer) has made a huge change to my hair! (Maybe you'd be interested in hearing a bit more about that in a future post? Let me know in the comments below).

The way in which the Tangle Teezer has been designed means that the bristles can move with your hair to combat and destroy the knots rather than yank them out of your hair. The bristles of the Tangle Teezer means that they move with your hair rather than stay straight and although they're flexible they're not overly soft so it works perfectly :) I picked up the original tangle Teezer in bright pink (pictured below) but it is also available in black and sparkly purple!

I love this little creation so much that I would love to eventally pick up another Tangle Teezer to keep in my bag and to be more approproate for travelling. The only thing that I dislike about the original Tangle Teezer is that is doesn't come with some for of protection for the bristles and therefore when it's in your bag or you're travelling they could get damaged and become wonky. I don't think this would impact upon the way in which the Tangle Teezer performs but it just wouldn't look very nice - I like to try and keep my things in perfect condition. Therefore, I would like to try the Tangle Teezer Compact Styler in Pink/Black.

Also, because I enjoy using my Tangle Teezer so much in the shower I would like the try the Tangle Teezer Aqua Splash so I could have one of these wonderful things to leave at home to use when I'm there and to have at uni with me.

I would love to know what you think of Tangle Teezers - do you have one or do you perfer to use a standard hairbrush?

I hope you have all been having a lovely week and are looking forward to Christmas! Currently, we're all running around trying to get prepared and hoping that my poor nanna is home in time! I hope you're all not too stressed and are feeling prepared for the big day ;)

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Christmas gift ideas #2 - Pandora (Part 2)

As promised, here is the second part to my Pandora Christmas gift ideas feature. Part 1 can be found here and features the silver and grey leather wrap around bracelet. So many women either own or are lusting after a Pandora bracelet and choosing charms for someone can be a bit of a daunting task because there are so many lovely ones to choose from!

The idea behind these posts is to simply show you what charms and bracelets I have so you can see what they look like worn on the bracelet and when they're not on a bracelet. There are so many different charms available there is bound to be a couple out there that someone you know would love.

I have photographed the charms that I have and I will give a bit of information about them :) If you're wondering what to get someone for Christmas or are wondering what charms to get someone you know I hope there is one below that will help you out a great deal!

Sterling Silver Charms:

There are so many charms available in Sterling Silver and they're all obviously so much more affordable than the 14 carat gold charms. All of these Pandora charms are stamped with either 925 ALE and more recently the newer charms have been stamped with S925 ALE. Like the Sterling Silver bracelet, you're able to get these charms wet as many times as you want and you're also able to clean them up really well :)

Left - Right:
- Silver Love Heart - £30.00
- Silver Frog - £20.00
- Silver Strawberry £20.00
- Silver Aeroplane - £30.00

Left - Right:
- Silver Angel Of Hope - £30.00
- Silver Flower Power - £25.00
- Silver and Zirconia Heart - £40.00
- Silver Daisy The Cow - £30.00
Left - Right:
- Silver Elephant - £30.00
- Silver Ladybird - £25.00
- Silver Majestic Butterfly - £25.00
- Silver Ghost - £25.00
My 'Special' charms - Zirconia, Enamel and 14 Carat Gold.
Although most of my charms have been bought for me, I do in fact have a bracelet that only has my 'special' charms on it. These are the charms that have been bought for me, have a significant meaning and are more expensive or 'special' than the other plain silver ones. These charms are also stamped in the same way as the above Silver ones.

Left - Right:
- London Bus - £40.00
- Silver and 14ct Gold Queen Bee - £50.00
- Silver and Aqua Zirconia Snowflake - £45.00
- Silver, 14ct Gold and Pearl Carriage - £65.00
I don't know whether or not you're going to be interested in this following bit but I thought I would just give some reasoning behind why these charms are classed as being my 'special' charms and why I have them on a bracelet of their own:-
- The London Bus charm was bought in the summer of this year when my family came down to collect my from uni. This charm was bought because it is a London Bus and I had successfully survived university in London for one whole year! Also, in the top of the London Bus, as you can see if the uni jack - this is in enamel. I have got this charm wet a lot and it hasn't affected the colouring on the top of the charm at all :).
- The Queen Bee charm was bought for me because my family joked by saying I was like the Queen Bee and therefore this charm was perfect for me - they're not wrong ;)
- The Snowflake charm is super special to me because my most favourite teddy (yes, I still have one) is called Snowflake and I don't know what I would do without her she is a huge comfort to me and reminds me of home because my auntie bought me her when I was younger after I literally spent alllll day begging her. There are also another 2 of the Aqua Zirconia stones on this charm and therefore the Snowflake charm is triple sided.
- Finally, the Princess Carriage was bought for my last year as a christmas present from my family as I am known as their princess - especially by my nanna. This charm is super cute and even has a little princess head bedded into the charm. The top of the Carriage, as you can see is a little crown made out of 14ct Gold and in the middle of that there is a teeny tiny pearl. This charm is super pretty and perfect for any little princess!
Murano Glass Beads.
The beads are available in so so many different designs and they look great either mixed in amoungst the normal charms or just worn on their own. I don't have many colours as I like to keep my bracelets all the same colour theme (I hate it when people have too many different colours all over I think it looks really tacky). The beads that I have are all Silver, however you can get gold ones but again they're really rather expensive. Like the previous charms, these beads are also stamped in the usual Pandora way.

Left - Right:
- Unfortunately I can't find the price for this bead and it is showing up black when it is in fact purple. There is the exact design (just different colours) on the website priced at £30.00 called the Bubbles Murano Glass.
- Grey Candy Stripes Murano Glass - £30.00
- White and Grey Polka Dots Murano Glass - £30.00
Left - Right:
- Unfortunately, I can't find this colour on the website. However, there are the same beads (just in different colours) on there. They're called Captivating Murano Glass and are priced at £30.00
- Light Blue Candy Stripes Murano Glass - £30.00
- Periwinkle Stars Murano Glass - £30.00
So my lovelies that is everything in my Pandora Christmas gift ideas features. I hope you have gained some sort of inspiration from this post and I hope the pictures do the charms justice (they were so hard to photograph on my IPad!). Anyway, I hope you've all been having an amazing weekend - I decided I would write this post when the X Factor was boring me to death and how amazing is it that Charlie became Queen of the jungle!? Well deserved!

What do you think of my charms? Would like to receive one for yourself or give one to someone as a Christmas gift?
Don't forget to comment below if you require any more information or pictures of a specific charm :) I took all the prices and charm names from the John Greed website which can be found here. I chose to include this website rather than the actual Pandora one because I know everyone lives near a Pandora store and when buying offline you want to be sure you're getting the real deal. I have used this website before and so have family so I included it because I know it's reliable and because you can't buy directly off the Pandora website!