Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Christmas 2012 - Part One: The Experience

So as I am sure you are all aware, my Christmas this year was filled with mixed emotions. Many followers of my blog and my Twitter followers know that my poor nanna was unfortunately in hospital over the festive season and therefore Christmas wasn't how it usually is :(

Originally, we said that we would put Christmas on hold and delay the present opening until she was back at home with us. However, as you can imagine my poor nanna was feeling really upset that she couldn't be with us yesterday. Originally, she was told that they would try and let her out of hospital on Christmas Eve but if this wasn't possible they'd try and arrange for her to come home and spend a few hours with us. Unfortunately, neither of these things happened and although I don't want to go into too much information and broadcast my family and their troubles all over the internet; I can say that she was deemed too unfit to come home properly or for a small amount of time!

As you can imagine, this deeply upset my grandad, mum, auntie and of course me as I haven't seen her much at all since coming back from London. I have been battling the worlds worst headcold and therefore wasn't able to go into the hospital much. Due to nanna feeling upset that she couldn't be at home with us enjoying the present opening and the delightful food we decided we were going to no longer postpone Christmas and we were going to take christmas to her - we were like four little Santas walking into the hospital and as soon as she seen us all and her sack full of presents her face lit up! It instantly perked her up and her mood was so much better; it really lifted her spirits.

Personally, I would absolutely hate to be in hospital on the big day as it really is my favourite time of year but I have to say that the staff were so so lovely! There was a nurse dressed as Father Christmas, happy cheerful attitudes from all the staff and the poor people stuck in hospital were provided with a Christmas dinner - roast potatoes, turkey, gravy, carrots, mashed potato, pigs in blankets and soup. Of course, it didn't smell very nice and wasn't the most appetising meal ever but when do hospital meals ever look nice!? haha! Still it was nice that they were given a sense of normality :)

The morning was a little bit hectic - we woke up at 9, I opened a few presents, we had a bacon sandwich and bucks fizz (which is a tradition) for brakefast, got dressed, gathered all of her presents together and were up at the hospital for 11am! In all my 19 years of experiencing Christmas, I have never ever woken up at 9am! Usually my nanna is so excited and wants to wake up at silly o'clock! Of course we object and usually compromise for around 6am - I have known us to be the first house in the street with lights on before; yes, we're all big kids!

Usually we spend Christmas waking up early, opening the presents, having a bacon sandwich with bucks fizz, staying in our pyjamas, eating christmas dinner, looking at the presents and generally relaxing having fun with each other and watching the soaps in the night time!!

It's safe to say that we were all very spoilt this year and we were all super thankful for what we had been given. We may be a family of spoilt people but I like to think we're not bratty or arrogant! I took a lot of pictures through out the day as I wanted to be able to make a blog post and mainly I wanted to be able to show my nanna us unwrapping presents and the cats having fun in the wrapping paper; they always go crazy jumping all over it's so funny! As I have said I took a lot of pictures yesterday and if you follow me on Instagram you will probably have noticed me going a little crazy - I do apologise!

Christmas did feel a little bit weird without my nanna being there, especially when we were sat around the table having Christmas dinner! We were all a little upset as we really were missing her being around us - it just felt so weird and being told that she couldn't come home properly or for a few hours really upset us all. I don't want to sound ungrateful for saying this but I think being told that sad news really did put a bit of a downer on our Christmas Eve :(

Wow, this post sounds really depressing doesn't it!? I do apologise - let's talk about some fun things and show some pictures of my day!!

Spending part of my Christmas day in hospital was a bit of an experience and means that I have now had a Christmas and a Birthday (my 9th birthday) in hospital. Not many people can say that can they!? We always get 'special presents' in my family, it's a tradition (this can be something expensive or something little and meaningful but is a total surprise) and we exchanged these special gifts in the room with my nanna :)

My Christmas dinner was absolutely amazing and my mum and auntie did an amazing job cooking it under the circumstances! We ordered our food from Marks & Spencer and it was so so lovely! I'm not a big fan of Turkey so I did leave some of it on my plate along with some other things - I was so full! Although Christmas dinner was lush, I can't wait until New Years Day as it's our little family tradition to have another Christmas dinner on this day - this year we have put in another food order with Marks & Spencers and we're having sirloin beef! Mmmm, my mouth is watering already!!

As you all know, I have cats and I am a total cat lady! One of them is mine (Daisy) and the other one is my aunties cat (Cleo). Daisy is the attention seeker and is such a little cutie when she plays in all of the wrapping paper and tried to get inside the christmas sacks! We were screwing it into balls and Daisy would jump up from out of the paper and bat the piece of paper - she's so clever!

A really enjoyed seeing my nanna on this day and although she couldn't be at home with us, it was nice taking Christmas to her, cheering her up and watching her open all of her presents - she was super spoilt; we all were! I also love it when you get new perfume for Christmas and you have to choose which one to wear along with your new clothes!

You're probably sick of reading about my unusual Christmas, so here are a few pictures of the festivities :) ....

    Our Christmas Tree!
                                                     Daisy posing in the wrapping paper!
      I put some pink tissue paper on Daisy and pretended it was her Christmas
          dress! She walked around the house modelling it!
   All tired out and having a rest from modelling her 'dress'

       Daisy and Cleo waiting for their Christmas Presents - treats!!
     My Christmas/hospital OOTD!
Although Christmas was a little unusual, I had a lovely day and I am so so thankful for all of the lovely presents I was given. Christmas really is a time for family and I am blessed to have all of mine with me on this special day!
I have been waiting to say this throughout the whole post but I feel this is going to end part one of my Christmas experience on such a high .... Today we had a phone call of my nanna and she told us she was allowed to come home YAY! She's at home now and her spirits have been raised so much; I love her being home as we have all missed her lots and lots!!
I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and are having a lovely boxing day! I haven't bothered with many of the sales as I have had a look online and haven't been that impressed! I'm not really one for sale shopping as if I want something I will usually buy it instead of waiting for a sale - usually they're full of rubbish and the things they couldn't sell from last season and I'm afraid to say that this is what the sales this year are like! However, I did have a cheeky look on the Mulberry website and their sale was rather good!!!
I'm currently sat here with a nice glass of cold Pepsi on the sofa cuddling with Daisy, writing a few blog posts and watching Hollyoaks whilst waiting for my tea to be cooked - we usually have people round on boxing day and have a buffet but obviously with what's happened plans have been cancelled as we didn't expect nanna to be out today! We had such a lovely surprise when we found out she was coming home and tonight we're having a mini buffet!
How did you spend your Christmas day this year? Have you been doing any sale shopping online or in your local shops or are you not really bothered by the boxing day sales? 
Stay tuned as Part Two of my Christmas 2012 will be coming tomorrow and this post will be showing all of the presents I was given from my family!


  1. I hope you're nanna gets better sonn :) My Christmas was different too, since was the first Christmas without both of my Grandmas, they past way in October, both in the same week.. Anyway, we still tried to make this Christmas good with the rest of the family...

    1. Thank you very much :) She came out of hospital today so that's such a relief! Oh gosh, I'm so sorry to hear that - that's such a shame :( I'm sure they will never be forgotten and were there in spirit on the special day! xxx

    2. Thank you, i'm sure they were :) And I'm glad your grandma came home :)


  2. I hope she gets better soon.
    Love your blog. I'm going to follow.

    1. Thank you very much :) She is actually home now, she came home yesterday which was a huge relief!
      I'm so glad you like my blog and thank you for the follow :) xx