Thursday, 27 December 2012

Christmas 2012 - Part Two: The Presents

Before I get into the nitty gritty of this post I want to start things by including a HUGE disclaimer. I just want to say that I am not doing this feature on my blog to brag about presents or money in any way, shape or form. I am simply doing this feature because I am really thankful for what I was given and I love reading other peoples blog posts about what they got for Christmas so I thought I would do my own :) I also want to say that I do know the value of money and therefore I don't take gifts or my family for granted. If you feel as though I am bragging and think you may take offence to the content of this post or simply do not like 'what I it or Christmas' haul posts then I kindly ask that you don't continue to read on :) Im not going to take offence if you choose to exit out of this feature...

As you're all aware from my last post, Christmas was a little different for me this year and as a family our time was spent between our house and visiting my nanna in hospital! We took her presents in to her and we spent a lot of time which was really nice as we got to cheer her up and were together for Christmas :) Although it wasn't in the usual way, we made the most of what we had and somehow made it work! I value my family so much and Christmas is always time for spending time together and appreciating what you got. You found out the way I spent my Christmas day here!

Christmas has to be my favourite time of the year and I just love buying presents for people and handing them out to people/watching others open their gifts as I love to see their reactions. I love the decorations being up in the house, everybody feeling festive, eating lots of delicious food and trying to guess what Santa has brought! We're all huge kids in my house and we all get far too excited for Christmas - people who say it's just another day really annoy me; boring!!

This year, we were all spoilt and we really must have been good as Santa brought us lots of amazing presents! I was over the moon with every single one of them. I actually cannot stop looking at them and yesterday I went a little Instagram crazy posting pictures of a few things ... So if you follow me on there you will probably have an idea of some of my presents!

Wow, I must have been a good girl this year!!

My HUGE perfume haul - a girl can never have too many fragrances!

Possibly the nicest perfume ever! I actually knew I was getting this -
my auntie blabbed!!

The essential beauty products!

Pampering, cosy and sweet treats!
Clothing essentials!

Sweet treats - delicious!!

Cosy presents and money from my Auntie!

I am so in love with every single one of my presents and they were all in my sack together but there were two gifts that really stood out this year. This doesn't mean I value any of my other presents less, it's just because one of them was something I needed and another one of them was a gift I will treasure forever and take care of for as long as I have it - I have always wanted one!!

I am so happy I got some new UGG boots as my other ones are a bit past it now -
although they're a love or hate kind of shoe, I happen to love them and
wear them all of the time!

As you can imagine, I was beyond excitement to unwrap this yellow bag!

The writing on the tag isn't very clear but I
wonder if you can guess what I got...

Oh my gosh!! I have wanted one of these beautiful scarves
for such a long time - happy chappy!! Thankyou!

Every family has their christmas traditions and my family is no exception. We have a few traditions based around the festive season and one of them is that we get 'special presents' on Christmas day. These presents don't go under the tree or anything (none of our presents do - we have sacks to put our presents in as we like our tree to be clutter free and classy!). Our 'special presents' are things we do not know about (there is always someone in the house that lets a few of your presents slip - haha!). I was given two this year and they were so thoughful ...

A genuine sterling silver pill box - such a lovely and thoughtful gift. I
love how this looks antique and is a twist on a typical old fashioned
pill box. Now carrying my tablet won't be such a chore!

A new genuine crystal Shamballa bracelet - yay!

As you can tell I was one spoiled little sausage this year and as well as these beautiful presents I was given some money from family for when I go back to university. However, I don't really like to take pictures of money - personal preference I guess! I love all of my gifts and I wouldn't change them for the world!

My family also got really spoilt and their special included a WiiU for my mum, an iPad mini for my nanna and an Alexander McQueen scarf for my auntie - I keep joking with her that she's a copy cat haha!! We had to being the iPad mini home for my nanna as she wanted us to set it up for her and take it back to the hospital

My nannas iPad mini compared to my iPad - it's so small
and cute!!

My auntie and her new zebra slippers - she wanted me to include
a picture of these on my blog and on Instagram haha!

Daisy having fun in the wrapping paper!

I hope that you have all had a wonderful Christmas day and boxing day! I hope you have enjoyed your time over the festive season and were spoilt rotten by family and friends. I really haven't been impressed by this years boxing day sales but it really does take a lot to impress me with a sale - they never really interest me as they're usually full of tack or even if you find something decent they never have your size :(

What did you get for Christmas? Did you have a good time with your friends and family? 


  1. Wow you got some great presents! Im also a perfume junkie! I love your new scarf and Uggs :) My 2 cats were doing the same the wrapping paper haha xx

    1. Thank you :) I'm so happy with them all, I keep going to my sack and having a look at them! There should hopefully be lots of blog posts coming up in 2013 featuring these gifts! I have so many perfumes but its so true - a woman never can have enough!! Oh I love them too - I couldn't wait to wear them!!!
      One of mine is a little scared of it but the other was jumping all over and laying in it. She's so cheeky! I hope you enjoyed the day :) xx

  2. Such beautiful presents, You'll have to let me know what the Katy Perry Perfume smells like! xxx

    1. Ah thank you so much Hannah - I was over the moon :)! I can't really describe what they both smell like because I'm awful at describing the scent if things haha! I'm sure I will do a blog post on them at some point though! The bottles in the shape of Cats so of course I think they're amazing!! xxxx

  3. Such beautiful things and so many perfumes! My bottle of Marc Jacobs Daisy is just coming to its end. I love the Urban Decay eye shadow primer too and the gorgeous skull scarf. You were spoilt! Enjoy your goodies dear :) xo

    1. Thank you so much :) I have a slight obsession with perfume; I like to think I smell nice haha! They also look so pretty when all the bottles are displayed together on show especially Marc Jacobs ones! I have a small bottle of Marc Jacobs Daisy but I LOVE the limited edition ones they do at Christmas so I popped this on my list - it's a lovely bottle; black with gold Daisies on the lid :) I love the UD primer - my eyeshadow didn't move an inch! Thank you, I love my scarf too I'm just amazed by it and its my first ever Alexander McQueen piece! I'm sure I will enjoy everything and be blogging about it all in 2013 - I hope you had a wonderful day :) xxx

  4. Aww everything is great,but the perfumes - OMG I am in Love <3 I want to try K.Perry's fragrance for such a long time:)

    1. I'm in love with the perfumes too! I'm going to smell SO nice haha!! They both smell lovely and ate in cat bottles - perfect!! xxx

  5. wow you got some lovely things. I really love them kleenex cleaning tissue, they are so soft. x

    1. Thank you very much :) I haven't tried any of the Kleenex things so I can't wait! They're so reasonably priced and I've read some good reviews on them so I have high expectations haha xx

  6. You got such amazing gifts! You will definitely be smelling delicious with all of those perfumes! :P I am your newest follower! x

    1. Thank you, I really appreciate them all! I shall hopefully be smelling amazing with all those! There's some lovely additions to my collection :) Thank you very much for the follow and I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! xxx

  7. Love this post! I think I'm going to do mine this weekend.

    My grandad was in hospital over Christmas, so I totally empathize with it being a little different for you. Your perfume haul is amazing! I felt so blessed this year, had some really thoughtful gifts.

    Much love, Melly xx

    1. Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed reading :)

      Ooh, it's no fun at all is it hvaing a loved one in hospital over Christmas! I hope your grandad is feeling a lot better soon and is home with you all :) I was really happy with the ones i got - I love perfumes so I was over the moon with those and everything else! Look forward to seeing your Christmas haul post! xxx

  8. Wow, you got some lovely gifts! xx

  9. wow you got some lovely things! Love the Selfridges scarf. I've done a Christmas haul post on my blog too if you want to check it out :) hope you had a good day!


    1. Thank you, I'm really pleased with it all :) Ah I was so happy to see a Selfridges bag! My first ever Alexander McQueen item :)! Ooh I will definitely check it out; I love these kinds of posts :) Thank you, I hope you also had a good day xxx

  10. You got amazing gifts! I'm very jealous of all the perfumes x