Saturday, 1 December 2012

Christmas gift ideas #2 - Pandora (Part 2)

As promised, here is the second part to my Pandora Christmas gift ideas feature. Part 1 can be found here and features the silver and grey leather wrap around bracelet. So many women either own or are lusting after a Pandora bracelet and choosing charms for someone can be a bit of a daunting task because there are so many lovely ones to choose from!

The idea behind these posts is to simply show you what charms and bracelets I have so you can see what they look like worn on the bracelet and when they're not on a bracelet. There are so many different charms available there is bound to be a couple out there that someone you know would love.

I have photographed the charms that I have and I will give a bit of information about them :) If you're wondering what to get someone for Christmas or are wondering what charms to get someone you know I hope there is one below that will help you out a great deal!

Sterling Silver Charms:

There are so many charms available in Sterling Silver and they're all obviously so much more affordable than the 14 carat gold charms. All of these Pandora charms are stamped with either 925 ALE and more recently the newer charms have been stamped with S925 ALE. Like the Sterling Silver bracelet, you're able to get these charms wet as many times as you want and you're also able to clean them up really well :)

Left - Right:
- Silver Love Heart - £30.00
- Silver Frog - £20.00
- Silver Strawberry £20.00
- Silver Aeroplane - £30.00

Left - Right:
- Silver Angel Of Hope - £30.00
- Silver Flower Power - £25.00
- Silver and Zirconia Heart - £40.00
- Silver Daisy The Cow - £30.00
Left - Right:
- Silver Elephant - £30.00
- Silver Ladybird - £25.00
- Silver Majestic Butterfly - £25.00
- Silver Ghost - £25.00
My 'Special' charms - Zirconia, Enamel and 14 Carat Gold.
Although most of my charms have been bought for me, I do in fact have a bracelet that only has my 'special' charms on it. These are the charms that have been bought for me, have a significant meaning and are more expensive or 'special' than the other plain silver ones. These charms are also stamped in the same way as the above Silver ones.

Left - Right:
- London Bus - £40.00
- Silver and 14ct Gold Queen Bee - £50.00
- Silver and Aqua Zirconia Snowflake - £45.00
- Silver, 14ct Gold and Pearl Carriage - £65.00
I don't know whether or not you're going to be interested in this following bit but I thought I would just give some reasoning behind why these charms are classed as being my 'special' charms and why I have them on a bracelet of their own:-
- The London Bus charm was bought in the summer of this year when my family came down to collect my from uni. This charm was bought because it is a London Bus and I had successfully survived university in London for one whole year! Also, in the top of the London Bus, as you can see if the uni jack - this is in enamel. I have got this charm wet a lot and it hasn't affected the colouring on the top of the charm at all :).
- The Queen Bee charm was bought for me because my family joked by saying I was like the Queen Bee and therefore this charm was perfect for me - they're not wrong ;)
- The Snowflake charm is super special to me because my most favourite teddy (yes, I still have one) is called Snowflake and I don't know what I would do without her she is a huge comfort to me and reminds me of home because my auntie bought me her when I was younger after I literally spent alllll day begging her. There are also another 2 of the Aqua Zirconia stones on this charm and therefore the Snowflake charm is triple sided.
- Finally, the Princess Carriage was bought for my last year as a christmas present from my family as I am known as their princess - especially by my nanna. This charm is super cute and even has a little princess head bedded into the charm. The top of the Carriage, as you can see is a little crown made out of 14ct Gold and in the middle of that there is a teeny tiny pearl. This charm is super pretty and perfect for any little princess!
Murano Glass Beads.
The beads are available in so so many different designs and they look great either mixed in amoungst the normal charms or just worn on their own. I don't have many colours as I like to keep my bracelets all the same colour theme (I hate it when people have too many different colours all over I think it looks really tacky). The beads that I have are all Silver, however you can get gold ones but again they're really rather expensive. Like the previous charms, these beads are also stamped in the usual Pandora way.

Left - Right:
- Unfortunately I can't find the price for this bead and it is showing up black when it is in fact purple. There is the exact design (just different colours) on the website priced at £30.00 called the Bubbles Murano Glass.
- Grey Candy Stripes Murano Glass - £30.00
- White and Grey Polka Dots Murano Glass - £30.00
Left - Right:
- Unfortunately, I can't find this colour on the website. However, there are the same beads (just in different colours) on there. They're called Captivating Murano Glass and are priced at £30.00
- Light Blue Candy Stripes Murano Glass - £30.00
- Periwinkle Stars Murano Glass - £30.00
So my lovelies that is everything in my Pandora Christmas gift ideas features. I hope you have gained some sort of inspiration from this post and I hope the pictures do the charms justice (they were so hard to photograph on my IPad!). Anyway, I hope you've all been having an amazing weekend - I decided I would write this post when the X Factor was boring me to death and how amazing is it that Charlie became Queen of the jungle!? Well deserved!

What do you think of my charms? Would like to receive one for yourself or give one to someone as a Christmas gift?
Don't forget to comment below if you require any more information or pictures of a specific charm :) I took all the prices and charm names from the John Greed website which can be found here. I chose to include this website rather than the actual Pandora one because I know everyone lives near a Pandora store and when buying offline you want to be sure you're getting the real deal. I have used this website before and so have family so I included it because I know it's reliable and because you can't buy directly off the Pandora website!


  1. This is so cute!

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  2. I love my pandora bracelet,I haven't got a new charm for it in ages. x

    1. I love both of mine I wear them all the time - they're an amazing way to customise your jewellery :) xx

  3. Aww they make sure cute gifts. All my nieces will squeal with delight.

    1. They make amazing gifts and they're perfect gifts to give to someone who likes to keep gifts for a long time and remember the meaning behind it :) xxx

  4. Oh my, the little elephant is gorgeous! I've never been to bothered by Pandora bracelets until now haha xxx

    1. It's so cute isn't it - I think the elephant and the cow have such cute little faces! Ah I'm sorry to have introduced you to them haha! You'll become totally obsessed with them now!xxx

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  6. I'm more of a Trollbeads girl myself (I have 3 bracelets! Not all of them are full, though) - but these are beautiful too :)

    I am your newest blog follower! Gotta go have a browse through your old posts now to catch up <3

    - Erin xo - One girl's attempt at creating 365 different make-up looks in as many days

    1. I have never really paid much attention to Trollbeads - I've only seem then in a jewellers one time but they looked lovely! I think Pandora, Trollbeads and Chamillia are more or less based upon the exact same concept haha!

      Thank you so much for the follow, it means an awful lot to me :)! I shall definitely go and check out your blog in return xxx