Friday, 28 December 2012

Lancome 'Hydra Zen' Moisturising Cream

I will be the first person to admit that I never used to bother with moisturising before putting foundation onto my face. I just used to wipe my face and off I'd go. However, this all changed when I went a little crazy at my local Lancome counter and bought myself some treats, bought some things for Christmas (for myself off someone else) and received a free gift which was amazing! Post here.

I have never had a moisturising routine, like my mum I am blessed with 'baby bum' skin so I have never needed to stick to a strict routine. In all honesty, it's something I'm not into. In the past I have bought some night cream to put on but I really didn't like it. I was just paranoid that it would get into my hair around my forehead, down the sides of face and I felt as though I woke up with greasy skin - I only have a slightly oily T-Zone sometimes, it's nothing problematic, I have sensitive skin so I guess you could say combination?

Anyway, getting into the actual purpose of this post ... As I have said I never used to moisturise before applying my make up but now I actually use moisturiser along with a few other products which you can find me using here in a natural make up tutorial.

The moisturiser I use is of course by Lancome (as you all know, I'm a huge fan) and it is their 'Hydra Zen' Neurocalm Soothing Anti-Stress Moisturing Cream with SPF 15. I really kike it because it doesn't aggravate my sensitive skin, it doesn't break me out and it doesn't leave my skin feeling like it's all clogged up and greasy which is something that's a necessity for me - I wouldn't use it, if it caused any of these things.

I do believe that this moisturiser is rather expensive to buy and is available in a number of different products for the fact, eyes and for use as a night cream. To buy a pot of the cream I am reviewing is around £38 for a 50ml tub. Yes, this does seem a little steep however, it is Lancome so you're paying for the brand, the packaging is nice, simplistic and you only need a small amount to cover the whole face - I use a pea sized amount of product and it works absolutely fine.

What do Lancome say about the product?
- All skin types, even sensitive
- External aggravators, emotional tension and tiredness stress the skin. Lancome has created a unique NeuroCalm complex to reduce the effects of emotional and environmental stress on the skin. Immediate and 24H intense moisture. UVA/UVB protection - SPF 15.
- Results: Your skin is intensely moisturised, feels soft, appears smoother and looks more luminous. Lastingly soothed, it is more resistant. Signs of tiredness seem to disappear.
- Avoid eye area.
- Allergy tested.
- Dermatologically tested.
Patent pending.

I like this product because it soaks right into your skin and doesn't linger on the top like a layer of grease. It soaks in quickly and I really do feel as though it makes my skin feel a lot calmer and of course soft! This moisturiser is the third thing I usually apply before putting my foundation on and it just helps to create a smooth base - something that's a key part of a flawless face routine!

The sample I was given is a 30ml tube and I am delighted with the size of the sample, I didn't expect it to be that big! As I have said the full sized 50ml tub retails for around £38 which means my 30ml sample is going to be definitely worth a bob or two!

I really couldn't imagine putting my make up on without preparing my skin and moisturing my skin! Sometimes, when I am in a rush I just apply my foundation straight onto my skin and although it still looks flawless I think my Hydra Zen just helps overall.

I really wouldn't hesitate to pay the price tag for this product because I like the way it works with my skin and my make up. However, I am pleased to say that when I bought my Christmas goodies (for someone to give to me) I was given another one of the Lancome free gift bags so I have another tube of this beauty waiting for me to use! I have been using my current one for well over a month now and I would say it is still more than half full so I won't need to buy some of this cream for a while.

I feel as though when I have had a rubbish nights sleep (something that happens a lot; the joys of being a stressed student) my skin is given a boost and really does get a new lease of life - it's given a lovely glow and on good skin days sometimes I just apply some moisturiser and don't bother with foundation.

I know a lot of people like to mix a blob of foundation into their moisturiser to create their very own tinted moisturiser but I haven't tried this with this product yet. Maybe that's something you would be interested in seeing?

What do you think of moisturiser; do you use it before applying your foundation or do you not bother with it? Have you ever tried this Lancome one or do you think paying £38 for a moisturiser is a little crazy?

*please note I got this in a free gift as part of a promotion


  1. Honestly I'd have to say that £38 for a moisturiser is a bit much for me, but I love moisturisers in general :) they save my skin from its terrible dryness! I'd love to see you make a tinted moisturiser out of this, I've never really considered doing that with mine before :) x

    1. It is pretty expensive and that's why I'm so glad I have another 30ml tube to use up after my current one runs out! Have you used the Nivea Express Hydration primer?! That's really hydrating and it's also a pretty good primer - I think it's around 5/6 pounds :) I shall definitely think if making a tinted moisturiser out of this at some point and doing a tutorial of some sort :) xxx

    2. It's a shame this is a little too pricey for me else is love to try it il have to add it to my wish list though!

    3. It is a little pricey but my 30ml sample seems to be lasting forever! This is definitely on my wish lid for when m samples run out :) xx

  2. I usually buy Clarins moisturizers, which are a similar price to the Lancome. I will have to bare this product in mind when my skincare bottles run out.


    1. I've never used Clarins but I've heard amazing things about them! I'd definitely suggest having a look as it may work great with your skin :) xxx

  3. This looks like a fantastic product! I think if the moisturizer works really well for your skin, any price tag is worth it! These sample tubes are such great value xoxo

    1. I really do rate it highly :) Yeah definitely that has to be the most important thing - it working well with you and our skin! They really are amazing! I'm so glad that I managed to et 2 free gifts and have another one of these 30ml tubes :) xxx