Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Chanel Wishlist

Like most beauty obsessed people, I have a wishlist the length of my arm. However, I always find that my wishlists can be put into categories according to brands. The wishlist that I'm finding to be the longest is my Chanel one- I just love the brand, the luxury, the way they wrap your purchases up and those simplistic but elegent white bags they give you. Of course, one thing I'm not so keen on is the price but hey it's Chanel it's never going to come cheap is it and in most situations you really do get what you pay for!

Recently I have been obsessing a little over eyeshadows. I never really used to wear them much but since getting my Naked 2 palette a few months ago in September I have found I really enjoy applying eyeshadow and when you have the right brushes creating a smokey eye takes no time at all and is super easy. I find the colours of this Chanel eyeshadow absolutely gorgeous! It is from the Christmas 2012 collection so I'm not sure if they'll still have this in store when I get back to London and go shopping with my friend. I really do hope that they do as I would love to go and have a look at it and see whether or not these colours work well with my blue eyes. I have been seeing a lot of people wearing gorgeous cranberry colours like this one and they always look beautiful when blended well eith other colours to tone it down a little.
The next thing on my wishlist is this nail colour. I noticed this in November when I was in Harrods shopping with a friend and it caught my eye straight away. I don't know why I didn't pick it up, I'm just hoping it will be there when I'm next shopping! Again, this is a gorgeous burgundy coloured nail varnish and was from Chanel's Christmas 2012 collection. The colour is perfect for winter, is very on trend right now and is perfect for making fingers look longer and slimmer!

Next up on my wishlist are face brushes. For Christmas I got the beautiful Chanel foundation brush - it really is stunning! I have been wanting a proper brush collection and I decided to choose Chanel because I absolutely love the brand and their brushes really do look something. The matte black handle and the silver writing on them really looks so elegant and they're the kind of brushes that would look beautiful displayed all together on a dressing table. Of course, they come in the gorgeous black velvet pouch with the Chanel logo embossed at the top and would make a beautiful gift for someone or a perfect treat for a Chanel fan and a make up lover.

I have included the powder brush, the angled powder brush and the blusher brush onto my list because I am in need of a few powder and blusher brush. My current ones from the Body Shop are starting to get a little past it now and the powder brush is definitely loosing shape. All three of these brushes are made from natural hair and I think they're just absolutely gorgeous - what woman wouldn't like to add these to her brush collection. To me the angled brush looks slightly too big for contouring the cheek bones but this looks as though it would be amazing for one sweep of highlighter along the cheekbones - I don't know; I'm just going by how big it looks online so when I eventually get round to going to look at this brush I shall let you all know what I think.

Next up on my list are two eyeshadow brushes. I do actually want some by MAC but these are the two Chanel brushes that are on my wishlist. It's such a shame that they don't have a fluffy blending brush because I would have snapped that up straight away as I'm after a good one.
The small eyeshadow brush looks perfect for precise application of eyeshadow especially when trying to create a smokey eye. Like the name suggests, this brush looks small. I don't have a small brush to work with and I'm looking to add one to my collection. I think this small brush would be really good for either adding a wash of colour onto the lid or adding more colour onto a base colour. I shall definitely let you know my thoughts on this brush when I go to Chanel.
The final brush on my Chanel wishlist is the angled eyeshadow brush. This brush would be wonderful for adding colour onto the outer corner of the eye and then bleding the colour out with a fluffy brush (a MAC 217 is on my wishlist). The angled brush could also be used for adding a small amount of colour through the crease. Depending on the size of this brush, it could possibly be used for filling in eyeshadows with powder. However, like the majority of these brushes, I haven't seen this brush in real life as the counter in Selfridges didn't have them on display and I wasn't best pleased with the service I was given - such a shame really as last time I shopped there the sales assistant was lovely!

That's everything on my Chanel brush and make up wishlist, although I'm sure I will no doubt see more stuff and add it on! I think these brushes are absolutely stunning and I honestly can't wait to go and check them out. They're rather expensive (I believe the angled powder brush is around £44) but I won't be buying them all at once. I would absolutely love to own all of these brushes at some point and as you may have read in my New Years resolutions posts one of them is to save money so I can treat myself this year - mainly when my family come down to London to collect me and bring me back home in May.

The final thing on my Chanel wishlist is a piece of jewellery. I have seen a few women in London wearing these ear rings everytime I see them it just makes me fall more and more in love. I think they're absolutely gorgeous and a little bit of everyday luxury. I have my ears pierced twice and I currently have gold hoops in my bottom holes - these ear rings would go absolutely perfect there and due to having my hair up all of the time they'd be shown off wonderfully. I need to pluck up the courage to go into the Chanel jewellery section in Selfridges and enquire about these beauties. I would have to either purchase them in either Gold or White Gold as I cannot usually wear Silver and wouldn't like to pay all that money to find out they turned me green!!


What do you think of make up brushes? Are you after a really a nice set or do make up brushes not interest you much?

Please note: the pictures of all the brushes, the eyeshadow and the nail varnish were taken from the official Chanel website - here

Saturday, 12 January 2013

I'm On YouTube!?

So after many months of umm'ing and aah'ing I decided today I would make the transition from blogging to the world of YouTube!! It was one of my New Years Resolutions and it feels so good to have finally plucked up the courage and made the plunge :)

My YouTube Channel is PamperMeToPerfection and I thought this was really approproate as we're always buying beauty products and hoping they'll make us look perfect - I'm awful when it comes to making up usernames ect!!

I had promised a few people that I would do a 'What I got For Christmas' video and I have done :) Although it is a little late and the quality of the camera isn't 100% I will get a decent one if you guys like watching my videos and want me to carry on doing them! I hope you enjoy the video I made and if you subscribe it would make my day; it's free to do :)

I met a friend last night and we ended up in Leicester Square and had a huge Pizza Hut and a look around M&M world. I also bought myself some sweets from there so look forward to eating those as I love M&M's. Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures so I can't properly blog about it but if I go again I shall get some new ones :) If you're in London I definitely recommend going.
I hope you have all had a wonderful Saturday :)

Rubbish quality I know - I have no idea what happened because it
was perfectly clear when I was fiming :(
Twitter: @PurpleElll
Instagram: Elysia_JW
YouTube: PamperMeToPerfection

Monday, 7 January 2013

Most Worn Winter Things - TAG

So first of all before I start this blog post .. I just want to breathe a sigh of relief *aaah!*. I have just finished my coursework so it's all ready to double check and submit in a few days. If you're a university student (or any other kind of student) you will know how good it feels to get to the end of one very long and tiring essay! Oh and not to mention referencing - I'm sure that takes me longer to do than writing the actual essay did!!
I'm heading back to university tomorrow and I have been packing all of my christmas presents today! It was such a tight squeeze - I had to leave a few things but they're only things that I already have some of. I hate leaving presents behind but I guess that's the problem when you're having to travel a long way by train! If I took everything from home I wanted to take, I'd need a whole carriage!! I hate going back and leaving family (I always cry as the train pulls away - very emotional and dramatic; making use of my previous drama training haha!!) but I will be back home in around 5 weeks wooo!!

As you all know by now, I absolutely love doing tag posts! I think they're just a nice change from haul and review features. They're also a great thing to do when the creative juices for your blog aren't flowing in the way they usually are - we all get stuck for ideas sometimes!

Towards the end of last year (how weird does that sound!? I keep saying 'this year' when really I meant 2012 and 'next year' when I really mean this year! Yes, it's taking a bit of getting used to this 2013 business! When I'm back at uni I know I'm going to write 2012 and have to draw a little curve from the 2 to make a 3!), I seen this tag floating around on a few blogs and especially on YouTube as a lot of people had been making this tag as a video and I really enjoyed watching them. I was tagged by my beautiful fellow blogging friend Hannah from BeausofBeauty (If you haven't checked her blog out please go over and give her a GFC follow. She also makes YouTube videos and she's lovely so deserves some views!) as she knows how much of a tag geek I am! So thank you doll :D!

Most worn Nail Polish

To be honest, I haven't really been wearing nail polish much. My nails are really weak and I have decided I want to try and strengthen them so I have mainly been wearing a strengthening polish by Rimmel.
However, when I have been wearing a polish I have been opting for a dark burgundy colour by Rimmel. I love this colour as not only is it bang on trend for Winter 2012/13 it also makes your fingers look thinner and longer - goodbye, sausage fingers!!

393 Desire

Most Worn Hair Product

I'm a bit of a haircare obessive and keeping it in good condition is my priority. I don't really use a hair product every single day so and I didn't think using a conditioner classed as my 'most worn' hair product. Therefore, I cheated and decided I'd show my favourite shampoo and conditioner and my favourite hair treatment.
I really like the L'Oreal shampoo and conditioner and I use the Triple Resist one because I tend to have hair that's very prone to dropping. I really like using this and it does make my hair feel stronger and when deep condioned my hair definitely drops less. These products also make your hair feel really clean and soft.
I decided to include my Toni&Guy reconstructing hair conditioner because it's absolutely amazing. It's designed to be used with damaged hair and this stuff really does work wonders! When I use it my hair just feels and looks gorgeous! You know when someone dies their hair brown and it looks shiny and super nourished!? That's how this treatment makes my hair look!

Most Worn Bag
So as you all know, I'm studying at university. Therefore, I feel I need to have a 'uni' bag and an everyday bag. I am always carrying heavy text books, my iPad, a writing pad and work books around with me; as well as the other essentials such as purse, pencil case, drink and food!
Due to having to carry so much around, I need a big bag so I use my Ted Baker bag for university. It's really spacious and the top handles mean I can carry it in my hands when it's heavy and the fact that it's a shiny plastic'ey type bag means that it's a little more suitable for being bashed around and is okay for using in all weather.
Next up is my everyday bag and if you've read my blog before you probably know already what it is. I don't always use this bag for university as it isn't very pratical (I can't stuff all of my rubbish in there). The design of the bag means that it's meant to be carried in the crook of your arm and this just isn't pratical when you have a lot of things stuffed in there. Also, this bag is way to special to me to use for university and the leather used on it is unreated and therefore I baby it so it doesn't Patina really quickly!!
'Uni' bag - I apologise for the rubbish quailty; old photo.
Everyday bag - Louis Vuitton Speedy *drools*
Most Worn Shoes I basically live in my UGG's and I think they're so so comfy. I know these shoes are a bit like Marmite and you either love them or hate them but I happen to love them; obviously. I recently got a new pair for Christmas and I have been wearing them ever since. I got my first pair last year and I have worn them to death. I was really naughty and didn't treat them and wore them in the rain so they have stains at the front of them by the toes. They don't look particularly nice and I need to get some UGG cleaner to clean them up! I chose some Chocolate ones for Christmas and I think they're so so cute! People say they hate UGGs and I will admit they are pretty ugly to look at but seriously they're like walking on clouds.
(both pictures show brand new and never worn UGGs)
Most Worn Accessories
I have accessories that I always wear; my two rings, my two gold bangles and a few other bracelets. I also swap and change between my two Pandora bracelets and recently my new crystal Shamballa bracelet that I got for Christmas. I don't really change my jewellery accessories much because I don't really wear costume jewellery; I have such weird skin and often can't wear it! For Christmas, I got an Alexander McQueen scarf and this has become one of my main worn accessories, recently! I have already shown you my everyday bag and of course this is one of my accessories too - a bag is a girls ultimate accessory!
I didn't picture all of the accessories because I don't have pictures of them all and there would be too many to show! The rings aren't in their proper boxes as I just shoved them in any old box to take to uni with me; I really need to invest in some nice jewellery storage!
Most Worn Clothing Item
Okay so I'm just going to come right out and say that I pratically live in leggings! I just find them so comfy and they're just so easy to dress up or dress down. I just think they're the easiest thing to put on for during the day and they're so much more comfy in jeans - you don't feel as restricted!
Along with being a serial legging wearer, I also wear cardigans all of the time; I just love them! I'm pretty tall and sometimes getting a cardigan to fit me can be a total chore as I like them to cover my bum! I'm a HUGE fan of what I like to call 'sloppy' or 'sloth' cardigans where they're really big and just super duper cosy.
I can't remember when I bought this cardigan
(maybe in 2011 early 2012?) but it was from Topshop and worth every pound of the price tag. It's lasted me absolutely ages and I really have worn this to death! Unfortunately, it is sytarting to look a little bit past it now and I could do with getting a new navy cardigan but I just cannot find one that competes :(
I also have another cardigan that I wear to death and I love it. This one is from Next (I only really get my cardigans from Topshop and Next) and it's so warm and cosy. I don't have a picture to attach into this pos though, sorry!
Most Worn Foundation
This is a really simple answer for me because I don't change my foundation. I know a few people kind of chop and change between a few foundations but I just stick the one I like. I picked this Lancome one up in November and I'm really happy with it. The colour blends perfectly into my natural skintone, it isn't too orange based and the coverage is amazing. Not to mention, this foundation doesn't break me out or aggravate my sensitive skin. Usually foundations don't go pale enough for me but thankfully this one did - yay!
Shade - 005 (the palest available)
Most Worn Blush and Bronzer
Again this answer is going to be really boring because I only use one blusher and one bronzer!! I have aways used this blusher and I picked it up in Boots. I bought it sometimes last year so I can't be sure as to how much it actually was. The colour does look pretty scary and it is rather pigmented so you don't need much on your brush - there is a very fine line between looking rosy and looking like a clown!! I like this blusher and it looks really natural.
Okay so I have a little confession to make ... up until a few days ago, I was a complete bronzer virgin!! I'm not the most colourful of people, I'm really pale without make up on and I have always worried that bronzer would be waaaay too dark for me; most pale foundations are too dark for me so I didn't think I'd have any change at all of getting a bronzer! Anyway, to cut a long story short ... I swatched lots of high end bronzers in Debenhams the other day with my mum and they were all too orange/brown for me. We then went into Superdrug and swatched lots of drug store bronzers and they were too dark for me. We went into Boots to have a look and see if they could come up with anything and hey ho I found a bronzer!! This has been the one I have been wearing for the past few days ...
Shade 51
Most Worn Lip Product
I don't really wear lip products as such. I prefer to leave my lips natural and so I opt for a lip balm. I literally have the worst lips ever; they're always so sore and chapped and so I like to apply a good lip balm to help soothe and heal them. I have been loving my Burts Bees and I really would suggest them to anyone. I always have one in my handbag!
Most Worn Mascara
I really like mascara; I think it works wonders for brightening your face up and making a person look so much more alive. If I don't have mascara on I look about 13 and like I'm a zombie - not an attractive look! I have really long thick eyelashes anyway so I don't need to wear false eyelashes (plus I don't want to try them as I have such sensitive skin I'm worried it would make me react and no one wants an allergic reaction in the eye area - ouchie!!) I like to apply a thick layer of mascara and take advantage of my eyelashes. I switched back to Hypnose around August last year and have been using it ever since. I love this mascara and although it doesn't work for some it really works for me.
Most Worn Eyeshadow
I never really used to be a big eyeshadow wearer. I used to wear it when I was in school but all through college and my first year of university I didn't wear any. In September last year I picked up the Naked 2 pallette by Urban Decay (I know, I was pretty late at jumping on that bandwagon) but I am so glad I was brave and bought some eyeshadows. I absolutely love wearing a neutral smokey eye and I really have been loving applying eyeshadow. I love my Naked 2 palette and although the Urban Decay shadows are really pigmented they work so much better with the primer; it really makes them pop. I can;t wait to get my hand on the Naked Basics palette and I'm debating whether or not I should pick up the original Naked - I love eyeshadow now, I don't know why I ever stopped wearing it!


I hoped you enjoyed reading this tag and I'd like to thank Hannah for tagging me to do this little feature! I love winter; I much prefer it to summer. I know, I know, I sound weird. I'm one of these people who gets hot so easily and when I'm not I get a bit moody so I'd must perfer to be cold and have the abilty to add on extra layers until I feel warm enough. In the summer you can't take layers off (unless you're tacky and walk around pratically naked) so you just have to be a hot sweaty pig - eww!
I hope you have all been having a lovely day. I'm off to go and lay in bed now to watch some televison and relax as I have a long journey ahead of me tomorrow!

Friday, 4 January 2013

Mini Haul - makeup, hair and skin care

Hello lovelies :) I hope you have all been having a lovely time since I last posted. I know we have only had four days of 2013 but I honestly can't believe we're on the 4th already - I feel as though time has just whizzed by. Before I know it, it will be my birthday. Oh dear, growing old is getting nearer and nearer!!

I have just finished writing up some of my coursework and have had a nice soak in the bath so I thought I would come on here and show you what I picked up today before my tea is ready - we're having chicken in white wine sauce, in case you're wondering what I'm going to be eating! I got some money for Christmas and thought I would spend a little bit and pick up some things. It's only a small haul because I'm trying to save the majority of it as I'm going to have a big shopping trip at some point this month - YAY, shopping, my favourite thing to do!

Hair Care
Hair care is important to me because I get paranoid about it so I always like to keep it in the best condition possible. I have been heat free for around 2 months now (maybe just under) and although I didn't use my straighteners I always used my hairdryer. I have felt such a change in my hair since using no heat at all and if you're thinking of going heat free do it! Honestly, if you won't regret it, especially if you're like me and like to wash your hair before bed - it can start to dry naturally then and continue to dry over night while you're sleeping.
I picked up these two Pantene Pro-V hair products because I thought they'd be worth a try. The bottle is a nourishing treatment that you leave in over night and is designed to be used  for those people who have dry/damaged hair and inside the little box is an Ice Shine Serum that's designed to be applied onto wet hair that's looking dry and tired.
I'm fussy with hair products as I hate anything that makes my hair feel clogged and make it feel or look greasy so I will definitely get back to you with my opinion on these two!
I picked up one of the new Maybelline 24hr Colour Tattoos in '35 On and on Bronze'. This is a gorgeous brown shade and I have seen a lot of people on YouTube using this colour as a base for a neutral smokey eye and just as a wash of colour over the whole eye lid. It's such a pretty colour!
I also went to the Lancome counter and picked up some primer for going under my foundation. Lancome only do one make up base and it's the 'LA Base PRO' perfecting make-up primer with a smoothing effect. One thing I really like about this primer is that it's oil free as well as being kid to skin and non - comedogenic so it doesn't clog your pores with any nasties! It was a little pricey but it's Lancome and I love it!
Skin Care
As you can see from the picture below I picked up a MASSIVE Lancome cleanser and toner. Last time I had a Lancome splurge the assistant offered to do my foundation ect for free as she was showing me that and some other products - sales tactics! She removed my makeup with one of their products and it just wiped straight off and felt really nice so ever since I have been saying I need to go and find out what she used. Anyway, to cut a long story short; I had been back to Debenhams so many times to the counter and each time no one was there! The first time they were all on holiday, I went back today and was told she was starting at 11am so go back then and when we finally went back I was told she'd just phoned in and was taking a holiday - quite annoying, as you can imagine. Anyway, luckily one of the girls on the Benefit counter used to work for Lancome so she was able to advise me what had been used and I picked these up. They're absolute whoppers and she actually said that when she worked for Lancome she used this and one of them would last her a year. No wonder, have you seen the size of those bottles!? Again, they're not the cheapest cleanser and toner available but I had christmas and the addict within me knew Lancome would be worth spending my money on!

Mahoooosive 400ml bottles!
I hope you all have a lovely weekend! Have you picked up any beauty products with your Christmas money?

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

New Years Resolutions 2013

Hello everybody and welcome to 2013! I hope you all had an amazing night last night and celebrated the New Year in a way that was special and meaningful to you! I say every year that I would love to go and bring in the New Year in London stood at the side of the Thames watching the fireworks and even though I now live down there ... I have yet to do this! I always stay here with family as I just think it's nice to bring in the New Year with those who you're closest to. Celebrating the evening in a night club really doesn't sound appealing to me - over priced drinks, people who are drunk beyond belief and grabbing any male/female in a desperate bid to clinch that midnight kiss and to be quite honest I couldn't be doing with the hangover on New Years day - we always have another Christmas Dinner and if I missed that I'd cry!

Anyway, as it's the New Year many people make resolutions. They're usually pratical ones such as to lose weight, be more organised or go to the gym more - as the saying goes: I have been there, done that and worn the tshirt. Ooh and failed miserably! I find that whenever I make pratical resolutions I never ever stick to them.

This year I have come to learn that you don't need to make a New Years resolution to lose weight or be more organised, work harder or go to the gym more because it's a fact of life. If you feel you need to work harder you should do that anyway not because you've made a resolution saying you will. This year I have decided to have a bit of fun with my resolutions and they're mainly based around shopping and blogging - my two favourite things!

1. Set up a YouTube account

This is something I tried to do in early December but after I filmed the video (it was going to be my November favourites) I realised that I had filmed it in the wrong format and therefore the memory it took to save was too big to upload to YouTube - silly me! Anyway, I didn't have enough time to re film it as I had uni work to be getting on with and I was also coming home for Christmas so I decided I would make it a New Years resolution and start a channel in 2013 :) I did make a new channel earlier on in the month but I have forgot all the log in information and I think I may have to make a new one. I shall keep you all informed and look forward to appearing on your computer screens in the New Year :)

2. Get a new handbag

As you know from my 2012 Round Up post, I am rather a big fan of Louis Vuitton. Handbags are my weakness and I have expensive taste - ooops! Anyway, I am making a resolution to get a new bag at some point in the new year ... I told you I was having a bit of fun with them this year! I have been lusting after this bag for a while and it's definitely been on my wishlist for quite a while now.

3. Start on a nice make up brush collection

I do have a few make up brushes by the Body Shop but I feel as though they're not fully up to scratch. I bought a foundation brush from there last March when I bought my first ever MAC products but as time has gone on and I've changed foundations a few times I have noticed the brush isn't very good with wet foundations. I have a Lancome brush that I use and it is so much better. I also need a new powder brush and mine from the Body Shop is starting to loose shape.
For Christmas, I was bought a beautiful Chanel foundation brush and therefore this is the brand I am going to stick with for my main brushes. Of course, I wat some MAC shadow brushes and some Sigma brushes but the main brushes I have my eye on are Chanel ones - I just think they look stunning; they really look something.


4. Blog a little bit more

I have noticed this year that I have gone through phases where I have blogged everyday for a few days and then there has been a gap where I haven't blogged for a while. In 2013 I aim to blog every 2 or 3 days and I am planning on being able to achieve this by writing blog posts in advance and just posting them when the time is right! I think frequent posts, good pictures, good content and interaction with other bloggers are the key things to success.

5. Make my blog the best it can possibly be

I have achieved so much in such a small space of time that it makes me think what can I do if I really put my mind to it!? Therefore, in 2013 my personal aim to myself if to make my blog the best it can possibly be. Of course, this doesn't mean I am going to be fishing for countless numbers of samples or anything - this is a personal thing and only I will be able to judge whether or not I feel I have achieved this aim. Every blogger would like success with their blog and I feel I have already achieved this to some extent. I never ever expected that I would have 121 GFC followers and over 400 Twitter followers; I didn't ever think anyone would ever like what I wrote about, I thought my blog would just be a personal hobby!!

6. Get another scarf

I don't want to appear bratty or ungrateful with this resolution because as I'm sure you have all seen I did in fact get an Alexander McQueen scarf for Christmas. However, I have worn this non stop and I would absolutely love another few colours so I am able to have another beautiful scarf to wear in the summer. I would also love a few more colours so I can layer them up!! Maybe this is an impratical resolution but we shall see this time next year...

7. Save money

You may be wondering why I'm setting myself a New Years resolution to save money when I saying that I want stunning make up brushes, a new Louis Vuitton bag and a new scarf ect. Well as many of us know money doesn't just grow on trees and going out and spending lots of money isn't always possible; especially as I live away from home. Therefore, I make a big list of everything I want (expensive and reasonable) and start saving in advance :) I think saving for something and then buying it after all the work you've put into saving feels so much more rewarding!

I know some of these resolutions may seem absolutely crazy to some of you but I did say that I am having some fun with them this year! I didn't make this post to brag about money or anything - I just thought it was a nice change to the usual boring resolutions!

Of course, I'm not a totally irrational person and I know that pratical things do need to be achieved but they shouldn't be things you have to set yourself; they should be things you just do. I'm that kind of person ... For instance, I know I need to pass this years exams with a good grade but I haven't set my self a resolution to do that because it's something I know I have to do and therefore I have been doing it since I started my degree - if that makes sense!?

Anyway, I would love to know what you think of my fun new years resolutions? Are you a person who sets pratical resolutions every year or are you like me and don't need to set them because you just know things have to be done?


Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year!!

This is just a quick post to say a HUGE Happy New Year to all of my blog readers and GFC followers! You have all been absolute dolls and in the three short months that I have been blogging you have been giving me amazing support! If you follow me on Twitter then I would also like to say a BIG thank you to you all because you too have given me an amazing platform to promote my blog on and interact with other beauty bloggers. I also want to give a very special thank you to those bloggers who nominated me for awards in 2012; it was an honour to be nominated and to win two in three months was exceptional. Thank you so so much!!

The blogging community it full of lovely people and they're all so lovely to talk to. Not only do they interact with you but they help you with features and give you that reassurance when you may need it. I have made some absolutely wonderful friends and if you're wanting to break into the world of blogging I definitely recommend it as you won't look back.

I want to thank everyone whether you're a GFC follower or not because you really have made my first three months of blogging so worth while and I have been loving it. I wish you all the very best for 2013 and I hope that you have all had a wonderful New Years Eve last night and an amazing New Years Day today. I look forward to posting many many more features for you all in 2013 and I also aim to start doing YouTube videos so if you have any video's you'd really like to see me doing feel free to pop a comment below!

Thank you for absolutely everything in 2012, you've all been absolute dolls and let's make 2013 amazing :)