Friday, 4 January 2013

Mini Haul - makeup, hair and skin care

Hello lovelies :) I hope you have all been having a lovely time since I last posted. I know we have only had four days of 2013 but I honestly can't believe we're on the 4th already - I feel as though time has just whizzed by. Before I know it, it will be my birthday. Oh dear, growing old is getting nearer and nearer!!

I have just finished writing up some of my coursework and have had a nice soak in the bath so I thought I would come on here and show you what I picked up today before my tea is ready - we're having chicken in white wine sauce, in case you're wondering what I'm going to be eating! I got some money for Christmas and thought I would spend a little bit and pick up some things. It's only a small haul because I'm trying to save the majority of it as I'm going to have a big shopping trip at some point this month - YAY, shopping, my favourite thing to do!

Hair Care
Hair care is important to me because I get paranoid about it so I always like to keep it in the best condition possible. I have been heat free for around 2 months now (maybe just under) and although I didn't use my straighteners I always used my hairdryer. I have felt such a change in my hair since using no heat at all and if you're thinking of going heat free do it! Honestly, if you won't regret it, especially if you're like me and like to wash your hair before bed - it can start to dry naturally then and continue to dry over night while you're sleeping.
I picked up these two Pantene Pro-V hair products because I thought they'd be worth a try. The bottle is a nourishing treatment that you leave in over night and is designed to be used  for those people who have dry/damaged hair and inside the little box is an Ice Shine Serum that's designed to be applied onto wet hair that's looking dry and tired.
I'm fussy with hair products as I hate anything that makes my hair feel clogged and make it feel or look greasy so I will definitely get back to you with my opinion on these two!
I picked up one of the new Maybelline 24hr Colour Tattoos in '35 On and on Bronze'. This is a gorgeous brown shade and I have seen a lot of people on YouTube using this colour as a base for a neutral smokey eye and just as a wash of colour over the whole eye lid. It's such a pretty colour!
I also went to the Lancome counter and picked up some primer for going under my foundation. Lancome only do one make up base and it's the 'LA Base PRO' perfecting make-up primer with a smoothing effect. One thing I really like about this primer is that it's oil free as well as being kid to skin and non - comedogenic so it doesn't clog your pores with any nasties! It was a little pricey but it's Lancome and I love it!
Skin Care
As you can see from the picture below I picked up a MASSIVE Lancome cleanser and toner. Last time I had a Lancome splurge the assistant offered to do my foundation ect for free as she was showing me that and some other products - sales tactics! She removed my makeup with one of their products and it just wiped straight off and felt really nice so ever since I have been saying I need to go and find out what she used. Anyway, to cut a long story short; I had been back to Debenhams so many times to the counter and each time no one was there! The first time they were all on holiday, I went back today and was told she was starting at 11am so go back then and when we finally went back I was told she'd just phoned in and was taking a holiday - quite annoying, as you can imagine. Anyway, luckily one of the girls on the Benefit counter used to work for Lancome so she was able to advise me what had been used and I picked these up. They're absolute whoppers and she actually said that when she worked for Lancome she used this and one of them would last her a year. No wonder, have you seen the size of those bottles!? Again, they're not the cheapest cleanser and toner available but I had christmas and the addict within me knew Lancome would be worth spending my money on!

Mahoooosive 400ml bottles!
I hope you all have a lovely weekend! Have you picked up any beauty products with your Christmas money?


  1. Hiya, aw you got some nice stuff today! I really want to try these eyeshadows, you need to let us know how you like it on. I only usually wear eyeshadow on a night out but this year im making changes and going wear it much more often xx

    1. Thank you :) I shall definitely let you know how I get on with the eyeshadow :) I have only ally started wearing eyeshadow recently. I absolutely LOVE my naked 2 palette and it's such an easy way to achieve a perfect daytime look. Although, if you don't want to splurge on Urban Decay I've heard the MUA palettes are just as good! xxx

  2. There's nothing better then a nice long soak in the bath! Great products, I so wanna try the Mayb Tattoo products, they look so good! XxxX

    1. I love it because I don't have a bath when I'm away from home it's only a shower so I take advantage when I go back and have a nice soak! I'm yet to try it as I haven't found a brush to use with it or bought any eyeshadow applicators. As soon as I try it I shall let you all know my first impressions xxxx