Monday, 18 February 2013

Rihanna for River Island - My Thoughts.

Before I start writing the main content of this post I'd just like to thank everyone for all of the birthday wishes yesterday. I had a lovely day relaxing with family and just really enjoyed 'chilling out'. I was given two gorgeous bottles of perfume and my main present was money as I am planning on getting an iPhone 5 and there are a few other bits and bobs that I have my eye on. Therefore, I don't think there will be a birthday haul post and instead I will just do a combined one showing what I got with my own money and birthday money.

On Saturday night I noticed Twitter was filled with people posting about Rihanna for River Island and the fashion show being shown live from London Fashion Week. I have to admit, I'm not a slave to fashion and London Fahion Week hasn't got me as excited as it has some bloggers (hence why I'm a beauty blogger and not a fashion blogger). Of course, I have some interest in fashion but it isn't my main interest in life. There has been such a buzz about London Fashion Week and I have to admit that yes it does look amazing but I'm not desperate to go.

I heard about the Rihanna for River Island clothing line a while ago and instantly thought to myself *dear god, it's going to be awful*. Don't get me wrong, I like Rihanna's music; I just don't particularly like her as a person. I don't intent to sound as though I am hating on her but I just don't like the personality of Rihanna. I think that her whole 'thug life' attitude is setting a bad example for the younger girls and boys who look up to her as their idol. I did in fact follow her on Instagram for a week or two but I couldn't stand the half naked and drugged up pictures that she posted so I simply had to unfollow.

It's safe to say that when I found out about her clothing collection I expected very little of it - little fabric! I expected it to be very skimpy, barely there, completely Rihanna's style and completely not to my taste what so ever ... I was, as I predicted, correct and disliked the collection.

It's pretty evident that I am not a fashion blogger (because I have never done a fashion blog post before) so this feature might do down well or it may go down like a lead balloon with my readers. However, as soon as I discovered that the fashion show was being streamed live I wanted to watch to see if my predictions were correct about the collection. I also thought it might be worth giving the show a little watch because I might actually have been surprised and unexpectedly love the collection ... I didn't, I was correct all along.

The Rihanna for River Island fashion show was streamed live from London Fashion Week over the River Island Facebook page and therefore it was free to watch. It was scheduled to start at 8:30pm and didn't actually start until 9:45pm. The fashion show was supposedly running 'fashionably late' but actually it was just running damn late and taking the utter mick. To me fashionably late is around 30 minutes; not the length of time we waited.

When the show started it was very .... trashy? The collection was full of thigh high slits, cropped tops, short dresses and was very Rihanna. There were also nipples galore and to be honest it was really off putting. The who whole collection had a very 90's feel about it and as you can probably guess I just didn't like it one little bit.

(I told you it was nipples galore. Hardly necessary!)

I know that some people out there will love this collection but it really isn't to my taste what so ever. The collection was exactly what I expected it to be and I just hated it. I did think that Rihanna would have catered for her younger fans and also for those of all different shapes and sizes; but with this collection it seems as though you need to be no bigger than a size 10! I know for a fact that I would not feel comfortable wearing some of these items of clothing and I sincerely hope that younger girls don't take inspiration from this collection.

 I'd love to know what you thought of the Rihanna for River Island collection. Did you like it or are you not a fan? Were you like me and expected the collection to be like it is?

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Sunday, 17 February 2013

20 Facts About Me - 20th Birthday Edition!

So as today is my 20th birthday (goodbye teenage years *cries*) and therefore I thought I would dedicate todays post to the number 2 and 0! Recently, I have seen a lot of these 'facts about me' posts flying around (yes, I think practically every blogger and YouTuber has done one about themselves) and although they're all different facts ... everyone uses the same amount; it's either 50 or 100. I like to be different and for that reason I thought I would mark my 20th birthday with a 20 facts about me post. I like reading these posts on other blogs and I like the fact that you can all get to know a little more about me.

(all above images taken from

Enough with the *HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEEEEEE* pictures and onto the actual purpose of this post...

1) I love doing impersonations of people and accents.
2) I have 12 GCSE's and 3 A Levels.
3) I have a sweet tooth, buy me a pick 'n' mix and I will love you forever!
4) Wicked is quite possibly my favourite musical EVER!!
5) Sorry dogs, I'm all for cats.
6) Purple, Pink and Navy Blue are my favourite colours.
7) I'm probably one of the worlds most picky eaters.
8) I don't like to be too hot; it makes me mad and aggitated.
9) I am quite simply a drama queen.
10) I hate snakes.
11) I like gold. Only yellow gold; white gold doesn't suit my skin tone.
12) I want to and one day will go to New York.
13) I walk into Selfridges and have a look around the handbag, shoes and makeup sections; when I feel as though I'm lacking inspiration for my degree.
14) I always have a lot to say and word limits are my worst enemy!
15) I don't like odd numbers.
16) I have a crazy close relationship with my family; we're more like best friends!!
17) I dislike cotton wool. It feels and sounds awful!!
18) I love chocolate milkshake.
19) I have a lot of perfumes and body sprays.
20) I love my curly hair but never wear it down.

I hope you're all having a lovely day and enjoyed my facts. I'm not actually the best person at these kind of posts because I can never think of anything interesting to say about myself so I hope it wasn't to boring to read!

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Friday, 15 February 2013

What's In My Bag?! - Travel Edition - Train Journey!

Hello everyone! First of all I'd like to welcome all of my new followers to the LittleBeautyBlogg and thank you all for following. Although I only participated in Wednesdays chat for around ten or fifteen minutes at the end, I seemed to gain over fifteen followers. I know that compared to some other beauty bloggers a fifteen follower gain isn't much but I am over the moon and so thankful. So a B I G thank you is in order.

If you follow me on Twitter, you will know that I am heading off home for the week to celebrate my birthday and to just chill out and relax with family. Recently, I have been really really ill and to be truthful with you all my moods are just being dragged right down.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I am currently on the train and I thought I would take advantage of Virgins complimentary wifi and write some blog posts in advance!
As you can tell, the title of this post is what's in my bag. I have decided to do a travel edition because they're always about what people carry around with them on a day to day basis and recently they've been on travel bags for those who are going away on holiday. So I thought I'd do something that isn't blogged by every man and his dog and show you what's in my bag for my train journey!

All products listed are listed from Left to Right.

- Blackberry Curve 9320 in black. 
- Black and Cream bow Ted Baker iPad case. 
- Built multicoloured spot iPad case. 
- iPod touch and headphones. 
- Sure deodorant 'Radiant' 250ml. 
- Inhaler. 
- Mini packet of Mini Eggs. 
- A mixture of tablets - Rennies, Ibuprofen and prescribed medication.
- Purple purse; bought from Harrods. 
- Tin of Original Carmex. 
- Small antique looking solid genuine Sterling Silver pill box. 
- Soap and Glory 'Mist You Madly' body spray 100ml. 
- Victorias Secret PINK 'Make It Shine' body spray 250ml. 
- Cath Kidston card older used for storing train passes and tickets. 
- Packet of Kleenex Balsam tissues. 
 - Silver Oyster cars holder (of course, with Oyster card inside).
- Soap and Glory 'Hand Maid' 50ml hand sanitizer. 
- Soap and Glory 'Hand Food' 50ml hand cream. 
- Blackberry phone charger. 
- iPad charger with connector. 
- iPod charger. 

I also have some other things in my bag right now, as well as the things listed above. However, they're not pictured because I either forgot to include them or bought them at the train station. Those extras are:

- White iPad (not pictured because I used it to take the picture this morning).
- Victorias Secret PINK rose detailed 1 litre bottle. 
- Packet of Walkers cheese and onion crisps. 
- Cheese and Ham Upper Crust baguette.  
- Some hair grips. 

WOW, what a lot of stuff haha! I actually didn't realise how much stuff I was carrying around with me today, until I listed it all for you. No wonder I picked my bag up and thought it was really heavy. It's a good job that I am going to be sat down a lot today. 

I hope that you all have a fantastic weekend and I shall try and post as much as I can whilst I am at home. It's my birthday on Sunday so I might pre write some blog posts whilst I'm sat on this train and able to use the Internet! It's so much easier to write a lot of posts when you have some spare time and them you can just simply sign into Blogger and post them when you need to; instead of having to write them out when you don't have much time. 
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Sunday, 10 February 2013

London Shopping Weekend: Part Two - My HUGE January Haul!

Hello everyone, I hope you have been having a lovely weekend! I met a friend on Friday and we went and had a relaxing day in Covent Garden where we picked up an amazing pick 'n' mix from possibly the coolest sweet shop in London - Sugar Sin! Then on Saturday night we went for a Pizza Hut and mooched around Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square. The Boots at Piccadilly Circus was amazing. There was every brand you could think of and I have in my element! I popped in because I needed something as it had ran out but of course I picked up a few little extras - I can't resist a 3 for 2 offer; can you!? Then we went to Leicester Square and intended on getting a Starbucks or Costa but they were jam packed and no seats were available so we ended up getting a hot drink from McDonald's. No lie, we sat in there for nearly (or maybe over) two hours just chatting and watching the world go by. I kid you not, it was around 9:50 and people were walking in so drunk that the security (yes, there was two security guards in McDonald's) were not letting them in! Of course there was the usual drunken antics going on; girls bum cheeks everywhere, drunken arguments going on and people acting like they were going to have sex and didn't care that everyone there could see. Yes, all of this was going on before 11pm!

Anyway, before I continue to ramble on and bore you all to death this post is going to be the BIG REVEAL of what is in the shopping bags I have given you all a sneak peek of! I recently posted a video of this B I G haul up on my YouTube channel (so I will link that below for you) and now is the blog post with detailed pictures and the usual ...

I just want to say two quick things before I get into the main content of this post. Number one is that in no way am I bragging and trying to say 'look at how much money I have' or 'look at all the things I can afford to buy'. I was given money for Christmas and I had some money myself so I was able to get these things. I don't usually go crazy shopping, this was a once in a blue moon kind of thing and some of the things I picked up I actually needed. The second thing I just quickly want to say is that I apologise for the amount of pictures that have been included in my posts recently; I know some people hate picture heavy blog posts!

This is the picture I posted for you all and I had a few comments on here and on my Twitter account saying that you were curious to know what's inside these bags. Well, you don't have to wait any longer! ....
It took me ages and ages to realise that I actually wanted this. I had seen it on so many blogs and I always looked at it thinking *yeah, it's nice but do I like it enough to buy it!?* I always told myself that I didn't like it enough and it was a colour that I wouldn't wear. However, I eventually realised that I loved this colour and needed to have it as part of my nail polish collection. The only problem was that everywhere had sold out. Then I came across Feel Unique and they saved the day!!
£20.00 with free delivery.
Every time I go in Boots, I have a look around. It's sad to say but as a beauty obsessive, I love a good Boots! I picked up a few random things from here.
Hand Food - £2.50 for 50ml.
Hand Maid - £2.50 for 50ml.
I hate things that feel sticky on my hands and both of these don't leave a sticky residue behind. The hand cream soaks in really well and the hand gel is the same. They both smell amazing and are perfect for having in your bag!

Original Carmex - Used as everyday lip balm.
Blistex 'Intensive Moisturiser' - Used over night on my lips when they're extra dry. More
like a lip cream and it white so isn't 100% ideal for daytime wear.
Boots Lipsalve - Cheap and cheerful lip balm. Used for dry chapped nose whilst ill. Bought on offer at 2 for £1.50
Bought on offer for £5.99 instead of the usual £7.99
From the first use, I absolutely hated this mascara. it does nothing for my eye lashes. It doesn't add volume to them it just lengthens them and makes my already full lashes look clumpy. Even when used with another mascara I hate this. Review to come soon; awful awful awful!
River Island
I wanted some plain tops that I could wear with a cardigan and with my black and white McQueen scarf and I found some here. I'm not really the most fancy dresser (hence why I don't do outfit of the day posts) because I just prefer to be comfortable and casual. Unlike most people in this world, I'm not a slave to fashion. I guess I'd like to think I'm not a sheep; I wear what I want to wear, regardless of whether it's this seasons 'in' colour or not!
Burgundy and grey'ish tank tops - both loose but still flattering shape wise.
Looks great worn casual with a long vest top underneath and both will look
great with my scarf. Slightly longer at the back. Both £10.00.

Really cute tank style top with detailed heart on the front. Quality of the material
is really good and it's rather thick. Again, slightly longer at the front than
the back and looks flattering on - £20.00.

H&MI have to admit that I'm not really a big H&M fan (please, don't hate me haha!). I just don't really find clothes in there that appeal to me and jump out straight away and the shops never appeal to me either. They just always look really cluttered and that's something I hate. The one we have here in London at Oxford Circus is just weird. We walked in and thought it was closing down!! Anyway, I found one thing but it wasn't an item of clothing...

It looks white but it is in fact cream.The snood was supposed to be £7.99
but was reduced in the sale to only £2.00 - bargain!
Disney Store
Usually I go in here and pick up stupid amounts of cuddly toys because I am convinced that I need them in my life. Luckily, I manage to coax myself into putting them back and walk out cuddly toy free! because I really don't need to own any more!! I popped in here to re-purchase some linen spray that smells absolutely amazing. I love the way it smells, if I could use it as a perfume I would ... Maybe, I'll have to be weird one time and see if I can get away with it.
£8 for 125ml.
This has been on my list since I heard it was being released. I couldn't wait to get my hands on it and I was so happy when I picked it up. However, after using it I don't love it as much as I do my Naked 2! It's great for every day use as the shades are all matte (only one is slightly shimmery) and they're really neutral.Review will come soon.
This is priced at £20.00 but I had £5 on my beauty card so it only
cost me £15.00 - Happy Elysia.


I got this cardigan in a different colour for Christmas and I love it. It's one of those things you can wear casual or dressed up. I picked this up in black because I thought it looked really nice and it caught my eye when I was back home before Christmas. It has specks of silver in it and is described on the website as being a 'fluffy' cardigan.

I'm rather tall and this cardigan covers my bum (which
is how I like my cardigans). It isn't super thick, isn't itchy
and looks gorgeous on. It cost £38.
Selfridges and MAC
I have joined these two shops together because I bought MAC products from both. The counter in Selfridges is always SO damn cramped and I am so glad that I found the actual MAC shop; it's so much more relaxed and quieter. I have only ever owned two MAC things before - a foundation and a face powder. Both were way too dark for me, even though they were the palest shade available. NW15 is just far too orange based for me and is just awful.
I said in my New Years Resolutions post here that I wanted to get a Chanel brush set. However, I ended up buying three MAC eye brushes and I am in love. They're actually amazing and I already have my eye on some face brushes!
239 - used for packing the eyeshadow onto the lid - £19.
219 - described as a pencil brush and used for adding detail into crease,
under the eye and for smudging eyeliner - £19.
217 - a fluffy blending brush used for creating a smokey eye - £17.
(All brushes are made of goats hair. Apologies for them being dirty in this picture)
£9.50 for 235ml.
M&M World

Wow, I just love this place. The smell of chocolate being pumped through the air can be smelt before you even step foot inside and shop and when you do it smells like chocolate heaven! I had so much fun in here and the M&M pick 'n' mixes are amazing! You can get peanut, chocolate and crispy M&Ms. The shop is full of tourists and tacky/pointless merchandise but that can only be expected from a shop of this nature.

Super cute plate that will be perfect for using with a sandwich.
This was in the sale, reduced from £8.95 to £2.00.
Top: Crispy M&M's (no other colour choice available).
Bottom: Pick 'n' mix of chocolate M&M's.
Victoria's Secret
This shop is HUGE in America and was only opened in London during the summer of 2012. Two shops were opened by the popular underwear shop and they can be found in Westfield Stratford City and on New Bond Street in Central London. The New Bond Street store is bigger than the Westfield one and I believe that it's the only place you can pick up their PINK line. I went to the one on New Bond Street which is just off of Oxford Street and I love the shop. It does remind me slightly of a posh strip club (I'd just like to say that I've never been in a strip club before but if I were to enter a posh up market one, I would imagine it to look like Victoria's Secret!). I don't think the shop looks 'cheap', I think it's just different to the usual underwear shops. I had to resist the temptation to buy stupid amounts of underwear but I reminded myself that I have so much I could probably open my own!!
Anyway, I went into Victoria's Secret with the intention to picking up some more body sprays that I have been loving
(which can be seen here) but as you will be able to see I came away with much MUCH more than I intended to buy!

Super cute bottle with pink roses on the front of it. I'm going to use for
this for uni because it saves me having to buy over priced drinks
there! This was £11.50 and holds 1 litre.
Top: L - R: Wild & Breezy, Sweet & Flirty, Fun & Fearless and Wild & Breezy.
Bottom: L - R: Make it shine, Make it shine, It's my party and Sweet & Flirty.
(They were having an amazing sale on some of the PINK body products. In total, I was supposed to have spent around £196 just on the PINK body things I picked up. I got myself a H U G E bargain and bought it all for around £54)
Fragrance Direct
I have been on this website so many times before and added things into my basket but been a good little blogger and never gone ahead with the order. However, I was ill and feeling a bit down so I thought I would cheer myself up and order myself some nice new nail polishes. I also ordered something to give my hair a nice little boost and I am really happy with what I ordered. I shall be ordering again at some point when I need some things. Most of things I ordered were significantly cheaper than they'd have been if I picked them up from the high street so I was happy at that little saving.
Bourjois Anti-Choc No Chips: Number 15 - £1.99.
Essie: 240 'We're in it together' - £1.99.
Sally Hansen Nail Protex Vitamin-Fortified Nail Strengthener - £2.50.
Essie: 225A 'Camera' - £1.99
Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment - £3 something.
As I said in my last post (here) I went to see Wicked with my friend whilst she was down. It was my second time seeing the musical and I absolutely love it. It has to be my all time favourite. If anyone is interested in seeing a mini review of the show then please let me know and I will work on that for you.
Wicked programme - £7.


As you may or may not know, I am desperate to own a Celine bag and I just love love love the way they look. They're so effortless and chic. Plus the front of them looks like an unhappy robot which makes them look adorable. If I had over £2,000 I would most definitely own one of these beauties. However, I'm a student and don't have that kind of money right now (boo). I'm also really into skulls this season and when I noticed these bags I could not resist them!
There was a huge mix up with the first one as when I ordered it the company said the Royal Mail claimed no one where there to collect the parcel (when in fact someone was there) and therefore they'd sent it back to them. The company offered to re-send it out to me but said they had to wait until Royal Mail delivered the bag to them. This was a huge farce and had been going on for nearly two weeks so I ordered another bag and was ready to demand a refund ... When the delivery came I thought it was the new bag but it wasn't. It was the first one I ordered. What a mix up!

As well as what I have shown in this haul, I picked up some random bits and bobs off of Amazon. I didn't think that you'd be interested in seeing these though as they're not very exciting. I also picked up some underwear from the Ann Summers sale (because I needed some new bras and I really like the quality, fit and design of theirs) but I don't really want to flash my bras and my bra size all over my blog so I didn't show them. I don't think you'll be too disappointed, I'm sure you've all seen a bra before!

Well that is absolutely everything for my January haul and I hope you have enjoyed it! There was quite a lot of stuff but I assure you I don't spend this much money every month. I'm happy with everything I picked up and after all of that Victoria's Secret stuff it's pretty safe to safe that I won't be smelling for a long long time haha!!

(they never let you choose flattering images do they!?)

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