Wednesday, 6 February 2013

London Shopping Weekend - Part One: What Did We Do?

So as you will all know from my past post, I have been really ill recently and before the illness took a hold of me properly one of my oldest friends from home came down to spend a few days with me here in London. She is at university in Leeds and wanted to come down for a fun weekend of shopping and just hanging out in London.

We did this last year as well so it really is turning out to be an anual thing. She was down from Friday the 18th of January until the 20th so it was only a flying visit but we managed to get a few fun things done as well as doing some serious shopping.

Friday 18th January.

This was the day that London got snow really badly. I couldn't believe my eyes when I looked out of my window and noticed that outside the ground was white, the snow was coming down continuously and the sky was that typical snowy grey colour. Great, I thought, she's not going to be able to get to me! Luckily, the train company she was using lifted their ticket restrictions so she was able to travel an hour earlier than she was supposed to; which meant she arrived in London an hour earlier!

We got back to where I live, got ready and headed to Picadilly Circus. She had never been before and wanted to see the big TV screens and Leicester Square was only around the corner so we braved the snow and headed to the pizza hut there! Its safe to say that we stuffed out faces with pizza and ice cream and left feeling like our stomachs were pratically touching the floor.

Apologies if it looks like there is stuff on the lens of the camera, it was snowing!

After coming out of Pizza Hut there was only one place we were heading to and that was M&M World! We went last year when she was down and absolutely loved it. That place really is amazing and the amount of M&M's you can buy is crazy; they literally have them in every colour possible! Some of the things in the shop are of course super tacky but it's all a bit of fun isn't it!

My favourite things about the shop are definitely the fact that when you first walk in you smell chocolate. It's amazing! They pump the smell of chocolate through the air conditioning and it really is so yummy! My second favourite thing about the shop is the pick 'n' mix that they have ... you just choose what kind of M&M's you want (chocolate or peanut) and go around filling up your bag with whatever colour M&M's you want. We were cheeky and got two bags - one of chocolate M&M's and one with the crunchy M&M's (although there was only one tube of those, you couldn't choose whatever colour you wanted).

It's pretty safe to say that the people who work in the store are a little crazy. I noticed at least three members of staff singing along to the music that was playing and dancing around. I tried to not look at them like I thought they were crazy, I promise, but I think I failed! I took a few photos for you all so if you have never been I hope they give you a little taste of what M&M world really is like!

Possibly the worlds worst boxer shorts #PassionKillers
Just some of the M&M wall - I couldn't get the rest, people were in the way!
Whilst in Leicester Square we decided that we would have a look at some of the theatre ticket booths and price one of our favourite musicals. We were trailing around in the snow getting prices and in the end we just caved and bought some tickets for the following night. A day of shopping followed by an evening out at the theatre, perfect!!
Saturday 19th January.

We woke up and headed straight for Oxford Street. I didn't take long to get to at all and we were there in no time. I of course, was getting more and more poorly and was wrapping up in a bid to stop my chest tightening in the cold. I felt absolutely awful and in all honesty I probably shouldn't have even been out but I couldn't say I was staying home when someone had made all that effort to come down and it had been planned for months. I was brave and soldiered on; through the persistent coughing, sneezing and hot sweats!

Despite the cold weather and my health we managed to do some serious shopping and we most probably spent far too much money. However, if you're going to have a shopping weekend you intend to shop until you drop and to be fair ... I felt as though I was going to drop at any moment!

We had such a great day and really did treat ourselves to some lovely new things. My haul will be coming soon as Part Two of my London weekend and I shall also be filiming a YouTube video so you can see the items in real life. We got back, had some food (I was a top friend and cooked us some potato wedges), got dressed and headed to the theatre.

A sneak preview of my H U G E haul!
We were so so excited to get ready and head to the theatre because we were going to see Wicked!!! There is only one word that can be used to describe this musical and it really is 'Wicked'! It was our second time seeing the musical; I had seen it before with school when I came to London on a Drama trip in Year 10 and she had watched it the year later whilst down in London on a short break with family. It's safe to say we both really really enjoyed the musical and are not ashamed to admit that we are in fact 'Wicked Geeks' - we named ourselves that!
Of course, I'm not going to go into the ins and outs of the show because I don't want to spoil it for anyone who hasn't yet watched the musical. I also don't want to review it on here because some people just aren't interested in musicals and that's absolutely fine. However, if anyone is desperate to see what I thought of it and would like a mini review please leave a comment below and I will do that for you at some point!
Sunday 20th January.
It's safe to say that we both got a big surprise when we woke up and opened the curtains. On Saturday there had been no snow all day and even after we'd got back from the theatre, showered and into bed there was still no snow. When we woke up Sunday morning the ground was covered and it was pretty deep.
We didn't spend too much time shopping because we had to make sure my friend was ready for travelling back and had everything packed up. I was also really really poorly and just couldn't be bothered doing anything; I honestly was feeling awful. The weather outside was cold, wet and just darn right miserable. I always used to think that snow looked pretty but it's actually very surprising how wet you get when you're out in it!!
One good thing about the snowy weather was that Oxford Street was super quiet and wasn't jam packed with people like it normally is. We only wanted to go to a few shops so we did them quickly and just came home to sit in the warmth before we had to go to the train station. We also came home because we expected that Oxford Street would have been gritted and therefore not slippy but this wasn't the case and I nearly had a couple of falls; although, I don't think I was fully with it that day!

I apologise if this feature made you feel like you were reading my diary as opposed to reading my blog and was a little picture heavy. Any feedback would be welcome, would you like to see more of these style of posts on my blog?  Don't forget to come back for Part Two of my shopping weekend posts to find out what I bought!

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  1. Wow looks like you had a great time away!.
    looks like that's going to be a great haul post too.

    Running a GIVEAWAY if you would like to enter :).

    1. It was really nice doing different things with someone. I live here so don't go to the tourist places so having someone staying down here with me was the perfect excuse to go and also to shop!xxx

  2. Wicked!!! Hehe, cool post!
    I seriously cannot wait to see what's in those bags :D So curious.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it! The haul post will be going up either tonight or tomorrow; I'm just about to write it now xxx

  3. That is an impressive amount of shopping. x

    1. Haha, I did buy quite a lot! I think I'm a shopaholic!xxx

  4. cute blog !! and can't wait to see that haul WOW you must have been saving for years.....
    Check out my giveaway

    1. Glad you're enjoying the blog! I was very lucky and got some money for Christmas which was amazing xxx

  5. WOW! It looks like such an amazing trip! I'm yet to visit London for a propper touristy trip but my sister visited for Christmas and brought be back one of those huge bags on M&M's, pure heaven hahah! I really want to see Wicked when it comes to Manchester in the fall too, It's one of those productions I can't go through life without watching! <3

    Amazing blog, thank you for sending me your link, I'm loving having a read!

    1. I love London and living there is amazing! I don't normally do the touristy things because I live there but when I have someone down visiting me it's the perfect opportunity to do those kinds of things. M&M world really is heaven and the pick 'n' mix is amazing -I could do grazy in there!! Wicked is the best show ever! Ooh I've heard about it coming to Manchester as I live in the North West (when not living in London for uni) and I'd love to go and see what it's like when it's touring.

      Thank you for the follow, I'm glad you're enjoying having a read :) xxx