Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Soap & Glory 'Hand Maid' Review

Living in London always makes my hands feel grubby and like they're just not clean. Especially when I have been on the tube, eww, germ central! I am a little obsessed with hand gel and I use it all of the time; when I have been to the toilet, when I have come back from the kitchen, when I am about to eat, when I have gotten off of the tube, when I am out and about ... whenever I feel the need to, I use my hand gel to sanitise my hands and make them feel nice and clean!

I have recently picked up a few non skin care items from Soap & Glory and I am loving them! One of the things I picked up a few months ago was 'Hand Maid' and ever since I have re purchased it three times!

I am super duper fussy when it comes to applying products such as hand cream and hand gel onto my hands because I just hate it when it gives you that sticky feeling in between your fingers and in between your rings; eww, I can't stand it!

I love this hand gel because it leaves no sticky residue on my hands, leaves my hands feeling clean, refreshed, soft and smells amazing! The gel is also cooling and a little goes a long way. The 50ml bottle cost me £2.50 from Boots and I always have a bottle of this in my handbag and in my room so I can use it whenever I need to.

The only thing I can say that is negative about this product is the fact that Soap & Glory don't do a bigger bottle of Hand Maid! If they did, it would be ideal to just use to fill up the small bottles. I do go through this hand gel quite quickly and when it isn't on offer it doesn't seem good value for money. So if anyone from Soap & Glory is reading this review please make a bigger bottle of Hand Maid!!

Have you tried Hand Maid before? What's your favourite hand gel to use? 
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Sunday, 24 March 2013

Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment

Let's face it, hair oils are all over beauty blogs at the minute! It seems us bloggers can't get enough of them and although they've probably been around for ages, there has been a huge hype about them recently. Over the past few months I have been getting into hair care in a big way and although I decided to do the whole no heat regime myself reading beauty blogs has definitely encouraged me to give hair oils a whirl!

It was my friend who persuaded me to buy my first ever hair oil and that was the HASK Argan Oil one from Primark which was super cheap at only £2.50. I picked it up months and months ago (probably around November time) and didn't use it because I didn't want to end up looking like I had 'chip pan' hair. I was convinced that using a hair oil wouldn't be beneficial to me in any way, shape or form and that it would just leave me feeling like I had cloggy, dirty and greasy looking hair; despite her telling me that the oil had left her hair super shiny and feeling uber soft!

It was finally in January that I decided I would take the plunge, find the HASK oil that I'd stuffed in my drawer and try it out! It's safe to say that I was totally wrong about hair oils and I was impressed with this bargain one. It left my hair feeling wonderfully soft but unfortunately it smelt of oranges and this put me off (I like the smell of fresh orange juice but I don't like the smell of an orange or satsuma when it is being peeled and unfortunately this is what the HASK Argan Oil smelt of).

I wanted to try a hair oil that I had heard other beauty bloggers talking about and whilst having a mooch on Fragrance Direct I picked up a small 10ml bottle of Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment (you can see what else I picked up here.) for around £3 something.

It's safe to say that I absolutely love this hair oil and I thought it was amazing! I used it every time I washed my hair (which is around 4/5 times a week as I like to have freshly washed for university and if I am going anywhere at the weekend) and simply ran a small pea sized amount of oil through the ends of my hair and fringe. When I first used this product I probably used too much but it didn't make my hair feel greasy at all because you don't apply it to the root of the hair.

Now, I use only a small amount and I honestly feel as though I can feel and see the difference in my hair after applying this. My hair doesn't feel weighed down (I have hair that I'd describe as being medium thickness), doesn't feel/look greasy and looks visibly smoother. I have layers in my hair and rather than flicking out slightly (I have flickly curly hair when it's wet) they look much smoother and almost styled.

Also, when I got my hair cut my hairdresser said my hair looked in good condition and when she'd finished cutting she said it looked amazingly healthy and I think it's all down to the combination of using a good shampoo, conditioner, using no heat and the introduction of hair oils!

This small bottle has lasted pretty well and it is perfect for travel! I popped this in my makeup bag when I went home for my birthday so it took up no room at all. Even though the bottle is only small, it lasts a long time and I still have about 1/3 of the bottle left. I do need to order a new one but I'm waiting until I have a bit more money so I can order a bigger bottle!

This bottle of hair oil is also really reasonably priced (as I said before, it cost me £3 something from Fragrance Direct) and therefore I would recommend it to someone who is wanting to enter into the world of hair oils! I don't think you would be disappointed with this product, I think it's absolutely amazing!

What do you think of hair oils? Have you tried them? What's your favourite one to use?
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Saturday, 23 March 2013

Bioderma - First Impressions

As most beauty bloggers will know, Bioderma is a French skin care product that has been raved about so much in the beauty blogosphere. Unfortunately, it used to only be available in France and if you weren't lucky enough to have visited you had to either order from Amazon/Ebay or just simply do without.

Well, the good news is that Bioderma is now available in the UK and isn't extortionate to buy! Due to it being an import I thought that it would be really expensive but I was surprised when I looked at the prices! I managed to pick up a 250ml bottle of the Sensibio (sensitive) version for £10 from John Bell & Croydon here. This pharmacy is located in Central London more or less just behind Oxford Street.

I did want the little 100ml (around £4.50) bottle because it was so dinky and cute but they didn't have any. They also didn't have any of the big 500ml (around £14.50) which works out at being the best value for money as you're only paying £4.50 extra for double the amount of product.

So as the title suggests this is just a quick first impressions post because I will fully review the product in the future when I have been using it for long enough to form a proper opinion on it.

- No smell.
- Goes a long way.
- Feels and looks just like water (which is basically what it is. It's a glorified water).
- Removes makeup easily.
- NOT for use at all on sensitive eyes. I only took my eyeshadow off with this and it burned.
- Didn't burn or tingle.
- Seems as though it will last a long time and be value for money.
- Simple to use.
- Leaves skin feeling soft and refreshed.

Have you used Bioderma before?
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Friday, 22 March 2013

Soap & Glory 'Hand Food' Review

There is a lot of hype about Soap & Glory, within the beauty blogosphere. It seems every beauty blogger has a huge collection of Soap & Glory products that they love lathering all over their skin and having a good old pamper with! Then there is me; someone who has sensitive eczema prone skin and therefore does not get on with products that are highly scented or fancy!

Although I can't use any of their scrubs, washes or butters; I have been absolutely loving Soap & Glory recently! The first thing that I ever picked up from the brand was their infamous Hand Food. I picked up the 50ml tube which was priced at £2.50 because I wasn't sure whether or not I'd actually enjoy using the product.

If you don't know what Hand Food is (then I need to ask you ... where have you been!?), it is quite simply just a hand cream with a funky name. I love the names that Soap & Glory give their products and the packaging is always amazingly cute.

I'm a bit weird when it comes to using things on my hands. I hate the feeling of having sticky products in between my fingers and trapped down my rings, it just drives me absolutely crazy! This is why I only bought the small tube of Hand Food because I thought it would be thick and drive me crazy like most hand creams do. I am so glad that I picked this little beauty up because it is quite simply amazing. It isn't sticky, is absorbs quickly, smells amazing and most of all moisturises your hands leaving them feeling soft, silky and as though they have been fed with moisture.

I don't suffer from dry hands all of the time so I don't use this product all of the time. On the odd occasion when I do get a dry patch (usually this is on the palm of my hand) I apply a blob of this and massage it into my hands. Instantly, my hands smell and feel amazing!

This small tube of Hand Food is perfect for women who like to have a fast absorbing hand cream that really moisturises, feels amazing, smells delicious and leaves your hands feeling 'baby bum' soft! The little 50ml product is a perfect size to have with you in your handbag on a day to day basis as it doesn't take up much room at all. I like to have mine in my handbag just in case I ever need to quickly use some hand cream.

For those who like to use hand cream all of the time, there is also a bigger tube of Hand Food available and this would be perfect for leaving on a bedside/dressing table. The bigger tube also works out better value for money but I don't use enough of it to buy a big tube; I'd have it forever!

 What do you think of Soap & Glory Hand Food? Have you ever used it before?

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Thursday, 21 March 2013

Fragrance Direct Bargains Haul #2 - Essie

A super exciting parcel arrived for me today and as you might have already guessed it was from Fragrance Direct! They have some absolutely amazing deals available on their website and one of them is Essie nail varnishes where they sell them for £1.99 each. Yes, that's right Essie for £1.99 instead of £7.99!

Every so often Fragrance Direct get a selection of Essie nail varnishes in stock and they sell them for £1.99 each. The selection they get isn't super big but sometimes there are some good colours and for £1.99 you really cannot go wrong can you!?

I posted a picture on Instagram earlier of the colours I picked up and my followers went crazy liking it and asking me a few questions so I thought I'd do a quick blog post answering the main questions I was asked and showing you what colours I picked up!

Top Row Left - right:

- Super Bossa Nova 31
- Neo Whimsical 39
- Cascade Cool 220A
- All Tied Up 218A
Bottom Row Left - Right:
- Flawless 21
- Delicacy 10
- Off The Shoulder 223A
- Imported Bubbly 80
I was really happy with the colour selection they had this time because there was a lot of pinks and I love pink nail varnish! It goes amazing with my skin tone and I always feel like it looks good on me. There were a few orange shades left (which have been there for a while) and a bright green (which might be for some people but isn't for me) so I believe I picked the best colours they had to offer. Although, I'm not 100% sure about the one on the top right of the picture - 'All Tied Up 218A'.
I was so so amazed to see that they did in fact have Bikini So Teeny available to buy and I had been umm'ing and aah'ing about placing my order for over four hours and by the time I decided I would place it they had sold out of it - gutted!!
Your main questions answered:
- Where did you get them from? Fragrance Direct HERE.
- How long did delivery take? I ordered these on Monday and they arrived today so delivery didn't take too long. I paid £2.99 for delivery within 3 to 5 days.
- How much did it all cost together? Including delivery my order came to £18.91
TIP FOR ORDERING: Google image search the name of the nail polish before you buy it because the swatches they have on the website are never accurate. They're always way off and look nothing like the actual colour. Google before hand to avoid disappointment.
Did you know about Fragrance Direct and their Essie bargains?
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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24hr

There is no hiding the fact that I bloomin' love Lancome and their products. I know when it comes to high end products most people will declare their love for MAC but in all honesty I have only jumped on the MAC bandwagon recently. I have always been one for Lancome and don't mind paying that little extra for high quality makeup.

I know a lot of people swear by drug store products and that is absolutely fine but they don't work for me. Makeup is about what works for you, your skin type and your skin tone. One problem I always have with foundation is that I don't look as pale as I actually am. The colour an artist thinks I am going to be is never the colour I am, I'm a pain when it comes to colour matching. Hence why I don't wear drugstore foundations; they never do the right shade for me.

Shade 005

Shade: The shade is perfect for me. As I have said above usually foundations are the wrong colour ans often brands don't go pale enough. However, Lancome luckily do a shade that is suitable for me and it blends perfectly into my skin. There is a good amount of shades available in this foundation and Lancome have definitely taken into account all skin tones and ethnicity's. 
Coverage: I would say that the coverage is medium - full and most definitely buildable. I also like the fact this foundation is matte but still gives you a natural look as it isn't one of those cakey matte foundations.
How does it wear? On me this foundation lasts amazingly well on my face and I have worn it in three different ways: with moisturiser, with primer and applied straight onto the skin with nothing underneath. It may have '24hr' in the name but I cannot comment on whether it would in fact last that amount of time as I have never left my makeup on for that amount of time. I apply my makeup in the morning and often this foundation is still on my face at around 11o'clock in the evening with no touch ups (I just can't be doing with having to worry about topping my face up during the day. I apply all of my makeup in the morning and that's it!) The coverage wears off a little bit but that's only to be expected. The foundation doesn't ever go patchy on me and it remains in place even whilst running around London and travelling on the hot and sticky underground. When I have worn this foundation with my primer (which is also Lancome) it has lasted all day until late evening, hasn't moved and still looks perfect.
Packaging: As with all Lancome makeup, the packaging is lovely. The foundation bottle is made of glass, has a plastic lid and most importantly comes with a pump (it really bugs me when high end brands don't design their foundation with a pump. It doesn't take much to just include a pump on top) which makes application quick, easy and clean! The glass is slightly frosted and feels super thick and although I don't recommend dropping the bottle (for obvious reasons...) I don't think it would shatter if it was laying in the bottom of your bag or anything.
Application: The application is super easy, due to the foundation being blend able. I would say the consistency is medium and this is something I like because it doesn't feel like you're applying cement onto your face. The product is rather wet but dries quickly so is really easy to work with and blend into your skin. I like to apply this foundation with my Real Techniques Buffing Brush and prefer using this brush to my Lancome foundation brush. The foundation works amazing with both of these brushes, however the Buffing Brush helps to achieve that flawless look that all woman want.
What skin types would this suit? I have such problematic skin - not only is it sensitive but it is also very prone to eczema so I have to be careful with what I use. I have been using this foundation since last November and it hasn't caused me any breakouts whatsoever (of course I've had some breakouts but they haven't been caused by this foundation nor has this foundation aggravated any spots when used to cover them up) which I'm really happy about because foundation used to cause me to break out. I have a slighty oily T Zone in the morning and in the evening but this is only slight and isn't enough to break the foundation down or affect it during the day. Lancome say that this foundation is suitable for all skin types and I agree that it most probably is (but don't take my word for it! Go to your local Lancome counter ask if they have a sample of the foundation that you can take home with you and try; the girls are usually really nice!).
Scent: From what I have said above about my skin, you may be thinking that this foundation is fragrance free but you'd be wrong. This foundation does have a slight smell to it but it isn't really strong. I can't describe what the foundation smells like but it isn't awful, overpowering and most importantly doesn't upset my skin.
How long does a bottle last?: As I have said above, I bought my first bottle of this in November and have recently (on the 1st of March to be exact) just bought another one. I don't think that this is bad considering I use between 2 and 3 pumps more or less everyday (I have found that using my Real Techniqies Buffing Brush requires me to use slightly more product than I needed when I was using my ordinary foundation brush). I had my first bottle for around four months so if you do some maths and divide £27.50 by however many days I've been using it ... it's pretty good value for money.
What do Lancome say about the foundation?
Lacome describe this foundation as being:
- 24hr wear and comfort.
- Re touch free.
- Divine perfection.
- SPF 15.
- Defeats the challenges of a stressful and busy day.
- Shine free.
- Flawless.
- Blend able and fresh texture that leaves the skin complexion perfectly smooth velvety and matte with no powdery effect.
- Oil free.
- Transfer free.
- Sweat free.
- Suitable for all skin types including sensitive.
- Dermatologically tested.
- Non-comedogenic (this means that none of the ingredients used within the foundation cause the wearer to suffer from any breakouts because they don't clog the pores of the skin).
Overall I'd recommend this foundation for those women who want a long lasting, comfortable foundation that doesn't cause any breakouts, is suitable for all skin types and looks flawless without looking cakey. I'd also say that this foundation was suitable for women of all different ages; it isn't aimed at one specific age group. I love this foundation and will probably continue to keep it in my makeup bag.  
Wearing the foundation...
What do you think of this foundation? Have you ever tried it or has my review made you want to?
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Sunday, 17 March 2013

200 Followers & 10,000 views GIVEAWAY! (closed!)

First of all I want to start this post off by saying a huge WOWOWOWOWOWOWOW!! I never ever in a million years thought that people would appreciate my blog as much as people have been doing so recently and although my numbers aren't amazing compared to other bloggers out there ... I'm over the moon with what I have achieved so thank you to everyone who has followed me on Twitter, YouTube, via GFC and on Bloglovin - you're all amazing! I never thought people would read my blog and I never imagined that I would be welcomed into such a lovely community of people and make some amazing friends. I love blogging and I love you all for your support and just wanted to give a little something back to you...

I have been thinking for a while now about what I could offer people and I have said previously that I'd bought something for a giveaway but I had a new idea recently and thought you guys might appreciate this one more! After all, we all love good quality makeup bruhes don't we!?

To celebrate reaching over 200 GFC followers and hitting 10,000 views I am giving ONE lucky reader the chance to win THREE Smashbox eye brushes!! The brushes are limited edition and have pink handles as I believe they were released to support breast cancer!

(Brush holder not part of giveaway)

Brushes left to right:

- No. 30 Shadow Liner Brush
- No. 32 Shadow Brush
- No. 15 Definer Brush
(The brushes that are sent to you will obviously be new and in their packaging.
They came in packaging because they were ordered offline from a
genuine Smashbox stockist).

I have decided that I am going to use Rafflecopter to manage this giveaway as it just seems the best way to choose a winner. I want to ensure everything is fair and there are only a few mandatory things you have to do to be entered into this competition. The rest are just little extras and will gain you extra entries. This giveaway will be open for four weeks from Sunday 17th of March until Sunday 14th of April 2013 when it will close at 12AM.

Good luck everybody and please play by the rules. As I have said anyone who claims they have done one of the options when they haven't will have ALL of their entries discarded. Everything is being done in a way that's fair to all entrants.
GOOD LUCK and thank you if you have entered :)!!

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Carmex - My Lifesaver In A Tin!

I always have sore, dry and cracked lips; regardless of whether it's summer or winter. There are only a few days in a month where I have lips that are perfect. I don't have disgusting lips, they're always nice and soft ... just sore! I really don't know what it is. I am forever buying new lip products and trying to see if they will clear them up.

Sometimes, my lips get really sore and crack in the middle (it's disgusting I know and super unappealing) which is of course painful. I have heard a lot about Carmex and I have always wanted to try it but have been put off of trying it because some claim that it burns and when I have sore lips I don't want anything to burn them ... I'm already in enough discomfort as it is!

Whilst having a mooch around Boots (as all of us beauty bloggers do) I noticed Carmex and thought I would just give it a try. It wasn't expensive and so if I didn't like it I hadn't wasted loads of money if I decided I never wanted to use it again.

Boy am I glad I picked this tub of wonderful stuff up! I have been using it for a few months now (I'm still on my first tub) and I absolutely love it. I find that not only does it soothe my lips instantly it quickly repairs them. I use this during the day and I also apply a thick layer of it during the night. It works wonders for me!! After going to bed with sore cracked lips, I wake up in the morning with smooth lips that feel soothed and repaired. They look visibly different and so much better.

As I said before, a few people do claim that Carmex gives them a burning or tingling sensation on their lips but I really haven't experienced either of these things. The consistency of the product is quite thick and it is slightly yellow but this doesn't show on your lips - it looks clear. The pot is also really small and can fit anywhere really easily which means you can have it with you all of the time. It is also very reasonably priced (I picked mine up in Boots for £2.89) and available from practically everywhere - Primark even sell tubs and tubes of Carmex for £2!

I picked up the original flavour because that's all that was available at the time I purchased it but it didn't bother me because I wanted the original flavour anyway. If you're a little more adventurous and like flavoured lip balm Carmex is available in Mint, Cherry and Strawberry flavour (I picked up a tube of the Strawberry one from Primark for £2 so I shall see if it is as good as my tube of Original).

One thing I don't like about the tub is that it is rather tricky to apply nicely. You have to stick your finger into the tub and apply it that way and I find that because I have to apply quite a bit I have product on my finger. This probably isn't something that will bother most people but it bothers me! Carmex is also rather thick and sticky so if you have long hair and wear it down on a windy day Carmex probably isn't going to be the best option - no one like their hair stuck to their lip balm do them!

I have a range of different lip products and treatments but so far Carmex has been the one that I keep using everyday without out fail. I love it and I will definitely be buying this for a long time!
Have you ever tried Carmex? Does it work for you?

Friday, 15 March 2013

CK One 'Shock' for her Review

So as you all may have already guessed, I LOVE perfumes. I'm sure it's something that runs in my family because myself, my mum, my auntie and my nanna all like perfume. We all have pretty good collections so we all usually smell pretty darn good! Lots of people commented on my Christmas haul (here) and my first ever YouTube video (heresaying that they couldn't believe how many perfumes I received. A few people have requested via Twitter that I film a perfume collection and I am willing to do that at some point if you would like me to (leave a comment below if that's something you would like to see).

I really like the CK Shock perfume and it has been my 'everyday' perfume for quite a while. If you're wondering why 'everyday' is in quotation marks it's because I classify my perfume - sad I know! I have 'everyday' perfumes that aren't as expensive as my 'special' perfumes. I don't see the point in using my expensive perfumes all the time as it just uses them up too quickly! I really like Next for affordable perfumes and I often find that most of them are dupes for fragrances that are already on the market being sold at a much higher price. CK Shock is an Eau de Toilette and therefore it isn't going to smell as well as it did when you first put it on but sometimes after coming in from uni in the evening I can still smell it a little - the scent doesn't completely wear off which is something I like.

My auntie is a huge fan of the original CK One but it isn't something I would personally wear myself. I'm the kind of girl who likes sweet, fruity and flowery scents (like my mum) but not all of my perfumes come under these categories. If you're aware of the original CK One then you will know that it is in fact a unisex fragrance. However, the CK One Shock fragrances have been made for him and for her.

I'm absolutely awful at describing what perfumes smell like so with a little help of some websites describing the individual ingredients I can tell you that the scent is made up of:

Heart Notes: Liquid Chocolate Accord, Blackberry and Narcisse.

Top Notes: Passion Flower, Pink Peony and Jewelled Poppy Flower.

Base Notes: Magnetic Ambers, Second Skin Musk and Patchouli.

The scent of this fragrance is described as being floral and oriental that gives off a sexy vibe. I really like this perfume and I don't think it is a bad price; hence why this is my 'everyday' perfume! I love the fruity scent to this perfume and I really like wearing it - I have been asked a few times what perfume I have on.

Ck One Shock for Her - 200ml EDT
(The bottle does actually come with a squirty top - this comes in the box - you remove the white
cap and insert it into the perfume bottle. The picture above is my mums and she leaves the
cap on hers. I took this photo when I was back home and left my bottle in London).  

As you can see, the bottle I have included above is a 200ml bottle and this is huge. I really like the size of the bottle because I like to wear quick a bit of perfume and without meaning to sound snobby or ungrateful ... I just find that small 30ml bottles of perfume go so quickly. They don't last me long at all which is a shame because perfume isn't one of the cheapest things around is it!?

I'm not 100% sure of how much the other bottles of CK One Shock for her are but I know that this 200ml bottle retails for around £48.00 which I don't think is bad at all considering most 50ml bottles of perfume I have are either around or over this price!

Overall, I really really like this perfume and as I have said it is an EDT so will be perfect for those people who think the scent of EDP's is too over powering but still like the scent to last on their skin/clothes.
If you like the sound of this perfume, I really suggest going to smell it because I don't think you will be disappointed! Calvin Klein have also brought out a Limited Edition Ck One Shock 'Street Edition' that again is available for men (black bottle) and women (white bottle) (here).

What's your favourite perfume? Do you like to have a mixture of expensive and affordable perfumes?

Sunday, 10 March 2013

A Rather Late February Haul...

I'm sure you're all more than aware that today is Mother's Day and therefore is the 10th of March (a very big happy Mother's Day to my mum, auntie and nanna) So you're probably wondering why I am doing my February haul so late. The truth is I just haven't got round to doing it and I cannot for the life of me remember what I bought in February. I thought I had picked up lots of things last month but it turns out that I haven't and I picked it all up on the 1st of March (so my March haul is probably going to be rather big!).

Today is it is SUPER cold here in London! It's that cold that I have just been in bed all day with my radiator on full and wrapped in my cover. Apparently, is is currently snowing heavy in some parts of England and more snow is expected in some more places within the next 24 hours. I Google searched London's weather earlier and there is a slight chance that we might get some snow. It sounds so weird doesn't it, snow in March!? I don't think I can ever remember it snowing at this stage in the year (however, I'm sure someone will probably be able to correct me on that one!).

As some of you may know, if you read my 20 facts about me post (here) I turned 20 on the 17th and therefore did that post to mark the occasion. I didn't get many presents for my birthday because I mainly given money (because in all fairness people probably don't know what to get me. For family, it's definitely the case of 'what do you get the person who has everything?') I didn't need any new clothes, I didn't ask for anything in particular (actually, I lie. I asked for a Miniature Long Haired Chiuauah) so money seemed like the sensible option as I was told I could just use this to buy whatever I wanted.

I know that a lot of other beauty bloggers absolutely love Lush and all of their different products they hand make. Recently, I have seen a lot of their bath bomb and bath products flying around the blogosphere but in all fairness I can't use any of it because I have such sensitive and problematic skin. I also go into Lush and have a coughing fit. If you have asthma, be warned that place is lethal!! I was shopping in Covent Garden with my friend and popped into Lush to get some of their Bubblegum Lip Scrub. I've heard a lot about this and I always always always have sore lips so I thought giving them a good scrub every so often might help them out! Unfortunately, I haven't used this yet because I forgot where I put it after photographing it; oops!!

 For my Birthday I received two new bottles of perfume (yes, I have added more to my collection and if you guys still want one, I will film a perfume collection video as soon as I get a decent camera for filming on!!) and I was over the moon because these were ones that I had previously smelt; someone was obviously paying attention when I was talking about them!!
I have two other Vera Wang perfumes (Princess and Princess Night) and I absolutely love them. They're both very similar fragrances except Princess Night is a little sweeter and lasts considerably longer than Princess which is only a subtle scent.
I fragrances that are either sweet, fruity, floral or all of those together. However, I don't like it when it smells horrible or is too over powering. LoveStruck Floral rush is, as you probably guessed, a floral fragrance and will be beautiful for the summertime. It doesn't last forever and ever but it has quite good staying power. There is another LoveStruck fragrance (this is in the pink bottle) but I have never smelt that. I shall remember to smell it so when I review this one I can compare the two.

Shown above is a 50ml bottle (price unknown - gift).
The top is absolutely mental!
I already have the original CK One Shock For Her perfume (a review of this is going to me by next post) and I absolutely love it! I love using it as my everyday perfume and that fact that I have a huge 200ml bottle means it lasts me a while (which most perfumes don't) and is great value for money.
CK One Shock For Her 'Street Edition' is a limited edition version of the usual CK One Shock For Her. This perfume smells a little different to the original and I would say that it's slightly stronger and therefore lasts longer (I shall get into this more when I review the perfume). 

Shown above is a 50ml bottle; the only size available.
(also available for men).

As I said earlier, I mainly got money for my birthday and so I bought myself a few things that I had been after. I wanted a good bronzer because I found that the Bourjois Chocolate bronzer that I had been using was showing up a little too orange on my skin and no one wants to use an orange bronzer do they!? I had been trying to decide whether I wanted to get the NARS 'Laguna' or Benefit 'Hoola'. In the end I decided to go for Benefit Hoola because we don't have a NARS counter where I live and I wanted my mum and nanna's opinion of how the bronzer looked on me (lets face it, no one tells the truth like a mum and nanna do!). One thing I will say is that this bronzer is super build able and therefore works well for my pale skin. The artist on the counter applied this on me and I have to say that she did so this a little heavy handed (I find most of the people working on makeup counters apply the product on you a little too much!) and it just wasn't the way I'd wear it in a million years.
One thing I like about 'Hoola' is that it is matte!
When the girl applied this on me she also used a brush by Benefit (obviously) and it felt really nice. It felt super soft and as though the product applied and blended effortlessly. I decided to pick up the brush too because I had been working with an MUA brush (review to come soon) and I just felt as though it wasn't working for me.
Benefit Blush/Powder brush.
I picked up some Soap & Glory things when we went on a day out because they were on offer and I have been loving them recently; particularly Hand Food, Hand Maid and Mist You Madly body spray. I haven't picked up any of their skin care items because I don't want to use them and risk aggravating my skin. However, I did pick up a small Flake Away to try but I haven't used it yet.
I also picked up another Maybelline Colour Tattoo in 'Pink Gold'. This is a gorgeous pink colour however it doesn't make your eyes look sore. I particularly like putting a small layer of this on top of 'On and On Bronze' to warm the colour up.
Finally, from my day out I picked up a super cheap eyeshadow brush. This was from Body Care and cost me £1.55 I think. This will only be used to place the colour tattoo onto my eyelid and so nothing specific and expensive it required.
I was desperate for the MAC Archie's Girl's collection and I recently featured what I picked up from MAC (here). I was bought the limited edition brush collection by my nanna and grandad because my amazing grandad let me use his card which I'm so glad he did because two days later the brush set had sold out. They're so cute and I absolutely love them but I don't want to use them and ruin them; they're that pretty haha!

One thing that I have been in need of for a while is some new face brushes. Previously, I had been using brushes from the Body Shop and they were just getting a bit tatty! Before I started beauty blogging I used to watch YouTube beauty channels all of the time and I would hear such good things about the Real Techniques brushes my Samantha Chapman of Pixiwoo! I had some birthday money left over and I thought I would treat myself to some new brushes (you can never ever have enough makeup brushes. Especially as I don't mix colours on my brushes. I use one brush per colour). I also picked up the blush brush because a lot of you on Twitter had recommended it to me and I had noticed that Tanya Burr (Pixi2woo on YouTube) uses this brush to apply her bronzer (her favourite one is NARS 'Laguna' and it always looks amazing on her. She's so talented) and the application always looks so quick and effortless. At first I did panic a little because this brush looks a little too big for contouring but if you use only the very tip it's perfect. The top is rounded so it fits under the cheek bones no problem. I also used some of my Boots points to buy these brushes and I had some vouchers to use so I didn't really lose many as I re topped them back up with extra point and double points vouchers yay!!

 Finally, I picked up four Barry M nail polishes from their new summer collection. The colours are stunning and I love how bright they are. They have introduced new shades into the Gelly Nail Paint line and have introduced a new line of Textured Nail Paints! They're all amazing and I did only pop into Boots to have a look at these polishes. However, I ended up coming out with four polishes because they were on offer and it just enticed me!!
I hope that you have all had a great weekend and aren't feeling too cold! If any of you have any requests for me then please leave a comment below and I will work on getting them done for you!

Friday, 8 March 2013

Fragrance Direct Bargains Haul #1

Hello everyone, I hope you have all been well. Yesterday I had such a weird day. It was honestly as though doom and gloom was following me around. The sky here in London was super grey in typical English fashion it was raining. I braved the rain on my way to university and as soon as I stepped foot out of the door I noticed someone was on the floor at the side of the main road with four police officers and two paramedics around them. There were two police cars and an ambulance parked up with their sirens blaring away. I'm not going to lie, I had to hold back the tears. I don't know why, I just felt sad and sorry for that person. I can't tell you exactly what was happening because I didn't stand and stare like a spectator because I just hate it when people do that. I mean seriously, the person is probably embarrassed enough that they've had some sort of accident in front of everyone and stressed beyond belief without people looking at them like they're a monkey in a cage at a zoo; have some consideration please. Anyway, this poor person was on my mind for a long time and I genuinely hope they were okay and nothing too serious happened to them.

Just as I thought things were looking up (my two hour tutorial was over and I was heading for the tube to go back, rest and enjoy my time off) but whilst I was in the tube station topping up my Oyster (I lead such an exciting life!) an announcement was made saying that trains were delayed due to someone being on the tracks. Great, that's all I needed the doom was back! I wasn't there and didn't see this person on the tracks, the event had taken place before hand. However, the trains on my line were delayed and they were jam packed. Oh it was awful. I like my own personal space and I definitely did not have that yesterday night.

Anyway, enough of my doom and gloom ... I arrived back and there was a parcel waiting for me yay! I was so happy to see that it had arrived because I only ordered it on Monday. I can't resist Fragrance Direct and I didn't go onto the site intending to buy anything I just thought I would have a little mooch around to pass some time. Then of course, that all changed and I was soon adding stuff into my bag - whoops! They do some serious bargains on the site and the best thing is that 1) it is genuine and 2) they have quick delivery. Most of the time, the products come within their own boxes and are not damaged (it does actually say on the site whether the item is going to be unboxed, out of its original packaging or damaged) which is something that does persuade me to re order from them.

I mainly ordered Dainty Doll products because they're made for pale people and they were an absolute bargain! The things that I ordered were all listed on the site as retailing between £10 and nearly £13. If you have never heard of this brand it is the brain child of Nicola Roberts from Girls Aloud. She has such a pale complexion but still looks stunning. When she first rose to fame she was always fake tanning but in the past few years she has embraced her paleness and created a makeup line suited to women who have problems getting hold of pale makeup.

Concealer Pen '001 Its a kind of magic' £1.99
(I didn't intend to add two into my basket but I don't
think it's a bad thing as pen concealers run out so quickly).

Lipsticks L-R: '006 Baby Love' a very wearable nude and '008 Storm In A Teacup' a
gorgeous brown - £1.99 each.
(I didn't order these for myself so this is why I haven't provided any swatches).

Eyeshadow '002 Treat Her Like A Lady' a stunning brown/taupe colour - £1.99
(the bottom photo is showing true to colour).

Concealer '001 Abracadabra' - £1.99
(Not too sure about the colour of this. I think it looks a little too yellow
but shall soon see how it blends out).

Cream Blusher '001 Paper Roses' - £1.99
(I always think it's hard buying something offline because the colour swatches
shown on sites are never 100% accurate. I took a gamble with this colour and I'm
glad I did. This colour is a beautiful pink and will look stunning against a pale skin tone).

Powder Blusher '002 My Girl' - £1.99
(Again this is a gorgeous pink blusher and would look amazing against a pale skin tone.
The blusher has slight flecks of shimmer in this but not too much; enough to give
a healthy look).

I am so glad that I went onto Fragrance Direct and found these absolute bargains! As you can see from the photos of the packaging and products they're presented really nice. I haven't shown any photos of the casing because I didn't want to make the post too photo heavy and bore you all but the feel reminds me a little bit of NARS products. They don't feel quite as rubberised but they look it. I'm really impressed as to be honest I wasn't expecting much due to the HUGE knock down prices.

The last thing that I picked up is something that practically every beauty blogger has in their product collection. I have heard a lot about this product and a fair few people swear by it. I have always wanted to try it but didn't as it is quite expensive and often hyped about products don't always live up to their expectation (often products are so hyped up by bloggers and other people within the beauty community that you have such expectations of it you easily feel let down when you actually part with your money and buy it).When I posted that I had picked up this product for a bargainous £7.99 my Twitter notifications went crazy with people asking me where I had bought it from.  

£7.99 for both.

As you can see, I picked up the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream and I am so glad I did because it was an absolute steal for £7.99. I thought the packaging of this was really nice and that it would be perfect to give to someone as a gift or just to buy yourself as a treat and try the product. Inside the little box there were the two 15ml tubes (pictured above) and they're a really good size making them great value for money. One thing that I will say about this is that when I opened it I was shocked to see that it was brown! I just didn't expect it to be brown because it's called an Eight Hour Cream. I expected that it would be white.

I really like looking on Fragrance Direct because sometimes you really can find some amazing things as super knocked down prices. All in all, everything I bought was supposed to have cost me over £98 but buying from Fragrance Direct meant I got everything for a little over £26.

Have you ever ordered anything from Fragrance Direct? What do you think of the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream and Dainty Doll cosmetics?

Sunday, 3 March 2013

MAC Archie's Girls Collection

Hello everyone, I hope you are all doing well and enjoying the weekend. The weather here in London has actually been okay today! There have been a fair few black clouds in the sky but the sun has been shining and it is starting to feel a little warmer (although I'm not sure if that's a good thing. I'm a person who is always warm so I easily over heat and get moody haha!!). I haven't really done much this weekend. The main thing I got up to was shopping on Friday and I probably spent a little too much money!! I just cannot resist Oxford Street; I don't live far away from it and the shops are just so big. I especially love the Boots - wow!

Today my train tickets have been booked to go home for two weeks in April and I have a lot of lovey new items of clothing and makeup!! (yay, happy Elysia!!). I couldn't believe how impressed I was with Primark. I know some people love the shop and go there lots but I can't say I'm that fond of it. I will pop in occasionally but I don't go out of my way to go in; I have to be in the mood! Anyway, I shall talk more about Primark and what I picked up in my collective February haul video!

Getting into the actual content of this post, I have picked up some things from the new MAC Archie's Girls collection! I'm not going to review these products because I will do that at some point in the future for you all. I just wanted to share with you what I got and show you some pictures of the items, in case any of you were wanting to pick some things up!

I really like this collection and I thought it was so so cute. I know a lot of people didn't like the white packaging and thought it looked rather cheap and almost like children's makeup but I really liked it. I only picked up two things (I thought I would be sensible as I'm wanting to make a few big purchases in May when my family come down and move me out of where I am staying now and back home) but I will be honest and say I loved the whole collection; especially the lip glosses in the Betty line!

You may have noticed on Twitter that I had been getting exceptionally excited about the collection being released and that I had my eye on the Limited Edition brush collection (oh my gosh, the white handles with the red love hearts just had be sold instantly - cute!). The collection went to Selfridges first and believe they had exclusivity for two weeks before the collection went live on the actual MAC website. Unfortunately, the brushes were exclusive to MAC only and I had to wait for the collection to be available. Every time I got an email I was hoping it would be from MAC to say the collection was now available but I didn't get one!! Luckily, someone in the #bbloggers chat told me that the collection was available and I straight away purchased them.

My grandad was an absolute babe and let me use his card to order the brushes (I know you don't read my blog but thank you grandad!!) and I am so glad that I ordered these brushes asap! The collection had been released the day earlier and I ordered these on the Wednesday! By the time Friday came (just two days later) these brushes had completely sold out!! They were priced at £39.50 for the set of five brushes and it includes three eye brushes and two face brushes. They feel good quality and although some people have said the two face brushes feel a little scratchy I don't particularly agree. However, I haven't used these yet because they're just gorgeous and I don't want to ruin them haha!!

The second thing that I picked up was the Pearl Matte Face Powder and I didn't order this online; I bought it in person. I popped into MAC on Friday and noticed they didn't have the collection out on display. When I asked one of the makeup artists if they had any of the collection or not she informed me that the collection is not yet in the MAC stores but is due to come in this Thursday the 7th of March!

Pearl Matte Face Powder in shade Veronica's Blush - £21.50

Again, I have not used this yet but I have swatched it and it looks very pretty. My first impressions of this product is that it does not have a lot of colour pay off so wouldn't work well as a blush; even though I am pale. However, I plan on using this as a highlighter and I think it will work great for that. I managed to get hold of this in Selfridges and there were only two left in stock so I was over the moon to have got hold of this!! The colour is very subtle but still pretty and the packaging is super cute. I can't really comment anymore as this is only my first impressions but I shall do a full review on this soon.

As there were only two of these left in store at Selfridges on Friday, I assume now that this colour will now be out of stock. I'm not sure about the stock levels of the Pearl Matte powder from the Betty side of the collection as I didn't ask about it. I swatched it on my hand and although I thought it had good colour pay off I thought the pink would be better suited to my pale skin tone (I didn't swatch Veronica's Blush before buying it, as there was not one on show. As soon as the makeup artist said they had two I immediately said I would take one of them; I guess I made a good gamble!!). I also know for a fact that both the Vernonica and Betty Pearl Matte Face Powders were out of stock on Friday on the MAC website and I'm not sure but I think one of them was out of stock on Selfridges. I'm not 100% sure so don't quote me on that one!

If you do find that what you want is out of stock, (if you have one close to you) I definitely recommend going into a MAC store on Thursday the 7th of March and seeing if the collection has arrived in store. I was told it was going to hit stores on the 4th so it's worth a try.

What did you think of the Archie's Girls collection? Did you buy anything from it or were the things you wanted out of stock?

I hope you have all had a wonderful weekend.