Sunday, 10 March 2013

A Rather Late February Haul...

I'm sure you're all more than aware that today is Mother's Day and therefore is the 10th of March (a very big happy Mother's Day to my mum, auntie and nanna) So you're probably wondering why I am doing my February haul so late. The truth is I just haven't got round to doing it and I cannot for the life of me remember what I bought in February. I thought I had picked up lots of things last month but it turns out that I haven't and I picked it all up on the 1st of March (so my March haul is probably going to be rather big!).

Today is it is SUPER cold here in London! It's that cold that I have just been in bed all day with my radiator on full and wrapped in my cover. Apparently, is is currently snowing heavy in some parts of England and more snow is expected in some more places within the next 24 hours. I Google searched London's weather earlier and there is a slight chance that we might get some snow. It sounds so weird doesn't it, snow in March!? I don't think I can ever remember it snowing at this stage in the year (however, I'm sure someone will probably be able to correct me on that one!).

As some of you may know, if you read my 20 facts about me post (here) I turned 20 on the 17th and therefore did that post to mark the occasion. I didn't get many presents for my birthday because I mainly given money (because in all fairness people probably don't know what to get me. For family, it's definitely the case of 'what do you get the person who has everything?') I didn't need any new clothes, I didn't ask for anything in particular (actually, I lie. I asked for a Miniature Long Haired Chiuauah) so money seemed like the sensible option as I was told I could just use this to buy whatever I wanted.

I know that a lot of other beauty bloggers absolutely love Lush and all of their different products they hand make. Recently, I have seen a lot of their bath bomb and bath products flying around the blogosphere but in all fairness I can't use any of it because I have such sensitive and problematic skin. I also go into Lush and have a coughing fit. If you have asthma, be warned that place is lethal!! I was shopping in Covent Garden with my friend and popped into Lush to get some of their Bubblegum Lip Scrub. I've heard a lot about this and I always always always have sore lips so I thought giving them a good scrub every so often might help them out! Unfortunately, I haven't used this yet because I forgot where I put it after photographing it; oops!!

 For my Birthday I received two new bottles of perfume (yes, I have added more to my collection and if you guys still want one, I will film a perfume collection video as soon as I get a decent camera for filming on!!) and I was over the moon because these were ones that I had previously smelt; someone was obviously paying attention when I was talking about them!!
I have two other Vera Wang perfumes (Princess and Princess Night) and I absolutely love them. They're both very similar fragrances except Princess Night is a little sweeter and lasts considerably longer than Princess which is only a subtle scent.
I fragrances that are either sweet, fruity, floral or all of those together. However, I don't like it when it smells horrible or is too over powering. LoveStruck Floral rush is, as you probably guessed, a floral fragrance and will be beautiful for the summertime. It doesn't last forever and ever but it has quite good staying power. There is another LoveStruck fragrance (this is in the pink bottle) but I have never smelt that. I shall remember to smell it so when I review this one I can compare the two.

Shown above is a 50ml bottle (price unknown - gift).
The top is absolutely mental!
I already have the original CK One Shock For Her perfume (a review of this is going to me by next post) and I absolutely love it! I love using it as my everyday perfume and that fact that I have a huge 200ml bottle means it lasts me a while (which most perfumes don't) and is great value for money.
CK One Shock For Her 'Street Edition' is a limited edition version of the usual CK One Shock For Her. This perfume smells a little different to the original and I would say that it's slightly stronger and therefore lasts longer (I shall get into this more when I review the perfume). 

Shown above is a 50ml bottle; the only size available.
(also available for men).

As I said earlier, I mainly got money for my birthday and so I bought myself a few things that I had been after. I wanted a good bronzer because I found that the Bourjois Chocolate bronzer that I had been using was showing up a little too orange on my skin and no one wants to use an orange bronzer do they!? I had been trying to decide whether I wanted to get the NARS 'Laguna' or Benefit 'Hoola'. In the end I decided to go for Benefit Hoola because we don't have a NARS counter where I live and I wanted my mum and nanna's opinion of how the bronzer looked on me (lets face it, no one tells the truth like a mum and nanna do!). One thing I will say is that this bronzer is super build able and therefore works well for my pale skin. The artist on the counter applied this on me and I have to say that she did so this a little heavy handed (I find most of the people working on makeup counters apply the product on you a little too much!) and it just wasn't the way I'd wear it in a million years.
One thing I like about 'Hoola' is that it is matte!
When the girl applied this on me she also used a brush by Benefit (obviously) and it felt really nice. It felt super soft and as though the product applied and blended effortlessly. I decided to pick up the brush too because I had been working with an MUA brush (review to come soon) and I just felt as though it wasn't working for me.
Benefit Blush/Powder brush.
I picked up some Soap & Glory things when we went on a day out because they were on offer and I have been loving them recently; particularly Hand Food, Hand Maid and Mist You Madly body spray. I haven't picked up any of their skin care items because I don't want to use them and risk aggravating my skin. However, I did pick up a small Flake Away to try but I haven't used it yet.
I also picked up another Maybelline Colour Tattoo in 'Pink Gold'. This is a gorgeous pink colour however it doesn't make your eyes look sore. I particularly like putting a small layer of this on top of 'On and On Bronze' to warm the colour up.
Finally, from my day out I picked up a super cheap eyeshadow brush. This was from Body Care and cost me £1.55 I think. This will only be used to place the colour tattoo onto my eyelid and so nothing specific and expensive it required.
I was desperate for the MAC Archie's Girl's collection and I recently featured what I picked up from MAC (here). I was bought the limited edition brush collection by my nanna and grandad because my amazing grandad let me use his card which I'm so glad he did because two days later the brush set had sold out. They're so cute and I absolutely love them but I don't want to use them and ruin them; they're that pretty haha!

One thing that I have been in need of for a while is some new face brushes. Previously, I had been using brushes from the Body Shop and they were just getting a bit tatty! Before I started beauty blogging I used to watch YouTube beauty channels all of the time and I would hear such good things about the Real Techniques brushes my Samantha Chapman of Pixiwoo! I had some birthday money left over and I thought I would treat myself to some new brushes (you can never ever have enough makeup brushes. Especially as I don't mix colours on my brushes. I use one brush per colour). I also picked up the blush brush because a lot of you on Twitter had recommended it to me and I had noticed that Tanya Burr (Pixi2woo on YouTube) uses this brush to apply her bronzer (her favourite one is NARS 'Laguna' and it always looks amazing on her. She's so talented) and the application always looks so quick and effortless. At first I did panic a little because this brush looks a little too big for contouring but if you use only the very tip it's perfect. The top is rounded so it fits under the cheek bones no problem. I also used some of my Boots points to buy these brushes and I had some vouchers to use so I didn't really lose many as I re topped them back up with extra point and double points vouchers yay!!

 Finally, I picked up four Barry M nail polishes from their new summer collection. The colours are stunning and I love how bright they are. They have introduced new shades into the Gelly Nail Paint line and have introduced a new line of Textured Nail Paints! They're all amazing and I did only pop into Boots to have a look at these polishes. However, I ended up coming out with four polishes because they were on offer and it just enticed me!!
I hope that you have all had a great weekend and aren't feeling too cold! If any of you have any requests for me then please leave a comment below and I will work on getting them done for you!


  1. I love seeing your hauls. Can't wait to hear what you think of the MAC brushes, they look so cute!

    1. Ah thank you :) They're adorable aren't they! They feel amazing too but I just need to be brave and use them! xxx

  2. Ooh you got some lovely things, I have the popcorn lip scrub and it's amazing! xx

    Lucy Loves To Blog

    1. Thank you very much :) I didn't like the smell of the popcorn one but there was a new mint one there and it smelt amazing!!xxx

  3. Great post ! I love the Real Techniques brushes :)

    1. Thank you :) They're really good, I'm super glad I picked them up xxx