Saturday, 16 March 2013

Carmex - My Lifesaver In A Tin!

I always have sore, dry and cracked lips; regardless of whether it's summer or winter. There are only a few days in a month where I have lips that are perfect. I don't have disgusting lips, they're always nice and soft ... just sore! I really don't know what it is. I am forever buying new lip products and trying to see if they will clear them up.

Sometimes, my lips get really sore and crack in the middle (it's disgusting I know and super unappealing) which is of course painful. I have heard a lot about Carmex and I have always wanted to try it but have been put off of trying it because some claim that it burns and when I have sore lips I don't want anything to burn them ... I'm already in enough discomfort as it is!

Whilst having a mooch around Boots (as all of us beauty bloggers do) I noticed Carmex and thought I would just give it a try. It wasn't expensive and so if I didn't like it I hadn't wasted loads of money if I decided I never wanted to use it again.

Boy am I glad I picked this tub of wonderful stuff up! I have been using it for a few months now (I'm still on my first tub) and I absolutely love it. I find that not only does it soothe my lips instantly it quickly repairs them. I use this during the day and I also apply a thick layer of it during the night. It works wonders for me!! After going to bed with sore cracked lips, I wake up in the morning with smooth lips that feel soothed and repaired. They look visibly different and so much better.

As I said before, a few people do claim that Carmex gives them a burning or tingling sensation on their lips but I really haven't experienced either of these things. The consistency of the product is quite thick and it is slightly yellow but this doesn't show on your lips - it looks clear. The pot is also really small and can fit anywhere really easily which means you can have it with you all of the time. It is also very reasonably priced (I picked mine up in Boots for £2.89) and available from practically everywhere - Primark even sell tubs and tubes of Carmex for £2!

I picked up the original flavour because that's all that was available at the time I purchased it but it didn't bother me because I wanted the original flavour anyway. If you're a little more adventurous and like flavoured lip balm Carmex is available in Mint, Cherry and Strawberry flavour (I picked up a tube of the Strawberry one from Primark for £2 so I shall see if it is as good as my tube of Original).

One thing I don't like about the tub is that it is rather tricky to apply nicely. You have to stick your finger into the tub and apply it that way and I find that because I have to apply quite a bit I have product on my finger. This probably isn't something that will bother most people but it bothers me! Carmex is also rather thick and sticky so if you have long hair and wear it down on a windy day Carmex probably isn't going to be the best option - no one like their hair stuck to their lip balm do them!

I have a range of different lip products and treatments but so far Carmex has been the one that I keep using everyday without out fail. I love it and I will definitely be buying this for a long time!
Have you ever tried Carmex? Does it work for you?


  1. I used to use Carmex all the time but I dislike how thick it is! Also I don't like products in pots :P but that's just me being hyper picky!!

    1. It is super thick isn't it. However, I like the fact that it's thick because I feel as though it really works and repairs my lips when I apply a good layer of it before bed. I often apply a thin layer of this with a lip brush before I head off out into the cold and that doesn't feel too thick or sticky which I good.
      The pot is a little awkward, I have to agree. You're just left with the product on your finger after application and I don't like that it bothers me xx