Friday, 15 March 2013

CK One 'Shock' for her Review

So as you all may have already guessed, I LOVE perfumes. I'm sure it's something that runs in my family because myself, my mum, my auntie and my nanna all like perfume. We all have pretty good collections so we all usually smell pretty darn good! Lots of people commented on my Christmas haul (here) and my first ever YouTube video (heresaying that they couldn't believe how many perfumes I received. A few people have requested via Twitter that I film a perfume collection and I am willing to do that at some point if you would like me to (leave a comment below if that's something you would like to see).

I really like the CK Shock perfume and it has been my 'everyday' perfume for quite a while. If you're wondering why 'everyday' is in quotation marks it's because I classify my perfume - sad I know! I have 'everyday' perfumes that aren't as expensive as my 'special' perfumes. I don't see the point in using my expensive perfumes all the time as it just uses them up too quickly! I really like Next for affordable perfumes and I often find that most of them are dupes for fragrances that are already on the market being sold at a much higher price. CK Shock is an Eau de Toilette and therefore it isn't going to smell as well as it did when you first put it on but sometimes after coming in from uni in the evening I can still smell it a little - the scent doesn't completely wear off which is something I like.

My auntie is a huge fan of the original CK One but it isn't something I would personally wear myself. I'm the kind of girl who likes sweet, fruity and flowery scents (like my mum) but not all of my perfumes come under these categories. If you're aware of the original CK One then you will know that it is in fact a unisex fragrance. However, the CK One Shock fragrances have been made for him and for her.

I'm absolutely awful at describing what perfumes smell like so with a little help of some websites describing the individual ingredients I can tell you that the scent is made up of:

Heart Notes: Liquid Chocolate Accord, Blackberry and Narcisse.

Top Notes: Passion Flower, Pink Peony and Jewelled Poppy Flower.

Base Notes: Magnetic Ambers, Second Skin Musk and Patchouli.

The scent of this fragrance is described as being floral and oriental that gives off a sexy vibe. I really like this perfume and I don't think it is a bad price; hence why this is my 'everyday' perfume! I love the fruity scent to this perfume and I really like wearing it - I have been asked a few times what perfume I have on.

Ck One Shock for Her - 200ml EDT
(The bottle does actually come with a squirty top - this comes in the box - you remove the white
cap and insert it into the perfume bottle. The picture above is my mums and she leaves the
cap on hers. I took this photo when I was back home and left my bottle in London).  

As you can see, the bottle I have included above is a 200ml bottle and this is huge. I really like the size of the bottle because I like to wear quick a bit of perfume and without meaning to sound snobby or ungrateful ... I just find that small 30ml bottles of perfume go so quickly. They don't last me long at all which is a shame because perfume isn't one of the cheapest things around is it!?

I'm not 100% sure of how much the other bottles of CK One Shock for her are but I know that this 200ml bottle retails for around £48.00 which I don't think is bad at all considering most 50ml bottles of perfume I have are either around or over this price!

Overall, I really really like this perfume and as I have said it is an EDT so will be perfect for those people who think the scent of EDP's is too over powering but still like the scent to last on their skin/clothes.
If you like the sound of this perfume, I really suggest going to smell it because I don't think you will be disappointed! Calvin Klein have also brought out a Limited Edition Ck One Shock 'Street Edition' that again is available for men (black bottle) and women (white bottle) (here).

What's your favourite perfume? Do you like to have a mixture of expensive and affordable perfumes?

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