Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24hr

There is no hiding the fact that I bloomin' love Lancome and their products. I know when it comes to high end products most people will declare their love for MAC but in all honesty I have only jumped on the MAC bandwagon recently. I have always been one for Lancome and don't mind paying that little extra for high quality makeup.

I know a lot of people swear by drug store products and that is absolutely fine but they don't work for me. Makeup is about what works for you, your skin type and your skin tone. One problem I always have with foundation is that I don't look as pale as I actually am. The colour an artist thinks I am going to be is never the colour I am, I'm a pain when it comes to colour matching. Hence why I don't wear drugstore foundations; they never do the right shade for me.

Shade 005

Shade: The shade is perfect for me. As I have said above usually foundations are the wrong colour ans often brands don't go pale enough. However, Lancome luckily do a shade that is suitable for me and it blends perfectly into my skin. There is a good amount of shades available in this foundation and Lancome have definitely taken into account all skin tones and ethnicity's. 
Coverage: I would say that the coverage is medium - full and most definitely buildable. I also like the fact this foundation is matte but still gives you a natural look as it isn't one of those cakey matte foundations.
How does it wear? On me this foundation lasts amazingly well on my face and I have worn it in three different ways: with moisturiser, with primer and applied straight onto the skin with nothing underneath. It may have '24hr' in the name but I cannot comment on whether it would in fact last that amount of time as I have never left my makeup on for that amount of time. I apply my makeup in the morning and often this foundation is still on my face at around 11o'clock in the evening with no touch ups (I just can't be doing with having to worry about topping my face up during the day. I apply all of my makeup in the morning and that's it!) The coverage wears off a little bit but that's only to be expected. The foundation doesn't ever go patchy on me and it remains in place even whilst running around London and travelling on the hot and sticky underground. When I have worn this foundation with my primer (which is also Lancome) it has lasted all day until late evening, hasn't moved and still looks perfect.
Packaging: As with all Lancome makeup, the packaging is lovely. The foundation bottle is made of glass, has a plastic lid and most importantly comes with a pump (it really bugs me when high end brands don't design their foundation with a pump. It doesn't take much to just include a pump on top) which makes application quick, easy and clean! The glass is slightly frosted and feels super thick and although I don't recommend dropping the bottle (for obvious reasons...) I don't think it would shatter if it was laying in the bottom of your bag or anything.
Application: The application is super easy, due to the foundation being blend able. I would say the consistency is medium and this is something I like because it doesn't feel like you're applying cement onto your face. The product is rather wet but dries quickly so is really easy to work with and blend into your skin. I like to apply this foundation with my Real Techniques Buffing Brush and prefer using this brush to my Lancome foundation brush. The foundation works amazing with both of these brushes, however the Buffing Brush helps to achieve that flawless look that all woman want.
What skin types would this suit? I have such problematic skin - not only is it sensitive but it is also very prone to eczema so I have to be careful with what I use. I have been using this foundation since last November and it hasn't caused me any breakouts whatsoever (of course I've had some breakouts but they haven't been caused by this foundation nor has this foundation aggravated any spots when used to cover them up) which I'm really happy about because foundation used to cause me to break out. I have a slighty oily T Zone in the morning and in the evening but this is only slight and isn't enough to break the foundation down or affect it during the day. Lancome say that this foundation is suitable for all skin types and I agree that it most probably is (but don't take my word for it! Go to your local Lancome counter ask if they have a sample of the foundation that you can take home with you and try; the girls are usually really nice!).
Scent: From what I have said above about my skin, you may be thinking that this foundation is fragrance free but you'd be wrong. This foundation does have a slight smell to it but it isn't really strong. I can't describe what the foundation smells like but it isn't awful, overpowering and most importantly doesn't upset my skin.
How long does a bottle last?: As I have said above, I bought my first bottle of this in November and have recently (on the 1st of March to be exact) just bought another one. I don't think that this is bad considering I use between 2 and 3 pumps more or less everyday (I have found that using my Real Techniqies Buffing Brush requires me to use slightly more product than I needed when I was using my ordinary foundation brush). I had my first bottle for around four months so if you do some maths and divide £27.50 by however many days I've been using it ... it's pretty good value for money.
What do Lancome say about the foundation?
Lacome describe this foundation as being:
- 24hr wear and comfort.
- Re touch free.
- Divine perfection.
- SPF 15.
- Defeats the challenges of a stressful and busy day.
- Shine free.
- Flawless.
- Blend able and fresh texture that leaves the skin complexion perfectly smooth velvety and matte with no powdery effect.
- Oil free.
- Transfer free.
- Sweat free.
- Suitable for all skin types including sensitive.
- Dermatologically tested.
- Non-comedogenic (this means that none of the ingredients used within the foundation cause the wearer to suffer from any breakouts because they don't clog the pores of the skin).
Overall I'd recommend this foundation for those women who want a long lasting, comfortable foundation that doesn't cause any breakouts, is suitable for all skin types and looks flawless without looking cakey. I'd also say that this foundation was suitable for women of all different ages; it isn't aimed at one specific age group. I love this foundation and will probably continue to keep it in my makeup bag.  
Wearing the foundation...
What do you think of this foundation? Have you ever tried it or has my review made you want to?
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  1. Your skin looks great! Obviously you've found a winner. I usually buy drugstore everything, but I think if you find a high-end product that makes you look and feel fabulous you should absolutely splurge on it, especially when it comes to foundation--cheap foundation can age you really badly.

    1. Thank you very much :) I think drugstore foundations are great as they're often just as good as high end foundations. However, they just don't do a colour range that is suitable for me. It's what works for the individual and what makes them and their skin look amazing :) xxx

  2. Great review hunni,Im really loving lancome at the moment and it is definately not given enough coverage in the blogging world, so happy to see this review xx

    1. Thank you, I really appreciate that :) I've always loved Lancome I think they're an amazing high end brand! If you're interested in seeing more Lancome reviews just tweet me or comment and I shall start doing some more :) xxx