Friday, 1 March 2013

L'Oreal Elvive Triple Resist - Mini Haul!

Recently, I have been becoming more and more obsessed with my hair and looking after it. I have always liked to treat it but never to the extent I do now. Back in November/December (I think) I made the decision that I was no longer going to use heat on my hair! I gave up the straighteners around four years ago when I was in year 11 but continued to use my hair dryer on a daily basis. I lose a lot of hair and although it's perfectly natural and common for someone with long hair I still worry. Along with the no heat routine, I have recently been getting into hair oil and I feel as though the Macadamia Hair Oil that I am using has started to make a difference. I am due a hair cut (which I most probably will have had by the time this is published) so there are some fly away split ends but the hair oil has helped tame them.

You may be wondering why I've dedicated a post to L'Oreal Elvive Triple Resist and I completely understand if you're questioning whether or not I have gone mad! I use a few shampoos and conditioners: Toni and Guy, Aussie and of course L'Oreal.

This Triple Resist is by far my favourite shampoo and conditioner to use on a day to day basis and I have re purchased and re purchased this stuff until the cows come home - I LOVE it! Anyway, a few weeks ago, I was on Oxford Street getting some bits and bobs (I can't say what they were because they're for people who read!) and I popped into Superdrug before going for the tube.

As soon as I walked into Superdrug I noticed the Triple Resist shampoo and conditioner in front of my on offer for half price. Naturally, I picked up a bottle of each because they were the big bottles and I am in love with this stuff after all. Of course, being the naughty little beauty blogger that I am, I couldn't resist having a mooch around (as usually I go to Boots) and I stumbled across the rest of the Triple Resist range with the same half price offer on it. You can probably guess what's coming next .... Yes, I purchased everything in the range (apart from one thing but I'd already bought that before hand!) 

Products mentioned Left to Right. 

L'Oreal Triple Resist Shampoo - I love this stuff. It washes your hair perfectly, makes it feel clean and most importantly helps to reinforce it. 

L'Oreal Triple Resist Spray - This is designed to be sprayed onto the roots and the little applicator attached to the pump helps. You can easily section your hair and apply this quickly. It's advised that you massage your scalp to help stimulate the blood flow to your head and once again this makes your hair feel gorgeous. I use quite a bit of this and it doesn't leave your hair greasy at all and most importantly helps to reinforce your hair. 

L'Oreal Triple Resist Conditioner - This is just an everyday conditioner that L'Oreal advise is used I'm conjunction with the Triple Resist shampoo. Again, this smells gorgeous, helps to reinforce the hair and doesn't leave your hair feeling weighed down or greasy. This can be used as an ordinary conditioner or used as a deep conditioner if you wish. I use this as either and it works. 

L'Oreal Triple Resist 60 Seconds Recovery Conditioner - This caught my eye because it was Irving marketed as a new product in the Triple Resist line and I haven't noticed this before. It was on offer and I just had to pick it up because everything else in this line has been amazing. The product is a 60 second recovery conditioner that again is used to reinforce the hair. It is described as being a concentrated conditioner and I used this last night as directed. It states that the product doesn't weigh your hair which is truthful, makes your hair feeling luscious, soft and most importantly not greasy!

As well as these products I also picked up the L'Oreal Triple Resist Hair Mask which comes in a big tub and is designed to be left on for two to three minutes and be used as a deep conditioner. I have never used this product before but I know it's going to be amazing. I really like my Toni and Guy reconstructing deep conditioner but I like to chop and change so that my hair doesn't get too used to one thing. 

The L'Oreal Triple Resist line is aimed at people who have hair that it prone to drop and fall out. The products claim to help strengthen the hair and of course this is more effective when all of the products are used together. I don't want to get into it's effectiveness too much because I will do a review on the range at some point if that's something you would like to see but I can confirm that when I have used these products my hair does feel stronger and doesn't fall and drop as much. 

Have you ever used this line of hair care from L'Oreal before? If your hair is prone to dropping and falling out, would you try this to see if it worked for you too? 

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  1. Oooh let me know how this goes! I've always looked at this stuff but never picked it up,

    Jamie-Lee x

    1. I have repurchased and repurchased these so much! They're definitely a firm favourite of mine and I can honestly say that they do help my hair to not drop as much as it usually does! Amazing xxx

  2. these look great! I need to try them! xx

  3. They really are amazing and I can honestly say they stop my hair from dropping! I lose a lot of hair but after I have used the shampoo, one of the conditioners and the spray my hair is wonderful and I hardly lose any hair!! xxx

  4. I've just bought this! Many negative reviews on the Internet though! Praying it will tame my hair fall :)