Sunday, 24 March 2013

Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment

Let's face it, hair oils are all over beauty blogs at the minute! It seems us bloggers can't get enough of them and although they've probably been around for ages, there has been a huge hype about them recently. Over the past few months I have been getting into hair care in a big way and although I decided to do the whole no heat regime myself reading beauty blogs has definitely encouraged me to give hair oils a whirl!

It was my friend who persuaded me to buy my first ever hair oil and that was the HASK Argan Oil one from Primark which was super cheap at only £2.50. I picked it up months and months ago (probably around November time) and didn't use it because I didn't want to end up looking like I had 'chip pan' hair. I was convinced that using a hair oil wouldn't be beneficial to me in any way, shape or form and that it would just leave me feeling like I had cloggy, dirty and greasy looking hair; despite her telling me that the oil had left her hair super shiny and feeling uber soft!

It was finally in January that I decided I would take the plunge, find the HASK oil that I'd stuffed in my drawer and try it out! It's safe to say that I was totally wrong about hair oils and I was impressed with this bargain one. It left my hair feeling wonderfully soft but unfortunately it smelt of oranges and this put me off (I like the smell of fresh orange juice but I don't like the smell of an orange or satsuma when it is being peeled and unfortunately this is what the HASK Argan Oil smelt of).

I wanted to try a hair oil that I had heard other beauty bloggers talking about and whilst having a mooch on Fragrance Direct I picked up a small 10ml bottle of Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment (you can see what else I picked up here.) for around £3 something.

It's safe to say that I absolutely love this hair oil and I thought it was amazing! I used it every time I washed my hair (which is around 4/5 times a week as I like to have freshly washed for university and if I am going anywhere at the weekend) and simply ran a small pea sized amount of oil through the ends of my hair and fringe. When I first used this product I probably used too much but it didn't make my hair feel greasy at all because you don't apply it to the root of the hair.

Now, I use only a small amount and I honestly feel as though I can feel and see the difference in my hair after applying this. My hair doesn't feel weighed down (I have hair that I'd describe as being medium thickness), doesn't feel/look greasy and looks visibly smoother. I have layers in my hair and rather than flicking out slightly (I have flickly curly hair when it's wet) they look much smoother and almost styled.

Also, when I got my hair cut my hairdresser said my hair looked in good condition and when she'd finished cutting she said it looked amazingly healthy and I think it's all down to the combination of using a good shampoo, conditioner, using no heat and the introduction of hair oils!

This small bottle has lasted pretty well and it is perfect for travel! I popped this in my makeup bag when I went home for my birthday so it took up no room at all. Even though the bottle is only small, it lasts a long time and I still have about 1/3 of the bottle left. I do need to order a new one but I'm waiting until I have a bit more money so I can order a bigger bottle!

This bottle of hair oil is also really reasonably priced (as I said before, it cost me £3 something from Fragrance Direct) and therefore I would recommend it to someone who is wanting to enter into the world of hair oils! I don't think you would be disappointed with this product, I think it's absolutely amazing!

What do you think of hair oils? Have you tried them? What's your favourite one to use?
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  1. This is the shizz, I absolutely love it. My hair has never felt so soft. Xx

    1. It's a great hair oil and smells amazing too! I instantly fell in love xxx

  2. I also did a review on this oil I think this oil is amazing!

    1. It's a really good product. A lot of beauty bloggers seem to be loving Macadamia at the moment xxx

  3. Replies
    1. It's really really good and Fragrance Direct sell it for such a reasonable price! I think you'd love this!xxx