Saturday, 20 April 2013

Quick Guide To Bronzers - For Pale Girls!

Wow, how lovely has the weather been today!? I'm back in London now for around 5/6 weeks and I'm feeling really summery today! I have just been doing what I need to do whilst having the music channel on in the background and my window open. There's such a lovely breeze and I'm loving this temperature (I don't mind this weather but when it starts to get much warmer I will be moaning because I dislike being too hot - it makes me agitated and then I get moody!), it's so nice to see a summery blue sky for once!

With the temperatures starting to warm up and many people tweeting me saying that they're looking forward to hearing my opinions on the bronzers that I have tried/use, I thought it was time to publish this post and hopefully help some pale girls out! Summer is the time of year when everyone wants to look like a healthy and glowing bronzed goddess but when you're a pale girl you can often end up looking a little too orange and cakey!

I have recently really been getting into contouring so bronzers and highlighters have become my best friends! However, finding the perfect bronzer isn't the easiest thing to do when you're really pale because they can either show up too orange or too brown on your skin and make you look like you just placed two super obvious lines on your face (not a good look!). I know from Twitter that lots of other pale girls have a difficult task finding a bronzer because there are so many different shades, finishes and brands available that they quite simply don't know where to even begin looking.

I haven't reviewed these bronzers fully because I plan on reviewing them individually at some point in the future and it would just make things too complicated. I have tried to write an informative yet simple post to help pale skinned girls narrow down their quest for the perfect bronzer and I hope that some of you find this helpful (even if one person comments/tweets saying that this post has helped them find a bronzer that they're happy with I will be over the moon because I honestly know how hard and daunting finding a bronzer can be!).

Top Left - Bourjois Poudre Bronzante 51
Top Right - Sleek Face Form Palette 'Light 373'
Bottom Left - Benefit Hoola
Bottom Right - NARS 'Laguna'

Bourjois Poudre Bronzante 51/ Chocolate Bronzer

Price: £6.99.
Finish: Matte (there are some gold speckles running through the powder but they do not show on the skin).
Texture: Soft.
Build able?: Yes.
Other Shades Available?: Yes. I believe there are two shades available: 51 (the one pictured above) and 52 which is slightly darker.
Easy To Blend?: Yes.
My Opinion: Personally, on my skin, this looked a little too orange for me. As you can see from the photo above of the swatches, this bronzer looks the most orange out of them all. A lot of pale girls swear by this bronzer but I just wasn't 100% happy with it.

Sleek Face Form Palette - Light 373

Price: £9.99 (for this price you get three products in the palette that are all suitable for pale skin tones. A bronzer, highlighter and a blusher).
Finish: Matte.
Texture: Soft.
Build able?: Yes.
Other Shades Available?: Yes. I think that there are three palettes available all aimed at different skin tones - light, medium and dark.
Easy To Blend?: Yes.
My Opinion: I really like this bronzer and although the colour is a little darker than Hoola it isn't too dark and doesn't look like I have strips of brown down my face. As you can see from the photo above, this bronzer is the darkest one and therefore I feel as though I really have to only apply the tiniest amount of product onto my brush and really go to town with the blending! I don't think that this bronzer is too dark of muddy looking if applied with a light hand. 

Benefit Hoola

Price: £23.50.
Finish: Matte.
Texture: Soft.
Build able?: Yes.
Other Shades Available?: No this is a standard colour and the colour can be built up according to skin tone.
Easy To Blend?: Yes.
My Opinion: This bronzer comes with a brush that you could use but I chose not to use it. Some describe Hoola as looking muddy and believe it would be too dark for a pale skin tone and more suited to a medium tone but I don't think this is the case. As I said with the Sleek bronzer, the key is to use a small amount of product, a good brush and a light hand so you have to ability to add more product if you need it! The good thing about Benefit is that because it's a high end brand you can ask to try the product before you buy it so you don't waste your money on something that just isn't going to suit you.

NARS 'Laguna'

Price: £26.00
Finish: Semi Matte/ Matte. I wouldn't go as far as saying this bronzer was shimmery but I most definitely wouldn't describe it as being matte. There are extremely small gold shimmer particles within the powder and when the product is applied underneath the cheek bones it gives a lovely effect. The shimmer doesn't make you look like you have a glittery contour and instead makes you look healthy and 'glowing'. I really really like this bronzer and it's also Tanya Burrs favourite!
Texture: Soft.
Build able?: Yes.
Other Shades Available?: No Laguna is just simply 'Laguna'. It's a one shade kind of bronzer. However, NARS do have other bronzers available so if you're looking for something other than 'Laguna' I'd recommend checking them out as there are other shades available.
Easy To Blend?: Yes.
My Opinion: This bronzer is one of those cult products that everyone goes on about and it has been on my wishlist for ages. When I bought this bronzer, I only quickly swatched it on my hand and immediately said to the sales assistant that I'd like to take one. I didn't spend any time considering whether or not it would be too dark for me (something I should have done as this ins't a cheap product!!) and as I result I panicked massively when I got back and seen how dark it looked in the pan! Don't panic though, the colour of this sheers out completely and the powder is beautifully smooth so blends out like a dream. The speckles of shimmer that are contained within the product don't transfer onto to skin and I just love this bronzer. As you can see from the swatches above, Laguna is the lightest out of the four bronzers that I have been talking about and it is also slightly less pigmented than Benefits Hoola so is wonderful for super pale girls like myself. 

Which bronzer out of the four is my favourite?

I love Hoola, the bronzer in the Sleek palette and my NARS Laguna. To be honest, I have been reaching for Laguna the most and have been really enjoying using it. I also love the NARS packaging and although it does get dirty super easily it wipes clean.

Which one would I recommend?...

For someone who is new to the world of bronzers/ on a budget I would definitely recommend the Sleek Face Form Palette. This palette is amazing value for money because for £9.99 you get the bronzer, highlighter and blusher.

For the highend makeup lover and the bronzer addicts I would definitely recommend Hoola or Laguna. They are both super well known bronzers for different reasons. Hoola is matte whereas Laguna has a slight shimmer in it (but trust me, this shimmer is only slight!!). For a super bronzed glow, Laguna and Hoola work wonderfully together but this combination is probably more suited to medium skin tones. 

For someone looking for the palest bronzer I'd have to say NARS because as you can see from the swatches and as I have already said this bronzer is the palest one I own. However, this one is the most expensive so you really do want to try this before you buy.

I hope that this post has been helpful and easy to understand. I think the key to bronzing/contouring when you have a pale skin tone is to use a small amount of product, a good brush and a light hand. As well as finding bronzers difficult I know that a lot of girls also struggle to find the perfect brush to bronze with so if you would like a quick/simple brush post and a bronzing tips post then please let me know! I hope you're all enjoying the sunshine and are having a wonderful weekend :) 

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

MAC Brush Cleasner

One of the major downfalls of being a beauty obessive can be the amount of makeup brushes we seem to aquire! I am forever seeing fellow beauty bloggers having a little moan about the thought of having to wash all of their brushes and let's face it ... washing brushes isn't a quick thing to do!!

To be fair I usually just deep clean my brushes all together rather than spot clean them after every use. Deep cleaning brushes does take a long time to do but unlike most I find it really theraputic. I like to properly clean all of my brushes together on a day where I am doing nothing at all and I always seem to just stand there in my own little world washing them and pondering about things.

Something I picked up a while ago was the MAC Brush Cleanser and I really like it.  The 235ml bottle costs £9.50 and I thought that was really reasonable for a MAC product. I have used this in three ways and every time it has helped get my brushes super duper clean. The ways I have used this product are:
1) Pouring some product onto some kitchen towel and swirling the brush around in the damp patch until all of the product is out of the brushes bristles. I only did this with my MAC eye brushes but it worked really well, didn't ruin the bristles, made them feel super soft and most importantly made the brushes dry quickly! I have seen the MAC artists spot cleaning their brushes this way in the shop before and I assume this is a good way to clean when you're on a makeup job or need to use the same brush quickly.

2) Mixing the cleanser with luke warm water and swirling around until the bristles are clean. Again, this worked really well and although it took a little longer for the brush to become fully clean the method worked. I have only tried this method with my MAC eye brushes and it left them feeling super clean, soft and their shape was maintained. However, they did take a little longer to dry than they did when I just cleaned them with the cleanser.

3) Mixing the cleanser with baby shampoo, luke warm water and swirling around until the bristles are clean. This is how I always clean my brushes and I add a little bit of the cleanser into the shampoo and water to give the natural hair brushes some of the goodness they need. My brushes always come out super clean, soft and feeling amazing. I prefer to deep clean my brushes because there's nothing like a freshly cleaned brush. Cleaning the brushes in this way does mean they take a little longer to dry but I don't mind about that.

To sumarrise MAC Brush cleanser is:

- Suitable for use on it's own or mixed with other products.
- Suitable for use with real hair brushes.
- Suitable to be used as a spot cleaner.
- Fast drying.
- A product that leaves your brushes feeling super clean and soft.
- Good for brushes.
- Easy to use.
- Value for money as only a little bit needs to be used.
- Suitable to be used on the go.
- In a plastic bottle so means it won't smash when being carried around in a makeup artists kit.

Have you ever used MAC Brush Cleanser?

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Sunday, 14 April 2013

200 GFC and 10,000 Views Giveaway - WINNER ANNOUNCED (competition now closed)

Hello everyone, I hope that you're all doing well! I'm currently still at home for another few days and just enjoying some serious family time (although I am having to do lots of revision for my exams that are coming up in May and this is why my posts aren't as frequent as they have been - sorry!). I just wanted to do a quick post announcing the winner of my Smashbox giveaway because I am super excited!

I would just like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who entered my first ever giveaway. I wanted to give something decent away as the competition was being held to celebrate a double milestone but I was worried that no one would enter and the whole competition would just fail. I was silly for worrying about this because I had so many people entering and I am really grateful to everyone who took a few moments of their time to enter, follow and comment.

Everything was done fairly and Rafflecopter selected the winner of the giveaway for me. I checked that everyone who entered was entitled to their entries (including the winner) and they were so I'd like to say a big thank you to everyone for entering fairly and honestly :)

(screen printed) 

Congratulations Georgina D. I have already tweeted you saying you're my winner, I have your delivery address and I shall be getting your prize out to you as soon as possible! I hope you're going to be very happy with your brushes and love them as much as I do - they're amazing!

Georgina's prizes!
(brand new ones will be sent out -
pot not part of prize)

Once again, thank you so much to everyone who entered and please don't be too disappointed if you didn't win! I am probably going to continue to hold giveaways to celebrate milestones so you will have plenty of chances to win something fabulous from the Little Beauty Blogg! :) 

I hope you all have a wonderful and relaxing Sunday! If you have any post requests,
please leave them in the comments below...

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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Soap & Glory 'Mist You Madly' Review

If you have been reading my blog for a while, it will probably be pretty clear to you that I am a bit of a fragrance addict. If I have an opportunity to add a new fragrance to my collection, I will jump at that chance! I have always been into perfumes and only ever really used one body spray which is my trusty Ted Baker one (I shall do a review on it soon for you all). However, recently I've found that I have been picking up quite a few body sprays and they really are a great alternative to use on a daily basis to just freshen up when you're lazing around the house or only popping out for a short amount of time. I like to use a body spray on these occasions as it saves me using up my perfume because let's face it perfume isn't cheap is it!

Whilst looking around Boots a few months ago I came across the Soap & Glory travel size products and noticed that they were on a 3 for 2 offer! I noticed Mist You Madly, tried it and loved the scent so of course I bought it and walked off a happy little chappy.

Usually body sprays aren't very strong scents and therefore don't last long on your skin or clothing but this isn't the case with Mist You Madly. The scent isn't overpowering but is strong enough so you know you're wearing it and feel as though you smell lovely. I like to have a few squirts of this before I get into bed (yes, I do this every night before getting into bed. If I don't squirt some body spray then I will use some perfume that is reasonably priced and in my 'bed perfume' category - yes, I categorise!) and when I wake up the following morning I'm often still able to smell this on my top.

Soap & Glory describe this scent as being 'a flirty floral fragrant body spray' and I do agree with this description to some extent but personally I'd say it was a subtle floral scent, with a discreet sexy vibe and a scent that lasts for a good few hours.

I always have one of these in my handbag and in my room so that I can squirt some during the day when I'm out somewhere or indoors and just fancy a nice freshen up. I think this body spray will be great for summer and this 100ml bottle is priced at £3.50 from Boots so is a really reasonable price. I think this body spray is good value for money as a bottle seems to last me around a month and that's good for me because I like to apply a decent amount of the fragrance I have chosen to wear. There is also a bigger bottle available that could be used to fill up these little bottles when they're empty; I think I might have to pick one up next time I'm in Boots!

Have you used this body spray before?
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Friday, 5 April 2013

Welcome Home Elysia

Yesterday, I arrived home and I am loving being here!! Although I was home just over a month ago for my birthday, it felt as though I had been away for years! I love being at home because I miss my family so so much when I'm away at uni in London. I just thought I'd do a quick post today as I have a dentist appointment later (eek, hate the dentist!!) and I'm going to have a break from blogging tonight and just relax with my mum and auntie because I've missed them so much.

I arrived home and couldn't have been happier. However, I received some very bad news about a family member and I'm devastated. I'm not going to go into too much detail about it because I don't want to spill personal things all over the internet. I had a little cry and I still just cannot believe it. It hasn't been a very good start to 2013.

For my mums birthday in March my mum, auntie, nanna and grandad went away for a short break and they were kind enough to buy me a few presents. I arrived home to a new bottle of perfume and a gorgeous Marie cuddly toy cat! I love cats and Marie is so so soft and cute!

Marie is such a lovely cuddly cat and the new Marc Jacobs 'Daisy' Sunshine edition perfume smells absolutely gorgeous! I think it smells a lot more frutiy compared to the original 'Daisy'. I love fruity perfumes and I know that I'm going to get a lot of wear out of this! The bottle, of course, is lovely and looks great displayed! Marie is currently sat on my bed and she looks wonderful but I don't want to get her dirty because she's so pristine and white at the moment!! 

As well as arriving home to a cuddly cat teddy bear and a new bottle of 'Daisy' I obviously arrived home to my gorgeous cat Daisy and I thought I'd include a picture of her on here because she's my favourite!! 

I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend!

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Thursday, 4 April 2013

March Haul

Ah finally my laptop is fixed and I am able to blog! It turns out that the problems I was experiencing with Internet Explorer were not caused by me or a virus! We know someone who does home visits to fix computers and he finally got onto the internet and seen that Micorsoft have in fact caused the problem as part of their latest update was faulty. I'm too blonde to be able to understand all of the detailed 'tech talk' but basically there is nothing wrong with my laptop (no virus's or anything - wahooo!). Anyway, the guy has installed Google Chrome into my laptop and this is going to be my new browser now! So until Microsoft issue another update fixing the faulty part of their previous one, there is nothing he can do (it was either install a new and different browser or take my laptop away, delete everything off of it and then re install everything individually which would have been super time consuming and expensive!). What a stressful time, silly Microsoft!!

I'm back home now for a few weeks and I'm going to try and get back into my pattern of regularly blogging! I did actually try and write this post out a few days ago on my iPad but it didn't work out. Blogging from anything but a laptop/computer is such a pain in the bum!

Sit back and relax (maybe grab something to eat and a drink) because this collective haul is going to be rather large!...


I know loads of people adore shopping in Primark and find some absolute gems in there but to be honest I just find the whole experience to be stressful! As soon as I step into Primark I just feel myself get all flustered and to be honest I never usually find anything decent in there anyway. I'm not going to lie, I do sometimes enjoy having a look around but I do have to be in the mood for a Primark trip. When I was on Oxford Street I felt the need to just pop in and see if I could find some cheap and simple tops for everyday wear.

I picked up these tshirts in white and the sky blue colour because they stood out to me and I thought they'd be great for summer. They're super cheap, baggy and look really nice on! I love the detailing on the shoulder and the fact that they're plain means you can wear them as they are or accessorize them. At the end of the day, for £4 each you cannot go wrong!

£4 each.

Last year, I picked up a few tops that were super similar to these ones and I wore them all of the time. I pratically lived in them and I still do they're so damn comfy! I actually went into Primark looking to see if they'd got the very same tops in again but they didn't and instead had the ones below... I really like them because they're pretty long (they come down my thigh a little bit and I'm pretty tall so on someone who was shorter/short I think these tops would be more like dresses...) and they're longer at the back so they cover up your bum! I'm not a big fan of things buttoned right up to my neck but I will just wear them undone slightly and for £5 each I know I will get a lot of wear out of them!

£5 each.

Next I picked up two really funky tops. They're more in the style of tank tops because they have really big arm slits but that doesn't bother me because I love that style. They're so baggy and comfortable and I find they flatter my shape well. I'm a pretty casual dresser so if I can throw something on and it looks good then I'm happy! Again, both of these tops were £5 each I think they're great value.

£5 each.

Recently, I have been loving skulls and scarfs so when I noticed this snood I had to throw it into my basket! Whilst I was shopping, I was debating whether or not I should have put this back because I didn't think I would get much wear out of it. However, lately the weather has been awful and I'm glad I bought this because it's definitely come in handy! I love the design of this snood and the material isn't too thick so it looks great on those sunny but cold days.


Finally, I picked up some beauty bits because they are absolute bargains! I love using the Primark cosmetic pads for taking off my nail varnish. Personally, I didn't like them for use with a cleanser, toner or other makeup remover because they were just too thin but when they're £1 for 160 pads they work out perfect for use with nail polish remover. The Carmex was a steal at £2 and I had to pick this up because I've never tried one of these tubes before. I picked up the Bio Oil on a total whim because I have been wanting to try it for a while but never wanted to pay the price as I wasn't sure whether or not it actually worked. However, I seen this in Primark (yes, Primark now sells Bio Oil) I couldn't resist and put it in my basket. I'm not exactly sure how much this was but I think it was either £5.90 or £6.90 (either way, it's cheaper than if you bought it from Boots or Superdrug)

~ Cosmetic Pads £1.
~ Bio Ooil £5.90/£6.90
~ Carmex £2.


Like most other beauty obsessed women, I love a good Boots! I'm lucky enough to live super close to Oxford Street where there is an amazing Boots that's absolutely huge and sells everything any beauty lover could ever want! I had some money left over from my birthday and I have a ridiculous amount of points on my Advantage Card so I thought I would go all out and treat myself! 

~ Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24hr '005' - Review here
~ Benefit Dandelion - £23.50.
~ Soft and Gentle deodrant x2.
~ Lancome Balme In Love '001'  (limited edition).
Lancome free gift.~ Soap & Glory 'Mist You Madly'.  
~ Soap & Glory 'Hand Maid' x2 - Review here
~ Lee Stafford Heat Protector.
~ Boots straight tweezers (super cheap!)
~ Boots hair clips

~ Maybelline Gel Eyeliner.
~ Marybelline Colour Tattoo x2.
~ Rimmel Scandaleyes.
~ Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes.

~ Real Techniques Expert Face Brush.
~ Real Techniques Setting Brush.
~ Real Techniques Fine Liner Brush.

~ Real Techniques Stippling Brush.

Fragrance Direct

I absolutely love this site for beauty bargains and I have saved a lot of money shopping with them! I picked up some bargain Dainty Doll products that were all more or less £1.99 (haul here) and I picked up eight Essie nail varnishes that were also £1.99 instead of their usual £6.99 (haul here)!


I absolutely loved the MAC Archies Girls collection (you can see my post on what I got here) and I couldn't resist the Pearl Matte powder. I also picked up their Studio Finish Concealer in NW15 and to be honest I think I might well have wasted £14.50 because I really don't rate it! It's useless for under my eyes and I find it too thick to work with (I shall review it soon).


I have heard so much about Sleek makeup and I really wanted to try some of their products. I have heard a lot of people gushing over how good their eye shadow palettes are and I thought I would treat myself to one. I have also been getting into contouring and highlighting my face and after reading a review of the Face Form Palette I decided I would look out for that or the Contour Palette. The Superdrug I went to didn't have a lot of Sleek products left but I think I managed to find some gems!

~ Oh So Special Palette.

~ Face Form Palette - Light.

John Bell & Croyden

This pharmacy is in Central London and is stocking Bioderma! I believe that it is the first place in the UK to the stocking the French skin care brand and they had a great range of products. The prices were much cheaper than I expected them to be and although they didn't have many bottles of Bioderma left they were expecting a delivery (demand had been extremely high). I don't think Bioderma is coming to stores such as Boots and Superdrug because I believe the brand want to be in pharmacies that are much smaller and can therefore offer advice and recommendations based on an individuals skin type. I picked up this 250ml bottle for £10 and you can read about my first impressions of it here.

John Lewis 

NARS 'Laguna' has been on my beauty wishlist for ages and every time I watched one of Tanya Burrs amazing makeup tutorials and seen her use it I wanted it more! Laguna is one of those cult products that every makeup lover knows about (and probably owns) and I believe that it is one of the best selling bronzers that there is. I'm not going to lie, this was a pricey product but I know that it will last me a long time. Laguna cost me £26.00 and I think it's worth every penny! I am absolutely loving using it and it's perfect for my pale skin tone! This was also my first ever NARS product and I am not disappointed; it's everything I thought it would be and more.


I was sick of having my brushes shoved in my makeup bag and because I have recently been buying so many I was actually running out of room. I popped into Ryman because I needed to get a new writing pad and just ended up having a little look around the store. I came across their storage section and noticed these acrylic pen holders. I thought they would be perfect for storing my makeup brushes in and they were a really reasonable price (I think they were £2.59 each). They look really good in my room and I'm happy that I picked them up on a whim.

Cosmopolitan freebies.

I got this Elemis moisturiser and lip balm with April's addition of Cosmopolitan magazine. They cost me £7 (because it was £3.50 per magazine and I bought two) and so far I am impressed with Elemis. I had never tried the brand before so picking up the two copies of the magazine was a cheap and cheerful way to see what I thought of them.

That's everything for my March haul and it seems as though I picked up a lot of new and exciting things last month. I shall be reviewing most of these new beauty products as soon as possible and I look forward to featuring my new nail varnishes in NOTD posts! I think I picked up some amazing summer colours! Primark really impressed me when I popped in and it seems as though they really have been on top form for the Spring/Summer season! 

Did you pick up any new beauty items last month?

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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Leona Lewis for The Body Shop Collection - First Impressions

First of all I just want to start off with a little update on my current situation ... Unfortunately something seems to have gone wrong with my laptop and it isn't allowing me to open Internet explorer but everything else is fine. It's showing I'm connected to the Internet, showing I'm connected to my router, I can sign into Skype and still use the Internet on my iPad so something has definitely gone wrong. I'm off home tomorrow for a few weeks so I will hopefully be able to get it sorted out shortly and return to blogging regularly! I do have a March haul post that I will be posting as soon as possible but this won't be until my laptop is fixed. Unfortunately, blogging on my iPad is only useful when I need to do short posts!

Today, after all of the Easter celebrations, my Body Shop order was finally delivered! As some of you may be aware, Leona Lewis has collaborated with the company and has created a limited edition range of make up that includes blush/bronze shimmers, a brush, lip glosses and two perfumes. As with all the Body Shop cosmetics this range hasn't been tested on animals, is cruelty free and the brush is made of synthetic fibres. The collection was released in selected stores and online on the 26th of March and is super cute! I always seem to be sent emails from the Body Shop that include exclusive discount codes so I thought I would finally use one and I really did get myself a total bargain with this order!! 

Oh Deer! Blush palette £16.00 | Cruelty Free Blusher Brush £14.00 |  Radiant
Highlighter £12.00 (not part of Leona Lewis collection)

The Oh Deer! Blush palette comes in plastic casing that feels sturdy and has a super cute design on the front. I like the colourful deer design and the fact that it has Leona's signature on the front of the casing. The lid flips back and reveals three different shades: white, light pink and a medium pink tone. I love the design of the product as the medium pink shade is in the shape of the deer head on the front. My first impressions of the product and its pigment are not particularly good. I don't think this would work as a blush because personally I thinks it's slightly too shimmery and I also don't think it's pigmented enough to be a wonderful highlighter but I shall try it over the Radiant Highlighter and see how that looks. 

The Cruelty Free Blush Brush isn't as cute as I imagined it to be. As soon as I seen photos of this brush online I fell in love and really wanted it. Now I'm not so sure about it. I imagined it to be slightly bigger than it is (the size of a kabuki) but the design is nice and the brush itself feels really soft. I don't think I will use this brush though because it's just one of those things that would look cute on display. 

The Radiant Highlighter isn't part of the Leona Lewis collection but I picked it up because I'm really getting into contouring and highlighting my face. The squeeze tube makes it perfect for travelling and the highlighter itself is a light pink shade. It seems to be rather pigmented and wet enough to be able to easily work with. The highlighter gives a really nice glow to the skin and the good thing about this product is that a little goes a long way so it seems as though it's going to be great value for money. 

To be totally honest, my first impressions of the Oh Deer! Blush Palette and the Cruelty Free Blusher Brush aren't as good as I thought they were going to be. I feel as though the products may be slightly over priced, at £16 and £14 each. If I hadn't have had the amazing discount code that I did, I would have been extremely disappointed and probably try and send the two products back. The Radiant Highlighter has really impressed me and I don't think it's going to give me a 'wet' look (a look I feel my MAC Strobe Cream gives) so I am looking forward to trying this product out and putting it to the test. 

Have you bought anything from this limited edition collection? 

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