Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Leona Lewis for The Body Shop Collection - First Impressions

First of all I just want to start off with a little update on my current situation ... Unfortunately something seems to have gone wrong with my laptop and it isn't allowing me to open Internet explorer but everything else is fine. It's showing I'm connected to the Internet, showing I'm connected to my router, I can sign into Skype and still use the Internet on my iPad so something has definitely gone wrong. I'm off home tomorrow for a few weeks so I will hopefully be able to get it sorted out shortly and return to blogging regularly! I do have a March haul post that I will be posting as soon as possible but this won't be until my laptop is fixed. Unfortunately, blogging on my iPad is only useful when I need to do short posts!

Today, after all of the Easter celebrations, my Body Shop order was finally delivered! As some of you may be aware, Leona Lewis has collaborated with the company and has created a limited edition range of make up that includes blush/bronze shimmers, a brush, lip glosses and two perfumes. As with all the Body Shop cosmetics this range hasn't been tested on animals, is cruelty free and the brush is made of synthetic fibres. The collection was released in selected stores and online on the 26th of March and is super cute! I always seem to be sent emails from the Body Shop that include exclusive discount codes so I thought I would finally use one and I really did get myself a total bargain with this order!! 

Oh Deer! Blush palette £16.00 | Cruelty Free Blusher Brush £14.00 |  Radiant
Highlighter £12.00 (not part of Leona Lewis collection)

The Oh Deer! Blush palette comes in plastic casing that feels sturdy and has a super cute design on the front. I like the colourful deer design and the fact that it has Leona's signature on the front of the casing. The lid flips back and reveals three different shades: white, light pink and a medium pink tone. I love the design of the product as the medium pink shade is in the shape of the deer head on the front. My first impressions of the product and its pigment are not particularly good. I don't think this would work as a blush because personally I thinks it's slightly too shimmery and I also don't think it's pigmented enough to be a wonderful highlighter but I shall try it over the Radiant Highlighter and see how that looks. 

The Cruelty Free Blush Brush isn't as cute as I imagined it to be. As soon as I seen photos of this brush online I fell in love and really wanted it. Now I'm not so sure about it. I imagined it to be slightly bigger than it is (the size of a kabuki) but the design is nice and the brush itself feels really soft. I don't think I will use this brush though because it's just one of those things that would look cute on display. 

The Radiant Highlighter isn't part of the Leona Lewis collection but I picked it up because I'm really getting into contouring and highlighting my face. The squeeze tube makes it perfect for travelling and the highlighter itself is a light pink shade. It seems to be rather pigmented and wet enough to be able to easily work with. The highlighter gives a really nice glow to the skin and the good thing about this product is that a little goes a long way so it seems as though it's going to be great value for money. 

To be totally honest, my first impressions of the Oh Deer! Blush Palette and the Cruelty Free Blusher Brush aren't as good as I thought they were going to be. I feel as though the products may be slightly over priced, at £16 and £14 each. If I hadn't have had the amazing discount code that I did, I would have been extremely disappointed and probably try and send the two products back. The Radiant Highlighter has really impressed me and I don't think it's going to give me a 'wet' look (a look I feel my MAC Strobe Cream gives) so I am looking forward to trying this product out and putting it to the test. 

Have you bought anything from this limited edition collection? 

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  1. Oh, I hope you get your laptop fixed soon! It sucks not having a proper computer. You just can't blog from a tablet imo :)

    The highlighter palette sounds disappointing. I like a little shimmer, but not a ton!! It will be interesting to see a full review of the Radiant Highlighter tho. <3

    1. Thank you. I hope I can get it fixed soon too because blogging from anything but a laptop is so difficult! I do feel a little disappointed with it but I think it might work out okay applied on top of a liquid highlight :) I look forward to reviewing it because so far I have been really impressed with the Radiant Highlighter :) xx

  2. Can't you use another one? like firefox or chrome? and what discount did you use hun? or how much did you get off? I don't subscribe to websites as it drives me nuts when they bombard me with emails :) Lovely review I love the look of the highlighter

    Jamie-Lee|Glitter Infatuation Beauty Blog! x

    1. I managed to get it fixed yesterday but I wasn't able to open Internet explorer at all to even download another browser. It turns out Microsoft created an update that crashes Internet explorer so until they fix it I can't use that browser. I'm not using google chrome!
      I used a discount code they sent me where if you spent £40 you saved £20 but this was only for a few days as an Easter special :) I have used the liquid highlighter and it's really good and gives a real highlighted effect xx

  3. I haven't seen this collection yet - might have to take a peek!

    1. These were the only things that appealed to me but the packaging in everything is really cute xx