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MAC Brush Cleasner

One of the major downfalls of being a beauty obessive can be the amount of makeup brushes we seem to aquire! I am forever seeing fellow beauty bloggers having a little moan about the thought of having to wash all of their brushes and let's face it ... washing brushes isn't a quick thing to do!!

To be fair I usually just deep clean my brushes all together rather than spot clean them after every use. Deep cleaning brushes does take a long time to do but unlike most I find it really theraputic. I like to properly clean all of my brushes together on a day where I am doing nothing at all and I always seem to just stand there in my own little world washing them and pondering about things.

Something I picked up a while ago was the MAC Brush Cleanser and I really like it.  The 235ml bottle costs £9.50 and I thought that was really reasonable for a MAC product. I have used this in three ways and every time it has helped get my brushes super duper clean. The ways I have used this product are:
1) Pouring some product onto some kitchen towel and swirling the brush around in the damp patch until all of the product is out of the brushes bristles. I only did this with my MAC eye brushes but it worked really well, didn't ruin the bristles, made them feel super soft and most importantly made the brushes dry quickly! I have seen the MAC artists spot cleaning their brushes this way in the shop before and I assume this is a good way to clean when you're on a makeup job or need to use the same brush quickly.

2) Mixing the cleanser with luke warm water and swirling around until the bristles are clean. Again, this worked really well and although it took a little longer for the brush to become fully clean the method worked. I have only tried this method with my MAC eye brushes and it left them feeling super clean, soft and their shape was maintained. However, they did take a little longer to dry than they did when I just cleaned them with the cleanser.

3) Mixing the cleanser with baby shampoo, luke warm water and swirling around until the bristles are clean. This is how I always clean my brushes and I add a little bit of the cleanser into the shampoo and water to give the natural hair brushes some of the goodness they need. My brushes always come out super clean, soft and feeling amazing. I prefer to deep clean my brushes because there's nothing like a freshly cleaned brush. Cleaning the brushes in this way does mean they take a little longer to dry but I don't mind about that.

To sumarrise MAC Brush cleanser is:

- Suitable for use on it's own or mixed with other products.
- Suitable for use with real hair brushes.
- Suitable to be used as a spot cleaner.
- Fast drying.
- A product that leaves your brushes feeling super clean and soft.
- Good for brushes.
- Easy to use.
- Value for money as only a little bit needs to be used.
- Suitable to be used on the go.
- In a plastic bottle so means it won't smash when being carried around in a makeup artists kit.

Have you ever used MAC Brush Cleanser?

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  1. This sounds like a really good product I usually use baby shampoo, but I may try this in the future! xx