Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Summer Shopping Wish List

Today is the day that my family are coming down yo London - YAY!! We are going to spend some time together having fun and they are also coming down to collect me and take me home for summer ... Ooh and help me move my stuff because back home because I have a lot of things!  We've planned on doing a few things around London and of course we will be visiting Oxford Street for a good shop! I love shopping and so do they so that is going to be one fun day!

I have narrowed down my shopping wish list to a few things that I actually need. I don't really need any clothes because I have too many and there aren't a lot of make up items I actually need. I can't wait to go and have a good look around the huge Boots and Selfridges - me and my family love a good Boots and Selfridges is just amazing. Who doesn't love that shop!?

I thought I would share with you a few of the things that I have on my shopping wish list. I shall definitely be looking out for these items and maybe making a few cheeky purchases! I love having lots of shopping bags. There is nothing better than walking around with your hands bursting full of bags I LOVE it!

Ted Baker

I love loads of things from Ted Baker but I need to get a new makeup bag. I don't really have much makeup storage because I'm always travelling and I don't have the room for decent storage. Therefore, I just keep my makeup in makeup bags. I got one of the large Ted Baker wash bags for Christmas and it's extremely spacious! I noticed this bright pink one in John Lewis a while back and fell in love with it. I said I would wait and buy it when family were down so this is definitely going to be bought!
I have had my eye on the Ted Baker purses since I came down to London for my first year of university. Whenever I'm in the shop I always have a look at them and say 'I really need to get one of these' but I have never got round to buying one. I love them and they're absolutely gorgeous but I've just never felt the need to buy one. Other family members want to go to Ted Baker and I know I will go straight over to these purses. It just depends how I'm feeling, I might get one I might not; we shall soon see!


I am having a BIG foundation crisis right now. I just cannot seem to find one that is the perfect match for my skin colour. I have an awkward tone, it's not too yellow, it isn't too pink and neutral foundations are too brown for me. I literally just have white skin - no pink, no yellow just white. I don't know exactly what foundation I am going to purchase because it all depends entirely upon whether or not the brand does a shade that will match my tone. I'm always the palest shade in a foundation colour range but 9 times out of 10 even that colour is too dark and the wrong colour for me in some way. Trust me, finding a foundation is a hand task. We will be having a good shop and look around Selfridges so I plan on going into the makeup hall and visiting Bobbi Brown and Laura Mercier. I've narrowed things down to these two brands because I know they do pale shades - whether or not they're the right kind of pale, I don't know. 
I have never used the Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation but I have heard a lot of good things about it. The same goes for the Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation (never tried it but I've heard positive reviews). I have never heard anything about the Long-Wear Even Finish Foundation but the fact that it's long wear appeals to me!

I've never tried any of these foundations - if you have, please leave a comment
below telling me what you thought of it. I'd love to hear from you!

Alexander McQueen

I was lucky enough to to receive an iconic Alexander McQueen black and white skull scarf for Christmas (you can see it in my haul here) and I absolutely love it. I honestly wear my scarf everyday and because it's black and white it goes with everything. I feel as though it adds something special to any outfit and I always feel amazing wearing it. I love the McQueen scarves so much and as sad as it sounds ... I can really see myself collecting these beauties over the years!
I seem to be loving pink for this summer and when I was in Selfridges a few weeks ago looking at the scarves I noticed a bright pink and white skull scarf. It tried it on and it really popped against my pale skin; I was in sold! Everything I go in, the scarf catches my eye and I am definitely going to be picking that up. it's going to look amazing against a plain top in the summer and could even be worn in the winter to brighten up those grey rainy London days (I don't stick to seasonal colour's - If I want to wear a dark colour in summer I will and if I want to wear a bright colour in winter I will).
I also have my eye on the white and black skull scarf. I know that to some people purchasing two scarves in one go may seem a little excessive (and expensive?) but when you wear them as regularly as I wear my black one they work out as being an amazing investment. I can't wait to go and see the scarves and pick some up, I'm excited to have a new McQueen baby (or babies)!

Louis Vuitton

Finally we come onto my other designer crush, Louis Vuitton! I'm far too in love with this designer label and if I could go on a crazy shopping spree I'd definitely go to Louis! I find their bags to be so iconic and well made. They're luxurious and if you look after them they last forever. I have an eye on a couple and can see myself adding to my collection as soon as I possibly can.
I have had my beautiful Speedy 35 for 1 year (on May 29th) and I absolutely love it. It's the perfect bag for me and I always feel so special carrying it. It makes me happy and I look after the bag so much. Eventually, I would love to add another Speedy (in the Damier Ebene print) to my collection, a Neverfall (I'm undecided of what print I would go for) and an Alma GM in the Monogram Vernis.
I didn't plan on purchasing another bag this summer (but I hope to be getting one soon!). Instead, I am considering treating myself to an accessory. I absolutely love the little key holder because it's a perfect little pouch that can be used as a coin purse, be used to place cards inside and can be hooked into the inside of a bag. When I got my Speedy, I wanted one of these little pouches but I didn't get one. Although Louis Vuitton have increased their prices quite a bit (probably the reason for why I keep seeing more and more fakes around!). I shall definitely be popping into the Louis Vuitton boutique in Selfridges whilst I am in there with family and a good look around.

I can't wait to go shopping and spend some time in London with my family. I have missed them so much! I'm sure we will be doing a lot of exciting things and I shall share all of my purchases with you all in my collective haul for May. Do you have any exciting summer wish list items? 

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Saturday, 25 May 2013

Lancome Color Ideal Poudre - Review

Hello lovelies, sorry it's taken me such a long time to blog! As I have previously said, I have finished university now (not for good as I still have a bit longer to go until I graduate) so I am having to pack everything up ready to move out next week! Family are coming down on Tuesday so I'm super excited and can't wait to see them! I haven't really had time to blog because my life has been hectic - hanging out, relaxing, having fun and finalising everything before I move! I'm feeling a bit stressed but I'm sure I will feel much more relaxed when I no longer have to live out of cardboard boxes (and I'm pretty sure a damn good shopping session on Oxford Street with my fellow shopaholic family will sort me right out! After all, you all know how much I love a good shop!!) 

By now, you all know that I love Lancome and own far too many of their products! One of the things most women have in their makeup bag is some form of face powder. Whether it's to keep their foundation looking matte, control the oil levels in their skin, to stop their makeup looking cakey, to further perfect their makeup or to add a little bit of extra coverage most of us own a powder!

Lancome's Color Ideal Poudre is a pressed powder that is designed to keep makeup matte for up to 8 hours. I picked this powder up in November (you can see it in my haul here) and have been using it everyday since then. Finally, after all the months of use, this powder has well and truly crumbled because I've definitely hit pan! I'm definitely going to be picking up another one of these whilst I'm shopping because I love it! A lot of beauty bloggers rave about the Rimmel Stay Matte powder and I have used it a few times but it doesn't match up to this powder (I will do a review of the Rimmel powder, in the near future). 

Shade: I picked up shade 010 which is the lightest shade available in this powder. Although the powder isn't translucent as such, it doesn't add any more colour on top of the foundation that has already been applied. This shade is virtually colourless and undetectable on my skin.

Texture: The texture of this powder is really light and doesn't feel as though you have applied anything onto the face. Due to it being so light, it doesn't look as though you are wearing any powder on top of your makeup which means you don't have cakey looking makeup!

Application: As you can see from the photo above, this powder comes with a white sponge applicator but I have never ever bothered to use that. I have always applied this powder with a brush and I think this is why I have never got that cakey powdery makeup look whilst wearing this. The product is easily picked up by a brush and applies easily all over the face. Due to it being so fine, the powder blends perfectly.

How long does it last?: I don't use this powder for controlling oily skin because I'm fortunate enough to not have this problem. The reason I use this powder is to just ensure my foundation remains matte throughout the day and to help it stay perfectly in place. As I have said in previous posts, I don't re apply or top up my make up at all during the day so this powder does definitely keep my makeup matte and in place for all day and up to 8 hours like Lancome claims it does.

Packaging: In true Lancome fashion, the packaging of this product is gorgeous! The powder packaging comes in a silver box and the casing is shiny black. On the top of the casing there is a gold Lancome rose in the right hand bottom corner and the top of the casing is also clear with the Lancome flower logo underneath. I just love Lancome packaging.

Price: This powder cost £29.00 and therefore is on the higher end of the pressed powder price scale. However, as I said before I have been using this since November and although it has now broken up I do still have a fair amount of product left. I think this is pretty good value for money when you divide the cost by the amount of time I have been using this powder.

What do Lancome say about the powder?:
- Precise match.
- Skin perfecting powder.
- Fine and incredibly light textured powder that blends easily.
- A powder that leaves the skin soft.
- A matte finish that lasts up to 8 hours.
- Shine free complexion.
- Allergy tested.
- Dermtologically tested.
- Suitable for all skin types.
- Non-comedogenic (this means that none of the ingredients that are used within the powder clog the skins pores and therefore shouldn't cause the wearer to suffer from any breakouts)

Have you ever tried this powder? Which is your favourite matte face powder to use?

Monday, 20 May 2013

Benefit They're Real Mascara - First Impressions

I have heard so so much about Benefit's They're Real Mascara but unfortunately not all of what I've heard has been good. The current mascara that I use is Lancome's Hypnose and I really like it. I have long and thick eye lashes anyway and I feel as though this mascara adds the perfect amount of length and volume to make me look like my lashes are false when they're not.

I have always wanted to try They're Real but I've never actually got round to buying it. The truth is, I haven't ever wanted to try it enough to convince myself that I need to go out and buy it right away. I would always consider buying it but then come across a few reviews of people saying the mascara was sticky, hard to remove, ruined their lashes and made their eyelashes go spidery. Now I know that a lot of girls these days like the spider eye lash look (Why!? I do not know) but I personally cannot stand them. I find them awful to the point where I have to stop myself saying to someone 'you do know that your mascara is making your eyelashes spidery don't you?' I know it's a personal thing how you prefer your lashes to look but for me spidery ones aren't acceptable. I'm pretty OCD when it comes to putting my mascara on and it's the thing that takes up the most time in my makeup routine. I like to have perfect lashes (well what I consider perfect) and if they're not up to my high standards I feel extremely rubbish!

That's weird and totally off topic, I know. But my point is ... I like a mascara that doesn't give me spider eyelashes. When I seen on Twitter that when you bought the current edition of ELLE you got a mini Benefit They're Real I went on a mission to hunt one down! I paid £4 for the magazine and the sample mascara is worth £9. For me personally, the magazine wasn't something I would buy again but the mascara definitely made it a worthwhile purchase!

I have done a few of these first impressions posts before and they have always received really good feedback so I thought I'd continue to do them! So far I have really enjoyed using They're Real...

- The wand is Plastic with little spikes on it (which is something I usually hate but this one is okay and doesn't scratch your eyelids).
- The black is black.
- It seems to lengthen as opposed to adding volume.
- One good coat can be used to achieved an eye opening look.
- Separates lashes.
- Easy to apply.
- I like quite a bit of mascara and I use two good coats to achieve a 'dramatic' look.
- It can become or start to look spidery quite easily.
- It works well on the lashes, whether you have curled them or not.
- Doesn't feel too sticky.
- Has serious staying power (I had been out all night, got home, fell asleep and in the morning this was still in place with no panda eyes!!)
- Isn't too difficult to remove - just hold your makeup wipe/cotton pad on your eyes for a few seconds longer.
- The spikes on the tip of the wand are perfect for getting right into the corner eyelashes or for using on the bottom more delicate lashes.
- Doesn't make me feel as though I have to tell people 'They're Real' eyelashes.

Since I have been doing these first impressions I have noticed that some people like the short snappy first impressions posts that I write after using the product for a few days whereas some people prefer the more in depth detailed reviews that are written after I have used the product for quite some time. Therefore, if you want to me to a 'first impressions' post and a proper detailed for every product please comment below and let me know :)

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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

iPhone 5 Case Haul

If you have read my April Haul (it's here) I have recently got an iPhone 5. I'm absolutely over the moon with it and it was well worth the money. Before getting my phone, I was always amazed by the amount of cases that were available for iPhone's. I used to have a Blackberry and to be honest the cases for those were always rubbish! 

I got my iPhone on pay as you and therefore I need to protect it! I bought it from the Apple store and unfortunately they don't offer product insurance (I was genuinely surprised that they didn't offer this. It's something I thought they would offer for sure!) so my phone isn't insured yet! I'm debating whether or not to get it insured with someone such as Protect My Bubble.

iPhone's are notorious for smashing super easily and shattering when they're dropped so I definitely wanted to get a case on it asap!! Although, iPhone's look super pretty without a case on it's just too reckless to take the risk. Let's face it, they're not the cheapest thing and it you damage it badly, you've just wasted a couple of hundred pounds.

The cases that are available on eBay are super duper cheap and this is why I think I went a little crazy! It was one of those moments where I kept adding stuff into my basket and then actually realised how many cases I was about to buy!

I picked up this case from Accessorize when I first bought my iPhone because I wanted something to put on it straight away so it was protected. I love the quilted look and the crystals and a nice extra finishing touch. The sides of the case are shiny silver and although at £12.00 this case is a lot more expensive than any of the other ones I bought it's really well made and feels nice and sturdy. When I tried to this this off my phone I actually thought I was going to snap my phone in half; the case most definitely has a snug fit!

 I absolutely love cats and so these cat cases were perfect! The baby pink and mint green goes perfect with my phone. I originally ordered the pink one (which I discovered actually glows in the dark!!) and I was impressed with it that I later ordered the mint green one.
The cases are made out of silicone so are super easy to get on and off your phone. They're good quality and even protect the side buttons on your phone. These cases cost me £3.99 each, had free delivery and also came with a free screen protector. You can buy them from the eBay seller here.

Again, this lilac case would go perfect with my white phone and I loved the pearls and lace on the back of it. The only thing that I'm not 100% impressed with it the black rim around the camera. I just don't think it goes with the case and slightly lets down it's appearance!
This case is hard, has free delivery, is £3.49 and comes with a free screen protector. You can get this case here.

I added this see through case into my bag because I really liked the look of it. It was super cheap and the fact that it's made of Silicone means it's easy to remove. It's feels good quality and looks great on a white phone. This case cost £2.45, had free delivery and comes with a free screen protector. You can buy it here.

I loved this case as soon as I seen it! It reminded me of vines and I like the way the phone can be seen through it. The sides of the case do feel rather flimsy but I didn't expect it to be super sturdy; it's only from eBay! Unfortunately, I can't remember what I searched to find this case but this case wasn't expensive at all. I think it was around £3 something.

I thought a bright pink bumper would look amazing on a white phone! When this case I wasn't really that impressed because I realised that the back of my phone wouldn't be protected and I don't want it to get all scratched. The grey/silver buttons that are on the side (there's also one on the top where you turn your phone off or onto standby) don't feel very good quality. The good thing about this bumper is that the middle of it is hard but the edges have a bit of movement so it's easier to get off. 
This bumper was £1.99, had free delivery and also came with a free screen protector. You can buy it here

I absolutely loved this phone case when I was looking at it! I loved the pink pearls and I thought that again it would go great with my white phone. When this arrived it didn't look as nice as I expected it too but it will do. One thing that I was pretty annoyed about was the fact that it said the seller was from the UK (I only ever buy things that are from a UK seller) and it actually turned out that the case came from Hong Kong! Again, I can't find the case because I don't know what I searched. I think it was around £4 something and the postage was around 99p. It also came with a free screen protector. 

I'm not majorly into Hello Kitty so I'm surprised I wanted one of these cases. However, I have always found them so cute and it was really reasonably priced so I thought I would add one into my basket (after all, it wasn't going to break the bank). I love that Hello Kitty is bright pink; it's so cute! This is a silicone case so it's soft and therefore really easy to get on and off. The silicone also feels pretty good quality and is pretty thick. The only downside to this case is that it makes your phone feel as though it's twice as big and heavy and Hello Kitty is just too cute to use! Again, I can't find the seller I got this from but if you search for these cases on eBay there are tonnes and tonnes - they're easy to find! This case cost me £3 something and had free delivery (I think). I'm not 100% sure whether or not it came with a free screen protector. 

Finally I picked up one of the Celine bag headphone plugs. I really wanted the black and white one but it had sold out. I love pink and I love purple so I thought this one was a perfect second choice to go for. Again, I can't find the seller for this as I think they have completely sold out but this cost me around £7. I don't think that I will be using this on my phone. I think it will just be one of those novelty things that I have. It might be a bit tacky but I like it and it's the only Celine 'bag' I will be owning for a few years haha!! 

As you can see there was a bit of a colour theme going on with my phone accessories - pink and purple. This wasn't intentional, it just happened. I hope this post hasn't made you want to have an eBay phone case buying session ha! Thank you for reading and I shall be back with another post shortly!

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(PLEASE NOTE: I had no problem with any of the sellers I used to purchase any of these products; the correct money was taken, they all arrived in new/unused conditions and delivery was prompt. If anyone uses any of the links I have provided to purchase a phone accessory and encounters any problems I am not liable. I am simply sharing where I bought these items from. I haven't been paid for this post, nor am I associated with any of the sellers who I have provided links for.) 

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Late April Haul & I'm Back!!!

Hello everyone, I'M BACK!! Finally my exams are over and done with and I have some time to myself :) I have missed blogging so much so I'm mega happy to be back properly (although I haven't blogged for so long and I feel as though I've lost my flow so I do apolgise!). I know that I posted a quick update letting you all know why I was taking a break and thank you for sticking around but I just want you thank you all again - you're all amazing!!

Anyway, as promised here is my April haul :) Sorry it's a little late but I know how much you all love the monthly hauls I do so hopefully you don't mind too much ...

As you all know from this post here I went home for a few weeks at the beginning of April and was given the cutest Marie cat and a bottle of the new Marc Jabobs Daisy Sunshine Edition

I'm a huge fan of loose fitting tank/vest style tops and t shirts because I just find them so easy to wear. They're easy to throw on, accessorise and most importantly they're super comfy!! I picked up quite a few different ones whilst I was home. 

Marks and Spencer - (not normally a place I buy clothes from!)


Next (I'm one of those people who when I like something I
get it in every available colour...)

George at Asda (again, somewhere I don't usually pickup
my clothes from)

Boots, Claire's Accessories and Tesco

I had a total nightmare with foundation last month and realised that my beloved Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24hr which I reviewed here was just way too dark and orange for me (I can't go and get a lighter colour as I was using the lightest one in the range!). I immediately went out and bought a new foundation which was less orange until I was able to get back to London and try MAC NW10. For the first time ever, I settled for a drugstore foundation because although it wasn't the perfect colour match it looked better on my face than my Lancome did. 

Nice foundation, great price ... too dark!

I needed to pick up a few other bits and bobs whilst I was home so luckily Boots and Claire's Accessories had 3 for 2 offers on. I definitely took advantage of this stocked up on some new makeup, face wipes and hair accessories.
I have tried lots of different hair clips (I don't know why people call them bobby pins, it annoys me. I always thought that was American!?) and the ones from Claire's are definitely the best! They don't stretch right upon on the first use and they have the best grip. 
The simple face wipes are really nice to use! I have really really problematic skin at the moment and they haven't aggravated my face. They're soft, thick enough to use and wet enough to take all of your makeup off. 

I picked up the Simple Oil Balancing Exfoliating wash because I was suffering from an annoying breakout and wanted it so disappear asap (I don't have the type of skin that's prone to spots so when I do get them it's a huge shock). 
My hair seems to have been getting tangled recently so I thought I would go old school and pick up some L'Oreal de-tangling spray. This stuff smells so nice and has been doing the job perfectly. I used to use this in junior school when we would go swimming (awful times, I hate swimming for a number of reasons. Always have hated it and always will!!) 
The L'Oreal Triple Resist Spray was a repurchase and is a firm favourite within my hair care routine! It happened to be half price in Tesco so I thought I'd take advantage and pick up two.
I also picked up the Simple eye makeup remover wipes because I had been loving the cleansing wipes and I noticed the Balmi lip balm whilst looking for some Carmex. It was pretty expensive for a lip balm but I'm really enjoying using it!

I had to pick up a new Real Techniques Core Collection and a Powder Brush because my auntie had used and fallen in love with the Powder Brush and the Buffing Brush whilst I was home. I was a lovely niece and left her them. I wanted another Core Collection for the Contour Brush so the situation worked out perfectly!


When I arrived back I London I went to MAC as soon as I could to try and sort my foundation situation out. I picked up NW10 and a foundation pump (how annoying is it when you buy a higher end foundation and they don't provide you with a pump!?). Unfortunately, this foundation is still the wrong colour for me as it's a little on the pink side.



I think you all know by now that I am falling head over heels in love with bronzers at the moment! I have always been a bit of a contour novice but since I've praticed and got the hang of things I'm sold! I had seen countless blog posts and Instagram pictures of this beautiful Clarins from their summer 2013 Splendours collection and I made the decision that I needed it in my bronzer collection  life!
It was pretty expensive but you do get 20g of product! The compact is absolutely MASSIVE and the detail on the powder itself is gorgeous. When it rubs off I will be genuinely gutted; it's so Aztec!
(If you're a pale girl looking for the perfect summer bronzer don't forget to check out my quick and simple guide to bronzers here) 


Victoria's Secret

I absolutely love this shop and although it is a little over priced I really don't care! I love the body sprays from the PINK range and although I initially went in to try and look for a phone case I ended up buying three new body sprays! I couldn't resist having a sniff of them all and when I realised they did 2 for £18 or 3 for £25 I thought it worked out better to get the 3. I'm really into body sprays at the moment and you all know how much I love fragrance #obsessive

Left - Right:
Sun Kissed (NEW)
Sweet & Flirty
Warm & Cosy (NEW)

Dolce and Gabanna

I absolutely LOVE sunglasses so when I was able to add these Dolce & Gabanna beauties to my collection I was over the moon! They're black and white so will go with anything and they're also the perfect shape for my face! They're also VERY Kourtney Kardashian and I think she's gorgeous. Needless to say, I am in love with my new sunglasses!


EEEK, in love!


This was by far the most exciting thing in my April haul! I have been planning on getting an iPhone for a few months now and I'm so glad I finally did! I got this on pay as you go so it was quite a bit of money but I really don't care - it's SO worth it!! I own an iPod and an iPad so I knew that Apple products lasted really well (if you look after them) and my Blackberry was dieing slowly! One thing is for sure ... I know I will having this phone for a long time and won't ever get another Blackberry! Paying that little extra is so worth it, I promise you!


iPhone 5 on Pay As You Go.

I'm not going to lie, I went a little crazy on eBay buying a few loads of phone cases for my phone! I thought that I'd do a separate post on these at some point for you all. I have previously asked on Twitter whether you wanted the phone cases included in my April haul or featured separately and people said they wanted to see them separate so that's what I'll do :) 

I hope you have all been having a lovely Saturday and enjoy your weekend! 

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Thursday, 2 May 2013

Quick update - EXAMS!!

Hi everyone :) I haven't been blogging in quite a while so I just wanted to update you all ... 

As most of you know, I'm away studying at university. May is the time of year when the big exams take place and everyone gets super stressed. This is why I haven't been blogging for a while and won't be blogging for a few more days. 

My exams are worth a HUGE percentage of my overall mark so it's vital that I get into nerd mode and revise like a trooper! I haven't been pre-writing any posts because I've got a massive case of bloggers block and my brains just full up of law at the moment (I'm doing a law degree, for those of you that didn't know) so my posts wouldn't have been up to scratch.

My exams are over and done with soon so I will start blogging properly shortly after then. I know how much you all love my hauls (when I check my stats, they often show me that people have searched something to do with 'shopping' and have found my blog haha!) so that's probably going to be my first post that goes up! It's pretty exciting and I think that I might even do it in two parts so that's something to look forward to.

Although I'm taking a break from blogging it isn't permanent and I will back shortly. I'm still around on Twitter and Instagram so if you want to Tweet me you will get a reply (I'm not one of those people who revises without their phone. I need something to make me not go insane!!). 

 (This is literally what I keep telling myself!!) source

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