Saturday, 11 May 2013

Late April Haul & I'm Back!!!

Hello everyone, I'M BACK!! Finally my exams are over and done with and I have some time to myself :) I have missed blogging so much so I'm mega happy to be back properly (although I haven't blogged for so long and I feel as though I've lost my flow so I do apolgise!). I know that I posted a quick update letting you all know why I was taking a break and thank you for sticking around but I just want you thank you all again - you're all amazing!!

Anyway, as promised here is my April haul :) Sorry it's a little late but I know how much you all love the monthly hauls I do so hopefully you don't mind too much ...

As you all know from this post here I went home for a few weeks at the beginning of April and was given the cutest Marie cat and a bottle of the new Marc Jabobs Daisy Sunshine Edition

I'm a huge fan of loose fitting tank/vest style tops and t shirts because I just find them so easy to wear. They're easy to throw on, accessorise and most importantly they're super comfy!! I picked up quite a few different ones whilst I was home. 

Marks and Spencer - (not normally a place I buy clothes from!)


Next (I'm one of those people who when I like something I
get it in every available colour...)

George at Asda (again, somewhere I don't usually pickup
my clothes from)

Boots, Claire's Accessories and Tesco

I had a total nightmare with foundation last month and realised that my beloved Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24hr which I reviewed here was just way too dark and orange for me (I can't go and get a lighter colour as I was using the lightest one in the range!). I immediately went out and bought a new foundation which was less orange until I was able to get back to London and try MAC NW10. For the first time ever, I settled for a drugstore foundation because although it wasn't the perfect colour match it looked better on my face than my Lancome did. 

Nice foundation, great price ... too dark!

I needed to pick up a few other bits and bobs whilst I was home so luckily Boots and Claire's Accessories had 3 for 2 offers on. I definitely took advantage of this stocked up on some new makeup, face wipes and hair accessories.
I have tried lots of different hair clips (I don't know why people call them bobby pins, it annoys me. I always thought that was American!?) and the ones from Claire's are definitely the best! They don't stretch right upon on the first use and they have the best grip. 
The simple face wipes are really nice to use! I have really really problematic skin at the moment and they haven't aggravated my face. They're soft, thick enough to use and wet enough to take all of your makeup off. 

I picked up the Simple Oil Balancing Exfoliating wash because I was suffering from an annoying breakout and wanted it so disappear asap (I don't have the type of skin that's prone to spots so when I do get them it's a huge shock). 
My hair seems to have been getting tangled recently so I thought I would go old school and pick up some L'Oreal de-tangling spray. This stuff smells so nice and has been doing the job perfectly. I used to use this in junior school when we would go swimming (awful times, I hate swimming for a number of reasons. Always have hated it and always will!!) 
The L'Oreal Triple Resist Spray was a repurchase and is a firm favourite within my hair care routine! It happened to be half price in Tesco so I thought I'd take advantage and pick up two.
I also picked up the Simple eye makeup remover wipes because I had been loving the cleansing wipes and I noticed the Balmi lip balm whilst looking for some Carmex. It was pretty expensive for a lip balm but I'm really enjoying using it!

I had to pick up a new Real Techniques Core Collection and a Powder Brush because my auntie had used and fallen in love with the Powder Brush and the Buffing Brush whilst I was home. I was a lovely niece and left her them. I wanted another Core Collection for the Contour Brush so the situation worked out perfectly!


When I arrived back I London I went to MAC as soon as I could to try and sort my foundation situation out. I picked up NW10 and a foundation pump (how annoying is it when you buy a higher end foundation and they don't provide you with a pump!?). Unfortunately, this foundation is still the wrong colour for me as it's a little on the pink side.



I think you all know by now that I am falling head over heels in love with bronzers at the moment! I have always been a bit of a contour novice but since I've praticed and got the hang of things I'm sold! I had seen countless blog posts and Instagram pictures of this beautiful Clarins from their summer 2013 Splendours collection and I made the decision that I needed it in my bronzer collection  life!
It was pretty expensive but you do get 20g of product! The compact is absolutely MASSIVE and the detail on the powder itself is gorgeous. When it rubs off I will be genuinely gutted; it's so Aztec!
(If you're a pale girl looking for the perfect summer bronzer don't forget to check out my quick and simple guide to bronzers here) 


Victoria's Secret

I absolutely love this shop and although it is a little over priced I really don't care! I love the body sprays from the PINK range and although I initially went in to try and look for a phone case I ended up buying three new body sprays! I couldn't resist having a sniff of them all and when I realised they did 2 for £18 or 3 for £25 I thought it worked out better to get the 3. I'm really into body sprays at the moment and you all know how much I love fragrance #obsessive

Left - Right:
Sun Kissed (NEW)
Sweet & Flirty
Warm & Cosy (NEW)

Dolce and Gabanna

I absolutely LOVE sunglasses so when I was able to add these Dolce & Gabanna beauties to my collection I was over the moon! They're black and white so will go with anything and they're also the perfect shape for my face! They're also VERY Kourtney Kardashian and I think she's gorgeous. Needless to say, I am in love with my new sunglasses!


EEEK, in love!


This was by far the most exciting thing in my April haul! I have been planning on getting an iPhone for a few months now and I'm so glad I finally did! I got this on pay as you go so it was quite a bit of money but I really don't care - it's SO worth it!! I own an iPod and an iPad so I knew that Apple products lasted really well (if you look after them) and my Blackberry was dieing slowly! One thing is for sure ... I know I will having this phone for a long time and won't ever get another Blackberry! Paying that little extra is so worth it, I promise you!


iPhone 5 on Pay As You Go.

I'm not going to lie, I went a little crazy on eBay buying a few loads of phone cases for my phone! I thought that I'd do a separate post on these at some point for you all. I have previously asked on Twitter whether you wanted the phone cases included in my April haul or featured separately and people said they wanted to see them separate so that's what I'll do :) 

I hope you have all been having a lovely Saturday and enjoy your weekend! 

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  1. Great haul! Cant wait to see the cases you get x

    1. Thank you :) The phone case haul will be coming soon xxx

  2. Great haul you ot sone amazing stuff! Xx

  3. well done for getting through your exams x


  4. Wow! What a haul!

    That marie teddy is adorable too! I'm tempted to try out that perfume myself next time I hit the taxfree.

    I'm now following you :) If you fancy popping over to say hello I'm currently hosting a MAC uk giveaway over at

    1. Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed reading :) Haha she is super cute isn't she! It's a gorgeous scent - still flowery but not as much as the original.

      Thank you for the follow :) xxx

  5. Great haul, makes me want to go shopping :) x

    1. Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it :) I seem to get a lot of commends from people saying I make them want to go shopping. I feel like such an enabler haha xxx