Thursday, 2 May 2013

Quick update - EXAMS!!

Hi everyone :) I haven't been blogging in quite a while so I just wanted to update you all ... 

As most of you know, I'm away studying at university. May is the time of year when the big exams take place and everyone gets super stressed. This is why I haven't been blogging for a while and won't be blogging for a few more days. 

My exams are worth a HUGE percentage of my overall mark so it's vital that I get into nerd mode and revise like a trooper! I haven't been pre-writing any posts because I've got a massive case of bloggers block and my brains just full up of law at the moment (I'm doing a law degree, for those of you that didn't know) so my posts wouldn't have been up to scratch.

My exams are over and done with soon so I will start blogging properly shortly after then. I know how much you all love my hauls (when I check my stats, they often show me that people have searched something to do with 'shopping' and have found my blog haha!) so that's probably going to be my first post that goes up! It's pretty exciting and I think that I might even do it in two parts so that's something to look forward to.

Although I'm taking a break from blogging it isn't permanent and I will back shortly. I'm still around on Twitter and Instagram so if you want to Tweet me you will get a reply (I'm not one of those people who revises without their phone. I need something to make me not go insane!!). 

 (This is literally what I keep telling myself!!) source

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  1. I hope they go well :)

    1. Thank you lovely! I only have one more left so I will be back to blogging asap! xxx

  2. I feel your pain, good luck!

    1. They're awful! Thank you for the luck :) Good luck to you too if you have any exams xx

  3. good luck with your exams xx