Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Summer Shopping Wish List

Today is the day that my family are coming down yo London - YAY!! We are going to spend some time together having fun and they are also coming down to collect me and take me home for summer ... Ooh and help me move my stuff because back home because I have a lot of things!  We've planned on doing a few things around London and of course we will be visiting Oxford Street for a good shop! I love shopping and so do they so that is going to be one fun day!

I have narrowed down my shopping wish list to a few things that I actually need. I don't really need any clothes because I have too many and there aren't a lot of make up items I actually need. I can't wait to go and have a good look around the huge Boots and Selfridges - me and my family love a good Boots and Selfridges is just amazing. Who doesn't love that shop!?

I thought I would share with you a few of the things that I have on my shopping wish list. I shall definitely be looking out for these items and maybe making a few cheeky purchases! I love having lots of shopping bags. There is nothing better than walking around with your hands bursting full of bags I LOVE it!

Ted Baker

I love loads of things from Ted Baker but I need to get a new makeup bag. I don't really have much makeup storage because I'm always travelling and I don't have the room for decent storage. Therefore, I just keep my makeup in makeup bags. I got one of the large Ted Baker wash bags for Christmas and it's extremely spacious! I noticed this bright pink one in John Lewis a while back and fell in love with it. I said I would wait and buy it when family were down so this is definitely going to be bought!
I have had my eye on the Ted Baker purses since I came down to London for my first year of university. Whenever I'm in the shop I always have a look at them and say 'I really need to get one of these' but I have never got round to buying one. I love them and they're absolutely gorgeous but I've just never felt the need to buy one. Other family members want to go to Ted Baker and I know I will go straight over to these purses. It just depends how I'm feeling, I might get one I might not; we shall soon see!


I am having a BIG foundation crisis right now. I just cannot seem to find one that is the perfect match for my skin colour. I have an awkward tone, it's not too yellow, it isn't too pink and neutral foundations are too brown for me. I literally just have white skin - no pink, no yellow just white. I don't know exactly what foundation I am going to purchase because it all depends entirely upon whether or not the brand does a shade that will match my tone. I'm always the palest shade in a foundation colour range but 9 times out of 10 even that colour is too dark and the wrong colour for me in some way. Trust me, finding a foundation is a hand task. We will be having a good shop and look around Selfridges so I plan on going into the makeup hall and visiting Bobbi Brown and Laura Mercier. I've narrowed things down to these two brands because I know they do pale shades - whether or not they're the right kind of pale, I don't know. 
I have never used the Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation but I have heard a lot of good things about it. The same goes for the Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation (never tried it but I've heard positive reviews). I have never heard anything about the Long-Wear Even Finish Foundation but the fact that it's long wear appeals to me!

I've never tried any of these foundations - if you have, please leave a comment
below telling me what you thought of it. I'd love to hear from you!

Alexander McQueen

I was lucky enough to to receive an iconic Alexander McQueen black and white skull scarf for Christmas (you can see it in my haul here) and I absolutely love it. I honestly wear my scarf everyday and because it's black and white it goes with everything. I feel as though it adds something special to any outfit and I always feel amazing wearing it. I love the McQueen scarves so much and as sad as it sounds ... I can really see myself collecting these beauties over the years!
I seem to be loving pink for this summer and when I was in Selfridges a few weeks ago looking at the scarves I noticed a bright pink and white skull scarf. It tried it on and it really popped against my pale skin; I was in sold! Everything I go in, the scarf catches my eye and I am definitely going to be picking that up. it's going to look amazing against a plain top in the summer and could even be worn in the winter to brighten up those grey rainy London days (I don't stick to seasonal colour's - If I want to wear a dark colour in summer I will and if I want to wear a bright colour in winter I will).
I also have my eye on the white and black skull scarf. I know that to some people purchasing two scarves in one go may seem a little excessive (and expensive?) but when you wear them as regularly as I wear my black one they work out as being an amazing investment. I can't wait to go and see the scarves and pick some up, I'm excited to have a new McQueen baby (or babies)!

Louis Vuitton

Finally we come onto my other designer crush, Louis Vuitton! I'm far too in love with this designer label and if I could go on a crazy shopping spree I'd definitely go to Louis! I find their bags to be so iconic and well made. They're luxurious and if you look after them they last forever. I have an eye on a couple and can see myself adding to my collection as soon as I possibly can.
I have had my beautiful Speedy 35 for 1 year (on May 29th) and I absolutely love it. It's the perfect bag for me and I always feel so special carrying it. It makes me happy and I look after the bag so much. Eventually, I would love to add another Speedy (in the Damier Ebene print) to my collection, a Neverfall (I'm undecided of what print I would go for) and an Alma GM in the Monogram Vernis.
I didn't plan on purchasing another bag this summer (but I hope to be getting one soon!). Instead, I am considering treating myself to an accessory. I absolutely love the little key holder because it's a perfect little pouch that can be used as a coin purse, be used to place cards inside and can be hooked into the inside of a bag. When I got my Speedy, I wanted one of these little pouches but I didn't get one. Although Louis Vuitton have increased their prices quite a bit (probably the reason for why I keep seeing more and more fakes around!). I shall definitely be popping into the Louis Vuitton boutique in Selfridges whilst I am in there with family and a good look around.

I can't wait to go shopping and spend some time in London with my family. I have missed them so much! I'm sure we will be doing a lot of exciting things and I shall share all of my purchases with you all in my collective haul for May. Do you have any exciting summer wish list items? 

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  1. Lovely post hun, I love the Sweet Shoppe collection from Ted Baker so much I'm lusting after just about everything lol!

    Jamie-Lee | Glitter Infatuation | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog! x

    1. It's so nice isn't it!! I love their makeup bags and iPad cases! I have a few of the sweet shoppe things and did look at the purse in store but they didn't have the one I wanted :( Never mind! Glad you liked the post xxx

  2. i'm lusting over the laura mercier foundation too!

    1. I didn't end up getting a foundation but so many beauty bloggers rave about it! Although I have hard a lot of mixed opinions with some people loving it and some hating it xxx

  3. I love Ted Baker makeup bags, although alway worried Ill ruin it :P

    1. They're lush aren't they? I already have one but needed another because its way too full and I can't close it haha! I always get the wash bags and they're really big with so much room inside. They're pretty hard to ruin because they're plastic so you can wipe it clean and I'm always travelling to and from London. I'm always squashing mine into my suitcase. They're made really well and at £29 aren't too pricey! xxx