Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Clarins Splendours Summer Bronzing Compact

I really like love bronzers and I don't feel myself if I haven't contoured my cheekbones and created the illusion of having a smaller/slimmer face than I actually do! I'm a super pale girl and sometimes finding the perfect bronzer can be a bit of nightmare. They're often too orange based, brown based or just quite simply aimed at someone who has a skin tone that's considerably darker than the one I have (I find a lot of bronzers are perfectly suited to medium-dark skin tones). When I first started wearing bronzer I felt as though I was completely out of my depth, as finding the perfect bronzer can prove to be a difficulty task to anyone; especially when you have the skin tone of a ghost. If you're a pale girl looking for the perfect bronzer for the summer months I did a quick and simple guide to the bronzers that I have used here.

A few months ago, I noticed my Instagram and blog feeds filled with posts and pictures of the Clarins summer 2013 makeup collection. This collection was called the Splendours Collection and was absolutely amazing! I distinctly remember seeing the Pixiwoo's upload a picture on Instagram of a stunning bronzing compact and it was love. Everything about the bronzer was absolutely stunning and it didn't take me long to discover some more photos and blog posts on the Clarins Splendours Summer Bronzing Compact.

Before buying this bronzer, I had never bought or used anything from Clarins before and I have to admit that I'd always thought their products were aimed at people who were older than I am. Despite not knowing much about them, I knew that their skincare items were meant to be very good, they were high end and their products were expensive. As much as I loved the bronzing compact, I didn't know if I could justify paying it's £30 price tag. I read a few reviews on the Splendours collection, spoke to a few other beauty bloggers and decided that I would go and have a look at the bronzer in person. I seen it, swatched it, fell in love and bought it; just like that!

The first thing that caught my attention was the amazing Aztec design that was on the front of this compact. I think everyone loves a bit of Aztec print and especially on a summer product; it's very appropriate. I love the burnt deep orange'y, red and brown shades that have been used. I think the design of the 2013 Summer Bronzing Compact is amazing and definitely a selling point. Finally, I noticed how big H U G E the compact actually was. This is definitely a whopper of a product. 

The bronzing powder itself is also stunning. The Aztec design is etched on top of the powder but unfortunately doesn't continue through the product; it's just on the top and will disappear with use. The bronzer itself is made up of two colours: a true brown typical bronzer shade and a slightly lighter colour. The two main colours that make up the bronzer are matte which is a big requirement for a bronzer (typically, shimmery/pearly bronzers just do not look very flattering). In the centre of the bronzer, there is an orange section with the Clarins 'C' logo embossed into it. This powder is in fact shimmery and so I do not use it at all. I tried using it as an eyeshadow but I didn't like the colour on me but that's just my personal opinion. On dark skin tones, I think that the centre of this product would make an amazing highlighter; super shimmery and complements the bronzer perfectly. 

As I said before, the compact is absolutely huge. It doesn't look that big in the photos I have taken but if you see this in store you will see how big it is! It comes in nice sturdy packaging, has a big mirror that's big enough to be used for on the go makeup application and you get a very generous amount of powder. The price of the Splendours Summer Bronzing Compact is £30.00 which does seem a little steep. However, when you take into account that you only get 8g of product in something such as NARS Laguna which costs £26.00 and a whopping 20g in this compact the price tag doesn't seem to steep!

The only issue that I have with this product is that I feel as though it's slightly dark. I feel as though it is very orange based (as you can see from the heavy swatch below) and I feel as though it looks a little too much against my pale skin tone (you can see how white I am, in the picture below). The bronzing powder is super pigmented and to ensure I don't end up looking like one of Willy Wonkas Oompah Loompah's I only tap my brush into this product 2 or 3 times at the most. I don't like a super obvious contour because I'm so pale and the colour contract would just look ridiculous so I only apply a small amount. As you can from the photo below the bottom swatch) the bronzer does sheer out and isn't as intense when it's applied using a brush. To further ensure that this bronzer blends seamlessly in with my makeup I apply the product and then blend over it with my foundation to make sure there are no harsh lines visible. 

This product is rather orange based and I really do have to be careful with how much I apply but I think super pale girls can still get away with wearing it. The bronzer seems to be a pretty universal shade and is perfect for people looking for a high end product that's amazing value for money, a unique compact design, lots of product, a fine powder that's effortless to blend, something that's going to give them a healthy bronzed goddess glow or just cheekbones they've always dreamed of. 

What do you think of this bronzer? Did you pick up anything from the
Clarins Splendours Summer 2013 collection?

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