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Dainty Doll Cream Blush - Review

Until a few months ago, I had never tried anything from Dainty Doll. It was only whilst I was scouring the Fragrance Direct website back in March of this year (you can see what I bought herethat I discovered them and decided to pick up a few products. Recently the beauty blogosphere seems to be full of Dainty Doll reviews and features as there are a lot of websites selling the products for amazing prices. I don't know why the range is being sold in discount stores but it is raising suspicions amongst us beauty bloggers  and making us think that the makeup range is being discontinued?

For those of you who have never heard of Dainty Doll before, it was created by Nicola Roberts from Girls Aloud. I remember when the band first started to become 'big' and Nicola would always be really fake tanned trying to masque her pale skin. Thankfully, she started to embrace her pale complexion and created a makeup range aimed at other pale girls. 

This Dainty Doll cream blusher was my first ever cream blush and I thought I would give it a try. I always thought that cream blushes looked really hard to apply and like they took a lot of practise. I was worried I'd be a cream blush novice and end up looking like a circus clown. Fragrance Direct were selling these lovely pale blushes for £1.99 each and for that price I snapped it up straight away. Even if I hated using a cream blush, I hadn't wasted loads of money. 

As you can see from the photo above, the packaging of this product is very simple. All of the products in the Dainty Doll range have simple packaging and although this isn't quite as stunning as some cosmetics packaging I really like it. The packaging doesn't feel amazing sturdy (it isn't quite NARS) but it doesn't feel as though it's going to break on first use. The compact also has a mirror on the lid that is a really nice size and is perfect for on the go makeup application or touch ups. 

Dainty Doll Cream Blusher - 001

I have never used a cream blusher before so I can't really compare this to anything else. However, I am really impressed with the formula. Although it feels a bit waxy, it isn't impossible to work with and you can either apply this product with a brush (I like to use my Real Techniques Stippling Brush) or with your fingers. I find that using your fingers gives a really nice subtle pink glow as the heat from your fingers warms up the product and sheers it out slightly. 

Top = Heavy swatch.
Middle = Applied with fingers.
Bottom = Applied with stippling brush.

I really like this colour! As you can see from the photo above, I am really pale. When you're a pale girl, blusher is definitely a must have thing in your makeup bag. It stops you looking ill or dead and instead makes you look healthy. Often when you're pale, foundation can make you complexion appear a bit too flat and you just need something to perk it up a bit. This blush does that perfectly!
The only negative things that I have to say about this cream blusher is that it smells really waxy. Every time I apply it I feel as though I'm rubbing a wax crayon onto my face. If you're not one for products that have a rather distinct smell then I really wouldn't recommend this product. Secondly, because the formula is quite waxy, little fibres from your brush can get stuck in it (as you can see from the photo below) and if you're anything like me that will really annoy you. Finally, although I don't mind the plain packaging it might not be appealing to some beauty fans. If you're a fan of extravagant product packaging this might not appeal to you or grab your attention.

On the whole, this cream blusher is easy to apply, compliments my skin tone well, is the perfect colour for pale girls, can be applied sheer to give a subtle healthy glow or heavier for a more blushed look, perks the skin up, works well with fingers or a brush, is an absolute bargain and lasts really well on the skin! As I said, I got this cream blusher from Fragrance Direct and it only cost £1.99. I made a huge saving on it as I think they would usually retail in somewhere like Boots for around £8/£9. Despite the few negative comments that I have included within this review I cannot complain, for £1.99 I think it is an absolute gem, I would definitely repurchase it and I have been converted to cream blushers - they're not as scary as I first thought!

Have you tried any of the Dainty Doll cream blushes?
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  1. I absolutely love cream blushes :) Dainty Doll products are so cute, this one looks brill! xxx

    1. I was always terrified of them as I didn't think they'd be easy to apply at all! I'm so glad I picked this up as I'm a total convert to cream blushes now xx

  2. Replies
    1. It really is a lovely product and for £1.99 you can't go wrong! xx