Saturday, 15 June 2013

Lee Stafford Argan Oil 'Nourishing Miracle Oil'

Towards the end of last year I was introduced to something I never thought I'd use: Hair oil. I never thought that I would ever use one as I always thought they'd just make your hair feel really greasy and wouldn't be of any use. Oh how I was wrong. Hair oils (along with baby shampoo) have become firm favourites in my hair care routine. At the beginning of 2012, my hair was in awful condition, I didn't know what to do. I even had blood tests to make sure that there was nothing wrong with me. I started to develop a hair care routine that was based around shampoos aimed at strengthening the hair so it didn't drop out as much and using a good deep conditioner. It was only in October/November of last year that I actually gave hair oils a whirl. I have never ever looked back since.

I really like the packaging of this product. The fact that it comes in the box makes it feel more high end than it actually is and I find the colours to be really attractive. I love the way pink and orange clash; it's perfect! One super handy thing about this hair oil is that it comes in a plastic bottle. So many hair oils comes in glass bottles and I just don't trust myself; if you drop the bottle and it smashes, you've lost all the product that is inside! The plastic bottle is absolutely perfect for me and I am always travelling around and stuffing things inside my suitcase.

Another huge plus point about the packaging of this product is that it comes with a pump. So many products these days come without a product and I just feel like it's such a waste as you always end up dispensing way more product than you are actually going to need. I like that this oil comes with a pump because it enables me to use the same amount of product every time I apply some of the oil into my hair. I have pretty long hair and I like to work a good amount of oil into the ends and mid-lengths of it; I use between 4 and 8 pumps, depending on how my hair is feeling.  

I think this oil is really good value for money. This 50ml bottle cost me £11.99 from Boots and has lasted me for around three months. When I was at university, I would wash my hair around 4/5 times a week. I know it's excessive but I like to have clean hair when I am going out somewhere. I have most definitely put this bottle of oil through it's paces and it's lasted perfectly.  

This oil does not leave your hair feeling greasy at all. Instead, it leaves your hair feeling amazingly soft, shiny and healthy. The overall appearance of the hair looks more slick once and oil has been applied and over the time I have been using this product I definitely feel as though it has been working wonders. My hair feels soft, looks soft and smells lovely. Some hair oils don't smell too pleasant but this one smells pretty good. I have never used any Lee Stafford products before so I don't know if they all smell like this but I definitely want to try some more of his hair offerings; especially if they're as good as this!

The main thing I always want to know when I'm reading any kind of review is whether or not the product actually works! I definitely feel as though this hair oil has helped my improve the overall condition of my hair and I am over the mood, I couldn't be happier. I have had lots of people commenting on how healthy my hair is looking, asking what products I have been using and my family have told me that my hair is definitely in an amazing condition compared to how it has been.

I'm so happy with this hair oil and the way my hair is progressing. I feel as though the ends are super smooth, I don't have a lot of split ends, my hair is soft, shiny and just looks glowing. It sounds silly to say that your hair looks glowing but I really do feel as though my hair is amazing. This product itself isn't responsible to the positive changes that I am seeing in my hair but it is definitely contributing to them! As well as my hair now feeling and looking amazing, it has grown!! I am now a true believer in hair oils and I am recommending this one to everyone. I will definitely be buying another bottle of this when my current one runs out. I quite simply cannot be without it. Never. Ever.  

Have you ever tried Lee Stafford's Argan Oil? What product do you recommend I try?

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  1. Ooh this sounds good. I haven't trued Lee Stafford's but I quite like Tresemme's version xx

    1. I absolutely love it! I hadn't tried any of this products either but I'm so glad I randomly picked this up. I can't recommend it to people enough xx

  2. I've seen this but wondered if it could live up to the reputation of other oils. I think I'll give it a try after your positive review xxx

    1. I picked it up randomly and I'm so glad I did! I can't rave about this oil enough :) There is also a buy one get one half price offer on a Boots - I just picked up another 2 bottles today xx