Saturday, 8 June 2013

Maybelline The Rocket Volum' Express Mascara - Review

Now, I know that there has been quite a bit of hype about this mascara and bought it a few months ago expecting amazing things from it. I used to use the Maybelline  Colossal Volume mascaras and I absolutely loved them. They made my lashes thick, long and made them look as though they were false. The application of my mascara is probably the most important thing to me in the whole of my makeup routine. I have to have eyelashes that look perfect (according to my standards).

I purchased this mascara from Boots when it was first released and it was £5.99 instead of it's usual £7.99. As soon as I tried this mascara I hated it! I'm going to be brutally honest, with this review. It's not often that I give a product a bad review and I am not doing it to make Maybelline and their products look bad. I usually love Maybelline and have bought lots of their products in the past that have worked perfectly fine. I just cannot stand this mascara, I regret buying it.

As I said in my Benefit They're Real first impressions post (here), I absolutely hate spider eyelashes. I cannot abide by them. They drive me crazy, on myself and other people. I know everyone has their own personal preference but when it comes to makeup I find spider eyelashes such an eyesore. I hate the over all look of them. Why anyone wants to walk around looking like they have a grand total of 4/5 eyelashes, I will never know!

I find this mascara to be particularly difficult to apply. I don't like plastic wands on a mascara and this is the type of wand that this one has. The wand has little spikes on it and I found that when I was applying mascara from the very root of my lashes upwards the spikes would touch my eyelid and irritate it.

I have naturally quite long and thick lashes so I like a mascara that has the ability to lengthen and add a little extra volume to create the flirty false lash look. I found that this mascara only lengthened my lashes and didn't add any volume. I usually like to wear a bit of mascara and will apply a good two coats of whatever mascara I am using. I found that two coats of this mascara made my eyelashes go spidery and they looked too separated. Considering this mascara is called Volum' Express it left little to be desired.

I most definitely will not be purchasing this mascara again. I only used it a handful of times but I really disliked it so I haven't bothered to use it again. Personally, for me, I think this mascara was a waste of money as it does everything that I don't like a mascara to do.

I hate to slate products but I really wasn't impressed with this. Although this mascara didn't work for me, don't be completely put off it. I know a lot of bloggers who use and like this mascara so if you like plastic wands, big separated lashes and a mascara that only lengthens ... this is probably the one for you. Just not me.

Has anyone tried this mascara? What do you think of it?
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  1. I agree! This mascara isn't that great. I had it listed in my May favorites but then I went back to my Mega Plush and I like it so much better. For me the worst part about the Rocket is how hard it is to take off! I have to scrub my eyes and it still doesn't all come off.

    1. I am so glad that someone feels the same as me about this mascara! There are so many girls within the beauty blogging world that love this and I just HATE everything about it! It's very similar to Benefit They're Real to take off as it does take quite a bit of work but I don't mind mascara being difficult to remove if it's worth it! I've just bought Maybelline's newest mascara and I hope that it's a lot better than this xxx

  2. Oh no! I bought this today and was going to use it for the first time tomorrow.. Hope it works a bit better for me than it did you! xx

    1. Ah it might work for you lovely; a lot of bloggers love this mascara. Just not me I hate it haha!! I hope you like it better than I did xx