Tuesday, 11 June 2013

OOTD - Monochrome and Neon Skulls

I think it's pretty clear that I love a good skull scarf. I was lucky enough to get two new Alexander McQueen ones whilst shopping with family in London at the end of last month (you can see everything I got in my May haul here) and I am already eyeing up a few other ones that I'd like to get when I go back down to London to begin another academic year! The new season colours are stunning!!

I don't normally do fashion posts on here because my blog is primarily a beauty blog but I thought it would be nice to diversify things maybe. The only items of clothing that I really show on here are the pieces that I show in a monthly haul so I thought that it would be nice to occasionally show how I wear some of the pieces that I have bought.

I decided that I would do this quick outfit post because wore this outfit last week and I posted a picture of it on my Instagram (the picture below) and people seemed to like it. I usually wear a lot of black and white so I have been working the monochrome trend for quite some time now and I thought this scarf was super appropriate for the Summer 2013 season because neon is tipped to be a huge trend!

Outfit Details:

Top: River Island here
Bottoms: Black Leggings
Cardigan: Next (bought in January so probably not available now)
Shoes: Converse (bought around 2/3 years ago so probably not available)
Scarf: Alexander McQueen 

I know that this is a pretty boring OOTD compared to some outfits that bloggers wear but this is how I dress on a day to day basis; this is me. I'm not a slave to fashion and I'm a super casual dresser so I know that this outfit post probably isn't the best. However, I was happy with it and I thought that the black and white made the neon pink pop perfectly. Initially, I thought that this scarf would be really hard to wear but when looking at my wardrobe I discovered that it wouldn't be! I've never seen a McQueen this colour and I absolutely love it. I can see this being my most worn accessory this summer!

If you enjoyed this OOTD and would like me to branch out and do a few more showing
you how I wear some of the pieces I feature in my hauls, comment below
or tweet me and I will do some fashion posts occasionally!

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